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Okra for Diabetes Type II

| Modified on Mar 15, 2024

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Posted by Emersyn (Virginia) on 09/16/2021

I agree about okra being great for blood sugar. Usually when I've eaten anything breaded my blood sugar went up to 190's or so (prediabetic) but I can eat breaded okra (frozen breaded okra from the freezer section-it's breaded with cornmeal) and my blood sugar is around 99 or so which is amazing. So far I've tested it an hour after eating and every 45 minutes or so after that up to 3 hours after a meal. Sometime I do plan on testing up to 4 hours after a meal just to make sure a late spike isn't happening like it does with pasta (with pasta the blood sugar spike for me happens around 4 hours after the meal.)

Replied by ORH

EMERSYN, ORH here, and I am having grief with your post because we have raised and eaten Okra all our lives. It is a Southern staple as you know. You may be right. I have been a diabetic for some 40+ years and not taking any Rx after I read an EC post about the supplement Vanadyl Sulfate months ago and now my glucose is the best it has been in 40 years. Amazing. I am really looking forward to the demise of our present medical field and the doctors can do their thing. Let me give you an example. My dad's heart would run away with him. He called ole doc Rainwater and he would come to our house and put a handkerchief around his tongue and try to pull it out of his head. If that did not work, then he would take his thumbs and push on his eye balls. If that did not work then he would stand him up in front of a bed and hit him in the heart as hard as he could. One of these worked. When my heart goes nuts and pulse is 200 then I add 8 drops of cayenne pepper into 1/3 glass of warm water. That happened to me in my cardiologist office and they were going to call 911 and take me to the ER. Sent my Tractor Driver to get my gun bag... was fine in about 10 minutes. This cardiologist is called the Master in East Tn. Sheet + 2 = 8. Over educated. We need medicine men like the Indians had. ====ORH====

Posted by Rhebs (Washington, Dc) on 02/26/2014

I had been battling with my diabetes 2 for a period of time. I started with two medications, metformin & glipizide. The Januvia and Invokana was added. Still my sugar readings never go down as supposed 110 fasting. The lowest I could have was 130 to 175 fasting. Then it would be in the upper 200s to 300 after eating during the day. I have tried Apple cider but it hurt my stomach because of gerd and reflux. Too much acid. Then, I found this article about OKRA. Three weeks after doing the regimen, my sugar readings went down to 110 without fasting. This is what I am doing I cut both ends of the four okras and make a single slit of each and place it in a glass of water overnight. Then, take the water in the morning before taking anything. Lately, I place around 20 pcs of Okra in a gallon of water and place in the refrigerator. This is good for a week drink. It works for me. Rhebs