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Oil Pulling

Posted by Suezcq (Phoenix, Az) on 10/15/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I have had psoriasis for over 5 years now. I did a lot of reading, including this site, so I started out removing nightshades, and eating low fat. Sort of helped. I tried taking ACV everyday, but it somehow doesn't do well with my stomach. (Leaky gut problems) I also realized I have problems with Candida, and I have changed my diet to help fight that as well as take supplements. I increased my intake of Vit. D, along with eating more alkaline. I also started adding Tumeric with pepperine. All of these things helped, but never completely took it away until I started oil pulling. Huge difference!

While fighting with the psoriasis, it moved around from my shins to my arms and more recently it's just been on my right hand. I couldn't get rid of the one patch, until I started oil pulling. I knew cleansing was a part of the problem, but this has been really great! I have been using organic coconut oil. I don't like the sesame as much because of the taste, but I might switch it around for change.

How I do the oil pulling is use about 1 T first thing in the morning before I drink or eat anything, and swish it around in my mouth while I get up and get started for the day. One thing I found is important is not to swallow while swishing. I find I want to clear my throat, but I let the crud mix in with the oil. Then I spit it out in the toilet, and rinse my mouth out and spit it out as well. I OP for about 15 - 20 mins.

Posted by Shel (Eugene, Oregon) on 03/29/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have had psoriasis for less than a year, quite severe in my ears and around my eyes, nose and mouth. I started oil pulling and it began to clear up the first day. By the second day there was still some flaking in my ears but no painful cracks or itching. This is a fabulous website and I will be trying a lot more of the suggestions I've seen here.

EC: Thanks for the great feedback, Shel. Do you mind telling us what kind of oil you were using?

Replied by Shel
Eugene, OR

In answer to question about oil pulling, I used organic sesame oil. I had no difficulty keeping from swallowing it but it is a little difficult to keep up the sloshing movements for 20 minutes. Also tastes fine and apparently I sloshed enough to get good results.

Replied by Igor
Toronto, Canada

Hello. Could You please explain what oil pulling is. Thank You.


Oil Pulling, Black Turtle Beans, Soy Beans

Posted by Miss Dimples (Hong Kong, Prc) on 05/20/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Black turtle beans, Soy beans, oil Pulling for Psoriasis

Some background info: I'm 33 yrs old, female. I'm not on any supplement or medication. My weight is normal, my health has been good and never had any serious disease, except cold and flu once in a few year. I'm also a runner and did several marathons in the past. Quite a healthy eater to start with, low salt, no sugar, no MSG, no junk food or no fast food, no dairy product, eating meat once in awhile. Lots of salad and slightly cooked veggies, and fruits.

My skin had been flawless until 4 years ago. I got psoriasis on both cheeks 4 years ago due to skin infection (i spot treated some flat warts with tea tree oil and that burnt my skin) while I was going through a very stressful period of my life, ever since, I had tried many different approaches, internal and external remedies (including ACV and baking soda), the best they could do was to temporarily improve the condition, but once the treatments were stopped, it tended to come back. My condition was not very serious but my skin flaked like crazy and the patches turned red and burned every once in awhile, especially after running. I could only wish it was grown elsewhere instead of my face.

3 weeks ago, I have started using sesame oil (regular sesame oil from grocery store, not cold pressed and organic) for oil pulling (swishing oil in the mouth for 20mins and spit it out) every morning and before bed, also started to avoid high GI foods, quit rice and noodles, eating soy pulp and soy milk (homemade) made out of soaked soy beans and black turtle beans bough from the local markets in China as my staple. Occasionally I would have rolled oatmeal once a day. Just doing this out of curiosity and see what this change can bring to me, and hopefully it would make a difference to my skin. I started to notice the difference the next day. My skin was all cleared nice and supple at the first 3 days, then when I ran on the forth day on, it flaked, turned red, itched and burn, I thought it got worse but wanted to give it a bit more time. The flaky patches was a bit different than then the flare ups. It all flaked at the same time (evenly) and a few spots where I had warts also bulged out and turned red. After the big initial "flare up", I had also had a few flaky patches afterward, but can tell it's been significantly improved, the patches have been healed and lightened, some areas are all cleared up already. 90% healed by now. Skin completely regenerates itself every 28 days, and also depends on your age, the older you are, the longer it takes. I expect it would be all gone and healed, back to normal in two more weeks. I run almost everyday, 5K minimum, sometimes 15K. Personally, after running is the best time to examine the condition. No flare up now, lesser and lesser redness I can detect from my face. My skin is even and radiant now, I think I must had done something right.

Black turtle beans have very powerful anti oxidation and anti aging effects loaded with goodies, great for the skin. Same with soy, get the organically grown ones. I know there are tons of mixed opinions about soy drinks in US, but I believe the problems mainly come from the commercial manufacturing process and GMO. Asians have been eating lots of soy products and other beans. Personally I see no reason of quitting it.

How I make soy drink: I grab a handful of black turtle beans and soy beans individually, soak them overnight, drain the water and wash it slightly, before pouring into a soy drink maker. I do it twice, I put half of the beans and add 1.8 liter of hot boiled water, the machine grinds and cooks the beans, all done in 20 mins. Filter the pulp with a cotton bag that I sewed. Eat the pulp 3 times a day, drink soy milk throughout the day. Slightly lesser than 3.6 liters, that can last me for two days.

The benefits of oil pulling are many, you might want to check it out. Possibly, the cold pressed organic extra virgin sesame oil would work out best, but I'm happy with the roasted sesame oil, it does the job well.

I'm not a naturopathic doctor, or a TCM doctor, I don't know why it works, or maybe it only works to me, but I really think I must have done something right, and I hope this would help you too!

Oregano Leaf

Posted by Cathy (San Antonio, TX) on 11/06/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I noticed in your long list of ailments, psoriasis was not mentioned. Please let people know that Oregano Leaf absolutely gets rid of psoriasis in a big way. I have battled psoriasis since I was 10 yrs old (I'm now 48). I had heard that oregano leaf and olive leaf were good for infections so one day, I started taking them both. Within a week my skin was so clear my husband commented. I started wondering what I had done differently. I had taken olive leaf before with no visable result so I started investigating the oregano. There are MANY resources out there on psoriasis and oregano leaf, and also, that psoriasis is mainly caused by a fungus (which oregano goes after). I personally buy OregaMax since other oreganos have not worked for me. People should know about this!! It is wonderful. Three to five capsules a day (divided) should do it. I got my initial results simply taking 1 both am and pm.

Replied by Nc1966
Chattanooga, Tn, United States
1 out of 5 stars

I tried this several months ago and it did not have any effect on my psoriasis but I have read other reports of this working for people. I believe it really matters what type of p you have and the reasons behind it. Oregano leaf if basically a natural antibiotic and anti- fungal. It is very effective for many things. (If you have hormone balance problems beware and pay attention to your body as it can have some effect on you.)

Over the Counter

Posted by Straycat (Minneapolis, Mn, Usa) on 10/20/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I personally do not suffer from psoriasis, but a friend of mine in Canada does. I mentioned a different skin ailment that I am experiencing to her and she said I might try overnight renewing foot cream. She has psoriasis quite bad on her shins and one night as she was using the cream on her feet she started to rub it on her shins also just because it felt good. She says her psorisis is so much better since she started to use this cream. While the cream did not really provide any relief for my skin condition, I thought I'd mention it to you all since it seemed to lessen the severity of psorsis for her.

Parasite Cleanse

Posted by Emb (Livonia, Mi) on 11/13/2009
5 out of 5 stars

My niece suffered from psoriasis and after six months of traditional treatment from her doctor with poor results and no hope for a cure, she went to a holistic practioner. She was told psoriasis was caused by a parasite. She was given a parasitic cleanse (had to drink a capful of a liquid two or three times a day) and had to eliminate sugar from her diet. She saw a huge improvement in three weeks. She is totally free of this skin condition and has never had another occurrence. That was seven years ago. She doesn't remember the name of the product, but you might talk to your local health/vitamin store for suggestions.

Replied by Mai
Loule, Portugal

Please try to find the name. Thanks

Replied by Arya926
Fort Gratiot, Mi

If it was a liquid, it was probably a blend of an extract of the green hulls of black walnut, wormwood extract, and clove bud extract. There is a good one available now...if you know what I mean.

Pine Nuts, Blackberries

Posted by Canadaguy (Vancouver) on 11/07/2017 14 posts
4 out of 5 stars

I wanted to let you know that my psoriasis, which I have had for about 15 years or so, has gotten better since I started doing two things. First of all, it's only about 3' by 4", which is kinda small compared to many other people. It hasn't gotten worse in that time, just moved down from my knee to my lower leg. It itched and scaled a lot. The itching went mostly away when I started eating blackberries every day. Then I bought pine nuts, and wow! The scaling went completely away too! In addition it seems some of my food sensitivities went down or away with the pine nuts. I know psoriasis is considered an auto-immune disease, and I think the pine nuts may be useful to interrupt that process for some. It definitely hasn't fixed my psoriasis, just made it less 'angry', and less thick a bit too. I think it may be the sterolins in the pine nuts and the mannose in the blackberries, as that is why I tried them. But I am not really that sure.

I used about 2$ Canadian in pine nuts a day and about 2 cups of blackberries per day also. I also avoided pasteurized milk products and wheat, but I have been doing that for a while.

Pustular Psoriasis Remedies

Posted by Alesia (League City, Texas, United States) on 03/21/2013

I have pustular psoriasis on both of my hands and the bottom of one foot. I had strep 4 months ago and just started breaking out with these bumps that looked like fire ant bites. The doctors have been ginving me topical ointments but are not helping.

My skin is peeling off of the palms of my hands and is getting very painful. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Replied by Joy
Battleground, Wash

I was reading somewhere that milk of magnesia was a good treatment for infected boils even in the groin or infected hair follicles, maybe it would work for your condition.

Reader Q&A

Posted by Lou (UK ) on 02/06/2019
4 out of 5 stars

I'm looking for advise on what supplements to take for psoriasis and possible pcos. I have not been officially diagnosed with Pcos but I have many of the symptoms including issues with facial hair, fatigue etc. Two years ago I gave up drinking alcohol and adopted a healthier lifestyle including exercising every day etc. My skin had never been better, pretty much all traces of psoriasis vanished (the poss pcos symptoms stayed the same).

All of a sudden last year at precisely the time my hay fever erupted I had a huge outbreak of psoriasis (possibly guttate). This has mostly cleared up after many months but a few patches remain and where my skin was badly affected. I now have discoloured marks where there is little or no pigment. I'm really interested in addressing these issues and I think there must be an autoimmune system link with them all. Can you suggest anything to try and keep another psoriatic episode at bay and get rid of the remaining psoriasis? If it helps the other issues then that would be a huge bonus. Thank you so much for your time.

Replied by Art
778 posts

I had good results with this supplement taking it multiple times per day. I also took some capsules and emptied two capsules into one ounce of body lotion and mixed it and applied this mixed lotion directly to any plaques. Art

Saran Wrap Tip

Posted by Jan (Midwest) on 10/29/2015
4 out of 5 stars

I have had psoriasis since I was age 5, I am 53 now, went into remission when I moved to AZ & FL, now back in full force, live in the Midwest now. No cure, but to control it my advice is to apply whatever cream you use, wrap your body in saran wrap at night to keep it moist. Does wonders, my secret for controlling it. I also tan, but must get skin cancer checks if doing this! Also for scalp, sleep in clear plastic cap, also protects the sheets. Good luck!

Scalp Psoriasis Remedies

Posted by Nicole June (New Jersey ) on 07/30/2014

Hi guys! I have been suffering with scalp psoriasis for a couple years now. Everything I've read on here seems to be for psoriasis on the body. Has anyone been cured with a natural remedy for the Scalp??

Replied by Jay

Vitamin B5 low dose about 25 mg and 15 mg zinc gluconate... b5 can help with seboratic dermatitis and along with diet the b5 turned the corner for helping clear up on scalp for me that I always struggled with ..

Sea Salt

Posted by Brad Shad (N.providence, Rhode Island) on 05/08/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I started using himalayan sea salts for my psoriasis as directed by a friend. One teaspoon in the morning in 8-16 oz. of clean water on empty stomach and the same thing at night. You get one of the sea salt rocks and you add triple the water to it to make what they call a sole. Then let it sit for 24 hours and it is ready to use. Then use a hard plastic teaspoon to scoop the mix into a glass of water. Mix and drink. Note, make the sole in a glass not plastic and when scooping mix into glass dont use a metal spoon. I was told it will change the chemical component of the sole. So my psoriasis is getting better and the added benefit is I go to the bathroom every morning like clockwork. Sea salts are very healthy and do not raise blood pressure providing you are eating a healthy alkaline diet (vegetables etc.. ). good luck.


Posted by Rich (Boca Raton, Fl) on 03/27/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Selenium and Psoriasis:

Selenium deficiency is pretty common in dandruff, psoriasis, eczema, tinea (age spots), athletes foot, jock itch, seborrheic dermatitis, candida infections, hypothyroidism.

There are different yeasts, of course, trichophyton, mallasezia furfur, candida and others. Some spots may itch, others may not. I suspect rosacea may be a yeast problem as well (combined with Demodex mites eating the yeast).

Yeast needs oxygen, and Selenium is a very powerful antioxidant (500x stronger than vitamin e). Kill the oxygen supply, with Selenium, and you kill the yeast.

A good source of Selenium is brazil nuts(orally), or Dandruff Shampoo(topically). Selenium works with iodine (and is thyroid protective). Taking one alone, though could cause a deficiency of the other, theoretically.

Seborrheic dermatitis is an advanced form of dandruff, possibly caused by fungi colonizing on the scalp
"* To treat seborrheic dermatitis, look for shampoos that contain coal tar, zinc pyrithione, selenium sulfide or salicylic acid."
Note: head and shoulders selenium sulfide shampoo says on the bottle that it "treats seborrheic dermatitis".

Trace element status in eczema and psoriasis

"Concentrations of zinc, copper and selenium were determined in plasma and leucocytes from 23 patients with psoriasis and 24 with eczema."
"Concentrations of selenium in whole blood, plasma and leucocytes were significantly reduced in both groups. This finding may be of importance in relation to the effect of free radicals on skin."

Selenium sulfide: adjunctive therapy for tinea capitis

"Selenium sulfide lotion used as a shampoo has been shown to be an effective adjunctive agent to griseofulvin in the treatment of tinea capitis(head)."

How to treat Malassezia furfur (tinea versicolor) in humans?
Medical Care: Patients should be informed that tinea versicolor is caused by a fungus that is normally present on the skin surface and is therefore not considered contagious.

Replied by Anonymous
Filipstad, Sweden

Yeast cannot live WITH oxygen, that is why h2o2 works as a remedy, what is this about...

Shea Butter

Posted by Tainowoman (Orlando, Fl, Us) on 04/29/2013
4 out of 5 stars

I've had psoriasis since I was a kid and I'm 44yo now. It comes and goes and for the most part has been limited to areas that are not so obvious. When it does flare up, it is sore, painful and really REALLY incovenient.

OTC creams didn't work, prescription meds were not an option and many homemade salves, ointments, lotions and rubs just didn't work for me.

Never tried aloe.

However, we use coconut oil for everything in my house and I tried it on my psoriasis. It was ok, but the results didn't last long. I put it on right after showering, while I was still damp. It's looked good that evening, but in the morning the dry patches would be back.

What did work for me was Shea butter. I only need to apply it once a day and I do so right after my shower. :) I have a little patch on my knee that's looking real good and doesn't itch or hurt.

I've also started drinking green smoothies.

Hope this helps someone else.

Silver Sol, Coconut Oil, Diatomaceous Earth

Posted by Mama's Mud (Usa ) on 08/22/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Suffering from psoriasis for 16 years I have tried everything imaginable. The one thing that works for me is a lotion that my mother-in-law made for me. As I'm not big on taking prescription meds, I was eager to try her ideas as I had ran out.

About 6 years ago she made me a concoction I call mama's mud. It contains coconut oil, silver sol 32 ppm (not to be confused with colloidal silver), Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (i call it food grade dirt, hence the name mama's mud)

We have never really measured the ingredients just went my consistancy mainly. You will want to melt the coconut oil before mixing with the dirt, then add the silver last. After all is mixed and smooth put in air tight jar or container in fridge to thicken like lotion.

Consistency will never be really smooth as the main ingredient is dirt but it will rub on like lotion. May dry to a white film and leave marks on clothing and furniture but does not stain.

***I also do what some Drs would tell you not to do. I scrub my psoriasis with a shower puff. At the end of my shower when everything is softened up, I take a clean shower puff and I sluff off all the dead skin (I scrub even if it hurts a little) till the area feels smooth. I also shave my legs like normal, right over the psoriasis, taking any dead skin off.

I had tremendous success with this concoction. I had psoriasis on my legs from my ankle to the top of my knees. I hadn't wore shorts or a skirt since I was 18 till I was about 30. And still to my amazement there is no scarring on my legs. It was like brand new skin. My elbows use to hurt all time, and I couldn't bend them or straighten them completely. Afraid that they would crack and bleed. I would have miscellaneous spots all over my body, looking like a lepar, feeling ashamed at what my husband had to look at most of the time. There were days I would cry after getting out of the shower trying to cover myself in the new remedy I was trying at that time. Things were hard some days. Then I tried something different. And it worked.

Now a days I get the little spots that show up and treat them accordingly and they go away. Nothing has gotten out of hand in the last 6 years. Ive been able to wear the clothes that I want (with the exception of the occasional "I feel fat day" lol). All in all I'm pretty happy to be able to share this info.

Replied by Art
778 posts

Mama's mud,

Thank you for taking the time to share your psoriasis remedy with all of us.

It would be helpful if you could determine what is the "right amount" of the three ingredients you use in your mix. Saying that you, 'just went by consistency', is not very helpful for people who would like to try and replicate what you have done to remedy your psoriasis. You don't really give a good idea of what that consistency is.

I'm sure that an insufficient amount of any one of the three ingredients will likely render the remedy ineffective, no matter how well it works for you.

Just a ratio of ingredients is all that is needed when you have the chance to figure it out.


Replied by Mama's Mud

Best guess at directions to making Mama's Mud:

  • 4 Tbl sp cocnut oil melted
  • 4 tbl sp food grade dirt
  • 2 tsp silver sol

Mix well and refridgerate to solidify again.

Sorry for the confusion.

Replied by Art
778 posts

Mama's mMud,

Thank You for the update on the mud mix!


Replied by M

Where can I find silver solution that's not colloidal and how can I know the difference? Thanks so much!

Replied by Mama's Mud

I recently learned from my mother in law that she was using colloidal silver. It works too!