Natural Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

Posted by Corrie (Anchorage, Alaska) on 08/09/2008
5 out of 5 stars

re: Rheumatoid Arthritis Remedies: I just had one session of acupuncture with a sefu who lives in the area. It was AMAZING. I feel better than I have in months and he was telling me about problems I have had for years, but hadn't even mentioned to him. I am highly against medication, and I was willing to try pretty much any alternative. I think if I have one or two more sessions with him, I will be completely pain free.

Posted by Val (Anchorage, Alaska) on 01/20/2010

Hi Corrie, I was just diagnosed with RA last week and have been in pain for 6 months now. Can you give me the name of the person you went to for acupuncture to help with your RA? I'd like to explore that option too. Thanks, Val

Posted by Nohard (Aristomenis, Greece) on 03/06/2012

Copper bracelets are so simple to make, just go to your local electricity wholesalers and by some 6 or 8mm copper cable, strip off the cover and cut to the lenght of you wrist, you can either make as a single wrap or double or treble, it's your choice to help heal and as a fashion accessory, seal the ends with some solder, job done, enjoy. Good Luck

Juice Fasts
Posted by Gabriela (Pahoa, USA) on 02/04/2008

Hi Deirdre,

Thank you so much for your appreciation. When I was fasting for 4 weeks and drinking only herbal teas and fruit juices, I did very simple juices at the time. Carrot -apple was my favorite. What I wanted to tell you was: it is not soo terribly important which exact recipe cured me. Important was the fasting of 4 weeks with juices. What I wanted to say is, to stop eating industrialized food, food from cans, dead food, chemical food, beverages, comfort food and so on, - THAT is important. There are books out there for juice fasting with recipes. To overcome RA you have to do serious detoxification programs on all levels.

1) strong determination and motivation for self-cure including learning about healing and detoxification and your specific illness (I read a ton of books)

2) juice fasting and detoxification on all levels (in US cities I would care very much to filter drinking water, in my area it's not a problem)

3) RAVE diet (google it)

4) Exercise

5) Relaxation and understanding of your situation from a higher perspective

6) Connection to the spiritual

7) Necessary changes in life (work, relationships, etc) (illness comes from a major stress in life) I always got a serious outbreak of RA when something was very wrong in my life. This has to be determined and worked at. I had to change jobs and work on my relationships and I had to leave a marriage. My illness was actually guiding me. Through my illness I was often forced to do something what I couldn't and wouldn't have done otherwise. that is the spiritual part of the "deeper connections".

All these things combined are the "healing factor". Not one recipe with a few different ingredients.

I did fasting for 4 weeks and afterwards RAVE diet (only natural and lots of raw and organic food). Plus exercise, saunas, taking out amalgam of teeth etc. It is not this ONE single recipe what will cure you but running, fasting, and changing your lifestyle on different levels plus the aforementioned determination and motivation and sense of purpose. All vegetables and fruits grown organically are healing foods. Juices are concentrated healing foods especially all dark greens. Sorry, I am not into this "one recipe thing". This doesn't heal a serious illness like RA.

So, I hope I am not disappointing you, but this is what still helps me when I have health troubles. this is just a broad guideline for people who are capable to read and learn for themselves. I had to believe in myself as I took the responsibility to get out of my medications against the advice of all these specialists and doctors and even against my naturopaths advice.

This is another important step: to start to believe in yourself more than anybody out there (however high up they seem to be). So, it's a real journey to yourself and your own powers.

Mahalo for your interest,

ACV and Baking Soda, MSM, Mag Citrate
Posted by Sharon (NY, NY) on 03/23/2009

Are you still on the site? Hope so. I am treating my RA without drugs. I use hydrologized collaigin, Green barley juice powder, and spirolina. I have used BSM and liked it a lot. But I found that I MUST eliminate foods that cause inflammation before any benefit is stable. When the pain is localized I have found that it is a particlar food that caused that flare, example milk makes my knees swell, rice makes all my joints swell, chocolate gives me a flare in my hands.

Eliminate the foods by going to a simple diet of no grains, milk, citrus fruits, sweets and just eat veggies, beans, fruits, fish and occasional chicken for two weeks. Add back foods you normally eat and watch for reactions. Also if you feel better if you are not eating your regular diet, then that is a clue that there are food sensitivities.

Arthrid powder - 1 scoop
Barley Grass Juice powder - 1/2 teaspoon (slowly work up to a tablespoon or more)
Spirolina Powder 1/4 -1/2 teaspoon
blend in vegetable or fruit juice to eliminate flares, take 1 time a day for health, 2 times a day wit a flare.


EC: BSM = Blackstrap Molasses

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Barbara (El Paso, USA) on 07/29/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with RA at the age of 29. I am now 65 and have not had many flare ups until the last few months. Then, it started acting up in my right knee and hip. For almost 2 weeks I could hardly walk without help, and, could not even lie, much left sleep, on my right side. Then, I made a long trip driving my husband's pickup truck. When I returned from the trip, after about 2 days both my wrists hurt so bad I could barely function. I used wrist bands, Arthritis Bengay, I was desperate.

Then I found this site while I was searching for natural cures. I started using ACV, mixed with water and honey, about 2 weeks ago. I have been using the store brand from where I shop, it is 5%. I am totally amazed with the results. Almost NO pain, in my knee, hip or wrists!! I can even sleep on my right side!!

I will take Ted's advice about using the baking soda as I have had a little burning in the tummy, but, it's worth it to be able to sit here and type, lift, move, without pain in my wrists. I have also lost about 5 pounds. My goal there is 15 more. I will continue my ACV regimen, am trying to get my husband to try it and haven't succeeded as of this date. Thank you for this web site!!!

Lemon Peel and Olive Oil
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 11/19/2020

Hi Paulette,

I make a 1 quart mason jar at a time. It will last long enough to do a 3 weeks treatment if using it similar as you would a castor oil pack. I don't refrigerate. I've used it up to 3 months just setting in the jar on my counter with no problem. Just smell it before hand to make sure it has not gone rancid.

Posted by Melanie (Ireland) on 11/16/2018

HI, just wondering who the TED you referred to is please?!! would be interested to read about his dosage recommendations and any accompanying research, many thanks in advance!

Supplements, Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Pat (Japan) on 01/21/2016
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Would like to share my experience with all that have been battling RA. My first symptoms appeared about 9 years ago. I would get flare ups in jaw, fingers, wrist, knees, toes, feet, shoulders, ankles. Almost all joints except elbows. Doctors did not sort this out at first. But was confirmed with an Anti Nuclear test of some sort. Experienced frozen shoulder twice. Went through alot of xrays, MRI's and painkillers. I started looking online for help and changed my diet first. Fish, seeds, nuts, beans, vegetarian protein powder, fruits, vegetables, and lots of water. Cut out gluten, dairy, meat, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and soda. Also began a routine in the morning of stretching, light weight lifting, and calisthenics, finishing with a bike run.

To this day I experimented with supplements. I am down to five now:
NSC-24 Joint and Tissue formula
NSC-24 beta glucan
NSC-24 Multi Vitamin
Krill Oil
and Apple Cider Vinegar. (ACV)

It did not happen immediately. However, it was a slow noticeable change. To the point where for the past over 3 years I have had little to no pain. The few times mild pain has occured I believe it because I was of my protocol. Ate beef and or ran out of Dr. Mercola Krill Oil. I believe this to be the best and the most important supplement that I take. Also firm believer in ACV as it helps regulate the pH in your system so that bad bacteria does not get out of control.

I would be glad to share my experiences with any and all who need assistance. v/r Pat

Organic Juice and Coffee Fast
Posted by Felicia (Fl) on 11/26/2015
5 out of 5 stars

When I was diagnosed with RA I couldn't walk right, sleep or even use the restroom without tears. After tons of pills and shots the doctor prescribed to me and a fever that about killed me I decided to take matters into my own hands. I started a organic juice and organic coffee enema fast to rid my body of the toxins and poisons that I was filling my body on a regular basis with. I got the idea from The Gerson Therapy and diet. Look up any of those words and do research on the subject. For me it all just clicked and I understood how the body gets hurt and heals. I went all out and got the books and didn't do anything half way.

I am now drug free and best of all pain free and live a normal active healthy life..I keep my powerful juicer on hand and use it when I am not feeling like I should. Good luck.

Posted by Sp (New Jersey) on 04/28/2015 32 posts

Hi Joi, MSM and vitamin C do work synergistically together, but I have no idea if it would help with the heart palpitations. I used to take MSM for my full body arthritis but what really did the trick for me was going 100% gluten free. Within the first week I could feel the difference and in a matter of months I felt so much better I could walk and take stairs without pain. It's hard to go 100% gluten free, but it's worth a try. It's so worth it for me. Good luck.

Posted by If it 13 (Ireland) on 11/24/2020

Did you ever go for a massager? There is one on eBay and Amazon websites. It's a shoulder massager with straps at both sides. When using it, go deep and then don't do it for few days to recover. Then redo it and don't be afraid to lie back to a wall etc but get to the muscle and keep it on it. You will get great relief after a few days. Go on the internet and see diagrams of where the muscle is and go along it with the massager.

Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 11/24/2020

MSM is interesting. As it works, it needs lots of vitamin C and it lowers other things. Go to the MSM page here and read up a bit may help you use it for relief and gain all its benefits. Blessings, charity

Posted by Chicago (Illinois) on 01/12/2015

Can I please have that recipe for turmeric bullet..

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)
Posted by Prioris (Fl) on 11/07/2013
4 out of 5 stars

In regards to Rheumatoid Arthritis, I want to relate my experience using Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA).

When I eat dairy products especially milk and ice cream, I notice my RA DOES act up. When I eat the dairy with one tablet of CLA, my RA DOES NOT seem to act up.

I have found a supporting study that relates my personal experience

Milk has been anecdotally associated with an exacerbation of arthritic symptoms. A case study presented in the Arthritis and Rheumatism Journal found that some patients have an allergic response to milk that creates inflammation in the joints. Another study published in Arthritis Today magazine found that one compound in milk called conjugated linoleic acid actually reduced inflammation. Patients are advised to eliminate milk for one week to monitor symptom relief. In addition, milk and dairy products are rich sources of calcium and vitamin D which strengthen bones and prevent fractures and other bone concerns for those with osteoarthritis.

For people whose RA acts up but may desire to eat dairy products, this may be something to experiment with.

As an aside, CLA also does wonders for body fat management but each person is different in when they will respond. It took me nearly 7 months and others respond more very quick.

CLA got removed from the diet when they stopped using grass fed animals.

MSM, Magnesium, Vitamin D
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 11/01/2013

Hello again Arshia,

You ask about how to take DMSO. If my hands are aching and feeling stiff, then I take about one tablespoon of DMSO and rub into hands making sure nuckles and joints in wrist are covered. The DMSO is watery so you want to do this over the sink. In a minute the solvent will absorb into the skin. I have a great acecdotal story besides myself; it was my father, about 20 years ago, and he was complaining of the cramping in the hands I described above. Got him on the DMSO immediately and the next day, no problem. So in his case, the result was nearly immediate. I've found I have to use the DMSO every six months or so to ward off the condition.

If I use the DMSO on knees or ankles, I water down the DMSO by about half purified water because the DMSO can sting a bit without dilution. DMSO is a solvent and a penetrant and your breath will be garlic like for a day afterward.

I once had a nutritionally oriented MD who would give me IVs for nutrition and he would cap off the IV bag with 25 cc of DMSO, so as to rush the nutrients past the blood brain barrier. Thus the nutrients got to all organs including brain.

The point is in answering your questions: DMSO can be used topically or internally. I'm not suggesting you take a large dose orally. I have taken a tablespoon in a large glass of purified water.

Normally I used it topically.

I use 99.9 percent pure food grade and you can get the best from googling "Dr. Jacobs DMSO" and don't forget to google the you tube on DMSO I mentioned in the prior post: "Youtube Dr Jacobs 60 minutes"

Did I answer all your questions?

Best ....dave

Rheumatoid Arthritis Remedies
Posted by Mama To Many (Middle, Tennessee, Usa) on 07/06/2013

Dear Patricia, Cat's Claw Bark is good for the inflammation of RA. It may take a number of different things in combination to help. Last year my daugther had symptoms of Juvenile RA. (Pediatrician thought that was what it was, but we didn't have the testing done as we didn't want to go the Big Pharma route. ) She was 8. We took her to a natuaropath who had her do many things. She also had asthma, migraines and eczema. Praise the Lord, she has no symptoms of RA or eczema anymore. Her migraines and asthma attacks are infrequent.

Daily she took Cat's Claw Bark in capsules, nettles in capsules, vitamin C, Blackstrap Molasses, and Vitamin D. She doesn't take any of that any more. If she has an asthma flare up, she takes nettles. She does take feverfew every day to prevent migraines.

She does have a pretty healthy diet, eats very little processed food.

You might also add Apple Cider Vinegar to your daily routine - 1 T. In 8 oz. Of water twice a day. Drinking at least 1/2 gallon of pure water a day (herbal tea and vinegar in your water are okay.)

Let us know what helps you!
~Mama to Many~

Rheumatoid Arthritis and UTI Connection
Posted by Colleen (Brooklyn, Ny) on 08/10/2013

I agree with the idea that aged cheese triggers/ brings on the symptoms of RA. This is something people who suffer from arthritis should take note of as simple as it sounds. More people should be made aware of it. I am one such sufferer who by way of elimination and deduction realized the source of my pain and now refrain from all cheeses and voila no pain in the joints.

Rheumatoid Arthritis and UTI Connection
Posted by Art (California ) on 11/05/2016 1460 posts

Pat (Merseyside),

Tetracycline, like many other drugs, comes with a fairly lengthy list of potential side effects which should definitely be considered given the proposed length of treatment (years). The longer duration of use probably increases a persons chances of running into one of those side effects at some point during the treatment, but this has to be weighed in relation to the possible benefit of eliminantion arthritis. As a person who used to have severe arthritis that is now in remission by usings Ted's borax remedy, I can certainly understand the desire to take that risk though. Here is a couple of links to the potential adverse events associated with use of Tetracycline of which some would be considered severe. Even borax is not compatible with everyone as mentioned on this forum.

This article discusses ways to help mitigate some of those potential side effects associated with antibiotic use:

Best of health going forward.


General Feedback
Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 11/08/2012

Hi Dotsdaughter2, Quite honestly, this sounds like a terrible idea. Yes, rheumatoid arthritis is a nasty disease but using antibiotics, let alone for two years, is only going to wreak havoc throughout your whole body. Antibiotics already ravage the system by depleting it of probiotics and good bacterias which the body needs but imagine what it has done in two years! And then to top it off, another two years of antibiotics? I would highly reconsider this path.

There are plenty of other avenues you can take to rid yourself of parasites and bacteria that would not be destructive the way antibiotics can be. Here is the section on parasite remedies:

Here is the section on remedies for mycoplasma but, begin by reading what Ted has to say about antibiotics and mycoplasma under Ted's remedies in this section:

Also, begin helping your body restore its gut flora by getting probiotics back into it. Your body most likely is dealing with systemic candida. Work to start clearing the candida and getting kefir, fermented veggies, yogurt with varied good bacterias in it, into your body. Anyway, I wish you the best, Lisa

Dietary Changes, Colloidal Silver
Posted by Pii (Pocatello, Idaho, United States) on 07/16/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, In October of 2009, I was experiencing inflammation in my toes. They were red and looked like sausages. Then it spread to my fingers, elbows, shoulders, knees and I knew something was desperately wrong. It was a pain that one does not understand unless one has experienced it. Having gone through several brain surgeries in my life, I could not deal with this. Just thinking about this causes me to panic. I need to tell my story so that it may help others.

I made an appointment with a local rheumatologist. I also scoured the internet for some clue as to what I could find as far as a treatment. I read about Dr. Brown's protocol on Dr. Mercola's website. I figured it was RA. Without a long drawn out explanation of my experiences with the docs, I will tell you that I was diagnosed as having RA in more than 40 joints by a famous hospital in Scottsdale, Chicago, locally and in Idaho. Four doctors agreed that I should take methotrexate and Humera. NO WAY! I am 55 years old and know too many people that have died from cancer because of the drugs. My friend has Anchalosing arthritis and he quit taking the methotrexate and now he is awaiting a liver transplant.

After refusing the drugs, I contacted some alternative believing PhD's. I followed Dr. Mercola's recommendations according to the Dr. Brown protocol. I was so crippled but everything started coming together and making sense. Dr. Brown believed it has to do with a virus and with food.

I purchased a collgen2 ionic colloidal silver generator from Fred Peschel. I understand the science and I spoke with the inventor and his generator was being used by NASA and he had so many testimonials about how his 7ppm ionic silver is pure and it was inexpensive to make. I drink 16-32 ounces per day.

I started taking 30,000 iu of D3 per day. This dramatically decreased the pain by 40 percent in 1 week. I had my blood tested for my D3 level. The ideal level is 120 and mine was at 20. I have read that the average North American has a D3 level of 20. This is a BIG part of the reason for cancer, heart problems, etc. My daughter is a cardiac nurse and 30,000 I. U. 's is the daily dose for heart patients. I was told to buy the little gel pills and I buy the NOW brand. It is filled with olive oil.

  • NO MORE SODA, diet or regular
  • Un-pasteurized milk. I found a milk supplier at
  • NO processed foods
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • Lots of green leafy vegetables
  • Olive Oil
  • Oranges, Lemons, Melons (live enzymes)
  • Little REAL sugar
  • Farm Fresh Eggs
  • Raw cheese
  • I receive emails about anti-inflammatory diets.

Well, I had to drastically change my diet, but we must , in order live healthy! 3 months after I started this way of eating, the pain slowly went away. I went to one of the docs who is an MD and has a PhD in immunology. He said "I've got great news, I checked your blood profile and you DON'T have RA!!!!! He told me that my D3 level was at a healthy 120. He even asked me how I did it.

4 hospitals diagnosed me and now it is gone.

Dr. Browns protocol uses mynocycline (anti-biotic) to put people into complete remission. The ionic silver 7ppm is bio available and it is not a drug. Don't let the establishment tell you that once you have RA, there is no way you can go into remission.

God Bless Anyone who suffers from this disease, but you can get better. I always say knowledge is power and wisdom is putting it into action.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Sick Of Pain (Austin, Texas) on 02/25/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I could not stand upright or walk without limping for pain. I tried the H2O2 in a spray bottle as seen on u tube. Within 15 minutes I noticed reduction in pain. From an 8 to 3. So I remembered I use to put on a little DMSO and sprayed a little HP on my leg, hip, and lower back. I am now so delighted I can hardly type. Pain is almost gone. Just a little pain in mid back and neck. I have lived with rheumatoid arthritis for 30 years. Thank you so much for the tips. Rose

General Feedback
Posted by Linda (San Francisco, Ca, Usa) on 01/22/2012

Hi Suzie, Yes I know exactly where to get it, but EC probably won't allow me to post it (IMO for good reason, we'd all be overrun with marketing spam :-)), so if you do a web search for 'hydrangea root herb' that ought to answer you with some good sources.

I want to repeat this and stress it most importantly- *I have to be very careful to avoid fillers and excipients in whatever I take! * Including in capsule supplements (read the *fine print* on the bottle before purchasing)! Especially Calcium Carbonate (powdered limestone), which sets me on fire everywhere, and then took several months to get the stuff out of my body.. There is only one brand of capsuled enzymes I know of which worked for me (from my post above, the brand name was removed), and those helped *a lot*.

When I got a dose of Calcium Carbonate, the thing that helped the most to get rid of it was Hydrangea Root Tea during the daytime, and ~3/4 to 1 tablespoon of ACV (organic, with the Mother), *diluted into 8 oz of water* and drunk at bedtime on the way to bed.

If you still cannot locate Hydrangea Root, then the Swedish Bitters recommended in the excellent work of the famous Herbalist Maria Treben are also reported to dissolve joint calcifications over time. The Hydrangea Root was much faster than this, for me.

I hope this helps,


Chicken Cartilage
Posted by Edithanne (Grateful For Earthclinic!, Usa) on 12/27/2011

Yes, eating jello seems to help.

Dietary Changes, Apple Cider Vinegar, Herbs
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 05/04/2016

Dear Bill (Brockton, MA)

Wow, you are doing a lot of great things. It would be discouraging to not see progress with so many things you are doing.

I would consider trying milk kefir and nettle. Those are the two things that seemed to turn my daughter around when she was dealing with possible RA and asthma. She has neither now.

You say you were in great health until last year...what happened last year? Did you move or have some illness? I am just wondering if there was a trigger to this for you.

I am hoping others here will have some ideas for you.

Dietary Changes, Apple Cider Vinegar, Herbs
Posted by Isabel (Tampa) on 05/05/2016

I also have rheumatoid arthritis. For the last 2 months I had taken golden milk, it has changed my life completely. You can look at you tube and there is a lot of information on how to do it. I use 1 cup of milk (almond milk) 1/2 a teaspoon of turmeric 1 teaspoon of oil (sesame, but it can be any kind) and little bit of black pepper. Just warm it up, not boiling, and drink it before going to bed, Just try for 2 weeks and it will change your life.

Posted by Bhkh3433 (St. Clair, Missouri) on 07/06/2009
4 out of 5 stars


I found out 2 years ago that I have rheumatoid arthritis. I've seen doctor after doctor trying to find a cure to the pain that I was enduring. They put me on several different medicines starting with Naproxy Sodium and going all the way up to Cyclophosomide (I probably spelled that one wrong.) which is a chemotherapy drug with horrible side effects and about the worse you can get. My next step if this treatment didn't work was bone marrow replacement therapy, which scared me to death. Anyway, I have been sick for a very long time. Lethargic, unable to fight off infections, getting them over and over again as soon as I stop taking precription antibiotics for them, unable to stay motivated, memory loss, etc. I wanted to found a natural cure after I started reading some articles on the internet. They told me that not only was Prednisone and Cyclophosomide bad for you, but that they were slowly killing me. They are toxic over a long period of time and even though they were taking care of my arthritis pain, I was constantly sick, tired, and not really even wanting to be on this planet anymore because my quality of life was so poor. I couldn't do anything, not even shopping at the grocery store without becoming so incredibly tired and lethargic afterwards that I had to go home and go to bed. In fact most of the past 2 years of my life has been spent in bed, missing family functions and kid time. I started looking for natural cures for arthritis and came across an article about garlic, not just garlic, but the allicin found in garlic. One of the websites that I found told me to take a garlic clove, which you should be able to buy at any grocery store, chop it up and eat it quickly, along with ginger in some milk. You have to eat it quickly and raw. If you keep it out in the air too long, the allicin will evaporate. You only have a few minutes and the allicin is what you are wanting, not the garlic. The ginger helps the inflammation of the bones and joints because it has a warming effect, and the garlic helps to cure the disease. It doesn't just work on arthritis, but they are claiming, cancer, aids, sinus infections, sore throats, staff and strep, plus many others. I've been doing this for about 3 days now. I've been off of cyclophosomide for over a week and I'm feeling better than what I have felt in about 2 years. When I first started taking the garlic, about 2 days ago, I had a severe sinus infection that wouldn't leave. I've had it off and on for about 4 straight weeks now. Garlic is also supposed to help fight asthma and allergies which I also have. None of those have been bothering me since I took the garlic. Just make sure that you have plenty of cool milk or some other cool liquid nearby because when you eat it raw, it's very hot! The only side effects that I've noticed is of course, garlic breath, and a little heart burn. Everything else this website promised has worked and I'm feeling energetic again, but also pain free. I found out later that the cyclophosomide that I was taking is also a carcinogenic, meaning that it will eventually give me cancer. I understand that doctors are trying to help you and release you from your pain, but to give you something that will take the pain away, but kill you in the process just doesn't seem right to me.

When taking the garlic, you need 1 clove. What I've been doing is chopping it up into small pieces, and then eating the pieces and grinding them up further with my teeth. Once again, I STRESS. It's very hot, so make sure you have something to drink that's COLD nearby. I'd really love to hear from anyone else to see if you have the same results I did.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Tina (Vancouver, Canada) on 04/14/2009
5 out of 5 stars

1.5 yrs ago I was diagnosed with RA (Rheumatiod Arthritis) and I learned what pain is. I have been taking 6 different medications for it and allergy medicine. I had gotten to the point where I wasn't sure if I would ever get better, and deffinatly knew that I did not want to be taking a handsful of pills everyday, when it was suggested that I look at this website and specifically at the Hydrogen Peroxide Cures, that maybe there was something there.

I did and also looked at some other websites to see both sides of the story, and decided that maybe this could help me.

3 weeks into treatment following the drop schedule I had started with 3 drops 3 times a day of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide diluted down to 3% and was now at 25 drops 3 times a day, I felt good enough to stop taking all of my medications. I had been gradually decreasing them since I had started taking the HP, I didn't just stop taking them all of a sudden, I had feared withdrawl symptoms, or other side effects. I would simply take one pill out of my regime every few days or so, and see if there were any ill effects. As of today I am 3 weeks off my medications.

I thought it might be worth a mention though, as I haven't read it anywhere else yet, that I started experiencing the Cleansing Crisis, and went to the local Health Food store to see if they had any sugestions to help me to ease the new joint pain that I was experiencing as I did not want to take any Over the Counter Drugs for the pain, and the Health Food Store Owner sugested that I add more fiber, as some toxin's need to leave the body through the bowels, not just through the liver and urine. She suggested that since I was so far into the Therapy that I start out with 3 tbs of a fiber supliment 3 times a day for a week or so the help eleminate more of the toxin's. I have followed her direction for 2 days now, and have noticed a considerabe improvment. I think if I had been taking a fiber supliment regularly since I had started the HP Therapy, maybe I wouldn't have gone through the Cleansing Crisis, although I am by no means a registered naturopath or anything, just a regular person willing to learn, it deffinatly makes sence to me that this information might be of benifit to others.

Something else I have experienced is throat soarness. For this I have Apple Cider Vinager mixed with equal parts Honey ready in my fridge, and would take this 15 mls 3 time a day until the soarness went away. I have also found it a great way to head off colds.

And Just another side note: I have been using the HP as ear drops for my boyfriend and myself, and have noticed that his hearing has improved (he has a perforated ear drum, and was hard of hearing, he is in construction and the loud machinery has been gradually making his hearing worse). The other night he asked me to turn the TV down, that has never happened befor.e

I am still feeling some soarness and stifness, although I am not sure if that can be associated with the fresh snow on the mountains, but now I can see a future without pain and without RA. I am optimistic.

Oil Pulling
Posted by Connie (Manitowoc, Wisconsin) on 08/04/2009

Religiously avoid glutamate and other excitotoxins. Read up on glutamate and neurotoxicity. Scary...

A link between inhaling pig brain tissue and fibromyalgia type symptoms:

Star Tribune - "... Since December, 12 meatpackers at the Quality Pork Processors (QPP) plant in Austin and two at a plant in Indiana have reported fatigue, numbness and tingling in their arms and legs, with a wide range in severity. A few are severely disabled, while others have been treated and returned to work.

Their symptoms are like those associated with a number of diseases in which the body's immune system attacks the nerves or the sheath that surrounds them.

All the workers were stationed near the powerful air-compression systems that blow brains out of pig heads at what is known as the head table, officials said. The process is no longer being used at either plant."

I found relief from an overall achyness and pain in my hands and legs this way:

-- religiously avoiding excitotoxins like glutamate and aspartame, and mystery ingredients such as "natural flavor", "natural fragrance", "spices" and the like, also avoid all other additives and pervertatives... I mean preservatives...

-- avoiding sugar, salt and the things you mentioned

-- avoiding fluoride and heavy metal sources etc. like processed foods and beverages, bottled and tap water, sodas (Coca Cola, Pepsi etc), premade juices

-- eating organic and raw foods as exclusively as possible; may I suggest avocados, limes, green apples, bananas, melons, rice, steal cut oatmeal, sea salt, cold pressed sesame oil, cold pressed virgin coconut oil, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil

-- taking a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in water daily or as needed (I use the kind with the "mother), this worked nearly instantly, and mixed with a little baking soda has a pleasant taste

-- taking 1,000 to 4,000 mg ascorbic acid with rose hips daily or as needed (can cause gastric discomfort)

-- taking a 1/4 teaspoon Borax in a liter of water daily for a few days or as needed (God bless you, Ted)

-- taking a tablespoon of unsulfured blackstrap molasses as needed, try to find one with a high iron and potassium content

-- taking a teaspoon of magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt - a laxative) in a short glass of warm water with a chaser such as a strawberry or glass of cold water to rinse the taste from the mouth, I also do this if I feel pressure in my chest when I lay down

-- do a juice fast drinking dandelion roots/leaves put through your juicer and water - but not fluoridated pharmaceutical soup tap water:

Washington Post - "... In addition to caffeine, the drugs found in water treated by the Washington Aqueduct include the well-known pain medications ibuprofen and naproxen, commonly found in Aleve. But there were also some lesser-known drugs: carbamazepine, an anti-convulsive to reduce epileptic seizures and a mood stabilizer for treating bipolar disorders; sulfamethoxazole, an antibiotic that can be used for humans and animals in treating urinary tract and other infections; and monensin, an antibiotic typically given to cattle. In addition, the study uncovered traces of triclocarban, a disinfectant used in antibacterial soaps."

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Karen (Usa) on 02/16/2016

Famous fitness guru Jack LaLane drank it daily and swore by it. He lived to be about 94 years old and caught pneumonia or would have still been lifting weights.

Posted by Charles (Hendersonville, North Carolina) on 09/25/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Potassium is the name of the game so far as rheumatoid arthritis is concerned. However you do not have to drink vinegar to interfere with potassium excretion. You can get enough from food. To see how, see my website: Sincerely, Charles Weber

Oil Pulling
Posted by Trina (St.Helens, Oregon) on 08/07/2008

Rheumatoid/Osteo Arthritis: So update, I have done oil pulling and still have twice everyday. My Arthritis is not completely gone. I think it's because i aint using the right oil. But i still sleep well and no more chocolate addiction. And branded scar is completly GONE Due to the Organic Sufflower oil that i pulled with. Anyways i wanna loose weight to help my arthritis because my doctor says i have both.((RA/OA)) So i try the recommended Master Cleanse Diet (from this site by a person). After day one i felt really Pain free. in that diet all you drink is Cayenne pepper in filtered water with Grade A/B Organic Maple syrup and organic lemon. Oh and diet tea and salt laxitive. I did that diet for 2 and half days without eating.

Anyways it was the cayenne pepper that made me pain free. I researched cayenne pepper online and bought the pills. It works great. I take more then it says too. it takes about 6 Cayenne fruit pills. it cost less the 3 dollars at Wal-mart. And Well worth it!! - u know that diet i was supposed to have min. Look up Cayenne pepper it does much more then just for pain oh and weight loss. 3 thumbs way up.

Oil Pulling
Posted by Trina (Saint Helens, Oregon) on 05/21/2010

My update -- i stopped oil pulling in 2009 because i was pregnant with my daughter and I became ill every time i tried to swish. Anyways in that time NOT Oil fibromyalgia Pulling My RA had gotten worse and my teeth. I finally got the doctors to agree that I had RA and ruled out OA but i might have fibromyalgia. So anyways i am on day 2 of oil pulling and already i can feel it working and i slept better and it was easier to get up 3 times in the middle of the night. (( oh and i found sunflower 100% oil at the Dollar Tree of all places ))

Posted by Ani (Ontario, Canada) on 04/02/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Wearing a copper bracelet can significantly help with arthritis, back pain, aches and joint pains. My parents swear by it. In fact my dad makes jewelry and after he discovered that copper helped him with his bad back pain he started making copper bracelets for sale. He has been selling them for over 15 years and the personal testimonials he's heard are remarkable. The amount that it helps is individual of course and varies but most people feel at least SOME improvement while others say they experience DRAMATIC improvement. In any case it's cheap to try and can't do any harm. I'm surprised copper wasn't posted before and curious to read other people's experiences with this.

ACV and Baking Soda, MSM, Mag Citrate
Posted by Anonymous (USA) on 11/29/2007
4 out of 5 stars

I would like any help I can get from someone who has found relief for RA ( other than prescriptions). Any suggestions would be great. I have tried 2 Tbs AVC-1 tsp honey-1/8 tsp of BS, have been doing this for 2 months, added lemon juice 2 days before the 1st flare and continued with it until the 2nd flar 5 days later so stopped the lemon juice. Stopped taking meds 4 weeks ago and have had 2 flare ups, oddly they are both in the same shoulder and last longer than the 24 hrs.. Never had that happen before, it always moves to another joint. I did find a little info from Ted to someone, so I went and got powdered or granulated MSM, Mag citrate, and sodium ascorbate. Pain is still there but am ablr to move it enough to continue working. I did purchase the castor oil pack but haven't tried yet. Does this work for RA pain? I just wanted you all to know a friend told me of this site, so we both started doing some of these things together. I also have told a people to check out your site. I do alot of what has been suggested here. So far I love every thing I've tried and when I go back to doing other things like using soap...YUCK. makes your skin feel really sticky or it has a film on it. I also find oil pulling very relaxing. Thank you all for your in put and suggestions and really enjoy reading on this site.

ACV and Baking Soda, MSM, Mag Citrate
Posted by Albrecht (CA) on 11/29/2020

I have RA and food does the same to me. I had eat to only vegetables, no nightshades or starchy ones, fish and one fruit to get pain relief. If I add some fat, oils, grains or sugar I get pain. I got pain and swelling in my knee after dairy and high fructose. Grains cause me all over pain and si joint pain. I lost weight but the pain is better. Hopefully, others won't have to be as strict and I hope to add more foods soon. lets you check to see if you are reaching all your daily vitamin minerals goals by adding the foods you consumed.

ACV and Baking Soda, MSM, Mag Citrate
Posted by Caitlin (Austin, TX) on 05/09/2009

Nearly everyone I speak with who is over 50 is complaining about shoulder pain so bad that they can't sleep at night from the constant ache. Two years ago I had this bursitis or whatever it is and started eliminating grains predominately from my diet and it began lessoning within a week until, after 2 months the pain was gone. I stuck to fruit, veggies and meat. I've always been addicted to bread - be it spaghetti, pizza, rolls etc. Now that I know have grain/milk protein intolerances I limit these foods to no more than once a week. I initially lost weight but compensated by overeating other foods so I'm handling that problem as well. By the way, this shoulder pain can also be indicative of type 2 diabetes. Also, when fluoride is added to water supplies, doctors begin seeing more elderly patients with joint pain and more joint deterioration. Fluoride is a curse.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Karen (Usa) on 02/18/2016
4 out of 5 stars

I knew people with RA and one want to just jump a cliff. The other did too but had elderly parents to care for. He was on weekly chemo to kill the pain.

I, however, refuse to be killed off with toxic medicines and decided since all if Earthclinic's cures work for me, why not see if the cure for RA would help me too. One dose gave me less pain and mobility. I need to make this my daily routine.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Susan (Tampa, FL) on 01/03/2007
5 out of 5 stars

2 tsp honey, 2 tsp apple cider vinegar in 8 to 16 ounces of water 3 times a day cured my arthritis, back pain and allergies. I was in so much pain for many many years with severe back problems, and then 2 years ago was diagnosed with rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. The dr. prescribed steroids, and 2 different immuno suppresant drugs and the side effects were horrible. I could hardly get out of bed in the morning, my joints and muscles hurt so bad, i also have fibromyalgia. I started this regimen about a month ago and saw immediate results. My hay fever has cleared up also. My sinuses are dry, usually I always have a bad post nasal drip problem. I feel more energized, and my body just feels good, like it is getting what it needs.

Posted by David K. (Minnivale, Western Australia) on 09/02/2022
5 out of 5 stars

A friend had chronic rheumatoid arthritis for a long time before I met the family. I told him to try taking boron in the form of borax, but because of the label on the container, would not - even though I showed him that I take it every day as 'preventative' medicine. So essential as our soils are deficient in it - the reason why sheep and cattle suffer from arthritis.

I showed him the on line publication, "The Borax Conspiracy" which while remaining hesitant, decided to ask his specialist if it was OK to take it.

The reply was, "If it does not do you any good, it will certainly not do you any harm." So he took ¼ teaspoon for two weeks, after which he was pain free and off all his medication for which had to have blood tests every 3 months'.

When he said to the specialist, "I suppose you will recommend this to all your patients?" The reply was: "I am not allowed to." Of course, so many people make money as a result of the suffering of other people.

Lemon Peel and Olive Oil
Posted by Frances (Cabarlah, Qld.) on 01/23/2021

In my opinion, in our Qld. climate, refrigeration would be recommended. The olive oil will thicken in the fridge but liquify when portion taken out on the kitchen counter.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda
Posted by Chicaria (Montana) on 07/22/2017
2 out of 5 stars

I have a question regarding the ACV, honey and baking soda tonic. I started drinking it last week and began with just ACV and honey. I couple days later I added in the baking soda and it neutralized the tartness/tang of the vinegar making the tonic very palatable. My question is does the baking soda also neutralize the effects of the ACV as I have not had any relief from my RA... but then again I have only been taking it for about 5 days. Any thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Gluten-Free Diet
Posted by Ben (Bremerton, Wa ) on 03/20/2016

About rheumatoid arthritis and Hashimoto's thyroid: I studies this one a few years ago, both conditions are linked to mycoplasma fermentans infection so one treatment should fix you up in a hurry - Gallium nitrate.

Gluten-Free Diet
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 03/22/2016 2075 posts

Ben: Perhaps you would enlighten us as how to properly administer G.N., proper amounts and such, as this is very important.

Gluten-Free Diet
Posted by Ben (Bremerton) on 03/22/2016

TimH, It is best to talk to George about technical details. Have you read his articles and visited his site? george eby his phone number is 512-263-0805

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Myway (Usa) on 09/27/2015

Calming down the inflammation is key (as you know) so, here are my suggestions. My neighbor, who took methotrexate for a couple years, has RA but it is improving tremendously with the following regimen:

1. Turmeric capsules 2X a day

2. Black seed oil (nigella sativa) 1 tsp 2x a day

3. Spraying magnesium oil on joints nightly and in morning

4. 1 Tablespoon of unrefined, organic, virgin coconut oil 2X a day (put it in food)

5. No sweets, no grains

6. Lugols iodine (I don't know the amount)

7. 4 mg astaxanthin, 2x a day

8. 8 glasses of filtered water a day

It has taken her about 3 months to get about 80% improvement with this regimen. She was taking boatloads of meds but was tired all the time. The meds were taking it's toll.

I hope this information gives you hope, Patsy....

:D MyWay

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Sp (New Jersey) on 09/28/2015 32 posts

Hi Patsy, I had full body arthritis. I went 100% gluten free, (checking all food labels and websites and celiac sites), for a different health problem. Going gluten free didn't do a thing for that problem, but it cleared up the full body arthritis. It was miraculous for me. It's hard to go gluten free, but it was so worth it for me.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 09/13/2015

DMSO might help too...Google "60 Minutes Dr. Jacobs DMSO"....a three part series done by Sixty Minutes years ago on the benefits of DMSO. RA is one of the ones discussed.

Chicken Cartilage
Posted by Phyllis (Vero Beach, Fl) on 07/31/2015

Google Borax for arthritis. It has helped a lot of people.

Sesame Oil Massage
Posted by Bea (Arkansas) on 09/30/2016

I am one of those who is doing Dr. Brown's antibiotic protocol with Minocycline. I have been on it since 2007. I was dx'd with RA in 2003. It has worked well for me. I do not take the antibiotic every day. Currently I only take 100mg on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. It is an option. I have tried to discontinue the antibiotics, but regressed quickly to the point of not being able to function. There are a few books out there about therapy and also the Rhuematic Support board. That may help you get more info.

Sesame Oil Massage
Posted by Lori (Johnstown Pa) on 12/20/2018

What you are looking for is the Tetracycline cure. Go to a site called "The Road " and it will direct you to what you need. Amazon carries the original book and then there is a new updated RA arthritis book where they use minocycline which is more effective. You can seek out Drs in your area that use this protocol. I have not tried not myself but it is a low dose long term treatment to kill the infection they believe causes it. Good Luck

Posted by Art (California ) on 04/27/2015 1460 posts

Have you tried the borax remedy? MSM was helpful for me, but borax was much better with no apparent side effects.


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