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Lecithin Treatment for Psoriasis

| Modified on May 01, 2024

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Posted by Sharon (Missouri) on 11/24/2020

I had psoriasis. (for decades) and the only thing that would clear it up was lecithin. When I first learned of it, I found gel caps that I was taking (1gram) 3x a day, it did start going away, and I looked for other sources, and found lecithin granules which I started taking 1tbl 3x a day which finally mostly got rid of it. But I never could totally get rid of it on my scalp.

I had severe psoriasis, had seen many doctors, and none could help me. Until I read Let's Get Well by Davis....there are clean organic sources of lecithin you can give her.

Good luck. I got the lecithin from a vitamin store. I took it every day for over 30 years, never had high cholesterol either.

Replied by M.

To lecithin for cholesterol and that you never had high cholesterol. How much lecithin did you use? Was it soy lecithin? Thanks.



IT WAS SOY LECITHIN, I used the lecithin granules. I took a rounded teasp full 3 x a day. There are organic, nonGMO soy lecithin at some vitamin stores, like Swanson. My cholesterol never was above 180 and it cleared up my psoriasis.

When I first got it, 70% of my skin was covered. The inflammation and itching was awful.

Replied by Sandra

Miss Sharon:

When you began taking the granules, how, exactly did you take it? Such as, did you mix it in a glass of water or simply take it from the spoon? Thank you in advance for you answer.


Posted by 4Yahshua (Fountain Valley, CA Orange County CA) on 06/07/2009

Lecithin may heal. I came down with a moderate case of Psoriasis this year when I turned 61. I took a large number of Lecithin capsules a day as I read that it could heal it. My plagues almost totally went away ~ then they gradually came back!I have been on a very good diet and many supplements for many years. For me, the healing may take more time and effort. Vit. C and D capsules will also help. I pray that this helps someone reading!

Replied by John
(Chino, CA)

For the scalp, use pine tar shampoo. For all body parts, avoid water at all cost. This includes sweat. Avoid salt. Try a high protein, low carb diet. Lecithin also helps. Particularly when you have large clumpy plaque.