Green Bananas for Diabetes Type II

| Modified on May 13, 2022

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Posted by Dennis (Dillingham, Alaska) on 08/07/2008
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Ok I know this is not about lupus but in a way it is , iv always been interested in it .that is my sister died from it and I did a lot of research on it. I thought until I read here about it on this site. I hope this will help you what I have found out. I'm in the Philippines now . Iv been eating green bananas don't laugh, nobody here eats green bananas until I got here. its about Resistant Starch and green bananas are the best. Good bacteria eat it, then the bad bacteria and viruses are killed and pushed out. A lot of diseases come from our stomach. Well Marcia's brother Mitchie has diabetes type 2 for over a year. For the past 4 weeks his blood sugar remains normal with out medication and he does not eat a diabetic life style. he even drinks alcohol and his blood sugar remains normal. Yes he is eating green bananas. Now there's a guy next store that had his big toe amputated and the doctor wants to amputee his foot but he said no. it could not heal an open sore on his foot yes he is a diabetic 1 he takes shots. He could not work bed ridden So I got him on green bananas and his sore is healing and now is walking around and working. I have him using silver water for his foot too. Now that is something I think do some research on your own on the digestion system and especially on Resistant Starch.

Replied by Rhonda
(Tallahassee, FL)

A few green bananas may be okay, but be warned that excessive consumption of green bananas has been previously linked to development of congestive heart failure due to heart fibrosis. It was speculated it to be due to heart valve disease/serotonin.

EC: Rhonda, would you kindly cite your source? We cannot find any documentation to validate this. Thanks.

Replied by Pat
(Birmingham, England)

As Earth Clinic requested - I am also curious to learn of any research regarding heavy consumption of green bananas. I am also curious to learn the following: in what eaten form can over- consumption affect one's health and in what form is it healing as used in the Phillipines? I am guessing that it must be cooked as eating green bananas is not likely.

Incidentally, in the Caribbean boiled green bananas is a staple in the diet. I cannot refer to any statistics but I am familiar with people who consume it a few almost daily and the live past 80 years.

I am very eager to learn more about this as well.

Thanks in advance. Pat

Replied by Rafael
(Louisville, Ky)

Would be great if you explain how to eat the green bannanas and how many a day. If is in the morning or with meals, I would love to know. I heard it was just drinking the the infusion of boiled banana skin...

Thank you.

Replied by Joyce
(Lansdowne, Pa)

Be careful how you eat green bananas unless they are organic they must be peeled before boiling because of the pesticides used to spray them. Bring some water with salt to boil (enough to cover the bananas), peel the bananas by cutting off the top and making a slit on the side of the banana. You can peel the skin off starting at the slit. Put the bananas in the boiling water and cover until tender. You can add some lemon juice to the water to avoid the bananas becoming dark. If the bananas are organic you can simply make a slit in the bananas after cutting of the top part and put it in the boiling water. Cook until tender then peel of the skin. I grew up in the Caribbean and we had green bananas very often and I have never heard anyone getting sick from eating bananas. In fact, I prefer to eat green bananas instead of bread. You can get green bananas at any Hispanic, Caribbean or Asian stores. The green bananas must be young and not mature. The mature ones are for ripening.

Replied by Ata E.

Green banana is a common food in Samoa and perhaps all other Pacific islands. We cook with skin on but it is a lazy way to do it. Mostly we cook by peeling the skin off. We just boil it. Don't make it too complicated. The best way to taste it is, when cooked, pour the water off the pot and put the coconut fresh milk in. Coconut milk is not good for the sugar but islanders love it. And probably why diabetes are very common among the islanders. My advise is; one banana with no coconut milk in a meal is good enough for a diabetic.

Replied by Muhiza
(Kigali, Rwanda)

How do I use Green Bananas to lower my blood sugar.