Diabetes Type II
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ACV and Cinnamon for Type II Diabetes

| Modified on Aug 28, 2023

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Posted by Ava (Farmington Hills, MI)

My nine year old daughter was found to have full blown diabetes 2 on May 10, 2006 and I was notified. Her readings were 118 and 117 on the 11th and on May 12th, the morning it was 122 but I began the ACV and cinnamon near lunch time and dinner. I am so excited as the research seems true. The night time reading May 12, 2006 was only 93. Yes, I know it is far too soon to feel secure but with all the other info on Earth Clinic and other places I am hoping this is the real deal, so to speak. This is what I did: 2 TBLS _______s raw, unfiltered w/ mother ACV mixed with 4-6oz of water or tea etc, and 1 tsp of cinnamon picked up with small pieces of apple for my child to eat. Both the ACV and Cinnamon have proven track records for this so I cannot even tell you which was better!!