Sore Throat
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10 Best Natural Remedies for Soothing a Sore Throat

Haritaki Powder
Posted by Shreeram Balijepalli (Schenectady, NY, USA) on 01/22/2008

Dear All, I had sore throat and so did my baby girl. Both of us tried many remedies and since my girl is just 6 months old we did not know what to do. I tried after reading from the site cayenne- gargling, saltwater gargling, Tabasco sauce, etc. Finally, one thing worked for both of us!! I used Haritaki powder(available in almost all Indian stores). It is a very cheap powder($2.39 or so). It is very bitter powder. Biological name is called Terminalia chebulam (Black Myrobalan in English). Black Myrobalan powder is also available in some health stores but Indian stores offers best price.

I mixed it with honey and rubbed it on to my tounge(end portion near my throat). After some time, phelgm came out. In the case of my baby, I did the same but with small quantity.She barfed within 2 mintues and the full phelgm which she had for 2 months came out as if "manna from heaven". So, you may try it out if nothing works