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Flax Seed for Diabetes Type II Treatment

| Modified on Jun 02, 2024
Flax Seed
Posted by Lilian (Atlanta, Georgia) on 01/26/2009

At the beginning of the year (2009) my husband and I went on the famous cabbage diet (more as a cleansing mechanism than for weight loss). My husband was diagnosed with diabetes II 3 years ago. His starting fasting glucose was 260. We kept his sugar at the 130 range fasting over the past 3 years with medication. Well, a week after the diet his sugar had gone to 110 -fasting. Now 3 weeks later it has gone to 89-105 fasting. We thought the diet changes (we have been more careful about what we put in our mouth) made the difference. However we just realized that at the beginning of the year he also changed from fish oil cabs to Flax oil (2 in the morning, 2 at night). We believe the mix of cleansing our bodies of toxins and the use of flax has contributed to his low sugar levels. He continues to take his Metformin, but we hope to discontinue (or lower dose; from 2 a day to just 1) in the next month or so. P.S: because of his diabetes, while on the diet, he had a low sugar (1g) bowl of cereal in the morning and 1 at night if he felt hungry.