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Eliminate White Flour for Diabetes Type II Treatment

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Posted by Mir Ar (Montréal, Canada) on 03/03/2007

Do you want to quit being diabetic?

If yes, then do what I did to get rid of that horrible, unwanted, and man-made so-called disease, before you will become insulin-dependant.

More than three years ago, I was diagnosed diabetic class 2 by my family doctor- after he received the result of my blood test. He told me my blood glucose was around 9mmol/L and I should take medication to keep it normal. He wrote for me Metformen and I bought that and the blood tester Bayer Elite, started taking Metformen 1 tab twice a day and two blood test as well. I was worried and started testing all sorts of food items, cutting this and adding that. The glucose level staid in the morning around 6.8; 6.5; 7.5mmol/L and so on. Two years passed like this and I never managed to bring the glucose down to between 4 and 6mmol/L, although I reduced my weight to normal level as advised by my doctor. I decided to go to an Endocrinologist, a known diabetes specialist. He had my blood tested for him and found it over 7mmol/L and approved that I am diabetic class 2. I have been going to my specialist each three months with test results of different levels. This Metformen that he also said to continue, I took it regularly and irregularly fearing its side effects. Meanwhile, I have been visiting many Internet sites concerning diabetes and making copies of their suggestions and ideas for how to survive with the disease. I was confused with all the information that I was collecting and slowly started abandoning myself to this so-called diabetes type2.

Only about four months ago, amongst my fluctuating depression, I got a new hope and saw a light at the end of the tunnel. And that -after I read articles on the Internet about the types of grains and breads available on the market. Facts, like miss-labeling breads as 100% whole wheat written on its package while the content is not really . and so on, created a lot of doubt in the bread which I have been eating for years. I started questioning the round flat pita bread with its label 100% whole wheat to which I was addicted and eating three of it per day -one with each meal. Under the recent influence, I also started questioning my other food items. Immediately, I stopped buying pita bread and instead, I bought other types of bread from a store with so-called organic products and elsewhere with labels on them saying 100% whole grain. These bread being dark, harder and heavy and some of them cost more than four times the round pita bread. It was a disaster for me who was addicted to the taste of the pita bread and these new breads did not taste good with any thing that I combined them. I also introduced brown basmati rice and potatoes to my regular diet. Unfortunately, unlike European cities where all sorts of good and whole grain breads are available everywhere in all big food stores, I have to drive 6KM to another small town on the South Shore of Montreal to buy the right bread in a limited organic products' store and for a lot more - compared with European circumstances.

From the day when I started eating dark and heavy whole grain wheat bread, my blood glucose level, fasting in the morning, measured to my surprise around 5,4mmol/L and sometimes closer down to 4mmol/L. I started doubting in the results and counter-tested my blood immediately with my second tester which showed the same result or slightly lower. I could not believe all this, became excited and started talking to my surrounding and friends that I am healed and that diabetes is a big lie and a man-made disease. When I go back to the Internet sites that I was often visiting or seeking advice and see again the world of medicine in total confusion regarding diabetes type 2, I am falling automatically into the conclusion that this disease is created by the industry having manipulated the mother nature's perfect grains. And has created the so-called White Enriched Flower from which is made the bread and other confectionery products of the majority of people in North America and around the world.

I also started thinking to save my sister who is already an insulin-dependant type2 diabetic person. But that seems a very difficult thing to do, for the time being, as I have to study more and understand to what degree her pancreas is still functioning.

I am not a medical professional- only a layman. But my intuitive relation with my own body and the close consultation with my sister drive me to say that human beings are pushed into a disastrous situation where the capacity of the metabolism of the human biological machine is overwhelmingly exceeded by the over-manipulated food products; especially by the impoverished white flour combined with the excessive use of refined sugar in the confectionery products.

I don't eat, anymore, things made with white enriched flour, confectionery products, refined sugar, candies and thus I am not diabetic any longer. I eat large quantities of sweet fruits (fresh and dried ones) like apples, pears, oranges, a lot of sweet grapes and raisins, dates, figs and to my surprise maple syrup which I like so much and which I did not dare eating before my great discovery. I tested the pure maple syrup (those made in Quebec, Canada) twice and the next morning my glucose was normal. Now I use a tablespoon of it deliciously with my coffee. I am not a biochemist neither related to any maple syrup businesses of any kind, but my body says maple syrup is not a refined sugar. Once on a German health Website, I read an advice - diabetic person should not eat a lot of potatoes at once because it rapidly raises the blood sugar level. I had that in mind when I was a so-called diabetic. But now I eat as much potatoes as I like and it has no more bearing on my blood. My blood glucose level is normal everyday and every time I measure it. Do you want to see my test logbook? Only try to do what I have done and you will have your own good results and you will stop calling your self diabetic.

Before the appearance of the ''impoverished'' white flour, our mothers at home and the confectionery businesses on the market were sifting the whole intact wheat flour to get rid of some of its bran part only - in order to make it adaptable for their pastry use. But those confectionery products, then, did not drive us into diabetes type2- because the flour contained all of the rest of its natural composition. The present day poor white flour has driven us to diabetes type2- already to today's epidemic scale. What else will the industry do further to make more and more money? Is this happening inside a democratic world? No, it is happening under the circumstances of a rotten un-controllable corrupt capitalism, where it has been given sky as the limit. Does capitalism protect us? No, it does not. Did communism protect those who were claiming it was? No it did not and will not. Under the latter there was only one giant capitalist which was having everything for its self and hushing its victims. In our rotten capitalism on the contrary, we have unlimited number of capitalists on the free market who are not yet, luckily, capable of stopping us from thinking or expressing our thoughts. But they will not protect us, because their job is to make as much money as possible and that by any means possible. Whether we live, become sick or die they are ready to exploit all circumstances to make money and survive on the market. For example, take a private hospital run by one or a bunch of private owners. The best is if the hospital were full of patients whether they will be cured or die in it, it would not matter. Whatever the service provided, the most profit must be made. What if the people will be all healthy in the range of the said private hospital and there will be no more patients coming in- the hospital will go bankrupt, closed and soon out of the market.

But the industry is creating millions of patients by all sorts of manipulations in the Mother Nature's genuine products in order to make money and an order not to go out of business.

Are all the present rules, laws and millions of judges and lawyers capable of protecting us against this savage capitalism? Does the well spread and organized corruption allow anything to be changed toward the better? If we are able to look around us and see the ever-growing number of degenerated and fat human bodies barely displacing themselves - women, men and more and more children, we will understand that we cannot abandon ourselves to this kind of capitalism.

Then, in the name of God, who has given us wisdom and obligation to protect our families, and ourselves what is there that can protect us? I am convinced that only The Democracy can protect us. Now, where is The Democracy, that can protect us? That Democracy will have to be built by us, in the structure of which there will be at least three independent political parties and powerful and real opposition. From the platform of The Democracy it will not be possible to build an empire or go on wars against other peoples of this globe. And if all the peoples of this globe will be permitted and encouraged to build The Democracy by themselves and within their own culture and circumstances, then we will be all capable of defending our rights within it and be protected by it.

I wonder how many people are suffering from or dying of diabetes type 2 epidemic and its related cardio-vascular diseases, blindness, amputations. etc. per day on the world scale. And how many of those are on the verge of having their pancreas almost disabled under the impact of the impoverished white flour products and ready to become insulin-dependant.

A non-controllable capitalism drives the society toward a gradual and collective suicide in which the capitalists themselves are also victims. Only The Democracy will be capable of defining the limits and domain of free competition and be sensitive towards the importance and fragility of the Good Capitalism.

Replied by Merryanne
(Orange City, Florida, Usa)
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This is Merryanne from Central FL,,I agree with the above statement,,I heard a man on PBS 6 weeks back talking about the Vegan diet curing diabetes,,I listened for an hour, and he said his information came from The Chinia Study, ok, I have been doing this, no white potatoes, no white bread, no white rice, He said you can eat rye and pumpkernickel bread, but I make my own Whole wheat yeast bread,,,now I eat apples and bananas, and melons, I steam (boil) my green veggies with small amount water and sea salt, I boil in water and sea salt any dry beans I want,,I eat any low gylcemic vegtables and herbs or pepers for seasoning,,,I eat all I want, I use olive oil in making bread, I eat all plant based, and no prepred foods, I do all the cooking my self,,I have lost 8 pounds and rarely take any insulin.

I have no constipation or problems with evacuating. If I want a snack I eat an apple or banana or 1/2 a mellon,,My blood sugars when I get up are 125-140. I feel great, I have ordered the book,,I read some on line he says the plant based diet will prevent cancer, cure heart problems and diabetise. I will keep you informed. Merryanne