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Yellow Dock for Diabetes Type II

| Modified on Jun 17, 2024

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Posted by Donald (Houston, USA) on 10/23/2008

I recently talked to a gentlemen in Houston working for a Federal agency solving problems with Hurricane Ike.

He told me he had Diabetes and had been taking medicine for the ailment for years. He met a 90 year old lady that told him that his organs will soon be weakened with these chemicals he is taking and he needs to stop taking those medicines and do something that the old folks did mayn years ago that worked concerning Diabetes.

The answer is YELLOW DOCK TEA. That is right--this little know plant's roots is made into a tea and steady use eliminates diabetes.

Here is proof. The gentlemen indicated he started taking YELLOW DOCK TEA and after one month or so, the Diabetes symtoms we all but gone. He is taking it now and continues to get better and better.

My own investigation of Yellow Dock indicates it is not to be taken by the pregnant and those suffering from liver or kidney disease.

For everyone else--Go for it. It is very inexpensive. The cost is $3.65US for 24 packets. You can get it on the net....

Blessings to All,
Donald Boyance