Diabetes Type II
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Banaba Leaf Extract for Diabetes Type II Treatment

| Modified on Apr 20, 2024

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Posted by Lilrose (Haththorne) on 11/04/2016

My brother was recently diagnosed with type 2 . I found banaba leaf for him. He is off medaforam, takes 2 400 mg a day of banaba with a good diet. His blood sugar is great.

Banaba Leaf Extract
Posted by Lal Anar (Minnesota) on 11/16/2015

Banana Leaves extract helps in reducing High Blood Sugar.

I would go with combination of Half teaspoon of banana leaves extract along with half teaspoon Cinnamon. Boil them together, make the tea, after that mix 1 spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar. Taste might not be yummy for new drinkers, but once you developed it, yummy!

Warning: This Combo may bring your sugar level down fast only if you are taking regular diabetes meds.

Replied by Nattakit
(Bangkok, Thailand)

I think there is a misunderstanding here. Banana leaf does not have medicinal value only Banaba is used to treat diabetes and kidney diseases. The spelling is nearly the same and can cause confusion.

Banaba Leaf Extract
Posted by Hooplahoo (Manassas, Virginia, Usa) on 04/09/2013

For Diabetes: Banaba Leaf or Berberine. Sometimes the products will include both. 500mg of Berberine HCI has been really effective for me. It definitely works. Hope this helps.