Green Bananas for Diabetes Type II

| Modified on Sep 22, 2021
Green Bananas
Posted by Dennis (Dillingham, Alaska) on 08/07/2008
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Ok I know this is not about lupus but in a way it is , iv always been interested in it .that is my sister died from it and I did a lot of research on it. I thought until I read here about it on this site. I hope this will help you what I have found out. I'm in the Philippines now . Iv been eating green bananas don't laugh, nobody here eats green bananas until I got here. its about Resistant Starch and green bananas are the best. Good bacteria eat it, then the bad bacteria and viruses are killed and pushed out. A lot of diseases come from our stomach. Well Marcia's brother Mitchie has diabetes type 2 for over a year. For the past 4 weeks his blood sugar remains normal with out medication and he does not eat a diabetic life style. he even drinks alcohol and his blood sugar remains normal. Yes he is eating green bananas. Now there's a guy next store that had his big toe amputated and the doctor wants to amputee his foot but he said no. it could not heal an open sore on his foot yes he is a diabetic 1 he takes shots. He could not work bed ridden So I got him on green bananas and his sore is healing and now is walking around and working. I have him using silver water for his foot too. Now that is something I think do some research on your own on the digestion system and especially on Resistant Starch.