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Apple Cider Vinegar, Vitamin D3, Aloe
Posted by Ovrnite (Knoxville, Tn) on 04/21/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Had psoriasis develop, on thigh and calf, 2 years after surgery on leg. Ongoing for about 4 months, bless everybody that has been dealing with this for years. The areas are both about 6"x4".

For other health concerns I've been taking;
ACV- 2 tablespoons;
sodium bicarbonate 1-1/2 teaspoon in divided doses
potassium bicarbonate- 1 teaspoon in divided doses
Vitamin D3 - 7000ui
Along with other vitamins, herbs, etc.

1. When psoriasis showed up I started 'painting' on Lugols solution 2% which had some luck in slowing it down, not resolving it.
2. Then organic peppermint moisterizer over the Lugols. No improvement
3. 2 days ago I found 'EarthClinic' website. Got me thinking!
4.Sunshine good- substitute vitamin d3.
5. ACV good- use it to wash area.
6. Aloe Vera good- apply over ACV(Apple Cider Vinegar)
7. Menthol good- apply over Aloe Vera.

My routine is shower or wash area with Tea Tree Castile Soap
1. Scrub areas down with ACV, (yes, it stings a little) let dry
2. Open vitamin D3 capsule(5000iu) massage half into each area.
(I plan to do the D3 every other day)
3. Massage, 1/4" drop, Aloe Vera over each area, until tacky.
4. Spread Organic Peppermint Moisturizer over each area.
5. Cover each area with plastic wrap, tape edge if needed.

The plastic could be a problem for some. I repeat this process two times a day

Bottom line is that this might not work for everybody, but in two days I've gone from dark red, itchy, rough scaly thick MESS, to soft pink areas with no itching.
Will update this in a week.

Bleach Baths
Posted by Debbie (Indianapolis) on 04/19/2017

Stop being an ignorant buffoon about bleach! My god, do you show up at swimming pools screaming for people to get the hell out of the water? I hope not. Bleach is the equivalent of swimming in a pool with chlorine. Scientists noticed people who swim regularly in chlorinated pools have virtually no skin issues because the chlorine kills off bacteria.

Obviously, don't drink the bleach. Don't put gallons in your tub and then soak in it. 1/2 cup or 1 cup in the tub, soaking for 15 mins will work. Google is your friend, so research it before you turn into your dumb grandma saying someone will die from that. Also, dermatologists regularly are telling people to take bleach baths because we are now all tolerant to antibiotics and bleach is the tried & true savior to kill off MRSA when nothing else will. A dermatologist told me to do bleach baths. Side benefit based on studies prove bleach baths reverses aging on skin.

So, go take a few bleach baths every week! Put in a few drops of lavender essential oil in the tub too and the bleach smell will be hardly noticed. It's cheap, smells like a swimming pool, and your skin issues will die off from the bleach.

Vitamin B2
Posted by Art (California ) on 04/09/2017 1390 posts

In reply to Col (Qld Australia),

I am glad that you were able to find something that worked very well for your psoriasis! That is sometimes not an easy thing to do. Do you mind saying what dose you used and what grade your psoriasis is or was, such as moderate, mild or severe?

Based on some old studies from the 1950's and one newer study that is currently recruiting, I tried vitamin B2, which is also known as riboflavin. I started out at 400 mg per day based on the proposed dose for the newer study that is currently recruiting. I took that dose for 4 weeks and when I didn't see any improvement, I increased the dose to 800 mg per day in two divided doses of 400 mg in the morning and one in the afternoon. After another 8 weeks, I still saw no improvement. The main things that I noticed is that it turns your urine an irridescent yellow/green color which is darker than normal and it also made my urine smell.

Judging by my lack of response, I would say that vitamin B2 / riboflavin will not work for all cases of psoriasis, but given the good safety profile of riboflavin, it certainly seems worth a try. Here is a link to the study that is currently recruiting:

Here is a link to a study from 1952 that had mixed results using injections of B2:

The other studies from the 1950's are listed, but not available.


Vitamin B2
Posted by Col (Qld Australia) on 04/08/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I had psoriasis of the scalp and tried for years to get rid of it. Nothing would work, one day I was on the net looking for ways to stop my eye sight from getting worse, this site recommended that vitamin B2 would stop cataracts from forming, I have a small cataract in each eye, so I thought I would give the vitamin B 2 ago, within a week of taking it I noticed that my scalp was being cleared of psoriasis, it's been 3 months now and there is no sign of it, vitamin B2 may help you, one tablet a day is all I take, it's a pretty cheap way to find out. like I said I took it for cataracts but it did another job.

Regards, Col

Posted by Rachael (Chicago, Illinois) on 03/13/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you SO MUCH for the info on iodine and on bromine detox! I have only got tiny spots of psoriasis in the 48th year of my life. Popping open a capsule of vitamin D3, and applying it would provide relief, and heal it. But this latest spot on my eyelid has been a really bad problem that would not go away. AND it came up as soon as I started iodine supplementation, for the first time since moving the farthest north I have lived in my life (Chicago suburbs).

So I read the PDF Guide to Supplementing With Iodine which you provided. And then I went and took 1/2 tsp of sea salt in some water, and then drank as much fresh water as that made me need. Also, I had quit taking iodine for a couple of days, as I noticed it made the psoriasis flare up way worse. Finally, my eyelid is mostly healed up! In ONE DAY! The PDF says that the chloride part of sodium chloride (salt) binds to the bromide that the iodine supplementation set free, and then the bromide (which was causing the psoriasis, as my body was trying to detox it) gets peed out.

I had no idea that bromide is probably causing me so many health problems. The PDF says iodine is needed in all the organs in our bodies, especially the ones with mucous linings. I think this also solved my HORRIBLE acid reflux problem. The acid reflux is suddenly gone, after one tsp of salt, too. Here's my logic on why: Acid reflux is caused by a bad bacterial overgrowth in the stomach, which weakens the sphincter and lets the acid out into the esophagus. Iodine kills bad bacteria, but leaves the beneficial bacteria. But iodine couldn't help my stomach until I took the salt that removed the bromide, or bromine, or whatever form that stuff was in.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Art (California ) on 03/01/2017 1390 posts

In reply to Kalpanamayee (I),

Thank you for the thought!

I have tried coconut oil, evening primrose oil, castor oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, canola oil, shea butter, almond oil, black cumin seed oil, vegetable oil, emu oil, sesame seed oil, fish oil, black currant seed oil, borage oil, mineral oil and others with mixed results, but none helped to lessen my psoriasis, only soothe. Jojoba oil and Emu oil would be my favorites as far as being easy to use with minimal smell. I have tried well over a hundred supplements and alternative remedies including everything Ted has posted on EC and again with little if any benefit or benefit that was very short lived and not maintainable.

Psoriasis is different for different people and some people can get benefit from certain oils while others can not. The type and severity of the psoriasis also plays into the equation. I have had guttate, inverse, plaque and the dreaded erythrodermic psoriasis which can kill you. My psoriasis falls into the moderate to severe category and is fairly resistant to many treatments. I suspect that what we know as psoriasis can be caused by many different problems in the body and the psoriasis that we see may only be a symptom of any of those problems. This could explain why something may completely clear one person with psoriasis while doing absolutely nothing for another person with psoriasis.

I am currently experimenting with a supplement that seems to be helping and I will post about it here on EC if it it continues to improve my psoriasis and continues to work over time. For now it is just another experiment for me and it is too soon to even discuss it because I have tried many things that initially showed some benefit, but that was all as the benefit quickly went away.


Coconut Oil
Posted by Kalpanamayee (I) on 03/01/2017

My dear Art,

Instead of coconut oil you can try olive oil or castor oil to see the result.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Kalpanamayee (India) on 02/28/2017

Thank you Mark for sharing your observation .

Very few people share like this with others.

God bless.

Posted by Jay (Ontario, Canada) on 02/25/2017

Hey Karen. Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE), is great for addressing fungus issues. Some have reported noticing results starting within minutes and I cleared up a spreading fungal infection (both the spreading and the original infection site) completely within a few days. All traces are gone. You can check on line for more information on GSE but I think it is a very easy and safe thing to try.

Regards, Jay

Posted by Karen (Rochester, Mn) on 02/25/2017

Suffering from severe psoriasis since 2009, mayo has given me so many drugs to try and steroids none of which gets to the root of the problem, lost alot of work over this condition. What did they give you to kill off systemic canida(fungas) in the bloodstream? and is there a functional dermatology? making homemade salves they feel good but need to get to the root of this problem asap. I refuse drug therapy cuz it causes problems with your organs. At least once a yr end up in the hospital for 2-3 days being wrapped up like a mummy, with steroids and vanicream. This calms the condition but does not take it out of my body. Gonna find out what test they need to do for fungas. Wish me luck.

Posted by Shaik (Bangalore) on 02/04/2017

Dear sir plz tell me how to use. I am thankful to u

Coconut Oil
Posted by Krystal (Nsw ) on 12/31/2016

Hi I was just wondering how that was going for u and if it is healing? I am 19 yrs old and have been suffering with psoriasis for about 8 years and I really need answers? I've healed my psoriasis about 3-4 times and has came back every time.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Ljossart (Monticello, Mn) on 11/15/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I just wanted to add my thumbs up for the use of of coconut oil for Psoriasis. My son didn't really think it would help and was pleasantly surprised when we were able to get it under control. We used a homemade coconut oil soap for washing and coconut oil to moisturize. I love that it is a natural, non-toxic way to manage it.

Oil Pulling
Posted by Suezcq (Phoenix, Az) on 10/15/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I have had psoriasis for over 5 years now. I did a lot of reading, including this site, so I started out removing nightshades, and eating low fat. Sort of helped. I tried taking ACV everyday, but it somehow doesn't do well with my stomach. (Leaky gut problems) I also realized I have problems with Candida, and I have changed my diet to help fight that as well as take supplements. I increased my intake of Vit. D, along with eating more alkaline. I also started adding Tumeric with pepperine. All of these things helped, but never completely took it away until I started oil pulling. Huge difference!

While fighting with the psoriasis, it moved around from my shins to my arms and more recently it's just been on my right hand. I couldn't get rid of the one patch, until I started oil pulling. I knew cleansing was a part of the problem, but this has been really great! I have been using organic coconut oil. I don't like the sesame as much because of the taste, but I might switch it around for change.

How I do the oil pulling is use about 1 T first thing in the morning before I drink or eat anything, and swish it around in my mouth while I get up and get started for the day. One thing I found is important is not to swallow while swishing. I find I want to clear my throat, but I let the crud mix in with the oil. Then I spit it out in the toilet, and rinse my mouth out and spit it out as well. I OP for about 15 - 20 mins.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Art (California) on 08/28/2016 1390 posts

Coconut oil is helpful for some people, but not for others. I went through many jars of quality CO both orally and topically with no noticeable change in psoriasis. I've read anecdotal reports saying it helps and others saying it doesn't. Definitely worth a try in case you are one of the lucky ones! It's pretty inexpensive and readilly available.

As far as being a cure, well......not for me.


Coconut Oil
Posted by Mark (Philippines) on 08/28/2016
4 out of 5 stars


The root of All causes of skin diseases is Candida Overgrowth inside your gut when it enters into your bloodstream that is the beginning of everything so, we need to normalize this fungal in your gut the best way to do is by drinking 2-3 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil or mixed it with salads trust me if this doesnt work idk but, Im sure it will I tried myself Im just the 4th day but the effects is extraordinary just give it a try and see for yourself you have my word for it. Do exercise drink alot of water in between meals cut all food related with sugar anything that is sweet and food made from white flour eat more veggies. Thats all . Please Spread the good news to others.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Mark (Philippines) on 08/28/2016
5 out of 5 stars

To all sufferers of dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema I have a very good news for all of you I have found a cure but before that I have to tell you. I had Psoriasis for over 12 years now I am at the 4th day of using virgin coconut oil. I drink 2-3 tablespoon a day or better mixed the coconut oil with your salad in every meal. As I was saying I am just at the 4th day but My God I couldn't believe it my skin looks much much much healthier no itch, no flaking I can even well well sleep better than I used to. Guys trust me it will change your life for the best Im like is this for real. I've seeing dermatologist, these worsening steroids they gave doesnt help at all instead it will get worst. Just give it a try and see for yourself I'm not kidding at all this is it.

Just few things things to remember Cut all your sweets anything that is made of sugar, white flour, starchy foods . Drink a lot of water in between meals, exercise chill out stress free lifestyle. Eat a lot of veggies mixed it with coconut oil. That's All. Please spread this words to all you known who suffers from this diseases.

Vitamin A
Posted by Bonnie (British Columbia) on 08/17/2016
5 out of 5 stars

After trying many other treatments for psoriasis my doctor prescribed 'Soriataine" (a vitamin A derivative). It cleared up in about 2 months and never returned, even 20 years later.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Eira (Philippines) on 08/04/2016

How many weeks did you drink an apple cider vinegar or did you just rub in the flaky area? Asap and thanks.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda
Posted by Thekampungowl (South-east Asia) on 07/27/2016

I've been suffering from psoriasis on the top portion of my feet for 15 years. Thank God I stumbled upon this site. It started as a small itch. The ones on my knees and elbows cleared off and never came back but the ones on my feet became a bit widespread and never went away despite all kinds of topical cream, all steroids which cause the skin to become so thin. It's getting worse now - always inflamed, itchy and painful. It bleeds when scratched. The scabs can be very thin or thick.

I'm running to the supermarket in the morning to get a bottle of avc and a small tin of baking soda which is dirt cheap.

Thank you to everyone here for sharing. May God bless you all. Greetings from south-east asia.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Martha (Chicago, Il) on 07/07/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I have been dealing with inverse, scalp, plaque and guttate psoriasis and have tried many topicals, steroids, and antihistamines and have had no success. I tried apple cider vinegar for two weeks and my skin has cleared from head to toe.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 06/20/2016

Sally, I had similar relief (not from psoriasis) from itching, using Coconut Oil.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sally (Uk) on 06/19/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Psoriasis :

10.30pm my skin is itching like crazy, so I slather on some antiseptic cream, it's still itchy 20mins later, I find this site, realize I have a bottle of apple cyder vinegar in my cupboard, I wipe off the cream, blot the vinegar with cotton wool, then put my leg over the bath and pour it on the red, inflamed itchy patch, I wait & my goodness within 5mins! It's NOT ITCHING!! Now I can go to sleep, looking forward to seeing results in the morning 😊 thankyou

Juicing, Milk Thistle
Posted by Rina (Tn) on 05/23/2016
5 out of 5 stars


Green juice, milk thistle and exercise. I was covered in it, started juicing and blending, eating tons of milk thistle and mine cleared up for years. When I stop, it's back. Lidex ointment, not cream, is what I was prescribed as a child, but its a steroid. It works but not healthy long term. :}

Homeopathy, Vitamin D, Omega 3 Fish
Posted by Shadow (Uk) on 05/18/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I've had severe, widespread psoriasis my entire life ( nearly 45 years) and I have gone into remission three times, miraculously and rapidly due to the following. Each time it eventually returned many years later, but only due to extreme stress in my life.

  • First: homeopathy. Each person has a unique remedy, different for everyone. Need to see a homeopath though, not over the counter pills.
  • Second: Took 10.000iu D3. In two weeks it was gone... like a miracle.
  • Third: Took 4000mg omega 3 fish oils per day. It took a few weeks and it was gone.

I was without for years, and only severe prolonged stress made it return. I'm currently back at the homeopath, and it's working again.

I made no other changes during these; ie diet or lifestyle.

Bleach Baths
Posted by Effie (Australia, Blue Mountains) on 05/16/2016

Thank the good lord for some common sense! Study the toxic effects of bleach, you will be astounded. I don't even use it to clean with. Even the smell of it will make my eyes run for hours and give me thumping headaches and nausea. You have to be certifiable to use bleach, even diluted, on your body. Please, almost anything else. ACV is an excellent bacterial suppressant and is perfectly safe, though you may have to patiently persevere. It can be rather slow in some severe cases. If you are taking it as a drink please use a straw as it will erode the teeth. Rinse with lukewarm water after consuming. Good luck all!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Potassium Solution +
Posted by Nishanth (Hyderabad) on 04/05/2016
5 out of 5 stars

For psoriasis, I use 1 spoon apple cider vinegar with water and rub my psoriasis legions with diluted potassium permanganate solution to oxidize the skin after bath. Along with this I use wrightia tintoria oil and expose the legions to sun, which cured my psoriasis 100% in 3 months. But this is not a cure, remission occurs if we don't follow healthy life style.

Note: This only works for non smokers and occasional drinkers.

Posted by Andrea (Williston, Nd) on 02/20/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Hello to the earth clinic community, I am a 48 year young woman who has been suffering for psoriasis for about 9 years, I had try many and when I say many I'm talking about almost every treatment I could put my hands on it with no results.

About a week ago my sister gifted me a pound of organic Turmeric, after reading a lot about their benefits, it was meant for making the golden milk, which seems to be good for lots of ailments, but as busy as I am I never took the time to make the milk, so I start drinking it as tea. Two cups of boiling water for 1/2 spoon of Tumeric every day twice a day.( it last for the two servings)

Its been a week since I started and I can tell everybody here with the happiest smile in my face that my skin is 80% clear, the flares had stop and the ones I had kind of froze and are residing.

All I can say now is that it seems to be working for me, I haven't seen my skin, as white and clear for so long, and now I can't wait to see how is going to look in the next couple of weeks, ( I might be able to wear a bathing suit again...:)

Any way, I had the recipe out of YouTube, and from my heart I hope this help a lot of you who are in the same situation.

Full of love and hope!!

Alkaline Diet
Posted by Karen (Michigan) on 11/13/2015

Before doing a liver cleanse it is highly recommended that you do a thorough colon cleanse. If not then when you do the liver cleanse it backwashes into the colon and then this re-pollutes the liver and then the cycle repeats.

Saran Wrap Tip
Posted by Jan (Midwest) on 10/29/2015
4 out of 5 stars

I have had psoriasis since I was age 5, I am 53 now, went into remission when I moved to AZ & FL, now back in full force, live in the Midwest now. No cure, but to control it my advice is to apply whatever cream you use, wrap your body in saran wrap at night to keep it moist. Does wonders, my secret for controlling it. I also tan, but must get skin cancer checks if doing this! Also for scalp, sleep in clear plastic cap, also protects the sheets. Good luck!

Alkaline Diet
Posted by Brightday (North Carolina) on 10/22/2015

If one hasn't a gallbladder, what do you suggest? Having begun the anti-candida diet and complementary vitamins/minerals about 2 weeks ago - and then introducing diatomaceous earth - I'm now in the midst of a healing crisis. Psoriasis has broken out in a vengeance!

My lymph nodes are swollen; ears itch and burn so much that I can't sleep on either side; break-out in the vaginal area makes both sitting and walking uncomfortable - and a boil seems to be growing there, as well. I itch all over, especially at night, and coconut oil seems to help. Epsom salt baths provide short-term relief, and I just applied some raw shea butter, which actually seems to be doing a better job. (I didn't have any cocoa butter as per another post.) I dropped my DE back down to 1 teaspoon in the morning and dropped it altogether yesterday and today but am not sure that this is the right approach. Perhaps just "suffering through it" is? I don't feel comfortable ingesting Lugol's iodine but am painting it on the soles of my feet. When I applied it to my stomach, it also itched like crazy.

Ah, the games candida loves to play .... Thanks in advance for any edge over it you might offer!

Silver Sol, Coconut Oil, Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Mama's Mud (Usa) on 10/12/2015

I recently learned from my mother in law that she was using colloidal silver. It works too!

Silver Sol, Coconut Oil, Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by M (Ga) on 10/11/2015

Where can I find silver solution that's not colloidal and how can I know the difference? Thanks so much!

Incline Bed Therapy
Posted by Gokhals (Larkspur) on 09/11/2015 36 posts
5 out of 5 stars

For Psoriasis, try inclined bed therapy. This is a circulation and digestive problem. I know a few folks now whose skin conditions got cured from inclining their beds. Its a brilliant treatment, that costs next to nothing.

Silver Sol, Coconut Oil, Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Art (California ) on 08/24/2015 1390 posts

Mama's mMud,

Thank You for the update on the mud mix!


Silver Sol, Coconut Oil, Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Mama's Mud (Usa) on 08/24/2015

Best guess at directions to making Mama's Mud:

  • 4 Tbl sp cocnut oil melted
  • 4 tbl sp food grade dirt
  • 2 tsp silver sol

Mix well and refridgerate to solidify again.

Sorry for the confusion.

Silver Sol, Coconut Oil, Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Art (California ) on 08/23/2015 1390 posts

Mama's mud,

Thank you for taking the time to share your psoriasis remedy with all of us.

It would be helpful if you could determine what is the "right amount" of the three ingredients you use in your mix. Saying that you, 'just went by consistency', is not very helpful for people who would like to try and replicate what you have done to remedy your psoriasis. You don't really give a good idea of what that consistency is.

I'm sure that an insufficient amount of any one of the three ingredients will likely render the remedy ineffective, no matter how well it works for you.

Just a ratio of ingredients is all that is needed when you have the chance to figure it out.


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