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Posted by Extra Guy! (Honolulu, Hawaii, honolulu ) on 03/08/2012
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For a nice way to relieve pain of a sore throught, just have a nice bowl of warm lentil soup! Have some potatoes, lentils(duh), a tiny bit of onions, and voila! You have a tasty soup that helps you! I know this doesn't involve cayenne but it's very helpful too( I've tried cayenne it works! )

Posted by Joe (Congleton, england) on 07/13/2007
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I got back from college with a sore throat and found your site and so i used some of the recipes like the Miso soup and garlic one (eugh) and just blitzing it with these cures proved amazing results! Thanks!!

Posted by Kayla (Spokane, Washington) on 04/01/2007
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What works the best for most of my family is just good old Miso soup. the soybean white is the best! My sore throat was going away as i was eating it! try it! You can normally get it in a package at the grocery store and any asian market..

Spearmint Oil

Posted by John (Omaha, Nebraska) on 04/08/2007
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this is all 100% natural and can cure the sore throat asap. first get some water, next mix water with 2 teaspoons of spearmint oil, and then gargle.

Stop Talking

Posted by Ann-Taylor (Private, Caliornia) on 01/12/2009
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I've had a sore throat for at least 2 or 3 days. At that time every time I stood up I would get very dizzy and everything would turn black for 2 or 3 seconds. It it hurt when I swallowed, the pain came from the right side of my throat. I've looked up the information I was going to maybe buy some Cayenne Pepper but later on, I stopped talking for at least 6 hours STRAIGHT. It helped a lot, although this information may not help for some other people with worse sore throat. Although, I did eat and drink. All I didn't do was not to talk just kept my mind busy on something else.

Tea Tree Oil

Posted by Dana (Fort Worth, Texas) on 12/05/2007
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I have had a sore throat twice in the last two weeks, probably due to allergies, and both times I have COMPLETELY kicked it by gargling with tea tree oil mouthwash (I found it at a health food store). I would use it maybe 3 or 4 times during the day whenever it started hurting again, but w/each use it hurt less and then was all gone! Gasp! It had felt swollen as well and that also went away... it just seemed to kill whatever was causing it. I didn't even gargle that long, since it has a sort of medicinal, monkey urine flavor --but don't be scared. Hope this helps somebody!

Posted by Jammie (Wilmington, OH) on 03/03/2006
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I was reading some of the things people posted and when i saw the tea tree oil I saw my bottle sitting on my computer table as if saying here I am - I thought doesn't hurt to try so far it has helped some I can swallow my own saliva without having the think about it and cringe when I finally do- thanks for the advice!

Posted by Luke (Glasgow) on 02/06/2006
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i used tea tree oil and it made my tonsils swell up even worse than they were. didn't work at all.

Posted by Shae (Alexandria, VA) on 01/28/2006
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Tea Tea is a miracle cure for sore throats. Take tea tree oil and put a few drops on a cotton ball. Wipe the cotton ball on the outside of your throat, where you are feeling pain. Repeat this process whenever you feel like you need it!

Posted by Anonymous (USA)
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thanks for this stuff guys...i'm currently at home away from school which i think i'm suffering from the flu...but i find if u mix half a tea spoon of tea tree oil with a tablespoon of water and gargle it, it really soothes and gets rid of a sore throat... this is because it is a natural anti-bacterial disinfectant...but make sure u don't swallow, as it is very toxic..

Ted's Remedy Feedback

Posted by Missy (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 03/03/2008
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Hello, FIRSTLY, I THANK EACH & EVERY ONE OF YOU, ESPECIALLY TED for taking the time from your busy schedules or physical discomfort for sharing and helping all of us in need. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

My throat was not only like razors when swallowing, horrible coughing from chest with phlegm & fever, but my gums were very swollen especially on the right side of mouth behind the molars. They were seriously infected, sort of cut up, open lesions and extremely sensitive when I tried to eat. My Tinnitus was so loud my balance was affected. My head was pounding, sinuses all stuffed up and face puffy. I'm scheduled for nasal surgery on the 20th of this mth and needed to clear this up asap or no surgery. I need to avoid antibiotics now as I may need them later and less is more. Oh, and my lips were very cracked and dry. (I just threw out my toothpaste as per info re: fluoride poisoning on this site, using baking soda & H2o2 combo)

I read [your] article about the ice cream and lo and behold....that is exactly what I had at my favourite Chinese Buffet two days prior and even had more of it since then. This seems to happen every time I eat the darn stuff, but NOT as bad as this time. My body must have been very acidic due to over consumption of meat & starch from the buffet along with the poisonous chemical in the ice cream.

Ted's soooo smart and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for his compassion and knowledge. So I began to alkaline my body with the baking soda WITH NO ALUMINUM and 1/2 of a lemon in a glass of R/O water (reverse osmosis). The AVC just didn't do it for me.
I stepped up the Super Cal Mag Plus (Shaklee), Vitamin B Complex (which included zinc and Vitamin B2) as per Ted & took Emergen-C (best vitamin C around) & 3% H2o2 spray, food grade & CELL FOOD drops in drinking water & vitamins.

I had not read as far as the cayenne cure as yet, so I made a Organic green tea with ORGANIC ginger (huge difference and very potent) and raw honey. Chewing on the ginger really burned, killed me to chew as gums were so sensitive. (even chewing on ORGANIC garlic did me in). I love spicy foods, but this was so unbearable....I quickly took a large spoon of Virgin Coconut Oil & swished it around my mouth. IMMEDIATE RELIEF! Better and quicker than bread or milk. I pushed a chunk of it onto the cut gums and just let it gradually melt, WOW, IMMEDIATE RELIEF. The cuts started to close up. Lips are a lot better too. I kept all this up over the past 4 days. BUT, I wondered why I was having such coughing jags, then I remembered that I turned down the humidifier in the basement furnace during our last cold snap as the windows were full of moisture. I just turned it back on at 3 am last night. Woke up with no coughing & no pain but also no voice. If you live in an apartment, remember, it may be to dry in there, get a humidifier, air moisture very important.

I quickly came back to this site and read more. I started chewing on the cloves (not garlic) and finally I can speak, not great yet, but I can speak.

Ted's remedy with Green Tea & Baking Soda combo was what got everything in my throat to finally settle down as of yesterday. I used Organic, no pesticide tea. This combo is the best, I even squeezed in 1/2 lemon juice. (Always remember to wash the outside of the lemon with some of your dish soap to remove pesticides and other germs before cutting into it.) Oh, and to aid the alkaline, I made a pot of Organic Black Turtle Bean Soup as per the Gout remedy (I do not have gout) but thought this would feed me and keep everything alkaline.

I forgot to mention, I also started taking New Chapters Holy Basil to reduce cortisol due to STRESS. Do not swallow. Just crack open the gel tab with teeth and let the God awful contents stay under the tongue for a few minutes and then swallow. You can spit out the gel tab after you get all the contents out. Really helps with the soar throat & stress. Take as often as needed. It really helps to calm everything down.

Posted by Daniella (NY) on 12/10/2006
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I have another feedback for the sore throat. I am on antibiotics at the moment (I had to take them, my family insisted) but I developed a couple of days ago a sore throat. I was worried it was antibiotic resistant strep, since I have been having strep other times this year. I followed Ted advise: I gargled with potassium bicarbonate (my brother got it in Italy) and the sore throat disappeared magically in half a day! That's impressive! Thanks to Ted! He is the best!


Posted by Jacob (Costa Mesa, Ca) on 10/26/2008
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I have very sensitive sinuses. I cannot, in my entire life, recall a year where I did not get to enjoy the wonders of a sinus infection. For me this means, among other things, lots and lots of very sore throats. A few years ago I was informed of an unorthodox sounding homeopathic remedy which I tried and have had tremendous success with.
What strikes me as odd is that this remedy is not at all featured on your sore throat article as a popular solution.
At the time I was working in a bar as a bouncer and between the yelling that is necessary to control a crowd and the sore throat I had even breathing had become a labored process. I asked the bartender what she did in these situations. She told me that she drank a shot of tequila and had learned to do so from one of our cooks, Luciano (Lucy for short.) I thought she was messing with me and didnt appreciate it. So I approached Lucy when she wasnt around and asked him. He told me about the tequila. He is a notorious joker, so I still didn't believe. I asked our other cook Pedro, and he also told me he would take a shot of tequila. It was just too much, so I figured I'd do it just to prove them wrong. I know that you prefer to keep your website label free, but they were pretty insistant that I use Patron, and I will explain why in a moment. Patron is very pungent, but the silver label is incredibly smooth as tequila goes, and that is pretty much the only reason to use it above other tequilas. I have used Cuervo as a cheap alternative and had similar success, the Patron is just more pleasant going down. As a rule drinking is a bad idea with a sore throat because it will dehydrate you and aggravate the condition and further your discomfort. If you can keep it to just ONE shot though the results are amazing.
That night, and every time I have had a sore throat worth treating since then, the shot of tequila worked miracles. Relief within about a minute, and by the next morning my throat felt good enough to let me yell again. I took another shot the following night and it was all cleared up by the next day. I get predictably similar results every time I repeat this remedy. I must stress that keeping yourself to just 1 or 2 shots is PARAMOUNT. A sore throat is not a good reason to go out and have a night of binge drinking. You will regret it.

I also understand that this remedy might not be practical depending on your religeon. You will, however, find that most religeons are quite tolerant of using mind affecting drugs when it is done so in a medical capacity. I myself subscribe to a religeon that prohibits me from drinking, smoking, or imbibing anything that might limit my ability to function in any way. But even I am allowed to take vicodin when disabled by headaches or tequila when rendered mute by a sore throat.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Tequila is long known to help sore throat in some cases, but it won't stop recurrence of sore throat. The reason for sore throat is virus or bacteria. So even a beer with plenty of tabasco sauce or halbenero pepper sauce may actually kill the sore throat too. Even a lemon juice with tabasco sauce or hot sauce also worked just as well without the alcohol. In certain cases very sore throat infection runs deep into the throat, the alcohol reaches the pathogens quicker killing them. But it can't be used frequently and I used only in extreme circumstances when alcohol is actually added. The reason is that alcohol also destroys the immune system in the process and takes days to recover because it cause the body to be metabolically acidosis. The other issue is alcohol has a tendency to be addictive to some people and then they start rationalizing for their continued use. I have found people who use alcohol added sore throat remedy will have a high recurrence rate compared to a lemon, baking soda or hydrogen peroxide, for the simple reason that alcohol also harms healthy cells and hence it lower's the body's immune system.

Tomato Paste

Posted by Ninorine (Tampa, Florida) on 09/21/2007
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An old family remedy that has been in my family for years is to boil four tomatoes with a teaspoon of salt until cooked then mash them up to form a paste. Then apply this paste to your neck area and quickly rap your neck around with warm moist towels, then lay down for thirty minutes. If you have a vaporizer place it near your head. This should clear your sore throat in about two day. The remaining juice from the tomatoe paste can be used as a soothing throat drink mixture, be sure to add a hint of salt. It works like a charm. Most say it works best on children.

Tomato Tea

Posted by Hedandsam (Perrysburg, Ohio) on 01/30/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Love the Tomato Tea for colds and sore throat! It totally cured my terrible sore throat, and my husband said it really helped him too. Just getting over a cold and this has helped me feel much better very quickly, and could actually sleep thru the night for a change. Thank you so much!