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Vitamin B2

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Posted by Col (Qld Australia) on 04/08/2017
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I had psoriasis of the scalp and tried for years to get rid of it. Nothing would work, one day I was on the net looking for ways to stop my eye sight from getting worse, this site recommended that vitamin B2 would stop cataracts from forming, I have a small cataract in each eye, so I thought I would give the vitamin B 2 ago, within a week of taking it I noticed that my scalp was being cleared of psoriasis, it's been 3 months now and there is no sign of it, vitamin B2 may help you, one tablet a day is all I take, it's a pretty cheap way to find out. like I said I took it for cataracts but it did another job.

Regards, Col

Replied by Art
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In reply to Col (Qld Australia),

I am glad that you were able to find something that worked very well for your psoriasis! That is sometimes not an easy thing to do. Do you mind saying what dose you used and what grade your psoriasis is or was, such as moderate, mild or severe?

Based on some old studies from the 1950's and one newer study that is currently recruiting, I tried vitamin B2, which is also known as riboflavin. I started out at 400 mg per day based on the proposed dose for the newer study that is currently recruiting. I took that dose for 4 weeks and when I didn't see any improvement, I increased the dose to 800 mg per day in two divided doses of 400 mg in the morning and one in the afternoon. After another 8 weeks, I still saw no improvement. The main things that I noticed is that it turns your urine an irridescent yellow/green color which is darker than normal and it also made my urine smell.

Judging by my lack of response, I would say that vitamin B2 / riboflavin will not work for all cases of psoriasis, but given the good safety profile of riboflavin, it certainly seems worth a try. Here is a link to the study that is currently recruiting:

Here is a link to a study from 1952 that had mixed results using injections of B2:

The other studies from the 1950's are listed, but not available.


Vitamin D

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Posted by Mississippi (Hernando, Mississippi) on 01/18/2013
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My husband had severe psoriasis-covering almost his entire body-he had two different kinds and was so ill at one point he could not work and eventually was on crutches due to cellulitis forming on his foot. He suffered from boils at the same time and only got worse with time. We went to medical doctors-holistic doctors-and chiropractors-we had blood work to see what deficiencies he might have and had allergy testing-he was given prescriptions for antibiotics (for the cellulitis)-salves-nasal sprays-and we used many home remedies recommended on this site. Although he found some relief with some of the remedies-nothing worked to slow down the psoriasis or the boils. We learned that Vit-D deficiency is a cause for psoriasis-he took mega doses of Vit-D 3. He is a carpenter and most of his work is outside in the sunlight-a wonderful, natural form of Vit-D. I do not believe he was absorbing the Vit-D in whatever form he got it. (Due to underlying issues.)

The doctors all asked the same question-was there an injury, or a life changing event-they were looking for a trigger-most people who have psoriasis to the degree my husband did-are younger at the offset-he was 50 years old. His only life change at the time was a job that had him working indoors and working through the nighttime when he normally would have been sleeping. He worked through the night and slept (as best as he could) during the day. He kept this schedule for several months and I believe this was the trigger they were looking for. He has always been a healthy, muscular, active man-he became tired, sick, and had a long list of illnesses. Regular sleep is important and I believe sleeping during the night is essential to good health. To wrap this up-after many months of searching and trying different meds, herbs, salves, remedies, we found John Pegano's book on Healing Psoriasis-followed his recommendation to stop eating nightshades and saw immediate results. The boils-terrible boils-dried up and have not returned-the Psoriasis is gone besides two patches on the insides of his legs near his ankles (we believe those will clear up with more time. ) We have followed other suggestions in the book but this one seems to be what turned things around, drastically. The nightshade vegetables include Potatoes, Tomatoes, Egg Plant, Spicey Peppers, & Tobacco. I hope this helps someone else suffering from similar problems with Psoriasis, cellulitis, or boils (cysts). We are still amazed at the results from something so simple-it was hard at first to change his diet to meals without these foods-but he will not touch any of them now.

Vitamin D
Posted by Skyesmom (Memphis, Tn) on 03/10/2012
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I had bloodwork done and was very deficient in Vitamin D. I have suffered from mild psoriasis for about 10 years. I recently had a small patch come up on my elbow. I have been taking liquid Vitamin D-3 bought at GNC for a few weeks and the psoriasis is gone. I take one dropper full a day under the tongue and let it absorb in.

Replied by Courtney
(Granite Bay, Ca)

You spoke of success with clearing your psoriasis after taking a liquid form of Vitamin D, but didn't say how much Vitamin D per day... 1, 000 IU's? 5, 000?

If you could post how much per day, that would be helpful. Thanks.

Vitamin D
Posted by Chuck (Atlanta, GA) on 02/07/2009
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For about 20 years, I had a chronic patch of psoriasis over my left eyebrow. I had tried several prescription and OTC creams, but none of them worked. After reading an article about how thousands of people got relief from psoriasis by sunbathing in the Dead Sea area, I remembered how my own psoriasis would practically disappear during the summer months when I sunbathed regularly. That was when I made the connection between sunshine and vitamin D. So, I started taking a daily supplement of 1000iu of vitamin D, which was in addition to the 400iu in my daily multivitamin. In about a week, I was amazed to see the patch of psoriasis had completely disappeared and has never returned. It may not work for everyone, but it sure worked for me!

Vitamin D, Fish Oil

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Posted by Sandy (Fayetteville, AR) on 06/24/2009
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Vitamin D3 2000-4000 iu per day (more in winter, less in summer, if you get natural sun)
fish oil - _____ (this is high grade Omega-3)
1 ibuprofen per day

This greatly reduced my symptoms and i have very few small spots left. This does take serveral months.

Vitamin D, Fish Oil
Posted by Sunsong (Mission, Canada) on 06/09/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I would like to share with you my cure for Psoriasis. I had never had psoriasis until a few years ago when it broke out on the back of my scalp and quite severely on my left hand area inside the thumb and the palm of the hand. Anyone who has had psoriasis knows this is an extremely bad place to havce it!! I am also left handed so it became difficult to even write with a pen or do basic tasks.

I believe in natural medicines and it became an almost two year long journey to find the natural cure (for myself) and I'm hoping and praying it will work for others as well. I tried different natural topical treatments to no avail. And in a moment of clarity, realized that skin eruptions happen because of an imbalance 'within' the body.

First of all, i must stress that i was diligent about having my Vitamin D levels tested by my physician. I followed Dr. Mercolas advice on getting the correct vitamin D test and getting myself within the optimum range for good health. This took a few months. During that time i used a homemade cream with vitamin D drops on my hand. This helped, but did not cure the problem.

What truly made the difference was when i added in a very high quality omega 3 fish oil supplement. I vary between the capsules and the liquid high quality grade. Also, I use the recommended dose of 2 capsules daily or 1 tsp. liquid daily. If i take more than the recommended dose i feel imbalanced. Needless to say, one has to experiment with the correct dose as each person is unique biochemically.

The improvement in the psoriasis was startling. Within two months it was 98% gone, and it looks like it is never coming back. Since psorisis is a skin inflammation, and Vit D and omega fish oils are powerful anti-inflammatories, one can see why the remedy worked. I had used fish oils (omegas 3's) in the past, but had lapsed in taking them (stressful time in my life). I can see now how very important these two simple things are.

Also, I had a cat with a very serious allergy and skin problem. I started putting the Vit D drops (very tiny amounts) and fish oil in his food, and he cleared up almost completely. His condition was so serious that he would lose his hair and have bleeding crusty patches all over his body. Also, his nose would plug up so much he couldn't breathe. Now he is all clear and his dandruff is gone, he can breathe, and his fur feels like absolute SILK. All this with no pharma medicines.

So i gave it to my 3 elderly dogs....two german shepherds and a wolf hound. Huge improvement in their arthritis symptoms! Also, their fur and skin feel like absolute SILK.

Regarding the psoriasis and skin: i must mention that i use all natural soaps, dish soap and skin lotions. I also have a chemical free home (clean with baking soda, vinegar, and essential oils) Also, i wash my animals in a solution of borax and rinse them in clear water thoroughly. No chemical soaps or junk on their bodies!

I recently started adding a little Apple Cider Vinegar (the good organic kind with the mother in it) to my pets food. I only use tiny amounts, but they all seem to like it. I am trying this to see if it helps repel fleas, as I heard from elsewhere on Earth Clinic that his helps. We don't have a flea problem at all, but i'm hoping the ACV will keep it that way. (I also put garlic in their bone broth that they get).

I must mention again: the ACV i've been taking for a week dropped my blood pressure. I don't know if it has helped me lose weight because i don't use a scale. But i feel less bloated and more mentally perky. As with all things, i believe in consistency and in not overdoing. I only use the Earth Clinic recommendation of 2 tsp in 16 oz. water drank throughout the day. On some days i have ane extra glass because my body/mind is asking for it. I can hardly wait to see my doctor and give her the news that i lowered my blood pressure with such a simple thing.

May mother earth bless everyone who contributes their cures to this site!

EC: Thank you for your feedback! Cross-posted to all applicable pages...

Replied by 4Yahshua
(Fountain Valley, CA)

Sunsong, just to let you know. You do not need to see fleas to have a problem. We learned this the hard way with "Pretty" the young calico kitty that came to our home late last year. She stayed mostly in our garage and was doing very well with the good diet we gave her, including a garlic capsule (to help control fleas) and a lecithin capsule daily. After awhile we noticed a small bump on the back of her neck, that was all. However, during this past month she started to have more bumps there and they looked like sores, raw and open. We took her in to see what was wrong. Then we learned that she was infected by the fleas. (They said that they are a real big problem here.) If you feel any bumps under the fur (especially at the back of the neck or under the chin), please start flea control immediately. Eventually, they can kill your beloved pet!

White School Glue

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Posted by Linda (Chipley, Fl) on 12/16/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Ive tried them all for Psoriasis, and nothing works. I decided that in order for the scales to grow they have to have air/ 02. So I got out my squeeze bottle of washable school glue. Just sorta squeezed in all the places on my scalp as well as one elbow last night. I got up this am and to my surprise I peeled the glue off my elbow and it was smooth as silk. Washed my hair (a couple of times:() and most of the scales were gone. I probably missed places. I used a lot of lotion today on my elbow and it's fine.

I just finished putting more glue on my elbow just in case, and a lot on my scalp. We will see in the morning. I hope this works.

White Vinegar

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Posted by Jason (KS) on 03/06/2009
5 out of 5 stars

After reading about using vinegar as a conditioner after you shampoo I tried some plain white vinegar and my psoriasis on my scalp went away in one week. I've tried many things and I've had the problem for years, but now I just rinse with vinegar and no more flakes or dry scalp. If only I had known this simple remedy 10 years ago...

Replied by Mary
(South Williamsport, Pennsylvania)
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It helped mine all by accident. I read that it is better for your hair than conditioner and helped with the ph balance of your scalp so I used it after a shampoo. NO ITCHING OR ICKY CHUNKS FOR AT LEAST A WEEK!!! I swear by it now. I use it every week on my scalp and in my hair after shampooing and let it set for about 10 minutes. I love it and what it does to my hair!!! Granted the smell isn't the best, but it is much better than the spoiled smell of apple cyder vinager (which I now also consume to help my immune system).

Replied by Kristine

Are you diluting the white vinegar for scalp rinse?


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Posted by Diane (New Jersey) on 06/10/2020
5 out of 5 stars


Maximum strength zinc oxide diaper rash cream, 40% zinc oxide, works wonders. It's white cream. Rub it in. Each day will get better and better. The cream comes off with soap and water. : )

Posted by Julie (Az) on 09/30/2018
4 out of 5 stars

I had what I called the Rash From Hell. It started 3 years ago after an extremely high stress episode. First my face broke out with oozing, itching & burning. That cleared up after 3 months, then it showed up on both hands. Couldn't prepare food, do dishes, household chores... That took about 3 months to clear up. Next was my legs - ankles, thighs and calves. Then my arms.

I went to the ER when it was at its worst. 4 times. No help. I got a range of diagnoses from "some kinda rash" to shingles to pellagra! No M.D. ever figured it out. Just prescriptions up the wazoo to treat their guesses. I didn't take them.

After researching off and on for almost 3 years, I finally realized it was psoriasis, which I then researched intensively. After less than a week, it is now 80-90% cleared up! Here's what I did...

I started taking 50 mg of zinc 2X/day. Won't mention brand name, but it's "zinc (as zinc gluconate dihydrate, zinc picolinate)." Chelated. You may want to try a higher dose or take more than twice a day -- I only weigh 88 lbs, so you may want to adjust accordingly.

The sores are 90% gone. All I have left are a few areas of flaky skin, mostly on my shins.

For dead skin clean-up, I'm using a solution recommended by Tony Pantalleresco made of about 16 oz white vinegar, 1 rounded tablespoon of sea salt, and 20 drops of 5% lugol's. Shaken - not stirred. :-) I dampen a wash rag with it and then gently rub off the dead skin.

I won't call this solution a cure, but it will help keep the dead flaky skin to a minimum, and some areas where I've used it have stopped being flaky altogether for about 3 days now (but that could just be the zinc doing its work).

I tried many many things over 3 years' time before I realized what I had, so feel free to ask me about something you're considering.

Posted by Stephanie (Chicago, IL) on 09/14/2008


Your skin contains one fifth of your body's zinc supply. Rats and mice that are deficient in zinc develop a skin condition called keratogenesis that is very similar to human psoriasis (Hoffer and Walker, Orthomolecular Nutrition, p 156-157). Zinc deficiency in humans is the rule, not the exception. The US RDA for zinc is only 15 milligrams a day, and yet the average American takes in even less than that. (Williams, Nutrition and Diet Therapy, 7th ed., page 253) In spite of this, it is most uncommon to find either dietitians or doctors ever recommending a supplement of this mineral.

Research has shown that supplements of zinc are safe up to about 500 mg. daily. A more sensible daily dose of 50 mg to perhaps may be maintained for as long as is desired. A good multiple vitamin along with this will provide some balancing copper, as will (believe it or not) the copper water pipes in your home.

The "amino acid chelated" form of zinc ('chelated zinc') is better tolerated and better absorbed than zinc sulfate or other inorganic forms of the mineral.