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DMSO Treatment for Knee Pain or Knee Injuries

| Modified on Feb 16, 2024
Knee Pain
Posted by Ronald (New Hampshire) on 09/01/2021

For knee pain I use DMS0 diluted from 99.9 percent down to 70 % using distilled water. I put the DMSO into a small spray bottle and put arnica spray or gel on first and then spray my knees and around the sides a bit down my leg.

Don't put on colored clothing right away as the DMS0 takes everything you put on the skin and sucks it into the tissue and into deeper parts of the body. Dyes on the pants could come off and get on your wet skin and the DMSO will take that into the tissues also.

Just sit around and let it get absorbed. Works wonders!! I can walk without any pain.

Knee Pain
Posted by Dori (Mequon, WI) on 04/18/2021

Does it come in powder or liquid form? How much do you apply, does it soak in or do you cover it? Thank you for your help.

EC: It's a liquid that you apply to clean skin and let dry before you cover the area treated with any clothing as it absorbs.

Knee Pain
Posted by Katzie (Calgary) on 04/11/2018

DMSO for knee patellar pain

I could not figure out why my right knee was hurting so bad one day. I could walk fine, but if I went up or down the stairs, it really hurt. I broke out my bottle of DMSO and proceeded to put it on my knee 2x/day. Relief was immediate, and then within 5 days, it was like it never even happened!

DMSO is rendered when "white liquor" is added to wood to make pulp. The resultant extract is then purified and sold as DMSO.

So DMSO's job is to make the tree strong and stand up. It works the same in the human body. It makes your cells stand firm (like when we're young) and do what they're supposed to do! I have not had to re-apply it to my knee since either.

DMSO is a miracle. I recommend it for any and all pain, even nerve pain.

Best of health everybody!

Knee Pain
Posted by Baldev (Maharashtra) on 02/11/2017 185 posts

Hi Ramesh

Sure you can use DMSO, but I will prefer 80% solution of DMSO with magnesium oil 50/50. This solution does help the joint pains.

Good Luck, Baldev

Knee Pain
Posted by Ramesh (Maharashtra) on 02/11/2017

My wife had her both the knees replaced. But she still is not comfortable with it. I had applied DMSO with water on her shoulders when in pain. Should I use DMSO on her knees. Please let me know.

Knee Pain
Posted by Zsaqwe (Brownsville, Texas, Usa) on 01/11/2011

Hello, my mother had already had surgery in both knees. And was in constant pain. I had pain in my shoulder and got DMSO for it. One day my mother came and I decided to applied DMSO for her knee pain. She was thrilled and amazed that the pain was gone the next day. I did put it in my armpit elbow area with not too much success yet. I still feel something, not pain but something and it goes and comes. I can not tell you DMSO worked for me. But I have applied it two times, still too soon to tell.

My mother cure was more impressive. Oh, well , I am not telling you more about DMSO because you have to google it and educate yourself very well before any attempt to use it. It is great but delicate. Not for incompetent adults. Please educate yourself if you think it may help you.