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Periwinkle for Type II Diabetes

| Modified on Aug 28, 2023

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Posted by Shad (Houston, TX) on 01/28/2009

My deceased father used to take 2 flowers (10 petals) first thing in the morning and breakfast after 30 minutes, it kept his diabetes in control. Before using this traetment his diabetes was uncontrolled.

Replied by Carla


Please be aware that periwinkle can be toxic. This plant is used to make Vincristine a cancer chemotherapy agent with many side effects. Consider not using this lightly without medical supervision. Google for more info.

Sadabahar/Tropical Periwinkle
Posted by Hariom (Sampla[rohtak], Haryana INDIA) on 08/27/2008

Comman Name: Sadabahar Sadaphul, Sadasuhagan
English Name: Tropical Periwinkle

It is a perennial herb, erect, much branched. 70-80 cm high. Leaves alliptic to obovate, rounded retuse or mucronulate at apex acute at base. Flowers in 1-4 flowered cymes. Calyx segments subulate. Corolla whitish or pinkish. Follicles 2-3 cm long, pubescnt.

Parts used : Leaves and roots

Diabetes-If anyone is suffering from diabetes [sugar] can be cured by sadabahr flower.

Take five to seven pinkish [not white] fresh flower. Boil two cup of water. in one cup add the flower and keep covered.after some time about 30 mintue throw the flower and drink the water.after that drink the second cup of water.donot eat any thing for 30 mintue do for seven days. after seven days stop for seven days then repeat again for seven days. keep checked your sugar.

Replied by Camille
(Freeport, Grand Bahama)

My grand aunt who lived to the age of 103 years said she reversed her diabetes with periwinkle the white flowered one. I can say that indeed up until her death 4 years ago she never had diabetes again as evidenced by all her medical records.

Replied by Rebel
(Somewhere Usa)

How much did she take, how often, in what form. Please share this info, if you have it. Thank you.