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Hot Sauce

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Posted by Brandon (Pasadena, Maryland) on 02/06/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, today I got a bad sore throat and found this site. I'm only 15 so I don't have a lot of this crazy stuff people have laying around but I read about people using different kinds of hots, so I thought about things I have like that. A1 Steak Sauce (best stuff ever) came to my head. The way this work is, you get a table spoon and fill it with A1, then one by one drink 5-10 spoon fulls of it in a row very fast(between 5-8 sec between each spoon full), in about 3-7 min my throat stopped hurting. The measurements for this will probably varies for more or less server cases, and I don't suggest chugging the bottle. Only thing bad that happened is a bit of face sweating from the A1. ((And you'll have less sauce for your steak!!)) One more thing that could be important is, my A1 was cold, I know it adds something to it that I don't get from warm A1. So if your a steak guy, or a woman married to a steak guy, or a steak woman this is a great tasting cure for a sore throat.

Hot Sauce
Posted by Bob (Monroe, LA) on 12/31/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I didn't have any Tabasco but I had some habanero sauce. I swallowed a spoon full and my sore throat ceased immediately. I'm sweating a little from the heat of the sauce but it is a welcome relief from my sore throat.

Hot Sauce
Posted by AL (Kuching, Malaysia) on 08/30/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I had read alot of positive feedback about using cayenne pepper powder to cure sore throat but unfortunately, in this part of the world, cayenne pepper isn't easy to find. So I thought I'd try a substitute instead-pure chilli powder which we keep an abundant supply because we cook curries so much.Then I decided to combine the other effective ingredient which have been also highly recommended by readers here-ACV! I had a terrible sore throat which was hurting very badly so I mixed a teaspoon of chilli powder with a 1/4 cup of ACV, then diluted the mixture with 1/2 cup of warm water and gargled 1/2 of it. The back of the throat burned a little but I didn't make much out of it. Then I rinsed my mouth and drank some water before going to bed.It didn't seem any better immediately after but the next morning , when I woke up, the pain in the throat was gone although I still felt as if a cough was still going to come up.I gargled the mixture again throughout the day, about 2 hourly and by evening, the sore throat was totally gone. I tried it with my children, aged 4 -13 and it worked for all of them too. Although my 4- year old felt it was too hot for her, she quickly took a chip of ice to cool her throat down. I must also add, it will not work if it's only done once a day-it will only be effective if it's gargled at least 3-4 hourly and for a very bad sore throat, every 2 hours.

Hot Sauce
Posted by Barb (phila, pa) on 07/11/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I fill a spray bottle with cayenne and water/honey/lemon, and I don't have the problem of burning lips, mouth etc. I squirt it down my throat (i'm using an old Cloraseptic bottle), and I avoid that unpleasant feeling in and around my mouth.

Hot Sauce
Posted by Sam (Ewa Beach, Hawaii) on 03/21/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Been using hot peppers for ever, but I just take a very small bite of Tai, Jalpeno, Habanero or whatever hot pepper I have on hand. Your saliva starts to flow like crazy but then just swallow very slowly, letting your choice of pepper ease down the throat. Don't choke and I can eat unusually hot food I am told. But it works like a charm within hours it you can handle the heat.

Replied by Lori


I use hot sauce sometimes for the sinuses, and sometimes if I can't get warmer because I'm cold natured! Seems to help! But even though I like hot sauce I don't eat hot sauce alot. Helps with the sinuses, feels like u have a fireball in your tummy throat and on your lips, but u know if it works it works! Have a great day

Hot Tea

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Posted by Oddizee (Brooklyn, Ny) on 12/26/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I just drank a cup of plain black tea. Have a few times before. My Throat was so painful I didn't dare speak. I drank a cup earlier this morning and again when I woke(rested)at 12 pm. First cup removed most of pain, second, more plus I have my spark back. Simple to soothe if you have it. Worth a try. I also recommend going outside if not too cold. Sunshine and fresh air can do wonders. When I lived in Az. it was one of my healing tiers.

Hot Tea
Posted by Sara (Des Moines, Iowa) on 11/01/2011
5 out of 5 stars

What I do, is I take a cup of boiling hot water let it cool a little, but while it is cooling I take a little slice of lemon and squeeze some juice out of it. Then stir in raw honey, after my tea is to my "darkness" of choosing I sit outside on cool fall nights and drink my tea slowly. And you **might** be thinking "But doesn't the cold make your cold worse?" Actually it helps me because I absolutely see no help in being stuck in the air that has been polluted by my sickness.

Hot Tea
Posted by Mountaingirl (Asheville, Nc, United States) on 09/08/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Hot Tea for sore throat

1/2 large lemon
dash powdered cayenne
dash powdered ginger
1 tsp. manuka honey

2 cups before bed took away my sore throat completely. I've tried this in the past but never with so much lemon. I enjoy sour and this was almost too much for me but did the trick amazingly well. I knew it was working from the pleasant burn during and after drinking it.

Replied by Caiti
(Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico)

I have swollen lymph nodes, a sore throat with white sores which makes it uncomfortable to swallow. A few nanas here in Mexico have suggested to me, in the morning to drink camomile tea and separately eat a tablespoon of honey with lime juice added to it (pretty tastey! ). Also, during the day to drink tea from the flower of Boganvilia, gargle with salt water sporadically, and avoid breathing through my mouth. And obviously, rest and stay warm! All day yesterday I was completely wiped out, but after following this, I feel wayy better energy wise, and my throat has improved although is still swollen and a bit uncomfortable. Hopefully with one more day of patience, I'll be cured!

Replied by Harold
(Brandon, Florida)

Hot tea with Ginger does help some with sore throat pain, but avoid sugar as it will only aggravate the congestion. A warm salty water gargle is also helpful and recomended by MD's, DO's, homeopathic and my late mother.

Replied by emach07
(Muskegon, MI)

I have tried many things and although hot tea can be soothing on the throat you don't want too much caffeine or you may just over due yourself and you need rest but one thing you definitely want to stay away from as much as possible is sugar(with the possible exception of Honey) as it literally tears down ones immune system. So far Hydrogen Peroxide is the only thing that really worked for me although warm salt water worked for a few minutes but didn't last. I have heard a lot of positive things about Cayenne Pepper but haven't tried it yet.

Replied by Nana
(Chicago, Il)
5 out of 5 stars

My mother always gives me hot tea with a touch of lemon and a hint of honey for my sore throught. To be honest, nothing works better!

Replied by Savannah
(Lancaster, California)

Thank you for your hep. I am a singer battling a sore throat and this really helped!

Hot Tea
Posted by Michelle (Colorado Springs, CO) on 12/03/2006
1 out of 5 stars

I have had a very bad sore throat going on 10 days now!! I'm 11 weeks pregnant so I unfortunately can't take a lot of medicines. So almost every website I went to said to drink hot tea with lemon and honey. I have been drinking this for 3 days, even trying to change the amount of lemon and honey I put in it and the level of hot I can stand. My throat is still just as sore and wasn't even relieved for a couple minutes. I'm sure it works great for some people but I have not had good luck with it.

Replied by Ch In Iah
(Houston, Tx)

To Michelle from Co. Springs: if your sore throat has lasted for 10 days, it is probably more than just a sore throat. You might need a traditional remedy which your doctor can assign or prescribe even while you are pregnant.

Replied by Saida
(Nyc, Ny)

are you sure? my mom usually put vicks but I can tell that hot tee is good 4 u because the hot steem will heal him.

Hot Tea
Posted by Jenny (Santa Barbara) on 02/06/2006
1 out of 5 stars

i did the hot tea with honey and lemon and to tell you the truth it didn't do anything for me. all it did was plug up my nose i guess i'll have to try something else.

Hot Tea
Posted by Melissa (Selma, Alabama)
5 out of 5 stars

Drink hot tea with lemon and honey to relieve sore throat and laryngitis.

Hot Tea
Posted by Julie (Edina MN)
5 out of 5 stars

make a cup of your favorite tea, add a slice of lemon, lemon juice, 2-3 tablespoons of honey and add aloe vera juice, you can mix some ginger or cinnamon in too if you want: It works great! my throat cleared up overnight.

Hot Tea
Posted by Marina (Harrison City, PA)
5 out of 5 stars

Drinking tea always works for me. I usually drink mine with french vanilla creamer and sugar. It tastes good and it helps my throat very well.

Hot Tea
Posted by Stacey (Birmingham)
5 out of 5 stars

i say drinking a hot cup of tea cures a sore throat. and to open an blocked nose, the cheap way is to inhale steam when you boil some water in a kettle.

Hot Tea
Posted by Donovan (Nassau, Bahamas)
5 out of 5 stars

An effective remedy is a hot cup of tea with three drops of lozenges (Vicks or Equate). Personally, I prefer Vicks. Ingredients:
1. Hot Cup of Tea (Before adding sugar, place one drop of the desired cough/sore throat suppressant).
2. Wait 30 seconds.
3. Add 3 teaspoons of sugar.
4. Stir tea for 10 seconds. (This allows the menthol to mix with the tea and drop to dissolve).
5. Then add 2 more drops of the cough/sore throat drop.
6. Wait 10 seconds and it's done and ready to consume.

If done accurately, you should be able to smell the menthol vapors from about a foot away. I should also warn you that the 1/4 of tea left in the cup will be the very strong and may taste equivalent to that of a cough syrup (not as harsh) but it works. With 2 or 3 cups of this, you should be ready to go. Enjoy.