Okra for Diabetes Type II

| Modified on Jun 14, 2021

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Posted by Rhebs (Washington, Dc) on 02/26/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I had been battling with my diabetes 2 for a period of time. I started with two medications, metformin & glipizide. The Januvia and Invokana was added. Still my sugar readings never go down as supposed 110 fasting. The lowest I could have was 130 to 175 fasting. Then it would be in the upper 200s to 300 after eating during the day. I have tried Apple cider but it hurt my stomach because of gerd and reflux. Too much acid. Then, I found this article about OKRA. Three weeks after doing the regimen, my sugar readings went down to 110 without fasting. This is what I am doing I cut both ends of the four okras and make a single slit of each and place it in a glass of water overnight. Then, take the water in the morning before taking anything. Lately, I place around 20 pcs of Okra in a gallon of water and place in the refrigerator. This is good for a week drink. It works for me. Rhebs