Sore Throat
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10 Best Natural Remedies for Soothing a Sore Throat

Corn Liquor and Lemon Juice
Posted by Margaret (Andrews, north carolina) on 10/01/2007

OK, I've not gotten around to trying any of the remedies posted on this site, nor have I looked at ALL of them. But I do have a temporary cure for soothing a sore throat that I would like to share. I have a sore throat right now, now I was trying something that I have to get rid of it. What I did was this:

2 table spoons of corn liquor
1 table spoon pure lemon juice (mine was freshly squeezed).

Mix the corn liquor and lemon juice for about thirty seconds so it is well blended. Down half of it, wait fifteen seconds and down the other half. the taste, unless you like the liquor or lemon juice is horrible, but it numbs te pain almost immediately and depending on how quiet you are able to stay depends on how long it works. For me, I had to start getting after my kids and it got kinda loud so it only worked 15 to 20 minutes. I'd try some more but my tolerance for alcohol is really low and corn liquor is the strongest I've ever drank. I hope my remedy works for others though, I don't recommend any one using it for kids.