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Dietary Changes

Posted by Scott Miller (Delray Beach, FL) on 07/11/2023


I remember the woman cutting my hair at age 14 telling me I had some redness on my scalp. That was the awful beginning. Turned out it was this condition called 'psoriasis'. I write this in quote marks because I don't believe anything (zero) BigPharma or these universities 'research' and write about this condition, especially that it's an 'autoimmune disease'. It is not.

Slowly but surely my condition worsened, but mostly on my head/scalp until my late 20s, possibly 30s. Then it started to spread. I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to the Dead Sea for 3 weeks to a month for therapy. Nothing beats the Dead Sea....IF you do it right. I would experience a good, solid 9 months to a year of remission afterwards. I always visited during the hottest months, aka 'off-season', prices were much less. But this is not why I'm posting today.

While staying at the Dead Sea, I made sure to get out to the solarium at daybreak, stay there until the sun set over the mountains, then return to grab something to eat and pass out in my room. The sun and heat make you very tired.

During these visits, I observed everything....specifically the behavior of the others that came to heal, especially the Europeans. For me, it was work and diligence. For them, it was just another holiday off work (paid for by their insurance) where they could party AND drink (alcohol) until the AM. In the solarium, you are naked. No clothing so the sun can heal you everywhere on your body. So you see who heals and who does not. Those partiers and heavy drinkers never healed. The slackers (late to the beach and early to dinner) never healed.

Fast forward to 2005. I am in FL and my condition has worsened. I weighed in the 260s and have scaly patches on my knees, elbows, forearms (bottom), all around my belly button, and still on my scalp, behind my ears, just terrible. No relief in sight. I used to think and say to family and friends, "How much would I pay to rid myself of this condition? Everything I have, then I'd start over."

I met a woman that said she could help me. By then I was so over having people give me their b.s. remedies that never worked, but I was still open-minded enough to try almost anything. She gave me a very, very specific diet and told me that she wanted me to follow it obsessively. No going off course. ONLY this diet. I read it. It was not easy. More important than what I could eat was what I could not eat. This is an exclusionary diet. Upon further reading, it made logical sense to me. After 90 days, I was P-free. Not a dot, not a single lesion anywhere. I joined a site called NPF, the National Psoriasis Foundation. Utter bullsh*t. I wrote something like 'Cured after 30 years!! ' They threw me off in a week because I was against ALL drugs and supplements. I had no chance.

Here are my findings, which are opposite of much of what's posted here and other places by P-sufferers:

No more sugar. Never again, not in any form. That includes 95% of all fruits. No more wheat or wheat family. Zero. No alcohol. No corn in any form, no dairy, no peanuts, walnuts, cashews. Nothing that can breed mold. No yeast or related.

Body Care. Is the itching driving you to rip your skin off? I use P73 oregano oil, rub it in, itch gone. If it's too strong and burns a bit, dilute with a bit of olive oil. Use it on your finger and toe nails. My hair/scalp? I seldom shampoo, but when I do, I just use a little bit of that Greek olive-oil bar soap that I shower with. Been using it since '05 and never looked back. Supplements? NOT a believer, so sorry. The more of these we put in our bodies, the more our liver has to work to process them and remove toxins. There is something called caprylic acid I took to help ward off yeast in my body. SWEAT as much as possible and only drink water. Squeeze lemon into your water, it's great. The more you sweat, the faster you will heal your body. Take before and after photos. I did not, I forgot, so guess what I have instead? I have these amazing 'scars' (not really scars) of dark pigmentation where all of my lesions were. Lesions gone, but these scars are outlined on my arms, belly, and legs. It's amazing. I always felt bad that I didn't have photos of BEFORE, but this is even better. I show them off to everybody. 90 DAYS and gone.

I am going to tell everyone reading this now that I have this diet so extremely down to a science, that I can actually bring on the lesions/scales whenever I want and then get rid of them at will. Bringing them out takes about 3-5 days after eating papaya, watermelon (both forbidden on this protocol) or a couple of pita (wheat is hands down worst), but it takes weeks to get rid of them. Here is something cool to know about the healing process. Whereas you would think that the lesions will start to get smaller from outside inward, it actually happens in reverse. Every lesion that healed on my body had a tiny dot start somewhere in the middle and move outward. MORE SWEAT, more healing. Soften your skin with coconut oil and throw away every other cream or 'moisturizer' (with nothing but harmful chemicals) out in your trash. They are poison.

I wish you luck and success. You must be diligent and not waver. This protocol had me clear in 75 to 90 days and it's OUT of my life now. This exclusionary diet will be easily memorized by you and will become second nature. You won't even think about it after a year or two.

Let me know how it goes. G-d bless everybody trying to get better.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Wendy (London) on 04/06/2022

My husband's on-off skin condition has never been actually diagnosed. He has been given cream which never worked. I am assuming it is psoriasis but can't be sure. Anyway, this patch wouldn't clear up it itched and was getting worse. I soaked cotton wool in raw apple cider vinegar and he kept it on for a day. This is the result a few weeks later.


Posted by Sharon (Missouri) on 11/24/2020

I had psoriasis. (for decades) and the only thing that would clear it up was lecithin. When I first learned of it, I found gel caps that I was taking (1gram) 3x a day, it did start going away, and I looked for other sources, and found lecithin granules which I started taking 1tbl 3x a day which finally mostly got rid of it. But I never could totally get rid of it on my scalp.

I had severe psoriasis, had seen many doctors, and none could help me. Until I read Let's Get Well by Davis....there are clean organic sources of lecithin you can give her.

Good luck. I got the lecithin from a vitamin store. I took it every day for over 30 years, never had high cholesterol either.


Posted by MIS Adventure Books (Earth Clinic's YouTube Channel) on 06/17/2020

I read about Borax years ago and recently came across "Forbidden Health" by German biophysicist, Andreas Kalcker where I read about many wonderful forgotten therapies including Borax. It mentioned many of the things mentioned in this video. Here's mind blowing my testimonial: I have been suffering from psoriasis gone wild on my left inner ankle which I scratched into an infection that spread to my whole foot.

The burning itch was unbearable and my foot was swollen to the point it couldn't fit in my soft slip-on sandal plus it weeped plasma continually, so I had to wrap it. I went to a NATUREPATH CLINIC and got VIT C and H202 IV (Hydrogen peroxide) several days plus $300 worth of supplements for a detox cleanse.

Nothing worked my foot was still swollen and itchy 😕...then upon waking, I started getting shooting pain and couldn't stand or walk for several minutes till veins expanded to receive blood flow. That night my foot tingled, I panicked, I read folks lost limbs when circulation is cut off to a limb. In middle of the night I got up and took tummeric and an aspirn. They helped with swelling and itching but in the morning I spit out blood from gums and I had blood blisters plus a large bruise on my arm.

What the heck‼️😟 Then I remembered that tummeric and aspirin are blood thinners and some of the supplements I was taking from the Natural clinic had curcumin in it which is also in tummeric so I had to stop the tummeric and aspirin.

I was out of options so the next morning I went running to Urgent Care and was given an antibiotic and a dreaded steroid (the reason I went to a natural clinic in the first place, to avoid steroids).

Well, the conventional doctor (a girl my daughter's age) assured me it was a low dossage for only 5 days to reduce swelling and prevent circulation issues), so, l I took the antibiotics and steroids as prescribed 😒 and my foot was almost back to normal ☺️.

But after the meds ran out, my foot swoll up again and the burning itching returned. 😟 Now what?

Was I going to become dependent on antibiotics and steroids?! I had previously joined a natural health chat line on WhatsApp where someone posted the PDF of the book, "FORBIDDEN HEALTH" that's when I read Borax is a one of the many minerals in SEA WATER💧and how it use to be a natural occurring mineral found in rich soil where apples and other produce would have as much as 20mg and diseases caused by high acidity like arthritis, psoriasis, diabetes, etc., where RARE.

I was unsure of the amount I should take, (now I'll take the amount recommended here) so, I took an aspirin size pinch of Borax with a glass of water and within an hour the burning itching stopped and my foot seemed less bloated and dry.

I repeated it later in day when I felt the itching come back. The next day my foot was 2 sizes smaller 😲.

I took it twice again, and I was blown away! Within 2 days the Borax had reduced the inflammation, stopped the unbearable burning itching, and stopped the weeping. Now, 4 days later my foot is the same size as my healthy foot, and no longer weeping 😀's still healing of course.

Per labs at the clinic my thyroid is out of wack and I have candida. So, I will continue taking Borax as recommended here to clean my gut and continue healing my foot now normal in size except for a bit of red patches still in healing process, I'm delighted ❣️🤗

Vitamin B2

Posted by Col (Qld Australia) on 04/08/2017

I had psoriasis of the scalp and tried for years to get rid of it. Nothing would work, one day I was on the net looking for ways to stop my eye sight from getting worse, this site recommended that vitamin B2 would stop cataracts from forming, I have a small cataract in each eye, so I thought I would give the vitamin B 2 ago, within a week of taking it I noticed that my scalp was being cleared of psoriasis, it's been 3 months now and there is no sign of it, vitamin B2 may help you, one tablet a day is all I take, it's a pretty cheap way to find out. like I said I took it for cataracts but it did another job.

Regards, Col

Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Martha (Chicago, Il) on 07/07/2016

I have been dealing with inverse, scalp, plaque and guttate psoriasis and have tried many topicals, steroids, and antihistamines and have had no success. I tried apple cider vinegar for two weeks and my skin has cleared from head to toe.

Homeopathy, Vitamin D, Omega 3 Fish

Posted by Shadow (Uk) on 05/18/2016

I've had severe, widespread psoriasis my entire life ( nearly 45 years) and I have gone into remission three times, miraculously and rapidly due to the following. Each time it eventually returned many years later, but only due to extreme stress in my life.

  • First: homeopathy. Each person has a unique remedy, different for everyone. Need to see a homeopath though, not over the counter pills.
  • Second: Took 10.000iu D3. In two weeks it was gone... like a miracle.
  • Third: Took 4000mg omega 3 fish oils per day. It took a few weeks and it was gone.

I was without for years, and only severe prolonged stress made it return. I'm currently back at the homeopath, and it's working again.

I made no other changes during these; ie diet or lifestyle.

Silver Sol, Coconut Oil, Diatomaceous Earth

Posted by Mama's Mud (Usa ) on 08/22/2015

Suffering from psoriasis for 16 years I have tried everything imaginable. The one thing that works for me is a lotion that my mother-in-law made for me. As I'm not big on taking prescription meds, I was eager to try her ideas as I had ran out.

About 6 years ago she made me a concoction I call mama's mud. It contains coconut oil, silver sol 32 ppm (not to be confused with colloidal silver), Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (i call it food grade dirt, hence the name mama's mud)

We have never really measured the ingredients just went my consistancy mainly. You will want to melt the coconut oil before mixing with the dirt, then add the silver last. After all is mixed and smooth put in air tight jar or container in fridge to thicken like lotion.

Consistency will never be really smooth as the main ingredient is dirt but it will rub on like lotion. May dry to a white film and leave marks on clothing and furniture but does not stain.

***I also do what some Drs would tell you not to do. I scrub my psoriasis with a shower puff. At the end of my shower when everything is softened up, I take a clean shower puff and I sluff off all the dead skin (I scrub even if it hurts a little) till the area feels smooth. I also shave my legs like normal, right over the psoriasis, taking any dead skin off.

I had tremendous success with this concoction. I had psoriasis on my legs from my ankle to the top of my knees. I hadn't wore shorts or a skirt since I was 18 till I was about 30. And still to my amazement there is no scarring on my legs. It was like brand new skin. My elbows use to hurt all time, and I couldn't bend them or straighten them completely. Afraid that they would crack and bleed. I would have miscellaneous spots all over my body, looking like a lepar, feeling ashamed at what my husband had to look at most of the time. There were days I would cry after getting out of the shower trying to cover myself in the new remedy I was trying at that time. Things were hard some days. Then I tried something different. And it worked.

Now a days I get the little spots that show up and treat them accordingly and they go away. Nothing has gotten out of hand in the last 6 years. Ive been able to wear the clothes that I want (with the exception of the occasional "I feel fat day" lol). All in all I'm pretty happy to be able to share this info.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Sreenivas (Bangalore, India) on 11/26/2013

I read your comments and bought the organic Apple Cider Vinegar (unfiltered) and results was amazing. Thanks to all of you. I drank 1 tea spoon of ACV with 250 ml of water for about 2 weeks and I see 90% improvement. The color of my soles are still blackish but itching is gone and I am able to sleep well without taking any anti histamine tablets. I got psoriasis in 2007 on my hands and my feet. Cracks, blisters and discharges was something I have lived with while trying all kinds of creams, tablets... Etc. During the last 6 years I have visited quite a few dermatologists who told me that I have live with psoriasis or take some expensive injections with no guarantee of success. To all those who suffer from psoriasis, please try APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. It worked like magic for me and I am praying the psoriasis will stay away from me forever. Hope it works for you too. If want to see some pictures (before and after), send me an email at "svk2003 (at) gmail (dot) com". I will be happy to share them. God bless you all and wish you success with ACV. I thank the organizers of this blog/website without which I would still be limping and struggling with psoriasis.

Budwig Diet

Posted by Sofia (Claymont, Delaware, United States) on 10/09/2011

I researched the Budwig Protocol after I read about on a yahoo group about 4 years ago. To help control my asthma AND terrible psoriasis. I consumed the foundation meal (flaxseed oil/cottage cheese - focc) religiously for 5 months. My psoriasis totally cleared and my asthma improved immensely. This diet, once you get used to it, helps many conditions but is used primarily for cancer. This is a "great anti-inflammatory diet."

Till this day, I eat it 3 to 4 times a week for breakfast. Be sure to follow the exact guidelines if you are on a quest to cure cancer. Also, be careful to stop consuming "focc" 3 to 4 days before any surgeries as it thins your blood nicely. I am a true believer in this diet as a "cancer preventative".

Blessings, Sofia

Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Emily (Jones, Alabama) on 01/26/2010

ACV with mix cured psoriasis.

I have suffered from psoriasis for about 25 years and was told by a Dr. that it would never be gone only improved. The only thing I could use to help clear up my sore split elbows was a creme I was prescribed. It never completely worked.Winter time was always terrible for me. About a month ago I read up on the "Master Cleanse" for weight loss and began doing this. I decided to add to the recipe for other health benefits. I made a lemonad with half a lemon,2 tbs. maple syrup, 1/10th tsp cayenne pepper. Now what I added was 1tbs.ACV, 1tbs honey, pinch of Borax, dash of ginger, dash of cinnamon. Not only did I lose weight by drinking this yummy drink but a "side effect" (as I noticed by accident) is that my psoriasis is totally gone. Not cleared up I mean gone, like I never had it before. Skin is no longer thick and bumpy. I just can't believe it.Thanks you guys for such a wonderful website, this has changed my life. I have benefitted from so much information I have learned on here. You are doing so much good, you are a blessing.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Enzymes

Posted by Kathy (Macon, Georgia) on 07/05/2008

Psoriasis first started at a location on my leg where I had been bitten by a dog a few weeks earlier. It quickly spread to virtually all parts of my body. Over a 2 month period there were 9 doctor visits, 13 prescriptions, and 4 biopsies...none of which were helping! A Registered Nutritionist recommend I try drinking 2 Tbls. Organic, unfiltered (with the mother) Apple Cider Vinegar mixed into about a half cup of water twice a day. Additionally she suggested I begin using a good systemic enzyme. (Like digestive enzymes, but coated so they don't dissolve in your stomach) which I also took twice daily (following mfg's instructions).

The psoriasis began clearing almost immediately and was completely gone within a few weeks. Three years have now passed since the psoriasis episode with no recurrence of the problem. Hope this helps someone else because it sure was a nasty problem