Diabetes Type II
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Ginger for Diabetes Type II

| Modified on Jun 17, 2024
Posted by Aileen (Prestwick, Scotland) on 08/02/2009

Hi I am Aileen from Scotland, I have type 2 diabetes cant take tablets, too many side-effects for me. I find when I take 2 ginger biscuits the ones I buy at the supermarket, brings down my blood sugar.also apple cider vinegar is good.

Posted by Tim (Winnipeg, Manitoba) on 10/27/2006

While ginger juice didn't cure my diabetes but I am way much better off now yeehooooowlllll. I juice half a finger nail of fresh ginger root in the morning with plain water or mineral water if I have some and the benefits are amazing... Since I started I lost 25 lbs and had one amazing year. I played baseball for 6 months up here in Canada. I mean every other day and tournaments on weekends. 2 eggs cooked in olive oil for breakfast. 1 whole wheat zero fat turkey breast sandwich for lunch. Snacks like apples & pears Light supper. I am a Type II Diabetic I am no longer on any medication whatsoever and I have been a diabetic for several years AND I FEEL GREAT THANK YOU.......... Try the results will be instantaneous..... Do not take too much as it will lower your blood sugar levels ..