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Chicken Soup

Posted by Nick (Poughkeepsie, NY) on 10/21/2007
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A good remedy for sore throat is a hot bowl of chicken broth. One bowl is usually enough but for more serious strep throat two. chicken noodle soup works best for kids.

Replied by Joe
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Chicken broth works like magic! 2 Thumbs up!

Chronic Sore Throat Remedies

Posted by Craig (Albany, Oregon) on 12/20/2018
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One of the things that I've discovered over my (almost) 70 years, is that whenever I'm having health issues, it often means that I'm doing something wrong. The trick then becomes figuring out what that something is.

In other words, dealing with the cause rather than its symptoms.

With that in mind, I'd like to address the cause of my recent sore throat.

It went on for weeks. My ears were plugged. My glands were swollen. My throat felt like something was stuck in it. I gargled with warm salt water, which had no effect.

And then I finally figured it out. I'd been using a floss threader to clean beneath my dental bridge. Once finished, I'd put the threader into a baggie, still wet, until the next use.

One night, after flossing, I was sitting around and suddenly could barely swallow. That's when I put two and two together. I began cleaning and drying the threader after flossing, and all of the symptoms disappeared. Just like that.

I'd made myself sick by being unaware of my own dumb habits.

What say you?

Replied by Wendy
Columbus, Oh

Great discovery! And, glad you're all better! Another suggestion would be to get some liquid Oil of Oregano. Put a couple of drops in some water and use it to rinse out your mouth and as a gargle. Here's the EC link:


Posted by Keighla (Reno, Nevada)
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Hey, for a sore throat, the best thing that I take is hot apple cider. I am not a big tea drinker so this works great for me.

Coconut Oil

Posted by Maranatha812 (Irvine, Ca ) on 03/14/2017
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Organic virgin coconut oil is amazing. It helps with sore throat and relieves of the discomfort associated with it. I even give it to my dog and rub it on her paws!!!

Posted by Susan (Glendale, CA, USA) on 01/04/2009
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I've somehow managed to catch a horrible cold and have battled a sore throat for 2 days now. I have absolutely NO tolerance for pain, so I've been miserable. I've been using cayenne pepper and ACV as both a gargle and added to hot water to sip on constantly, but it only gives little to temporary relief.

I decided to try some coconut oil in some pineapple tea that I had (hoping deep down it resembled a pina colada!) I saw that EVCO wasn't listed as a remedy for cold or sore throats, really, but I decided to give it a shot.

Wow, was it soothing! The horrible thing about sore throats is how dry and scratchy the throat gets which makes the pain ten times worse... but the coconut oil lubed everything up so nicely that it doesn't hurt half as bad! I have no idea how long this will last, but I'll take what relief I can get!

I did have a lot of success with EVCO after having a strange sinus infection last year at this time that made all the glands in my head so swollen. After trying everything and going to the doctor who gave me no-good antibiotics, I gave EVCO a shot, and within one day my glands had gone down, my head and decongested and I felt better. I love this stuff. I just wish I liked the taste better!

Replied by Pam
Chicago, Ill.

Can you be more specific how to use.

Posted by Siva (Batlagundu, Dindigul, Tamilandu) on 03/01/2007
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chronic throat infection resistance to all major antibiotics now one tablespoon of coconut oil with one clove taken internally gives very good results.

Replied by GuestCC
SLC, Utah
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I have had a sore throat for a couple of weeks now. Woke up at 3:30am and the sore throat was much worse!!! I already had some VCO in the frig but I didn't have cloves. But, I did have ground clove spice. I took about a spoon full of VCO and sprinkled ground clove spice all over the spoon full of VCO. I let the VCO / clove spice just melt in my mouth and it made me feel much better. Thx!

Coconut, Turmeric, Pepper

Posted by Coconut Doctor (London, UK) on 05/26/2009

Coconut cure for a sore throat:

I found this recipe in a book. It's from Southeast Asia and uses coconut sugar, which is made from the sap of the coconut blossom as well as coconut milk. You can substitute the coconut sugar with honey.

1 tablespoon coconut sugar or honey
1/8 teaspoon cracked peppercorns
1 teaspoon powdered turmeric or turmeric root
1 cup water
1/2 cup coconut milk

Mix together the sugar or honey, peppercorns, turmeric and water. Bring to a boil then simmer until the liquid is reduced by half. Remove from heat, strain, and add coconut milk.Take two tablespoons every hour or two. Apparently it works wonders!
cheers, Angie

Cod Liver Oil

Posted by Sherry (Athens, Georgia) on 01/24/2008
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I have found that taking a tablespoon full of cod liver oil the first thing in the morning has taken care of the onset of a sore throat. I also, take it throughout the day as needed.

Also, I've been introduced to Oil of Oregano. I started with 1 drop in the cod liver oil, because it is soooo potent. I mix it well and take, letting the spicy hot numbing effect do its work in my mouth and throat. I now take 3 drops at a time.

Corn Liquor and Lemon Juice

Posted by Margaret (Andrews, north carolina) on 10/01/2007
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OK, I've not gotten around to trying any of the remedies posted on this site, nor have I looked at ALL of them. But I do have a temporary cure for soothing a sore throat that I would like to share. I have a sore throat right now, now I was trying something that I have to get rid of it. What I did was this:

2 table spoons of corn liquor
1 table spoon pure lemon juice (mine was freshly squeezed).

Mix the corn liquor and lemon juice for about thirty seconds so it is well blended. Down half of it, wait fifteen seconds and down the other half. the taste, unless you like the liquor or lemon juice is horrible, but it numbs te pain almost immediately and depending on how quiet you are able to stay depends on how long it works. For me, I had to start getting after my kids and it got kinda loud so it only worked 15 to 20 minutes. I'd try some more but my tolerance for alcohol is really low and corn liquor is the strongest I've ever drank. I hope my remedy works for others though, I don't recommend any one using it for kids.


Posted by cameron (seattle, washington/U.S.A) on 03/19/2009
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Ok I've had a sore throat for a while and i like to drink cranberry juice i don't often get sick but l tried warm cranberry for my sore throat and it worked wonders. Drink more than just 1 glass keep drinking it. it might sting a lot (scale to 1-10 a 7) but it makes the pain of swallowing go away after that =D

Dietary Changes

Posted by Sarah (Didcot, Oxfordshire, UK) on 09/12/2006
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I think that bacteria/viruses in my throat need sugar and peace and quiet to multiply. I stop supplying sugar by ceasing to eat sugary food/drink. This means no cough sweets! I physically remove the bacteria/viruses from my throat by frequently eating non-sugary food. They are then being taken down to my stomach where they cause no trouble! I focus on drinking water, not abrasive teas or coffees. I find eating apples very helpful too, especially when I get woken up in the night with a tickly cough! Take an apple to bed and just reach out for it each time you wake. Now I just get a sore throat/cold and then it heals under a week, no more hacking coughs for weeks afterwards. Best wishes.


Posted by Shelley (UK) on 03/07/2006
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After suffering from tonsillitis 4 to 5 times a year I decided to start taking echinacea. I heard that it is what a lot of celebrity singers use whilst on tour to boost their immune system and stop them from getting a sore throat! I love the stuff it has lots of benefits for the immune system and this along with cold showers has kept me fit and healthy and feeling in top form!


Posted by Robert (Ramona, CA) on 06/29/2006
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I used to get sinus infections every year in the same month in the spring time. I started taking ephedra supplements and I did not have any more sinus infections. I stopped taking ephedra after the ban and I just came down with another sinus infection.

Replied by Tammy
San Antonio, Texas

I took Ephedra in the whole herb form for about three years to prevent my sinus infections. During that time I never once came down with a sinus infection. After the ban on ephedra I've been battling sinus problems ever since.

Replied by Teresa
Kenedy, Texas

Tammy: Primatene tablets, that contain ephedra, can be purchased through the pharmacy, you will need to sign for these, as they keep a record of how much and how often you are buying it.

Epsom Salts

Posted by Lena (Seattle, Washington) on 06/24/2007
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Epsom salt foot baths really work for sore throats. Soak your feet in a tub of water with about a cup of epsom salts, hot as you can stand for about 20 mins. Then dry your feet and put on two pairs of socks, woollen socks if you have them over a pair of thin cotton socks and go to bed. Each time I've done this my sore throat is gone by morning. Persistent sore throats can return though, so it's good to do the cayenne pepper gargle/ACV cayenne tea during the day if it comes back, and the espsom salt footbath at night before bed.

Posted by Michelle (Phoenix, AZ) on 01/28/2007
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Worked Temporarily

i soaked in a bath with epsom salt and when i got out i felt way better! my throat did not hurt at all. But it only takes the pain away for a couple hours. But its better than nothing.