Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda Tonic

Kidney Infection  

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Posted by Aim (Louisville, Ky) on 08/20/2008
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I got an e coli infection from eating at a local fast food joint. After the five days of diarrhea I then had a kidney/bladder infection from it.

My blood pressure on tuesday was 149/94. I read on here about the ACV and baking soda. I put two tablespoons acv with with a 1/4 tablespoon baking soda in a full glass of water. About three hours later I took my blood pressure; it was 124/79. Wow, and I feel so much better too!

I had to force myself to drink it, but it was definently worth it.

Replied by Anonymous
Pdx, Or
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I had a side effect from a Kenalog steriod shot which gave me kidney infection took a super strong antibiotics which did not work. So I started drinking ACV 2 tablespoons with 1/4 baking soda three times a day and drank pure unsweetened cranberry juice all day and within two day felt remarkable better will continue for a week.

Posted by Ao ([email protected]) on 06/29/2007
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i use the vinegar and baking soda for my kidney infection but now i have 90% less pain and it is now 3days i have started using it and very soon it will clear. i am eating normal now. please i will like to have the remedies for loss of memory and ovary cancer please reply via my email.Thanks and more grees to your elbow.

Multiple Cures  

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Posted by Jose Monge (Calgary) on 12/29/2016
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I have been taking Apple Cider Vinegar (2 tbsp) with Baking Soda (1/2 tsp) AND BEFORE going to bed with lime instead of Apple Cider Vinegar and it works miracles in my stomach and I slowly reversing gray hair here. Don't forget it is taken in empty stomach.

Posted by Miles (Canada) on 12/24/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar "with the mother" will kill all fungus by diluting it with water and soaking feet or hands in it. It can also be dabbed on mosquito bites, cuts, etc. this and baking soda mixed together (1/2 teaspoon B.S. and 2 tablespoons of A.C.V.) brings the P.H. Level of your body up to 7.3 or there abouts where no Candida or fungus or Cancer can live as the enviroment is too highly oxygenated. I take it one hour before breakfast and one hour before bedtime. Have being doing this for 1+ Years with no problems whatsoever. No more Gout or aches and pains neither. This also cleans out all toxins and metal build up in you bodies. I will NEVER go off of this combination. And yes you can mix B.S. and molasses together. This they call the " Trojan Horse" as this cures all cancers. The bad Cancer cells go after the sugars or sweet molasses and the B.S. kills the cells. Google Vernon Johnson and how he cured stage 4 prostate cancer when the doctors gave him weeks to live. Many more testimonials as well if you google B.S. as a Cancer cure. All sickness is about your acidic or bad PH level. Must always be little more alkaline where bad cells can not survive. It all starts in the Gut. I have researched this for years to help myself and now I want to share the information so people can live healthier lives. God Bless.

Replied by Angela
Dallas, Texas

How much water do you add to the B.S and ACV mix that you drink in the more and right before bed?

Replied by Sidney
New Zealand

What can you eat while on this stuff? At the moment I'm on a ketone diet, not a full ketone diet, just limit my carb intake to stop cells growing...

Posted by Lisa (Clinton, Ma) on 10/15/2014
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I suffer from almost all these ailments.. RA, acid reflux, inflammation, pain, headaches, sinus issues, digestive problems, fatigue and more. I am only 32 Im just to young to have to deal with all of this and on top of it all I am a single mother of 3 young children I have to care for. I tried the ACV and baking soda thing about 1/2 hr ago for the first time and I ALREADY feel better!! Not perfect but my stomach is better, my coffee (yes coffee!!!! ) tastes better and I'm up and about early this morn with my kids getting em ready for school all of which was nearly impossible for me every previous morn. Can't wait to continue using this amazing home remedy and seeing how much better I can feel and get off all my meds (that don't even help anyway) Thank you so much!

Replied by Redducky1

OMG! You sound like my clone! I'm a single mother of 3 kids with RA, chronic fatigue, chronic sinus problems, migraines, gerd, ulcerative colitis, reproductive issues, bladder and yeast infections, and immune system problems. I'm 44, and have been seriously sick since I was 28. I've been drinking Apple Cider Vinegar and water, and I haven't noticed any difference. Because of your testimony I'm going to add baking soda to it. I'll keep you posted.

Posted by Gaby M. (Zimbabwe) on 09/10/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I have been following your articles with great interest. I am 61 years of age and for the last couple of months I have take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a pinch of bicarbonate of soda 6 times a week an hour before dinner. Ever since I have started taking this I feel great. I seem to have so much more energy, my blood pressure seems much better and I sleep well at night. I also did not have the dreaded flu this winter.

Posted by Meganmom (Lansdale, Pa, Usa) on 12/30/2010

My family just started using it and already we have less snot(and with 5 kids at home you better believe its great)my husbands reflux is better and my allergy symptoms are way less. We do add baking soda so we don't have to worry about the high acid content and the kids like the fizziness.

Replied by Sarah
Leominster, Ma

Can you mix the ACV and Baking soda with juice or does it have to be water? I want to get my two toddlers to drink... Any tips on how to get it down?

Replied by Jewelrygirl
Houston, Texas , Usa

I'm so glad Meganmom is on the right track, but I don't think Sarah's question was addressed. I, too, would like to give my son (age 6) the remedy for alkalizing, but he gags on the taste of ACV. Any suggestions would be most grateful!

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia

I gave my son some ACV this morning as he had a bad dose of diarrhea. I mixed 1 tsp of ACV in about 8 oz of water with about 1 tsp of fresh lemon juice and it tastes quite nice. Lemon juice in itself is a good alkaliser as well.

Replied by David In Houston, Tx
Houston, Texas Us

Debbie and Jewelrygirl: Mix your ACV with organic Grade A or B maple syrup, or stevia, or Organic Agave Nectar. Mix to you taste. I know this is year late so I hope you all read this... Best wishes to your quest for Health.

Posted by Sheena (Granville, Ohio, Usa) on 08/12/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Just discovered this site two weeks ago--love it!! Am using the ACV and BS. Now sleeping through the night, no more sniffles from allergies and arthritis pain is greatly diminished (I am 68). I use 2 tsp of ACV and 1/4 tsp of BS three times a day. Still have an excruciating stabbing headache on the top left of my head however and it has been 2 weeks. Keeping me off work. Have tried ACV wrap on my neck to no avail. Taking Feverfew. Any ideas? Thank you all!

Replied by Hope
Sacramento, California
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Sheena - I have these on very rare occasions - I think they are referred to as "ice pick" headaches. I have a Hulda Clark Zapper that I have been using for years, off and on for numerous problems. When I get the first sign of the ice pick headaches, I use the zapper 2-3 times a day and voila , they go away by the next day! Perhaps it has to do with parasites. I am not sure, but all I can say, that for me, it works every time.

Replied by Sheena
Granville, Ohio, Usa

Thank you, Hope! I will check out the zapper. Good thoughts on the parasites. Will see if that applies also. Regards, Sheena

Replied by Tehani
Los Angeles, Ca

To Sheena--- My suggestion for a stabbing headache is 1 teaspoon of any instant caffeinated coffee. I too used to suffer from stabbing headaches until a friend suggested it to me. Use 1/3 cup of water & dissolve the teaspoon of coffee inside. The idea is to a have a coffee shot, and use a straw to drink it, so that your teeth won't get stained. I brush mine after I drink it. If it does not go away within 5-10 minutes, do another teaspoon of coffee with the same amount of water. I hope this will work for you. Post your results.

Replied by John
Atlanta, Ga

For headache or any other pain, get a very strong hematite magnet & place it wherever you have pain. Hold it there until the pain subsides which should be very soon.

Replied by Tanya

My naturopath tools me that a headache affecting the top of the head is usually your liver. You may want to try doing liver flushes.

Posted by Karen (Deland, Fl) on 02/13/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Hello - I have been reading this forum for a while now and would like to comment on what has worked for me for GERD and I have also had a spell of rapid pulse that seems to be more under control. I have used Ted's recommendation of ACV and baking soda. One week ago I had a very bad reaction to pizza. My stomach (under breastbone) was tightening and making loud gurgling noises. I've also been suffering from anxiety after recently losing my job. My heart felt like it was in an empty cavity with alot of gas. I'm 59 years old and I can remember over 25 years ago going into the hospital where they performed an ultrasound on my stomach. I forget now what the problem was that I was having the procedure done, maybe pregnancy? Anyways, as the nurse was sliding the scope all over my stomach she said,"You have alot of gas." My question is can gas affect your heart rate? I know the body is made up of gases and fluid, etc. which brings me to my next question, why do conventional doctors constantly harp that all of our "numbers" should be the same. Why should my pulse be the same as my neighbors, why should everyone's blood pressure expected to be 120/80? The list goes on. We are all different. There seems to be alot more to it than what we are being told. It's all about scaring us with their hype, selling more drugs and pushing more surgical procedures. ACV and baking soda has worked well for me and I thank God I found this site. Most of what I read and Ted's recommendation make perfect sense to me. I also want to mention the incident with the pizza was an eye opener for me, I know now I had a bad reaction to gluten. Gluten can cause scary symptoms that you think may be your heart when, in fact, it's digestion causing the pain. Unfortunately, gluten is everywhere. If you think you may have had an episode caused by gluten read the label of what you are buying and if you are still unsure check with the manufacturer. Also, stay away from the obvious products that you know contain gluten. I've been gluten free for a week now and feel so much better.

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
512 posts

Hello Karen,

Just a question re your severe reaction to eating pizza recently. Wonder if your reaction was to the monosodium glutamate that the pizza sauce was most likely heavily laden with? You should also be aware that both monosodium glutamate and aspartame are known to cause palpatations. As for the gas problem, I get that every time I eat anything that contains bleached or brominated flour along with the acid regurg and heartburn.

Replied by Rising Phoenix
Las Vegas, Nv, Usa


How was the mixture prepared (anyone)? Is it fermented, refrigerated, juiced, jammed/jellied? What? I have both fibroids and have been rushed to ER 2X for OC's and know I can overcome through diet and lifestyle. Not to mention the side effects such issues cause like Anemia. I was threatened with a blood transfusion on my last trip. This runs in my family and I can see from my mother's hysterectomy (and the resulting issues of daily hormone replacement therapy), my sisters various surgical proceedures (a severely affected sibling has suffered 2 blood transfusions, same as mom, and her fibroids returned), lifestyle impact (recovery time, etc) that I Will NOT be going that route. BTW if anyone has info on how to achieve rebalancing iron content, I'd appreciate if you might share. I understand the heme, non-heme absorption affect and to add lots of Vit C to help absorption. I understand to separate milk and caffeinated drinks from iron if I want to drink such moderately (I do like coffee every now and then), but have issues with constipation from the fibroids and iron tabs. Your help is greatly appreciated it. Thanks.

Replied by Carla
Denver, Co

Check the info on this site for Molasses cures for your fibroids. I wish I'd had this info before having a hysterectomy because of fibroids. The type of molasses seems to make a difference, but I learned all of it on this site. good luck!

Replied by Marrta
Atl, Ga

I'm trying it also......very upset stomach

Posted by Victoria (Sydney, Australia) on 01/19/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I started using apple cider vinegar (approx 1-2 tablespoon) with baking soda (1 teaspoon) in 750ml of water, and 1/8 teaspoon in borax every morning, and the same mixture again at night (without the borax). It has only been about 10days since I started doing this.

It has reduced all of my bloating, increased my energy, my stomach is almost flat again! This is something that I couldn't even achieve as a personal trainer and working out 6 days a week. I think I'm even passing some parasites (or what looks like parasites- little white things). My body is getting back to what I looked like as a teenager. Its amazing!

Also it is keeping by bm's 'regular', which has been an issue for me in the past.

I have not changed my diet at all, but I now no longer take sugar in my coffee, as I don't like the sweet taste (since starting the remedy). Also I'm not hungry all the time like I used to be!

Thanks goodness for Earth Clinic!

Replied by Debora
Louisville, Ky, Usa

QUESTION: Victoria, are you still on here? I'd like to know how it's going & if you're still using your mixture.

Replied by Shelly

Borax?? As in mule team borax? and if so, measurements in ACV and BS mixture lady from Australia mentioned it in her post said it's helped her..

Thank you so much for this site..I have kept this to myself because of reactions I got when I discussed my issues, so happy to know I am not cracked and there are others willing to share and help with this stuff we have in common

Posted by Michael C (Hawthorne, Ca, USA) on 06/08/2009
4 out of 5 stars

I am Male 36 old. very good health take regular Multi Vitamin, eat very well, drink mainlly spring or bottled water.
My Following symptoms are:
1.Constant Sore throat
2.No taste in my mouth,
3.Back of tongue swollen
4.Sometimes it is hard to breathe
5.Throat dries up & lump in back of throat
5.Sometimes hard to swallow large items
6.Constant swallowing all day long.
7.Chest area is sore when I flex or stick my chest out or sneeze really hard.

PLEASE HELP HORRIBLE. The breathing and dried out throat gave me anxiety a few times in the past 2-months scary. I went to the ENT doctor said I may have LPR, gave me both Prilosec and Kapidex made me sick so I stopped those on the 3rd day both of them this was about 1-month ago. I always have to carry bottled water with me or cough drops with MENTHOL/BENZOCAINE ORAL in it, or may have an dry throat attack.

I have recently staring taking June 2, 2009 the ACV 2 tbls & 1/2 baking soda 3 times daily, in addition I am taking probiotics + TEDS RECOMENDATION ON Vit E 200 i.u with the selinium, B-complex 100s, Changed My vitamtin c to the ascorbate version which I take ALL daily. I took the magnesium citrate 160mg once I think it made me really hot, not sure.

WOW I FEEL MUCH BETTER more energy, however I still have many of the symptoms like sore throat, No taste or Acid taste, constant swallowing all day, lump, acid shoots up after meals, sometimes mildly hard to breathe but 70% better.

I conserned about, Possible Pathogens, Candida, Acidosis, Fungus,Bacterica, Parasites pylori, high metals and other problems. I just ordered PH TESTERS waiting for UPS to deliver. I am lost on what to take, and or what possibilities I may have as far as my condition?
I love the ACV Please help.

Thanks, Michael C

Posted by Deha (Miami, Florida) on 03/24/2009

Hi, I came across your site and thought I now have the remedy for most of my aliments. I have a slight blood pressure, butterfly feelings in my stomach, like a constant sense of anxiety- maybe ulcers and a serious case of neurofibromatosis over my arms, legs, back and I am over weight. Tomorrow I am having an MRI to check for brain.tumor. I was told there is no cure. I tried the ACV and baking power. My pressure went down 6 pts from the very first day. However, my stomach began to burn even more so I stopped taking it. I would greatly appreciate any advice as to what to do about my aliments since ACV seems to be the solution but it causes my stomack to really burn. Also I was wondering how is it that an acid substance like ACV could help a too much acid aliment like an ulcer?

Posted by Todd (Manchester, United Kingdom) on 03/13/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have never really felt compelled enough to comment on a website about a subject until now.
I have been suffering from various skin ailments from some time, burning red dry palms, red pinkish face, extremely dry skin (face, palms, back of arms, legs, sides of trunk - all slightly red/pink), my skin really suffered, i was prone to infections (athletes foot etc) and i generally felt very run down. I had been to the doctors on several occasions and was prescribed nothing more than moisturiser which of course had no effect on my many ailments and to be honest i was getting quite fed up of it all. Despite having a balanced diet, taking plenty of exercise (5 times a week and quite intensive) and staying hydrated my skin condition did not improve and in fact was slowly deteriorating so much so that i thought antibiotics might be the only answer. I stumbled across the ACV and baking soda remedy (2tsp ACV and 1/2tsp baking soda in cup water, 3 times a day) and i must say all my ailments (which i have had for well over a year) have almost disappeared in less than 4 days!! I really can't believe it, i feel completely recharged, my skin is shining, the redness has faded substantially and my skin is starting to feel quite normal, if not softer and better than before. I would highly recommend this remedy and am extremely happy with the results already in such a short space of time. I feel really healthy now and am experiencing a constant 'buzz' of good energy/positivity throughout the day (sorry don't mean to sound new age there), i also feel considerably less stressed at work and am constantly in a good mood with lots of energy and feel mentally sharper. I appreciate this remedy might not work for everyone but i just wanted to share my experiences so someone else might see this and also benefit from it too. (for information i am in the UK and am using Aspall Organic Cyder Vinegar from Holland and Barratt and bicarbonate of soda (any supermarket)- I have yet to try an ACV with 'mother' but would like to as i wonder if the results will be even better)

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
384 posts

I am happy to hear of your improved skin condition.

Technically speaking, ACV and baking soda remedy suppose to normalize two specific parameters of the blood, namely to normalize ORP (oxidation reduction potential), and the pH buffering capacity of the blood. Bacteria growth are controlled by several parameters, namely ORP, pH, and salinity. Certain nutrients can also reduce bacteria growth namely chromium, manganese and zinc. Fungus issue is a very common skin problem in older people and are controlled by mostly pH, but is also effected by chromium, boron, and acetates (from vinegar) as well as ORP (measured in milliamps). Generally speaking a sacred healing water have similar ORP levels and pH as in an ordinary vinegar and baking soda, making them a good potential sources for healing various condition that can be one possible alternative to visiting a sacred healing spring water. While I can't add everything to have all the parameters, the apple cider vinegar and baking soda should be able to handle many of the issue..

The acetic portion of the vinegar, found in the apple cider vinegar and alkalinity suppose to have a sort of anti fungal properties, especially the acetic portion as well as reduction of excess tissue calcium from long term metabolic acidosis. The increase alkalization causes the cappilary to dilate and help with the circulation, and hence hydration. Supplenss of the skin is returned if tissue calcium is removed from the effects of the aceitc portion making them more supple. Reduce inflammation comes from increase alkalization which has an a natural antibiotic effects. Antibiotics basically are produced from a fungus. So a person with a fungal skin issue might not benefit from improve skin from antibiotic use due to possible presence of fungal toxins. I believe there's more future in vinegar, baking soda, borax, and my latest findings are ammonium compounds, such as ammonium chloride solution to help many fungal skin and skin inflammation issues also. The solution I used is a 10% solution to apply for the skin to resolved with problem pigmentation issues of the skin bought on by fungus (as in so called liver spots) which are actually fungus. Lately I have had hyperpigmentation of the face but was able to become normal with the application of an ammonium chloride solution, or even a vinegar solution is lso possible. They are both antifungal, but ammonium chloride is a stronger one for more aged spots and hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. Apple cider vinegar and baking soda usually can handle problem skin as well as glandular functions too. It works by normaling some of the blood parameters, which is why there is a general feeling of more energy.


Replied by Blessed
Harare, Zimbabwe

Hi Ted, i would like to apply this for skin spots on my back and shoulders. I discovered I have black spots which were never pimples. I am a black african

Can it be applied as a paste or it has to be drunk only?

"Apple cider vinegar and baking soda usually can handle problem skin as well as glandular functions too. It works by normaling some of the blood parameters, which is why there is a general feeling of more energy."

Replied by Layton
New Port Richey, Florida

Have you tried organic Apple cider vinegar with mother? It should be in the UK If not im sure you can get it from the Internet.. Good luck..

Posted by Josephine (Accra, Ghana) on 03/07/2009
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I have being using ACV+BS for almost a month now. My principal reason for taking it is to loose weight and stay trim and for all the other health benefits. My skin looks great, my mouth feels very clean, ACID REFLUX CURED but I seem to be gaining weight around exactly where I want to loose them. My breasts are heavy, my thighs looks big and my stomach; in fact I am just gaining weight! I take 2tablespoons ACV+1/4BS. It is a brand that is preserved by sulphar dioxide. Somebody help me undertsand this as I am still taking this remedy becuase I just love the health benefits but this weight troubling.

Posted by K.Lynn (Mt.Healthy, Ohio) on 12/19/2008
5 out of 5 stars

hello everyone, I just wanted to say what a difference these health tips have made for me. this is the 1st fall season I have not come down with a head cold that went directly to my chest and lungs and I credit that to the acv,organic bs,and local raw honey. heat 4oz. of boiled water, and put bs,acv,and honey in that order(cuts down on fizz of bs). I've noticed some complaints from some about the acv's sour and burn, the bs and honey will change that (i'm diabetic and that tbsp does not raise my sugar either).It's 2or3 tbsp of acv, half or whole tsp of organic bs and tbspor half of raw (local) honey. This mixture has also helped my breathing (overweight and smoked for years) edema(swelling) in legs reduced to normal, acv w/diet has brought my sugar down 200pnts. go back and try the acv mix it can't hurt and will help. MANY BLESSINGS!

Replied by Jamie
Austin, Mn

K lynn, thank you for your post. I also have experienced head colds that turn to chest colds that would keep me in bed for 2 weeks at a time. I started taking baking soda with the honey and water also like you but havent added acv. How does Apple Cider Vinegar help more than bs alone?