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10 Best Natural Remedies for Soothing a Sore Throat

Posted by Jae (Walnut Creek, California) on 03/11/2022

If you suffer from chronic sore throats (like I did for 10 years), try gargling chlorophyll powder every day.

Chlorophyllin is a natural form of copper that kills bacteria/viruses on contact. It's the only thing that has worked for me and healed my never ending chronic sore throats. I use the World Organics Mega Chlorophyll (100mg) brand.

Open the capsule, pour some of the powder into your mouth, add some water in your mouth, then swallow a little, gargle for a few minutes, then spit out. I did this every day, morning and night. Warning: this will stain things green very easily so exercise caution!

Anytime I feel a sore throat coming on and like I'm getting sick, I'll gargle this multiple times a day and kill it on the spot. As someone who got sick with sore throats every few weeks, I wish I would've tried this years ago (and saved tons of time & money on useless doctor/ENT/gastro visits, endoscopies, prescriptions, etc).