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Posted by Meg (Lome, Togo) on 10/03/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Hi. I was reading all the responses to your Cayenne cure for sore throats and I wanted to share a cure I learned also works well: you can chew a spoonful of honeycomb. Not just plain honey, but honey still packaged the way bees make it, with the beeswax. I read of this cure in an old book of folk remedies from Vermont (when I lived in Wisconsin). I didn't believe it but a while after reading it I began to catch a cold, with my throat all scratchy and aching so it hurt to swallow. I tried this remedy, and what do you know -- after a minute or so of chewing my throat was clear and pain-free. That nice effect lasted about half an hour, then the symptoms began to return -- so I tried a second time and that cleared it up for good. I was amazed how well it worked. I'm also happy to know a second remedy to try too, since it is not so easy to get honeycomb over here in Togo. Honey is also a great for healing burns and infections -- if you search online you'll find plenty of information.

Posted by Karla (Cleveland, OH) on 08/30/2007
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I know I can remember reading about taking honey for a sore throat but can't remember where I read it. When I'm in a situation where I can't gargle, I take a teaspoon of honey for instant relief for a sore throat. The effects generally last for several hours.


Posted by Lynn (Albany, Georgia) on 09/30/2008
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Cayeene Pepper will cure your sore throat. Living in the south we are more prone to allergy related problems and believe in grandmas remedies. My cure for sinus and sore throat problems is a spoonful of horseradish, coated with Lousianna Hot Sauce (made from cayenne pepper) and take it till you feel better. I usually eat about 3 heaping spoonfuls every hour till it is gone. Usually gone by the next day.

Hot Liquids

Posted by Trevor (Mt. Pleasant, SC) on 06/15/2007
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Any hot liquids, such as tea, chichen broth, or hot water, helped to sooth mysore throat and clear my stuffed nose.

Replied by Larina
Harrisburg, PA
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I do agree with the hot liquids, especially antioxidant rich teas, soups(chicken seems he best), water is very important in healing a sore throat the cleaner the better boiled water is the best. I also read in different articles that drinking different tempetures of water is a great way to speed up your metabolism. I also think that Vitamin C in any form is good for your immune system.

Hot Sauce

Posted by Isaac (Champaign, Il) on 10/25/2011
5 out of 5 stars

after 2 days of sore throat, I tried a Jack Daniels, honey and Lemon juice gargle, but it didn't really work well for me (probably because I couldn't stand it long enough to gargle) then tried mouthwash about an hour later and that didn't help at all. After coming to this site I tried hotsauce and lemon juice I meant to gargle but swallowed accidently. For about 30 seconds I was in the most god awful pain ever, then I hacked up a chunk of phlegm the size of a quarter that looked like it had a tiny bit of blood it it. I was worried, but I coughed up a smaller bit that didn't have any, and hadn't seen blood since, so I think it was just from violent coughing.

Long story short, this is one of those things that hurts like hell when you first take it, but after that initial "Oh god someone kill me" reaction you start to feel much better very fast.

Posted by Ashley (Jacksonville, Fl) on 07/31/2009
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Have had the worse throat infection, woke up crying it hurt so bad. I just finished off a bowl of noodle soup. I took about two cups of the soup and added knockoff tabasco sauce, about 7-8 drops and my throat feels a lot better! Going to try gargling with it next!

Replied by Patrick
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

well I have a really sore throat that I had for three weeks now. And gone throught 4 packs of [cough drops] in one day, and still dont help me. Its so hard for me to talk, I cant sing, yell, and I can bariley breath half the time.

Posted by Mark (Cambridge, Ontario) on 03/17/2009
5 out of 5 stars

i tried this one with Franks with cayanne in w orked great five drops in a cup of luke warm water. and presto no sore throat.

Posted by Mike (Detroit, Michigan) on 02/20/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I gargled with 3-8 ounce cups warm water with hot sauce diluted and ate some hot chicken noodle soup sprinkled with hotsauce in and my sore throat disappeared. I want to thank you and your community for great remedy.

Posted by Ryan Beacher (Coatesville, PA) on 10/08/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Okay, so basically, i know this is going to sound crazy, but I'm telling you. This works 100%. So, I've had strep throat for about 4 days now, and it is NOT getting better. I was looking online for anything that would help, and i came across the cayanne pepper trick. I ran upstairs to see if i had any, and to my dismay, i did not. what i did have though, was franks red hot sauce, containing, vinegar, water, and of coarse cayanne peppers. I just carry a bottle around, and drink one swig an hour. and honestly, i have no pain whatsoever, my throat feels fine. its not so much a cure, as much as its instant pain relief. its amazing. it legitimatly works better then any medicine ive ever seen. try it out if you dont believe me.

Posted by Katheryn (Columbia, South Carolina) on 02/24/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I was rather skeptical about using any of these remedies... I sucked it up and took a glass of hot water with some generic hot sauce and a little honey. After just the first sip my sore throat that has been around for over 2 weeks was much lighter. I will continue to use til it is gone completely. Thank you so much!

Posted by Tamairo (Milwaukee, United States) on 02/12/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I read through a wealth of information here. I was very skeptical about using tobasco sauce! It is just way too hot. However, I didn't have any in my kitchen anyway. If I did, I probably would have used it as bad as my throat was hurting. I ended up using a derivative of the tobasco sauce. I got the Louisiana Hot Sauce from my cupboard. I read the ingredients and Cayenne Pepper was in there. So I figured, what the hell! Most people on here have said that it works, I am in so much pain! I thought, well, my throat feels so bad, it can't do anything but get better from this. I took a small 4 ounce plastic cup. I put about six shakes of hot sauce, and the rest hot water. I gargled with this solution for about 5-6 gargles in a row. The first few times, my throat felt like it was on fire. I thought that the fire department would need to be called. I was looking for a fire extinguisher! Anyway, to my surprise, this remedy actually gave me alot of relief! I couldn't believe it! I am going to see how I feel in the morning. I was just about to go to the ER. I just decided to search the net first and found this site. Awesome guys! Thanks for your helpful suggestions! I feel alot better.

Posted by Christopher (Springfield, MO) on 02/12/2008
5 out of 5 stars

One more thing: if you're using milk to unbond the capsicum from your mouth and stop the burning, I'd advise just rinsing with it and not swallowing. You should avoid eating dairy products as much as possible while fighting a cold because they cause your body to secrete more mucous and phlegm--which means that you'll actually be making your congestion worse.

Posted by Chris (Springfield, MO) on 02/11/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I've found another good vehicle for the cayenne sore throat cure is bouillon broth. It ads to the beneficial effects of the hotness the other beneficial effects of salt exposure. I don't have any cayenne or Tabasco on hand (and the weather is not such that I can easily get out and get them right now), but I have Sriracha, which is a hot pepper/garlic sauce I got from a local Oriental food market. I mixed a teaspoon or so of it with the beef bouillon (didn't really measure, just squirted a glob in that looked about that size), and it worked well.

Posted by Brandon (Pasadena, Maryland) on 02/06/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, today I got a bad sore throat and found this site. I'm only 15 so I don't have a lot of this crazy stuff people have laying around but I read about people using different kinds of hots, so I thought about things I have like that. A1 Steak Sauce (best stuff ever) came to my head. The way this work is, you get a table spoon and fill it with A1, then one by one drink 5-10 spoon fulls of it in a row very fast(between 5-8 sec between each spoon full), in about 3-7 min my throat stopped hurting. The measurements for this will probably varies for more or less server cases, and I don't suggest chugging the bottle. Only thing bad that happened is a bit of face sweating from the A1. ((And you'll have less sauce for your steak!!)) One more thing that could be important is, my A1 was cold, I know it adds something to it that I don't get from warm A1. So if your a steak guy, or a woman married to a steak guy, or a steak woman this is a great tasting cure for a sore throat.

Posted by Bob (Monroe, LA) on 12/31/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I didn't have any Tabasco but I had some habanero sauce. I swallowed a spoon full and my sore throat ceased immediately. I'm sweating a little from the heat of the sauce but it is a welcome relief from my sore throat.