Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda Tonic for Acid Reflux

| Modified on Jun 18, 2021
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The apple cider vinegar and baking soda tonic is a natural remedy for acid reflux. This tonic is taken several times a day to improve the alkalinity of the body.  In addition to helping with acid reflux, this remedy is often a help to other health issues, including arthritis, skin problems, blood pressure and fatigue. This tonic is not as strong tasting as apple cider vinegar in water alone. The baking soda greatly reduces the acid taste of the tonic.

Recipe for the Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda Tonic

  • 2 teaspoons of raw and organic apple cider vinegar
  • 1/8 teaspoon baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)
  • water
  • Add the vinegar to a tall glass. Sprinkle in the baking soda. The solution will fizz. When fizzing stops, fill the glass the rest of the way with water.

This tonic is usually taken 1-3 times a day, between meals.

Some people take a larger amount of vinegar and baking soda in water, even up to 2 Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 1/2 teaspoon baking soda. It is generally best to start with less and increase the dose slowly if needed.

If you have acid reflux, it is wise to also consider your diet, especially if this tonic does not work for you.  A diet high in processed foods, fast food, fried food, etc will likely cause a variety of health problems, including acid reflux. High consumption of soda pop and coffee are also implicated in digestive problems, including acid reflux.  Dietary changes, along with the the apple cider vinegar and baking soda tonic will likely be a more permanent solution to acid reflux than the tonic alone. You may even find that you need the adv and baking soda tonic less often or not at all if you significantly change your diet for the better.

Have you tried the apple cider vinegar and baking soda tonic for acid reflux? Please send us some feedback!

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Posted by Max (Coffs Harbour ) on 02/04/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Hi I had acid reflux for a number of years but was in denial, I used to eat a packet of quick eze a day, I eventually went to a doctor who diagnosed me with Heicobactapylori and gave me some pills to counteract that, a year later I still had the heartburn severely, back to quick eze, I started some research on natural help for cancer sufferers due to a friend with cancer, and learned that cancer can not survive in an alkaline body, so what would to deacicify the body to help balance the PH I found that baking soda helps to bring balance to your PH level,, I thought it would be a good idea for me to start doing this and see what the result would be,, I took a tsp in a glass of water before going to bed the result was that for the first time in who knows when I slept through with out any burning pain with waking up from a mouthful of acid food and I found that anytime my belly felt bloated or I was having heartburn,

I would take a tsp of bicarb in a glass of water and the symptom was gone in minutes, but even though the bicarb eliminated the symptom in minutes, it would return at a later date, I was having, some knee pain and looked up apple cider which helps again to deacidify the body and thought it would be a good adjunct so my 2tblsps of ACV seperately from my tspn of bicarb, and it helped the pain in my knees, more research brought me to putting 2tblsps ACV with 1tspn of bicarb and mixi g with water, 4 days, no reflux no bloating feel great, 15 mi s after taking must go to toilet where it feels like everything you ever ate is evacuated,, I was getting a little belly before starting this in four days the belly is going totally flat and the people around me are flabbergasted I will continue this for about another week then have a break and see what the results are, but must say best result I've ever had, I am also a homeopath

Acid Reflux
Posted by Joann (Panama City Beach) on 08/13/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I started mixing 1Tbsp. ACV and 1/2 tsp. Baking soda to one 16oz. bottle of water for my reflux. I drink a little first thing in the morning, before each meal, and before going to bed. After a week I came off my Rx. Meds and am doing great.

Acid Reflux
Posted by Mayank (India ) on 07/04/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Hello Ted, I have started taking ACV+BS (2tbsp+1/4tsp) thrice a day to cure acidity. Just after ingesting this remedy it gave me a great relief. I must admit that it's a miracle remedy. A big thanks to you! I want to know about BLACK PLUM VINEGAR that is it possible to use the BLACK PLUM VINEGAR+BAKING SODA (BPV+BS) just like ACV+BS for healthy digestive system or for curing other digestive ailments?

Acid Reflux
Posted by Linda (New Haven, Ct, United States) on 08/12/2012

Hi. For my reflex issues I took 2 tsp. AVC with 6-8 oz water with my meal. It supplied the acid I needed right at the time I had food to digest. I never had an issue with it taking it that way.

However, I couldn't use the baking soda in it as it made my ankles swell - I am very sodium sensitive. Does anyone know of a substitute for the baking soda to be used with the ACV?

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Linda, if the ACV is working fine, why would you want to add the baking soda?

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky)
2084 posts

Linda, there is, to my knowledge, a Potassium Bicarbonate. Also Tri-Salts (Calcium - Magnesium - Potassium). How these would mix w/ ACV I dunno, but you could take them orally at any rate.

Replied by Linda
(New Haven, Ct, United States)

I also have osteopenia and I am concered about the acid introduced into my system. I thought the baking soda was used to help with the drain on my calcium as it helps to counter some of the acid, but perhaps I am mistaken. If someone can clairify I would appreciate it.

Replied by Mark
(Lantzville, B.c. Canada)

For acid reflux, PLEASE try iodine, at least 12mg/day, it has changed my life. No more acidy stomach or reflux after 2 days of use.

Replied by Dr. D
(Anaheim Hills, Ca)

Chiropractic Hiatal Hernia adjustments and getting off dairy and sugar get rid of Reflux 99% of the time for my patients. Good luck.

Replied by Susan
(Somerville, Nj)

Can you tell me how many drops of iodine is 12mgs? Thanks

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, La Union)

The number of drops to attain 12 mgs iodine is entirely dependent on the iodine strength used.

5% Lugols iodine, at 6.25 mgs iodine per drop, would take about 2 drops for a 12.5 mgs dose of iodine.

3% Lugols Iodine, at 3.75 mgs iodine per drop, would take between 3 and 4 drops for a 12 mgs dose.

2% lugols iodine, at 2.50 mgs per drop, would take 5 drops for a 12.5 mgs dose.

See Chart:

Replied by Linda
(New Haven, Ct, United States)

I didn't see the posts I put up yesterday so I'll respond again:

@ Timh: Thank you. I'll give it a try. I know Ted speaks of needing the bicarbonate with the ACV. Potassium bicarbonate should work as well as the sodium bicarbonate without the resulting edema I get from the sodium bicarbonate. Thanks for the suggestion!

@ Mark: I've been taking Lugol's 5% since last November. I took a large amount (8 drops) per day for three months, then tapered down to my maintaence dose of 2 drops per day. It helps with other issues but has not seemed to have any effect on the acid reflux.

@ Dr D: I've gone sugar & dairy free for the past 12 weeks and it has improved my acid issues somewhat but my main improvement still seems to be from the ACV. I have had a bit of weight loss recently (20 pounds) and that too seems to have brought some additional improvement. I hope to be reflux free soon!

Acid Reflux
Posted by Casey (Elkton, Maryland) on 07/15/2011

I just started taking 2 tbs. ACV with 1/4 tsp baking soda and 1tsp agave. I have been on prevacid for many years. This mixture has been working real well for me. My tongue is burning a bit. I have a hiatal hernia(sp) and gerd. I'm afraid to stop for the two days because I know my heartburn will be bad. Is it ok to take this everyday 3x a day?

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Too much baking soda is bad for you. The baking soda will neutralise your stomach acid. How are you then going to be able to digest your food. You need the stomach acid to digest your food. Taking ACV alone would be a better option. You can add honey to taste. The ACV alone will stop the acid reflux anyway.

Replied by Jjc
(Boston, Ma)

I agree with Debbie from all I have read.

2 tablespoons is on the high end of ACV. You may want to cut the ACV to 1 tablespoon 3x a day and see how that works. Also try using more water so your tongue won't burn.

Replied by Phyllis
(Goshen, Indiana)

It is imperative that your stomach is making hydrochloric acid to digest your proteins or nothing will help your health. If your body is not using what you are taking in, your health will get worse no matter what you eat or supplements you take. The older you get the less hydrochloric your body makes but even younger people could suffer this way, I suppose. It's like starving to death eventually. I'm not sure if there are tests to determine how much your body is making but all older people (50 ) might be susceptible and need to take these supplements every time they eat and especially proteins. Proteins are not only meat, fish and dairy but dairy and grains, beans and rice or corn eaten together. Search proteins.

Betaine hydrochloric acid is what is necessary.

I drink ACV/mother with Stevia, everyday while getting hydrated also. Sugar depletes B vitamins. Tupelo honey is the only sweetening agent (except Stevia) that will not activate insulin output.

If you have calcium in your water (lime) and it crystalizes on the edge, white vinegar will clean it off readily.

Replied by Plantsower
(Burson, Ca)

Dfleming, it's an old post so I hope you've gotten relief. But if not, I find that when heartburn is intolerable and plain baking soda doesn't work, I take 1/2 to 3/4 tsp. baking soda, 1 capful of ACV, and 2-3 oz water. Works like a champ! Plain ACV causes me more pain.

I have ordered some slippery elm powder as I have read that it actually heals the intestinal tract from one end to the other which I could definitely use.

Acid Reflux
Posted by Debbie (Ojai, Ca, Usa) on 06/08/2010

When we start taking the baking soda and ACV for Acid Reflux, is there a time limit where we can stop taking this and the Acid Reflux would be gone, or is this a lifetime of taking this remedy?

Replied by Dfleming
(Plattsburgh, Ny, Usa)

I am in day 5 of the worst Acid Reflux of my life, and in day 4 of Ted's Remedy. I haven't gotten any relief yet, but I'm not giving up! I was taking the purple pill for two weeks, but it seemed to have quit working, so I stopped it. I started with 2 tbsp organic ACV, 1/4 tsp of baking soda and upped it to 1/2 tsp last night. I know Ted's post said you could go as high as 2 tbsp of baking soda, but I'm interested to hear at what dosage of baking soda (and after how long) others started experiencing relief?

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

To Debbie: You take as needed. If you have eaten a lot of spicey food or a lot of red meat or ice cream for instance, then the ACV formula should be taken after eating and before bed. But if you have not eaten so "richly" then you would not have to take the ACV. ACV will help, I have found, mild cases of reflux. Watch the coffee; even the decaf is acidic. And that worsens reflux. Ice cream is a killer, especially consumed at night. Heavy meats like pork and steaks also will kick in reflux.

For a certain case of reflux consume for two or three days the following: Coffee in the am with a bowl of cereal and lots of milk to wash it down, hamburger for lunch, chilli and beans for supper and for a nice night cap a big bowl of ice cream topped with chocolate sauce. Maybe you could get away with that at 21 years old but the body just will not give you enough enzymes to digest that kind of toxic lifesytle at 35. The ACV will help but is not magic is you are self inflecting digestive destruction.

Replied by Cajun
(Collinsville, Illinois, Usa)

About 35 years ago, Acid Reflux [AR] was an every day, all day occurence... I lived on Baking Soda [BS] and antacids... I only used the combination of ACV & BS for the rare, gut wrenching situations: 1 tbspn of ACV, followed by 4oz of water w/1 tspn of BS.... You could hear the belch across town but there was total relief. Antacids are the worst things you can take... [as advertised] they deplete 100% of the acids in your stomach; then the 'stomach says 'Hey, all the acids are gone and there SHOULD be acids in the stomach'; so the stomach begins to pump in more acids.... Within the hour you now have 'indigestion' all over again, so now you take more antacids, and the cycle begins once again.... I began adding 2-3oz of ACV to my twice-daily 24oz office mug of water and soon the days of indigestion were gone.... I haven't had indigestion since.... I also adopted a concoction of: 32oz Aloe Vera Juice; 48oz Cranberry Juice and 48oz Distilled Water for my replacement of drinking water..... [1 gal. = 1/4 AVJ finished with equal parts of CJ & DW]. Over the years, I've recommended this to coworkers and it was 100% successful... Guess what?... After their issues subsided, they stopped the ACV & AVJ.... Not too smart, huh?? :)

Replied by Tulio
(Minnesota Usa)

WARNING; DISTILLED WATER IS DANGEROUS in large quantities or over time it become dangerous. It can lead to mineral deficiencies and depletes your electrolytes. Please LOOK this up @

Acid Reflux
Posted by Mia (Townsville, Qld, Australia) on 06/02/2010
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily


No, take it for 5 days, then stop for 2 days.[/quote]

Why do you need to stop taking the baking soda, if there are no side effects?

If I don't have the baking soda with the ACV my reflux comes back. Please answer, thankyou.

Replied by Rainman
(Central, Vt, Usa)

I think the idea is to give your body a rest from supplements once a week. That way you do not develop a need for them. However, I was told during healing/treatment... you take continuously as long as you need until you feel like you can go without.

How long have you been taking acv/bs? If you have been on it long term and still need it everday. You are probably masking another issue. Perhaps you should evaluate your diet?

Replied by Mia
(Townsville, Australia)

Hi Rainman, thanks for your reply. I've been taking the ACV BSoda since the 27th May and it's been extremely successful, however when I stop the ACV BSoda combination for the 2 day rest period, my reflux comes back, hence my ? on why we need a 2 day respite from this combo if it's working.

I started getting extreme belching and upper gas locking about 18 months ago. The pain I experienced in my chest because of the locked wind was unbearable....couldn't lie down, had to sleep in a jason recliner some nights, nothing would relieve it.I started 40mg of Nexium and was decreased to 20mg about 6 months ago.....No tests were carried out until about 2 months ago, when I complained that my symptoms were coming back, even worse. My doc advised me to go back on the 40mg of Nexium but that still didn't relieve that tightness and belching pain. My endoscopy showed a large Hiatus Hernia and gastritis....that's when I decided to take a look on the internet for home remedies.

The ACV BSoda has been a Godsend. I went off my Nexium the day I started the ACV (with the Mother) and haven't looked back. I have lost at least 3kg, as weight gain is a side effect of Nexium, as are headaches and numerous other side effects.

I really had nothing to lose by trying this home remedy and hope that if you're a reflux sufferer you persevere with a formula of the ACV BSoda.I take 2tablespoons of the ACV and a 1/4 teaspoon of the BS,3 times a day,usually on an empty stomach but try different strengths, you'll soon find what the right combo is for you.

Goodluck fellow reflux sufferers :) :)....reflux sucks and I'm soooo glad that part of my life is behind me.

Replied by Mia
(Townsville, Australia)

OK, just an's now 6 days after my last post and I have been able to decrease my ACV/BS to morning and evening, just before meals.

I had chicken curry last night, delicious and absolutely no belching,heartburn or any discomfit. I haven't had to sleep elevated for 1 month. I haven't had discomfit for 1 month .I am able to eat what I like however the memory of reflux is still there so I am cautious.

So the long and short of it is, I and my family are really relieved that something so simple is able to help me.

Replied by Flygirl799
(Austin, Texas)

My stomach was burning like fire and in my experience this worked! Do the ACV and Baking soda for the Reflux. But you MUST replace your Stomach Flora or it will continue and not be able to return to normal. I took

Aloe Vera Water

Bioflavenoids to replace Flora


Plant based Vit. C

There was one other thing the vit store lady gave me and I can't remember what it was but it also replaced stomach flora.

In a few days it made a world of difference!!! I continued drinking the Aloe until the gallon jug was gone. I just drank an ounce or two several times a day.

No one mentions this here but you must STOP ingesting the culprits, especially Alcohol/beer. There is NO alcohol that is healthy and that includes your glass of wine every night! It's feeding your candida and killing your stomach/gut chemistry. Not to mention the sulfites and bad chemicals. If you have to have sweetner use only raw honey. No breads.

Acid Reflux
Posted by Joni (Ajijic, Mexico) on 04/13/2010

Hi Ted,

I have been on Earth Clinic and found it so interesting. I have had several bouts with what I believe to be Gerd. Pain in my chest (increases while lying down, stomach discomfort, tremendous gas. However along with these symptoms, usually at night, I get flu-like symptoms: body aches,lethargy, light-headedness. After taking an IBprofin or Tylenol it will go away. Have any of your readers experienced anything like this? The doctor does not believe they are related, but I know they are. I get them each time together, and I feel miserable. May I add that I have been taking OnecAPS. After reading your articles, I will be going on the ACV and baking soda plan today. I will keep you posted.

Replied by Mary
(Mukilteo, Wa)

About the light headedness I can sympathise. I took it to be part of the malady. I also have anxiety but never attached the light headedness with acid reflux with anxiety until I was trying to analyze just what is going on and maybe I can stop it bit by bit. Then I realized I was anxious and disappointed that here reflux comes again.

Replied by Adam
(Gainesville, Fl)

I feel your pain, Mary. I have a problem with panic attacks, as well as acid reflux. When my stress is high, like it is now, I get severe reflux from eating even bland foods. The lump/swelling feeling in my throat from the reflux triggers panic attacks, as the "closing of the throat" feeling is one of the worst things I hate about panic attacks. My reflux was so bad this morning, I took 2mg of xanax over 4 hours to calm down and tolerate/address the reflux. I'll try this ACV and baking soda recipe once I go the store. I sure hope this works, because pepto, tums, and prilosec OTC don't do a damn thing.

Replied by Jalynn
(Lucasville, Oh)

I also suffer from headaches and body aches and general malaise when I have acid stomach. I have often noticed all symptoms relieved with stomach acid neutralization. My father has noticed the same correlation, however, your symptoms could be something more severe. Pay close attention to your symptom relief when you get relief for your stomach acid reflux. If you cure the reflux but you have other symptoms, then the issues are likely unrelated.

Replied by Melmc
(Orlando, Fl)

To Joni, Mary, Adam, and Jalynn: I have read that ALL of your symptoms can be connected to a candida overload. You all may want to research on how to fight candida. It is apparently a fungus normally found in small quantities in our bodies, but can go into overdrive, in turn causing an overwhelming amount of problems, including the ones that you all have listed. Ted's ACV-Bsoda remedy may help, but I encourage you to read his response to 06/12/2008: Kristin from Los Angeles, CA:"

Good luck!

Acid Reflux
Posted by Brynn (Sacramento, Ca) on 04/10/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I just had to post about Ted's remedy for acid reflux. I have been on antacid prescription drugs for wayyy to may years(10) 40 mg. twice a day. I hate to think of all the damage it has caused, not to mention all the horrible side effects I have suffered, which have included migraines, bloating, belching, extreme fatigue and probably numerous others that I have yet to identify. I am 48 yrs old, I don't look my age, but certainly feel older. I had to let Ted and others who suffer with this, know what my experience has been with the apple cider vinegar and backing soda recipe. I have been on the remedy for 5 days and I am amazed at how well it has worked! the first day I used apple cider vinegar with the "mother" 2 Tbs. in water 3 times a day, however I did experience some nausea the first day and was very tired and a little bit of a headache( I think this was just some detox side effects). I have to tell you that I never experienced any heartburn at all! This is amazing considering that usually if I even miss one dose of my antacid meds. I would get severe heartburn!. The second day continued with just the water and vinegar 3 x day, again with a little nausea. Days 3-5 I switched to using the 2tbls. of the vinegar and 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. of baking soda 3x a day one hour before meals no nausea. This is just an amazing remedy, and I was extremely skeptical about this working. But thank you God and Ted for this recipe and I hope others who are suffering will give it a try to see if it will work for them as well. I will continue the remedy after 2 days off and report my results, God bless!!

Replied by Angela
(Oxnard, California, Usa)

My husband suffered with acid reflux for many many years. After trying absolutely EVERYTHING, I finally hit on the perfect regimen for him, and he does not suffer anymore, thank God! Please try this and do it religiously, and I promise you will see results.

1) Take a broad spectrum digestive enzyme with each meal. Any health food store carries this.

2) As needed, take charcoal capsules for reflux, stomach upset, gas. Don't take this with medication as it will absorb anything and everything in your stomach. Also available at health food/ vitamin shops.

3) Before bed each night, have a glass of aloe juice or some kind of wheat grass juice. This will neutralize the stomach acid and it got rid of my husband's gas/belching problem completely. Buy at health store in liquid form, or for the grass, in powder form and make your own glass of juice.

That's it! These 3 things seem to address all the symptoms, and my husband now eats pretty much anything he wants. Just avoid eating too close to bedtime.

Replied by Sandra
(Fort Worth, Texas, Usa)

I agree with the person who said Acid Reflux is not a disease. It can be your body's response to eating food that it is having trouble digesting. It can also be a sign that your body is reducing the production of natural enzymes and hydrochloric acid, something that occurs naturally with age.

I started having acid reflux about 15 years ago, when I was in my 40's and noticed it would be much worse if I ate pasta or fried foods at dinner. I went to a nutritionist who had me start taking enzymes and Betaine Hydrochloride capsules with every meal. One each at light meals and two each with heavier meals. I haven't had acid reflux since day-1. I too thought it was strange to add acid to an already acid-feeling stomach but I now realize that, if you want to be healthy as you age, you have to replace what your body stops producing.

I have found that I have a particularly difficult time digesting carbohydrates so I limit them, especially at the evening meal. Other than that I eat like I did when I was a youngster, including red meat.

My colon is clean because I fully digest my food and I am blessed with good health because my body is able to extract all the nutrients from the food I eat.

Replied by Marilyn
(Warnerrobins, Ga)

I just wanted to clarify that acid reflux is also due to the flap or sphincter between the esophagus and stomach not closing correctly so the acid seeps back into our esophagus as well as what I call verps (vomit burps). I inherited this condition from my grandfather (lucky me) so I want to try the Apple Cider Vinegar and baking soda. But my question is that I am taking Apple Cider Vinegar and honey for excessive sweating so will two different concoctions be too much for me? Or can I not have too much of a good thing?

Replied by Joyce
(Papamoa Beach, Tauranga, New Zealand)

Angela from Oxford - Thank you for your comments and I am going to give it a try as I don't like taking Bi Carb Soda nor Appple Cider Vinegar.

I am a young 63yr old and under a lot of stress with living on very for 3 years with no job. I was 9st 3lb and lost 1 stone each year (which is not good) due to the stress of trying to run a house on the little $ and over the last year have noticed that I get the acid reflux from time to time and it is very painful. I have also become very constipated and get terrible wind coming up the left side of my stomach and when I sit or lay down I get wind thru my body and am to see a specialist at the end of October. Meanwhile I am trying to get some answers. My doctor gave me Rantidine for the acid reflex but I find if difficult with the 3 restrictions that go with it.

Therefore I will try your remedy and see how it works. Thanking you.

Replied by Paul
(Dalhousie, New Brunswick Canada)

Hi Paul from new Brunswick Canada,

I had similar symptoms you are having. When talking to my doctor, I kept telling him terrible gas and irregular bowels.

After a year I tried other diets, raw food, no help. The short story, emergency operation, and a piece of my bowel was removed. It was diverticuliis. If the doc would've caught it

before, it could have been treated with antibiotics.

Replied by Loo
(Ranfurly, Ab.canada)

My husband was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia. The doctors wanted to operate. We heard a radio talk about a natural product called "oragamax" pill form not oil. You get acid reflux because the "flapper" is not closing properly because of accumulated bacteria, oragamax eats it up and the flapper can close. Good luck

Acid Reflux
Posted by Denise M. (Detroit, Mi) on 03/04/2010
4 out of 5 stars

Greetings to my fellow reflux suffers:

After reading all the feedback on this site, I can't tell you how things have changed for me.

I was diagnosed with reflux a few years back,and prescribed the usual regiment of acid blockers. That worked until a recent flare left me burning incessantly all day long. After a trip to my gastro doc; I had an egd(throat scope) to see if any cancer was present, then put on a monitor that I wore for 48 hours recording times and ate/drank while sitting, standing, or laying down. It was determined I probably be on medication for the rest of my life.

I was prescribed dual therapy that included Omeprazole and ranitadine before bed. Then I ran across this website, and others that wanted to charge to download the natural remedies described as probably already in your kitchen.
I left work that day, chest burning even after medication, and went to the nearest health food store, and bought my bottle of ACV. I mixed it with a level teaspoon of baking soda, two level tablespoons of ACV,and a cup of water.

While I'm hesitant to use the word "cure", sustained relief is putting it mildly. No more medication folks, and after the first week of on for 5 days off for two, I now just use as needed.

Thanks for all the sharing

Replied by Melinda
(Long Beach, Ca)
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I used Ted's remedy back in February when I awoke early one morning to horrible pain near my diaphram (?) and had spit coming up to my mouth, but not necessarily vomiting. I found his remedy a day later when I figured out I had acid reflux. I took it for 5 days or so then had to stop because my tongue was so raw. (I see now it says to take 2 days off after 5 on.) The good news is that by that time I felt fine.

I realize now I have acid reflux for quite awhile but never knew it. I get wet burps and have dispepsia (but did not even know what that was before) and a few other symptoms. With research, and because I try to do the natural, healthy thing anyway, I have kept this at bay by eating mostly raw foods, healthy nuts (mostly almonds), no dairy, very little meat, very little grains/breads. This is helping. I cheat and have a piece of chocolate (because I LOVE it) once in awhile. I also gave up my occasional glass of red wine:( and try not to drink coffee - I usually drink tea anyway - And drink LOTS of water.

The thing is, I went to the GI doc (just to make sure because this is all new to me and my hubby was worried) and he confirmed the condition and gave me a bunch of Prevacid samples. I have not taken any so far - YAY!

I guess I should keep up the ACV regime. I stopped and never went back but I know I still have reflux. I just don't like my tongue getting so raw.

Replied by Karen
(New York, Ny)

So many are misled to think that acid reflux is a real disease. More likely it is the body's warning signal that something is wrong (in this case with the function of the GI tract)much like a headache is also a warning symptom not a disease to be "treated" with painkillers. One thing I have noticed in my own self treatment of "acid reflux" is that ACV does give relief but that persistent acid reflux is caused by overload of my intestinal tract and a "dirty" colon. Regular attention to what I am eating and high fiber raw vegetables and fruits along with occasional high colonic irrigation or detoxing get rid of acid reflux permanently. Unfortunately, I am sometimes weak about my eating habits and over indulge in meats, fats and starches. Twice in my life I have had a bout of severe back pain that would not go away along with acid reflux. Both times I eventually realized that the pain was really caused by retention of fecal matter on the colon walls. Even though I thought I was "regular" I was not voiding enough. Eventually, enemas, raw fruits, vegetables, probiotics and yes ACV and lemon juice got me back to a good condition. If I keep it up and don't indulge, especially now that I am 57, I will never experience back pain and acid reflux again. That's my expectation. I will keep you posted.

Replied by Healthy Me-
(New York, Ny)

I have just been diagnosed with laryngospasm- severe throat closing- wakes me up in my sleep choking... The Dr. Mentioned GERD- Acid Reflux Disease. Is lemon Juice and Acidic fruits not the worst thing to take? This is what I have been reading?

Replied by Victor
(Orange, Ca.)

For the people with acid reflux, change your diet!!! The acv/baking soda combo is great, but used to fix something is missing, the reason you have heartburn to begin with. An alkaline body is very important in ridding ourselves of built up toxins accumulated over time so in that respect acv/baking soda is important but you're using it as a sort of bandaid if you don't also change your diet.

Acid Reflux
Posted by Stephanie (Eugene, Or) on 01/29/2010
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I have suffered from acid reflux and hair loss for about 3 years. I tried Ted's recipe of ACV and baking soda in water, I liked the taste of it. I had to put about 3/4 teaspoon of baking soda to 2 tablespoons of ACV in 8 oz of water inorder to reach 7.0 acid level. I think the large amount of baking soda is making me retain water, I feel very puffy and scale is up. I'd appreciate feedback if others have experienced this. Thank you. Love this site.

Replied by Tom
(Houston, Texas)

Stephanie, bicarbonate of soda has sodium in it. Sodium causes the body to retain water and that is why you feel puffy and are gaining weight. 3/4 tsp. is too much for you, reduce the dosage to 1/4 teaspoon.

Acid Reflux
Posted by Leonardo (Atlanta, Ga) on 12/30/2009


I believe I got GERD from excessive beer drinking. I have now been living with this disease for 3 months. I've been to the doc and I was treated for H pilory bacteria. However, no change in my symptoms. I have been taken over the counter prilosec two different kinds and now I'm taking Nexium. However, there is little change. when I go to bed my stomach just start generating bubles that go up to my throath and completely burns it. I read this site that acv/baking soda 2x or 3x works. I stopped the nexium today and my gas has returned and I'm really scared that tomorrow I will wake up with my chicks swollen like before. AM I on the right treatment? how long before I see some progress? should I add something else? I thank you for any help you can provide

Replied by Leonardo
(Atlanta, Ga)

Hello everyone, This is leonardo again. I want to keep writing here because I haven't seen anybody posting their progress here so everyone can see how long before they were cured. My experience has been since I posted the first time is that ACV has done a better job in my desease that 5 visits to 3 different doctors and prescriptions like omeprazole,prevacid and others that are similar. this week I went to the doc and he gave me another one to make my stomach process food better that when I received it from the pharmacy has 4 sheets of possible side effects. In my situation, I dont have any condition that shows somethings is wrong. liver,esophagus,blood work ok. Most of the day I'm ok but at night the acid goes up and it burns my throat. its really bad. I stopped acv for a couple of days to try prevacid but the second night I got some nasty stomach pain and same acid going in my throat. I stopped right away and resumed acv/bakind soda. two nights ago it was 2 am and I had not gotten acid in my throat. I'm basically taking ACV 4x a day. protonics, papaya enzymes,magnesium/potasium supplements, ginger root supplements and doing a mostly alkaline diet. on the night that i did not have any issues I also worked out. So I'm checking to see what exactly happened for this type of success but I'm excited. Still going to the doc to check my throat soon for permenent damage. remember I wasted 2.5 months tying the docs medicine. I'm pretty confident that this as well as my new diet will cure this nasty disease and I'll keep everyone updated as too many people are being hurt by the medicines they are prescribed

Replied by Sammie
(London, Uk)

To Leonardo from Atlanta, thanks for your feedback its nice to know this works. Just a comment on fresh veg giving you gas, its because it is live food and needs more enzymes to break it down, which is a good thing and so is gas unfortunately, better out than in. Rice Bread and Potatoes are a different carbohydrate bread is already processed so the hard work has already been done.

Acid Reflux
Posted by Karl (Boynton Beach, Fl) on 12/04/2009
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I recently recovered from a particular heavy bout of upper resporitary infection (uri) / bronchitus. It took 14 days before I started feeling better. Two days later I started the classic symptoms again, tight chess, wheezing. I decided, thats it, off to the ENT (Ear Nose Throat) doctor. I described all my symptoms, frequent bouts of bronchitus. He put this scope down my nose and throat and nonchalantly exclaimed "You have acid reflux", prescribed aciphex (ppi) and strong cortisone to clear up my congested sinusses.I must add that up to this point, I never had reflux or experienced the sensation of food coming up my esouphagus. Within 6 days of starting the aciphex, I started experiencing extreme nausea, I could hardly keep any food down and constantly had the sensation of food/fluid coming up my esouphagus. I could no longer sleep at night and frequently woke up with the sensation of drowining. I woke up exhausted everymorning with a very hoarse voice. I started getting the sensation that something is stuck in my throat, I stopped taking the aciphex and went to see an internist, described my symptoms, he prescribed an h2 blocker, pepcid and a mobility pill to clear my stomach. I started drinking the mobility pill before each meal, and the pepcid at night. Within 3 days, my digestion stopped completely, food would sit in my stomach all day and not digest. Went back to see him, told him whats happening, he ordered upper gi with barium x-rays and a ct scan of the lower abdomen and pelvis. After calling the medical aid to find how much I would have to pay out of pocket, I decided to stop this nonsense. 8 weeks and I am worse off than when I started, so I started taking organic apple cider vinegar with baking soda on Dec 2nd 2009. I am astounded and ecstatic to say that today Dec 4 2009, I have not had any sensation of food stuck in my throat or food / fluid coming up my esouphagus. One positive thing that came out of this is that I had to re-evaluate my diet and stress levels. I lost 12 pounds in 8 weeks due to small portions I have to eat now. I will carry on with a predominantly fruit based diet and one larger meal with chicken etc per day for the next couple of days and gradually introduce other foods to see what effect they have.

Thankoyu thankyou thankyou, ACV has saved my life!

Acid Reflux
Posted by Peanut (Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines) on 11/30/2009
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I'm confused on the alkalizing formulas. I'm a 47 year old female. I began having acid reflux about a month ago. Unsure if I have too little or too much acid. PPIs or antacids not helping at all. I tried 2 Tbs ACV 1/2tsp baking soda, then added 4oz water after fizzing stopped. I drank this once I stated having heartburn. I also tried this in AM and PM on empty stomach. No help at all with my constant acid-reflux or ph of 6. What formula is best? The quantity? Best time to take? How long before or after meals?

Acid Reflux
Posted by Bee (Usa, Usa) on 11/02/2009
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ACV/Baking Soda Side Effects

I have had trouble with stomach problems for years now- heartburn/acid-reflux- burps where the acid comes all the way back up my throat (yuck!) and stomach pain, etc. I decided to try the ACV and baking soda- used the dosages Ted recommends- just took it once in the evening. I had stopped drinking coffee too (I know that doesn't help)- yet I was having bad stomach pain and really bad nausea- to the point I had to lay my head down bc I thought I was going to vomit. I stopped and it's okay now- about like it was before- not perfect. Could I have an ulcer? I feel like my stomach can't tolerate this remedy. I was taking kefir to help- I think I will go back to that.

Replied by Carolyn
(Hobbs, Nm, Usa)

Response to Bee from usa. Bee, kefir will make your stomach worse. I know. I tried it for months and continually got worse. I would suggest you stay off everything for a few days and then try the ACV again with honey. It has worked miracles for me. It wasn't easy taking it at first but I stayed with it. Now I am so much better. I've been on it 3 months now. It is the only thing that has ever helped me. I used to take Prevacid and Nexium and now I am down to 1 small Zantac a day. Good luck. Carolyn

Replied by Bee

Hmmm..I wondered if dairy products may not be best. I have to avoid dairy or I get digestive issues- kefir doesn't bother me though. But I really wanted to use kefir since it has soo many great benefits. As for the ACV I actually don't mind the taste so taking it is okay. As for honey- I would even enjoy it that way- but I'd like to reduce sugar in my diet. I still wonder if I have an ulcer since I have symptoms of it- but when I went to the doctor they said my stomach was probably just irritated- and lay off irritating foods such as coffee. I know which of these foods make it worse- cuz I can feel it almost instantly. I think it may be that I need a much more drastic diet change tho- mine is definitely not the best. I eat healthy food- but too much other bad/junk food. Thank you for your feedback!

Replied by Scotch
(Erie, Pa, Usa)

if you feel you have an ulcer, i recommend trying raw manuka honey. it cured my severe stomach pain. take 1-2 tsp on dry bread or crackers before each meal and at bedtime till your stomach feels normal. now i just take some in the morning--it tastes good too. it is rather expensive--around $20 for 12 oz but it is well worth it.

Replied by Gordon
(Syracuse, Ny)

I want to try the ACV/baking soda remedy for GERD but I'm currently taking Prilosec 20mg, which I want to stop taking altogether because of the bad side effects. Is it okay to take ACV/baking soda while taking Prilosec, or should I ween myself of Prilosec first?

Replied by Asya

Hello, I want to start using the Apple Cider Vinegar with soda but I cant find the exact measurements. Can someone tell me please where can I find Ted's recipe?




Two tablespoon of ACV plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda. Take this two to three times a day on an empty stomach. It is supposed to give you more energy. The pH of this formula is about 7.

Replied by Shartina
(Des Moines, Ia)

This is good to know, I had kidney issues my whole life so I am naturally acidic. I have always craved things like vinegar and apple juice and cranberry juice, as a result. Nice to know my body knew what to do on its own.