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Bleach Baths, ACV
Posted by James (Michigan) on 08/06/2013
4 out of 5 stars

I too have had great success with bleach baths. I have had psoriasis now for 10 years and seemed to get worse every year. Had it on my toes, ankles, knees, elbows, wrists, and hands. Have tried many medications some of which seemed to help clear it up completely, dovonex for example, and then a couple weeks later came back doubled in size.

ACV helps by breaking down the plaques and when used with a steroid cream allows the medicine to absorb better to heal and prevent more effectively, astringent (Salicylic Acid) works the same way.

I used astringent and betamethasone for many years to manage this. BUT for about a year now I have been doing the bleach baths off and on and my psoriasis is completely gone from my toes, ankles, knees and wrists, and my elbows and hands are much better and more manageable. I hope to be psoriasis free some day by using this method.

Here is what works for me. I try to do a bleach bath a couple of times a week when I can, for 15 minutes at a time, with 1/2 cup of bleach in the bath. While your in the bath if you lightly rub the affected areas you can feel the plaques and extra skin come off easily.

When I get out of the tub the areas are nice and smooth and I then use a cotton ball and wipe the areas with either ACV or astringent, let dry and then immediately cover the areas with betamethasone. So far this has worked wonders for me, 75% of my psoriasis has disappeared and I am working on the other 25%. I realize this isn't a natural remedy but just thought I would share.

Oil Pulling, Black Turtle Beans, Soy Beans
Posted by Miss Dimples (Hong Kong, Prc) on 05/20/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Black turtle beans, Soy beans, oil Pulling for Psoriasis

Some background info: I'm 33 yrs old, female. I'm not on any supplement or medication. My weight is normal, my health has been good and never had any serious disease, except cold and flu once in a few year. I'm also a runner and did several marathons in the past. Quite a healthy eater to start with, low salt, no sugar, no MSG, no junk food or no fast food, no dairy product, eating meat once in awhile. Lots of salad and slightly cooked veggies, and fruits.

My skin had been flawless until 4 years ago. I got psoriasis on both cheeks 4 years ago due to skin infection (i spot treated some flat warts with tea tree oil and that burnt my skin) while I was going through a very stressful period of my life, ever since, I had tried many different approaches, internal and external remedies (including ACV and baking soda), the best they could do was to temporarily improve the condition, but once the treatments were stopped, it tended to come back. My condition was not very serious but my skin flaked like crazy and the patches turned red and burned every once in awhile, especially after running. I could only wish it was grown elsewhere instead of my face.

3 weeks ago, I have started using sesame oil (regular sesame oil from grocery store, not cold pressed and organic) for oil pulling (swishing oil in the mouth for 20mins and spit it out) every morning and before bed, also started to avoid high GI foods, quit rice and noodles, eating soy pulp and soy milk (homemade) made out of soaked soy beans and black turtle beans bough from the local markets in China as my staple. Occasionally I would have rolled oatmeal once a day. Just doing this out of curiosity and see what this change can bring to me, and hopefully it would make a difference to my skin. I started to notice the difference the next day. My skin was all cleared nice and supple at the first 3 days, then when I ran on the forth day on, it flaked, turned red, itched and burn, I thought it got worse but wanted to give it a bit more time. The flaky patches was a bit different than then the flare ups. It all flaked at the same time (evenly) and a few spots where I had warts also bulged out and turned red. After the big initial "flare up", I had also had a few flaky patches afterward, but can tell it's been significantly improved, the patches have been healed and lightened, some areas are all cleared up already. 90% healed by now. Skin completely regenerates itself every 28 days, and also depends on your age, the older you are, the longer it takes. I expect it would be all gone and healed, back to normal in two more weeks. I run almost everyday, 5K minimum, sometimes 15K. Personally, after running is the best time to examine the condition. No flare up now, lesser and lesser redness I can detect from my face. My skin is even and radiant now, I think I must had done something right.

Black turtle beans have very powerful anti oxidation and anti aging effects loaded with goodies, great for the skin. Same with soy, get the organically grown ones. I know there are tons of mixed opinions about soy drinks in US, but I believe the problems mainly come from the commercial manufacturing process and GMO. Asians have been eating lots of soy products and other beans. Personally I see no reason of quitting it.

How I make soy drink: I grab a handful of black turtle beans and soy beans individually, soak them overnight, drain the water and wash it slightly, before pouring into a soy drink maker. I do it twice, I put half of the beans and add 1.8 liter of hot boiled water, the machine grinds and cooks the beans, all done in 20 mins. Filter the pulp with a cotton bag that I sewed. Eat the pulp 3 times a day, drink soy milk throughout the day. Slightly lesser than 3.6 liters, that can last me for two days.

The benefits of oil pulling are many, you might want to check it out. Possibly, the cold pressed organic extra virgin sesame oil would work out best, but I'm happy with the roasted sesame oil, it does the job well.

I'm not a naturopathic doctor, or a TCM doctor, I don't know why it works, or maybe it only works to me, but I really think I must have done something right, and I hope this would help you too!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Sandi (Johnson City, Tx.) on 05/17/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I received an email regarding the benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil, so I immediately bought some. At first I was skeptical of using it, but after reading websites about the benefits, I decided to try it on my psoriasis. I have been plagued with this on the bottom of my feet for more than 10 yrs.

I slathered it all over my feet before bedtime and put ankle socks on and go to bed. After 2 wks, the psoriasis has completely gone away. Amazing stuff!

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Anonymous (Campbell, Ca ) on 05/06/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I am a 68 year old woman and have had psoriasis on one elbow for at least 6 years. The skin area affected was about 1 1/2 inches in diameter. I read on the internet that diatomaceous earth would resolve this problem. I purchased a 25 pound package of human grade diatomaceous earth (DE) for about $25.00 on the internet. The suggested daily amount to take is 1 heaping Tablespoon in a glass of water. I took this amount for 4 weeks and the psoriasis totally went away. Several web sites also suggested that you make a paste of the earth and put it on the affected area. I did this several times but then just put the earth in water on a daily basis and drank it. This would possibly work faster if you did both the paste and drank the DE in water. I stopped using the paste because it was getting on my clothes. I had tried aloe vera and other skin lotions and that didn't work. Diatamaceous earth is silica and it seems likely that this is a deficiency of silica in the diet. You can purchase smaller amounts of DE for a lesser price if this is all you want to use it for. My guess is that it would take longer to clear up psoriasis that covers a larger area. I was really surprised that this worked in such a short amount of time. The reason I tried this was I read testimonials on at least 6 web sites that said this was effective in getting rid of psoriasis. I will continue to use DE. If this is a deficiency in the diet, my guess is that it would be good to take DE at least several times a week on an on-going basis. In addition to working on psoriasis, it is very inexpensive. If used only for psoriasis, a 25 pound bag should last for many years - likely the reason this is not promoted by the established medical industry.

I purchased the larger amount of DE as I wanted to use it for garden pest control. DE has more than 100 health, pet, garden, and household uses, is not a chemical, and has no dangerous side effects to people or pets.

Posted by Midwestmad (Rochester, Minnesota, Usa) on 04/29/2013

I hope you're following the procedures for iodine supplementation. As iodine replaces bromine in your system, it leaves the bromine to float free in your bloodstream and it does some very bad stuff to you if you let it build up. For me, I was craving so much salt it was ridiculous and I was feeling more and more run down. I went to my functional medicine doctor and told him I thought it was possibly bromine detox. It turns out it was interfering with my body's utilization of magnesium. That is a pretty serious consequence. You can't foot with bromine detox. However, it is pretty simple to deal with. You must ingest chloride (in the form of unprocessed sea salt or, if your sodium sensative, I saw that ConcenTrace Trace Mineral drops contains a decent amount of chloride. ) If you don't already have it, search for a document called "The Guide to Supplementing with Iodine." It has some great tips for dealing with all the concequences of iodine supplementation. I found it here: Guide to Supplementing with Iodine.pdf

FYI: The ultimate cause of psoriasis (and many degenerative diseases) is leaky gut (resulting from poor diet and excessive toxicity. ) A functional medicine doctor will help heal your sister from the inside starting with, I presume, cleaning up the gut (getting rid of infection) and working to kill off the systemic candida (fungus) in her bloodstream, etc. (I've been working on cleaning up my system for the past year and the number of changes are immense! ) I wish you both luck!!!

Shea Butter
Posted by Tainowoman (Orlando, Fl, Us) on 04/29/2013
4 out of 5 stars

I've had psoriasis since I was a kid and I'm 44yo now. It comes and goes and for the most part has been limited to areas that are not so obvious. When it does flare up, it is sore, painful and really REALLY incovenient.

OTC creams didn't work, prescription meds were not an option and many homemade salves, ointments, lotions and rubs just didn't work for me.

Never tried aloe.

However, we use coconut oil for everything in my house and I tried it on my psoriasis. It was ok, but the results didn't last long. I put it on right after showering, while I was still damp. It's looked good that evening, but in the morning the dry patches would be back.

What did work for me was Shea butter. I only need to apply it once a day and I do so right after my shower. :) I have a little patch on my knee that's looking real good and doesn't itch or hurt.

I've also started drinking green smoothies.

Hope this helps someone else.

Bee Propolis
Posted by Sunita (Bangalore, Karnataka) on 03/22/2013


I would advise you to use virgin coconut oil it has been found to be an excellent natural treatment for relieving psoriasis. A common recommendation is to take 2 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil each day. It can either be consumed directly from the spoon, or you can mix it into a fruit smoothie, sautee vegetables with it, or use it as a replacement for butter when eating pancakes. Another option is to apply virgin coconut oil topically onto the affected area 3 times per day.

Note : Use virgin coconut oil extracted from coconut milk.

Pustular Psoriasis Remedies
Posted by Joy (Battleground, Wash) on 03/21/2013

I was reading somewhere that milk of magnesia was a good treatment for infected boils even in the groin or infected hair follicles, maybe it would work for your condition.

Pustular Psoriasis Remedies
Posted by Alesia (League City, Texas, United States) on 03/21/2013

I have pustular psoriasis on both of my hands and the bottom of one foot. I had strep 4 months ago and just started breaking out with these bumps that looked like fire ant bites. The doctors have been ginving me topical ointments but are not helping.

My skin is peeling off of the palms of my hands and is getting very painful. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Candida Connection
Posted by Laura (Clarkrange, Tn) on 03/17/2013

excellant article. I was burning the backs of my hands all winter from putting wood into stove. Put lavender oil on them & they'de heal. A yr ago I had massive facial surgery to remove basil cell cancer. Worked good. Now, about three wks ago I had candida, stomach aches. And all of a sudden psoriasis on back of hands and face. Was using essential oils to no avail. Am spraying with half water, half food grade glycerin on effected areas. Now to tackle the candida. Hopefully naturally. Thank you for all you info.

Candida Connection
Posted by Abby (Bangalore, India) on 03/06/2013

Hi Kumar, Start Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil three times a day & within six months you will see a significant change in your problem.

For more info on Oil Pulling, check oil

Regards, Abby

Candida Connection
Posted by Fred (Kirkland, USA) on 03/04/2013

Hello Herbgirl. I must reply to your post since, your post lead me to alleviate all my symptoms of psoriasis out of the many I read. I reply to you in thanks but I am also in very large part writing to anyone who has symptoms of psoriasis so that I may possibly help someone. Much of the information on the web as of 2012 was not encouraging and I don't suspect it has changed. I read your post several months ago when I had an itching spreading spot on the front of my leg exactly where my cell phone was kept in my front pocket. I then learned that prolonged cell phone/skin contact causes a burn and psoriasis can be "triggered" from a skin injury. I believed a burn could be just such a skin injury. (Dear reader: If you are reading this to hopefully cure your condition please excuse my rambling style. I know how difficult it is combing through posts looking for a solution. I have included all I have done to elleviate my symptoms and all the reasoning I can remember, but it is scattered throughout the post).

I've been no stranger to strange skin conditions (and doctors shrugging their shoulders at me and giving me some ointment of some sort and hoping that I go away) so I read up on it myself and ended up using hydro-cortizone cream very early on which cleared it temporarily and allowed me to sleep without the burning itch but would come back even more severe and spread out days later. I read and searched more. I chose not to be diagnosed since the hydrocortozone cream made it go away temporarily. I figured my guess was as good as most any doctor I had run into at that point. If the hydrocortozone didn't have any affect at I all, I would have been at a dermatologist at once with fears of chemotherapy. Using the hydro-cortozone cream lead me to believe that what I had was most likely psoriasis and not anything more severe. Also I had quite of a bit of separation of my middle fingernail bed on both hands which I understand is an indicator of psoriasis or a type of it. On the spot on my leg, there was a bit of flaking and it seamed to have a cyclic nature of spread and scale/flake and it always itched, especially when I was stressed. All these things were consistant with psoriasis symptoms and the pictures of diagnosed psoriasis affected skin on the web looked most like my condition.

Based mainly on your posts I started eating two table spoons of organic coconut oil twice a day and soon I was sore all over. I had attempted a candida diet about ten years before and I had given up on it. I realized this ache was the "die off" feeling that I had felt on the candida diet so I started on the Syntol immediately. Also I was drinking the organic apple cider vinegar and baking soda (1 TBSP to 1/2 teaspoon baking soda to about 10 oz water) twice a day. After a week on the Syntol (3 capsules 1 hour before a meal and 3 capsules 2 hours after a meal) two or three times a day, I noticed less itching and no more spreading on my leg. For the next several weeks I would only itch and flair up during periods of stress but it was less severe and there was healing (natural looking skin) at the center of the red spot. I quit taking the 2 tablespoons of organic coconut oil after I believed the Syntol was doing a better job of eliminating and evacuating the yeasts. My meaning is that I felt less sore and I figured I was exposing myself to less toxins and in this way take longer to accomplish the gut flora balance which I thought might be easier on my system in general. Plus the relaxation of the symptoms resulted in less stress and more confidence that my body was being allowed to heal itself. As far as I can figure, when the coconut oil kills the yeast it just releases the toxins into your body, but the syntol surrounds them colloidally (I'm familiar with colloid action having had a bit of chemistry in a previous lab job that I had to quit due to allergies... ). I now see the soreness after ingesting coconut oil as a very useful indicator of yeast in the gut (the more sore the worse the problem I suppose).

After about a month and a half of taking the Syntol there was a red circle left around the affected area which diminished after a few more weeks. At this time I relaxed my intake of apple cider vinager and baking soda. In times of stress, a small area of where the problem first started would turn red for about an hour or two and then subside without itching. It has been several months and I am completely itch free even under stress. The area of the first redness and itching is now just barely visible like a year old tan line and invisible under bright light. Thank you so much for your post! My first symtoms started about 8 months ago with a spot about the size of a silver dollar and after three months was about 5 inches in diameter. Now, at about five months from the worst point, I am completely free of any trouble from it. I am now quite thankful for the ordeal to have brought this underlying gut flora balance problem to my attention again and hopefully I have solved it. It is quite likely the underlying problem would have come to the surface in a possibly more severe manner in the future. I drink the apple cider vinegar occasionally. I took the Syntol for about three months. I've taken a break from it for a while since it's not exactly cheap (worth it though). I believe I'll experiment taking a maintance type of amount to see if my fingernails will completely attach. They are not quite as seperated but still a noticeable bit detached at one side.

Posted by Kbruce (Hendersonville, NC) on 02/21/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Oh my I can't believe iodine as a cure for psoriasis is not on this site. My sister came to visit for a week earlier this month. She was covered in psoriasis scales on her elbow, knees, wrist and inside the palm of her hand, also with scratches and lesions from scratching herself. I was shocked to see how aweful it had gotten since the last time we visited. She had been to Drs and Dermatoligists and spent thousands of dollars and no help. She spent hundreds on single tubes of cream that didnt even stop the itch let alone get rid of her psoriasis.

I had just started on Lugol's solution for my own symptoms of low iodine ie no energy and hair falling out... So I told her about the lugols and mentioned that in my reading about it, I heard it could help Psoriasis! She agreed to try it and started putting it on, after a couple of hours she stared at me in disbelief stating she had not itched or scratched since putting it on so put it on again. She and I were both excited the next day when here psoriasis was 50% gone! Needless to say by the end of the week all she had was a small patch where it was the worst on her wrist and probably due to the fact that she didnt use it as much the last couple of days because she didnt want the discoloration on her wrist when we went out for the evening! I'm still in shock that nothing helped her for years and in one week she's 95% cured of Psoriasis!! I sent the bottle home with her and she continues to improve...

I just hope this helps someone since I saw it with my own eyes how beneficial even 2% Lugol's solution is. I imagine the 5% will work even faster but it did work for her maybe you too:)

PS She did take a couple of drops in water each day as well as topically!


Vitamin D
Posted by Mississippi (Hernando, Mississippi) on 01/18/2013
5 out of 5 stars

My husband had severe psoriasis-covering almost his entire body-he had two different kinds and was so ill at one point he could not work and eventually was on crutches due to cellulitis forming on his foot. He suffered from boils at the same time and only got worse with time. We went to medical doctors-holistic doctors-and chiropractors-we had blood work to see what deficiencies he might have and had allergy testing-he was given prescriptions for antibiotics (for the cellulitis)-salves-nasal sprays-and we used many home remedies recommended on this site. Although he found some relief with some of the remedies-nothing worked to slow down the psoriasis or the boils. We learned that Vit-D deficiency is a cause for psoriasis-he took mega doses of Vit-D 3. He is a carpenter and most of his work is outside in the sunlight-a wonderful, natural form of Vit-D. I do not believe he was absorbing the Vit-D in whatever form he got it. (Due to underlying issues.)

The doctors all asked the same question-was there an injury, or a life changing event-they were looking for a trigger-most people who have psoriasis to the degree my husband did-are younger at the offset-he was 50 years old. His only life change at the time was a job that had him working indoors and working through the nighttime when he normally would have been sleeping. He worked through the night and slept (as best as he could) during the day. He kept this schedule for several months and I believe this was the trigger they were looking for. He has always been a healthy, muscular, active man-he became tired, sick, and had a long list of illnesses. Regular sleep is important and I believe sleeping during the night is essential to good health. To wrap this up-after many months of searching and trying different meds, herbs, salves, remedies, we found John Pegano's book on Healing Psoriasis-followed his recommendation to stop eating nightshades and saw immediate results. The boils-terrible boils-dried up and have not returned-the Psoriasis is gone besides two patches on the insides of his legs near his ankles (we believe those will clear up with more time. ) We have followed other suggestions in the book but this one seems to be what turned things around, drastically. The nightshade vegetables include Potatoes, Tomatoes, Egg Plant, Spicey Peppers, & Tobacco. I hope this helps someone else suffering from similar problems with Psoriasis, cellulitis, or boils (cysts). We are still amazed at the results from something so simple-it was hard at first to change his diet to meals without these foods-but he will not touch any of them now.

White Vinegar
Posted by Mary (South Williamsport, Pennsylvania) on 12/31/2012
5 out of 5 stars

It helped mine all by accident. I read that it is better for your hair than conditioner and helped with the ph balance of your scalp so I used it after a shampoo. NO ITCHING OR ICKY CHUNKS FOR AT LEAST A WEEK!!! I swear by it now. I use it every week on my scalp and in my hair after shampooing and let it set for about 10 minutes. I love it and what it does to my hair!!! Granted the smell isn't the best, but it is much better than the spoiled smell of apple cyder vinager (which I now also consume to help my immune system).

Posted by Rose (West New York, Nj) on 12/07/2012
4 out of 5 stars

The glycerin has moisturized my scalp and has reduced the scaling and itching tremendously. I have been using it for 16 days so far, and I can't say that I am cured but it is a major relief. I will continue to use it because it is safe and has no known side effects for external use, and hope that it will eventually cure my psoriasis because I've tried every natural remedy available and nothing else worked.

Folic Acid
Posted by Becky (St Charles, Mo) on 12/07/2012

how much did you take per day? I have 500 mg pills, not sure if I should stick to just one like it says or if I should take a couple more a day. What helped you?

Topical Application of Colloidal Silver
Posted by Brittany (Grove City, Oh, Usa) on 12/05/2012

Yes, please share how many ppm the colloidal silver was! I have a form of psoriasis on my hands and feet and would love to try this! :)

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Helen (Hopkinsville, Kentucky, Usa) on 12/03/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Age 66. I have had single areas and multiple of what I called psoriasis (not diagnosed) for years. About 3 weeks ago, I got the typical rash, redness, and thickening on both forearms and chest. I have used peroxide 3% full strength rubbed on areas with good results. It still takes months to completely get rid of it but it works. It takes longer, too, when scratched or shaved over areas. The most recent is looking much better already.

Posted by Muslim (Oslo, Norway) on 11/29/2012

Hi Rose, I wonder if the glycerin just moisturized your scalp that made scalp stop being dry and flake off. Coud you give more spesifikk about that. Are you cured or did you just manage the flaking of the psoriaris?? I dont kritize you. The reason I ask is because I have a friend who suffers something alike. I wonder if it CURES it, if it does I would remember this and recomend this to him as well as others. Thank you for even submitting something you have found to help. I wish you good health. Have a nice day/night. Friendly Greetings from a Muslim.

Posted by Rose (West New York, Nj) on 11/29/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have had severe scalp psoriasis for the past 6 years. I have tried every natural remedy imaginable, but nothing has ever worked. After reading the info on this site regarding glycerin, I decided to give it a try. I have been using it for 8 days now, and cannot believe that the itching and flaking are almost gone. I am wearing a black top today, and NO FLAKES. I am so happy, and will continue to use the glycerin with hopes that it will go away and never return. It's a miracle!!!

Neem Oil
Posted by Dianne (Delaware, Ontario) on 11/11/2012

How much Neem oil did you use in your ear? My son is experiencing same problems, sore behind his ear and tender to touch on side of neck just below his ear.

Bee Propolis
Posted by Helen (Austin, Tx) on 11/06/2012
1 out of 5 stars


I tried the bee propolis on my scalp for psoriasis; I guess I misunderstood how to use it; its extremely sticky and stains. So I had huge globs of brown sticky stuff; it would not come off at all, not from my fingers or the sink or the countertop and certainly not from my scalp. it was like I had superglued my hair to my scalp. I wrote the company; they said they had no solution of how to get it off. Anyway, I finally am soaking it in hairspray/alcohol for an hour or so before I wash it and it is gradually coming out. I assume it should have been diluted; anyway, it doesn't seem to have helped the condition.

Over the Counter
Posted by Straycat (Minneapolis, Mn, Usa) on 10/20/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I personally do not suffer from psoriasis, but a friend of mine in Canada does. I mentioned a different skin ailment that I am experiencing to her and she said I might try overnight renewing foot cream. She has psoriasis quite bad on her shins and one night as she was using the cream on her feet she started to rub it on her shins also just because it felt good. She says her psorisis is so much better since she started to use this cream. While the cream did not really provide any relief for my skin condition, I thought I'd mention it to you all since it seemed to lessen the severity of psorsis for her.

Castille Soap
Posted by Ava (Greensboro, Nc) on 10/13/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Re: Post by Brendan from Adelaide, South Australia- Neither ACV nor baking soda worked for me, but when my scalp psoriasis was noticeably better after a week at the beach, I began using pure castile soap to clean my scalp and then rinsed it with a small amount of sea salt dissolved in warm water. Saline solution does sting a bit at first, but I decided to rinse it from my scalp only. My existing sores healed quickly - and without the excessive itching that had kept me constantly digging at my scalp. (I preferred sores to the constant itch! ) I've experienced 95% improvement after three months of this regimen and will likely fare much better when I finally conquer the learned scratching habit. I pray that this information will help others who found no relief from the many other remedies suggested, because psoriasis has such a negative effect on the quality of one's life. Best wishes!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Megg (North Vernon, Indiana, Usa) on 10/09/2012

Hi Megg here.. What was the name of this stuff do you remember? I have psorisis also and would like to know that name of this stuff... Thanks

Coconut Oil
Posted by Connie (Hastings, Ontario) on 10/06/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Starting from what appeared to be insect bites, this skin ailment covered most of lower legs and appeared on arms also. It was apparent that anything with fragrance in it was affecting this skin condition, so I proceeded to use soaps like pine tar, and ones that were fragrance free. I purchased approximately $300.00 worth of over the counter ointments, antihistimine, antibiotics from doctor and after waiting seven (7) months to for epidermist I was diagnosed with psoriasis and given prescription for cortisone cream. I filled two prescriptions, with no results. My daughter's husband had an ointment for treating poison ivy, same as mine, only half the strength. I applied this ointment occasionally and EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL three times (3x) per day, and got healed with marvellous results within one month. No more psoriasis.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Derold (Atlanta, Ga) on 10/01/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Ok I have had this condition in back of my scalp since my college years I am now 47 African American), I have been using Alo for the last week consistently and the condition began to reverse, inflammation was reduced. After seeing this site I went out and got the ACV and added that to my arsenal of attack, it's only been a few days and the bumps that made me embarrassed to go to the barber are all but gone, I am thinking by the close of this week, I may be bump free for the first time in 20 plus years. Crazy thing is I have been to all kind of specialist to include dermatologist and none of them worked. To think a simple natural cure for something many docs have told me I just have to learn to live with, I am sharing this with all I come across. Thank you all for the heads up on the ACV. It works It works. I wish I could post befor and after pics.

Posted by Betty (Helllstown, California) on 10/01/2012
1 out of 5 stars

Vitamin D and sunshine does not help my psoriasis, (and I have every type offered along with the arthritis) Also Vitamin D creams was akin to just greasing my body up and that was it.... It does not work on some people..... A shame since I am in Calif!

Topical Application of Colloidal Silver
Posted by Jenny (Hartford , Wi) on 09/16/2012

Can you tell me how many ppm the colloidal silver was that your friend put on her psoriasis? I would like to buy some for my mother-in-law to try on her psoriasis.

Emu Oil
Posted by Dianne (Delaware, Ontario, Canada) on 09/15/2012

Hi there.... Can you give me the name of the product you purchased from Walmart. I would like for my son to try it. Thanks

Bleach Baths
Posted by Christie (San Francisco, California) on 09/14/2012

Sara--Your experiment with bleach is interesting. I once read a NY Times article about a case where bathing in bleach solution brought about complete remission of psoriasis. There's evidence that some types of psoriasis might actually be fungal infections, which could also account for why ACV also works in some cases.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Enzymes
Posted by Rose (West New York, Nj, Usa) on 08/26/2012

Kathy, there are so many different brands of systemic enzymes on the market. Could you please provide the name of the brand you used and any other information you may have? I have scalp psoriasis, and would very much like to try what worked for you. I've tried everything else, and nothing has worked for me. Thank you.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Lele (Riverside, Ca) on 08/21/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I am a little mad at myself for not using this sooner (I think I avoided it because I hate using anything greasy). For starters, I found my coconut oil at my local Walmart. I use Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, which you can find in the vitamin section for $10.

The first time I applied this, I put it directly on the affected areas and left it on overnight (to heat the oil I leave the container in a bowl of hot water). By morning, all the red patches had turned white and were completely smooth. I can't tell you how thrilled I was. I now use this as a deep conditioner once a week, as well. Coconut Oil has become my go-to treatment for my psoriasis.

Gluten Free, Tar Ointment
Posted by Nicole (New York, Usa) on 08/13/2012

I felt the need to give feedback on this site after finding success after struggling with psoriasis on my scalp for 5 years. Your comments and suggestions have made all the difference to me, so maybe mine can be of help to you. For years I had thick scabby buildup on my scalp that would itch and flake horribly. I always told myself that I wouldn't take harsh prescription drugs until the psoriasis really started to affect my daily life. As of recent months, it began to take its toll on my emotional well being. I had tried shampoos, herbs, coconut oil, moroccan oil, apple cider vinegar, and various other remedies. I had tried a tar shampoo 4 years ago, and saw no change with it.

However, recently I have gone gluten free (for my digestive system) and it has been three weeks and I feel better. A WEEK ago I started putting a tar ointment on (Psoriacin) and I am almost completely clear! I had also been taking coconut oil everyday, but I really think putting the tar ointment on before bed, and shampooing in the morning with a salicydic acid shampoo REALLY helped me. I am almost completely clear! I hope this helps any of your struggling with this condition!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Natla (Woodland Park, New Jersey, USA) on 08/05/2012

Can you update your condition? How many times a week and for how long did you do the bath? Thank you for putting out this info.