Natural Remedies for Rheumatoid Arthritis: Effective Solutions

| Modified on Nov 20, 2023
Posted by KDMR (Ontario, Canada) on 10/30/2023

Seeing exciting improvements with Borax but days off are hard

I have been doing the borax protocol, 1/8 tsp per day in a litre of water, for almost 3 weeks (for RA). I am seeing gradual improvements that have me very excited and hopeful. However, I find that the days off (i.e., 5 on, 2 off) are quite difficult. It's like I go right back to pre-borax days... even if I just take one day off. Makes me want to do 7 days a week. Thoughts? I am wondering if I should increase dose? Or just do every day for awhile?? Fyi I am a woman, 59. I am in quite bad shape without the boron. I have lost faith in doctor's / drug company's treatments and so am not on any for the RA. I do also take CBD oil, which is helpful, too. Thank you.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet
Posted by Anne (Laguna Niguel) on 10/26/2023

I know what you mean, it's hard to know what to eat. First thing, exercise has been proven to be anti inflammatory, so walk or get in a stationery bicycle, it will lessen the inflammation. Also, don't eat processed junk it is not rebuilding your cells. We are what we eat literally, so eat food that is whole. Write out ten meals that are highly nutritious and try to have the foods on hand. Green smoothie (kale, berries banana ice in a blender). Sweet potato, rice beans and broccoli. My body reacts to sugary foods and processed foods with swollen joints and pain. I have to reset my body by eating plain veggies and fruits to get it feeling more calm. You are what you eat :)

Posted by Regina (Marietta, GA) on 08/11/2023

When I figured out that I have RA I did a lot of research and found that capers are loaded with Quercetin. I bought a jar of organic capers from Costco and began to eat 2-3 Tablespoon per day, or sometimes more. After a few days I could feel a big difference in my pain level, and after a few weeks I would not have any pain any more at all. I followed this protocol for about a year and thought my RA was cured since I didn't have any symptoms. So, I stopped taking it. Shortly after discontinuing it, my RA came back but not with much pain. I was getting tired of eating so many capers every day that I incorporated only about a teaspoon per day or nothing at all. I also dipped into chocolates and sweets much more often than I should, and ate lots of breads, rolls, noodles, etc., etc. You get the picture. This was probably the time when my Hashimoto's started to creep in. I have started again with my capers routine because I know it works, but it does not cure RA. Quercetin is a Flavonoid and a very powerful antioxidant, which combats inflammation, but it does not cure anything by itself. It is a bandaid only. You have to find the cause (very likely a leaky gut) and take it from there. In the mean time the Quercetin in capers will help you to be pain free, or close to it.

Another important thing - the capers in the jar are extremely salty. I have to rinse the jar about 5-6 times thoroughly and fill it with fresh spring water. Then I put some in a smaller jar that I fill with plain spring water and put them both in the fridge. Each day I rinse the smaller jar and fill it with fresh spring water again until the salt is gone. The salt serves as a preservative but if you use it every day it is gone before it can get bad. I never had any problem with it.

Hope this helps you as much as it did help me.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Sheri (California ) on 06/05/2023

I would look into Rheumatoid Solutions. Basically, exercise is proven in case study to reduce inflammation (stationary bicycle) and eating Whole Foods, high in nutrients, also intermittent fasting. I start eating around 1:00pm and it's reduced my pain and swelling. I avoid oils and most animal products and refined sugars. You will see swelling go down in one to two weeks. You will wake up feeling less pain!

Posted by Lori DeVries (PA) on 04/22/2023

Moringa for Natural RA cure....I used following link and followed the instructions on this fellow that had bad RA and got off a can read the comments on the video...I also don't do wheat milk or sugar best I can.

Dietary Changes, Supplements
Posted by Ma (Phoenix) on 06/11/2020

This is my experience with the epsom salt flush. A brief health history first:

I suffer from R. Arthritis for about 10 years. The first 9 years I've been able to manage pretty well with exercise strict diet and herbs. The last year, I seemed to have gotten worse to a point that I couldn't get out of bed. Everything I ate caused me severe joint pain that I just would starve myself and sleep all day. I also noticed that I wasn't hungry anymore and lost about 15 lbs in less than 6 months. I'm petite 110lb and went down to 95 lbs where my bones in my shoulders and ribs were showing. I tried my own natural remedies: turmeric, acv, etc. and still severe pain

Finally after 6 months of nothing working, I saw a local ND but she was no help. All she did was suggest detox supplements that she sold and although I had a little bit more energy, my joint pain was unbearable, like 9 to 10 unbearable and barely getting any sleep at night. I spent about $1000 on her and I was still suffering. She also was a devout believer in muscle testing, so she would tell me I couldn't eat this food or that food which left me barely eating and starving myself further.

I tried elimination diet while in her care and I was starving myself figuring out what foods to eat. I think she made me worse. Then I broke down and decided to spend money on a functional practitioner and he ordered a thorough panel of tests: blood, stool, urine, etc. I found out that I was severely deficient in vitamins, iron, calcium, etc. So I had several bacteria in my stool (h.pylori), had methylation, and high ammomia, high cholesterol, etc. So instead of tackling my bacteria issues which were causing me digestive issues, he sold me expensive herbal supplements to focus on reducing inflammation which cost another 200. Then after 2 weeks he started adding b vitamins and vitamin d but no probiotics or anything to focus on my digestion. I drank Ted's antibacterial tea (1 tsp of each: thyme, cumin, oregano, ceylon cinnamon, and 1/2tsp of clove (everything was grounded) and drank that 2 to 3 times a day and that really helped my joint and my digestion but was still feeling nauseous and having very loose stools..

Finally I decided to let him go and found an amazing ND from N. Mexico. I left a message to the front desk about my issues and he told her to call me back told me to take 4 drops of Lugols first thing AM and Afternoon on empty stomach wait an hour and then take enteric probiotic then wait an hour to eat. He said in about 4 days you should start feeling better. In 2 days, I was pain free and was able to eat way better. Not perfect but 80 to 85% improvement. I decided to drive 6 hours to go see him the next week. I told him about my lab test and all my issues. He didn't even look at them. He knew exactly what I needed. I forgot to add that I also have a very painful right shoulder that is frozen. An xray showed demineralization and osteoporosis (he said vitamin c will cure this).

So he gave me this regimen: no gluten or dairy, eat chicken, eggs, legumes, and lots of fruits and veggies, 4000 mg of vit c, a mutivitamin which includes probiotics and digestive enzymes, fulvic and humic acid drink, plant based iron supplement, and said to sit in sun for 30 minutes everyday for vitamin D. He also told me about earthing which I try to do everyday but now I'm looking into making an earthling mat for my bed. He also said, do an epsom salt flush. I waited a few days to do this flush but in the meantime, everything he gave me, my pain went from 9 to 10 to 2 to 4 just in a few days.

So here is my experience with epsom salt flush. It was a horrible experience. It tasted terrible and although I had lots of chaff and green stones, I was nauseous and had diarrhea and pounding headache for a week rendering me not being able to take supplements or eat anything losing 5 lbs and my weight going down to 90lbs.. A few days later, I suffered severe pain heart palpitations that I thought I was having a heart attack that would not stop after a half hour. I almost went to the emergency room but was scared about the covid. I tried everything to calm it down: breathing exercises, meditation, thinking happy thoughts, but my heart kept pumping hard. Finally I decided to take cbd and it helped me fall asleep peacefully with no problems. I woke up in the morning and my heart started pounding again but not as badly as the night before. I decided to do some research on epsom salt and read that it has high magnesium and figured out on my own that you need potassium to balance it. So I ate banana and freshly squeezed pink grapefruit (from my tree) every day and I haven't had any problems with my heart ever again. It's been 2 weeks since I did the flush. I think the reason my body reacted so badly to it is because I was already sick from the h. Pylori and nutritionally deficient, and so underweight that my body couldn't handle that much magnesium. I want to try the flush again bc I think it will help my digestion but I'm doing extensive research before I engage. I also want to gain more weight before I put my body through that again.

Sorry such a long story but I am feeling way better. My body has been through so much for the past year that now I'm just getting my strength back and am slowly introducing my body to different foods, almost like a baby. My pain has subsided to level 1 to 2 maybe 4 on bad days. My right shoulder is better but I found out I pinched a nerve in my neck causing my shoulder pain which I can barely move. I'm just going to start pt and go from there. That Lugol's saved my life and now I can sleep eat and exercise. And what's amazing, it only cost $ 12 for 2 bottles of 2%. I spent over 4k on the the 2 doctors and got nowhere. Shows that even ND's don't know what they're doing. Finding a good one very rare.

Hope my story helps. Stay safe and healthy!

Posted by David K. (Minnivale, Western Australia) on 09/02/2022

A friend had chronic rheumatoid arthritis for a long time before I met the family. I told him to try taking boron in the form of borax, but because of the label on the container, would not - even though I showed him that I take it every day as 'preventative' medicine. So essential as our soils are deficient in it - the reason why sheep and cattle suffer from arthritis.

I showed him the on line publication, "The Borax Conspiracy" which while remaining hesitant, decided to ask his specialist if it was OK to take it.

The reply was, "If it does not do you any good, it will certainly not do you any harm." So he took ¼ teaspoon for two weeks, after which he was pain free and off all his medication for which had to have blood tests every 3 months'.

When he said to the specialist, "I suppose you will recommend this to all your patients?" The reply was: "I am not allowed to." Of course, so many people make money as a result of the suffering of other people.

Supplements, Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Gerry (Malakoff TX) on 05/29/2022

I would love to know more about your trying for RA. Like much of each supplement and how you use ACV. Thank you for sharing, and your offer to help.

Posted by Elsa (91701) on 11/07/2021

I have breast implants and severe Rheumatoid arthritis.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Kris (W. A) on 09/13/2021

ACV IS a brilliant alkaline product. So one would become less acidic. Perhaps the week off the ACV would prevent becoming too alkaline.

Rheumatoid Arthritis and UTI Connection
Posted by Kimberly (California) on 06/18/2021

Interesting. I've read a 3 day water fast will reset your immune system. Maybe, the fast gets rid of the antibodies. Going to try Dr Fuhrman's protocol for fasting. Antibiotics put me into remission 2x, but not this time. My feet are so painful.

Lemon Peel and Olive Oil
Posted by Frances (Cabarlah, Qld.) on 01/23/2021

In my opinion, in our Qld. climate, refrigeration would be recommended. The olive oil will thicken in the fridge but liquify when portion taken out on the kitchen counter.

ACV and Baking Soda, MSM, Mag Citrate
Posted by Frances (Cabarlah, Qld.) on 01/23/2021

Fifty five years ago, I was diagnosed with RA. The drugs prescribed wrecked my bowels and took years to heal. I have now discovered a summary of treatment which took me years to discover. Clint Paddison has cured himself of RA with his programme. I am not sure about his advice to avoid oils as I believe evening primrose oil cured the psoraisis I developed from birth.

ACV and Baking Soda, MSM, Mag Citrate
Posted by Albrecht (CA) on 11/29/2020

I have RA and food does the same to me. I had eat to only vegetables, no nightshades or starchy ones, fish and one fruit to get pain relief. If I add some fat, oils, grains or sugar I get pain. I got pain and swelling in my knee after dairy and high fructose. Grains cause me all over pain and si joint pain. I lost weight but the pain is better. Hopefully, others won't have to be as strict and I hope to add more foods soon. lets you check to see if you are reaching all your daily vitamin minerals goals by adding the foods you consumed.

Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 11/24/2020

MSM is interesting. As it works, it needs lots of vitamin C and it lowers other things. Go to the MSM page here and read up a bit may help you use it for relief and gain all its benefits. Blessings, charity

Posted by If it 13 (Ireland) on 11/24/2020

Did you ever go for a massager? There is one on eBay and Amazon websites. It's a shoulder massager with straps at both sides. When using it, go deep and then don't do it for few days to recover. Then redo it and don't be afraid to lie back to a wall etc but get to the muscle and keep it on it. You will get great relief after a few days. Go on the internet and see diagrams of where the muscle is and go along it with the massager.

Lemon Peel and Olive Oil
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 11/20/2020


Olive oil is about 14% saturated fat, whereas 11% is polyunsaturated, such as omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. But the predominant fatty acid in olive oil is a monounsaturated fat called oleic acid, making up 73% of the total oil content. Studies suggest that oleic acid reduces inflammation, contains large amounts of anti-oxidants, and is filled with bioavailable phenolic compounds that have multiple, varied positive health effects like decreasing oxidative damage to DNA and lowering inflammatory markers and reduce oxidative stress in individuals with rheumatoid arthritis (44, 45). In one study, olive and fish oil significantly improved handgrip strength, joint pain and morning stiffness in people with rheumatoid arthritis (46).

Coconut oil, on the other hand, is made up primarily of saturated fat in the form of molecules called medium-chain-triglycerides (MCTs). It does contain polyphenols, but when compared side-by-side, olive oil topically is the better choice at reducing inflammation. Coconut oil health benefits are mainly for internal use. I put a spoonful of coconut oil in my coffee in the morning to help “lube the joints”.

The original recipe called for olive oil so I'm sticking with it. I hope this helps.

Lemon Peel and Olive Oil
Posted by Kk (Singapore) on 11/20/2020


Singapore is humid and hot 34degC day time. Can I use extra virgin coconut oil instead of olive oil?

Lemon Peel and Olive Oil
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 11/19/2020

Hi Paulette,

I make a 1 quart mason jar at a time. It will last long enough to do a 3 weeks treatment if using it similar as you would a castor oil pack. I don't refrigerate. I've used it up to 3 months just setting in the jar on my counter with no problem. Just smell it before hand to make sure it has not gone rancid.

Lemon Peel and Olive Oil
Posted by Paulette (Queensland) on 11/19/2020

I am really interested to try this. Can you tell me how long the mixture can be stored for and if it should be refrigerated?

Lemon Peel and Olive Oil
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 11/18/2020

Lemon Peel/Olive oil (This has worked for me every time I use it. I currently use this formula for hip pain (RA), knees and toes. It works great)

This recipe can be found on the internet in various forms but the ratio's are wrong and it take 2 weeks to complete. Well, I don't have 2 weeks to wait so here is the method I use to speed the process up.

Lemon peel and Olive oil ointment can be used topically to massage into painful joints anywhere on the body, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), gout, frozen shoulder, varicose veins/poor circulation of the arms and legs, skin fungal, viral and bacterial issues, ringworm (fungal), shingles (viral), skin burns, cellulite, chickpox sores (viral), chiliblains, cold sores, mouth ulcers and fever blisters (viral) of the mouth, diabetic neuropathy, eczema/psoriasis, foot and hand care, rubbed on forehead for headache/migraine/fever, inflammation, insect bites, nail health, phlebitis/thrombosis for the legs (together with internal use), respiratory problems, and many others.

The phenols in the olive oil will coat and fight inflammation, while the other ingredients go to work on pain and inflammation and the root cause of the problem.

To use lemon peels to fight the pain of inflammation. Inflammation in the body is the cause of much pain and illness. Inflammation means that the body's blood vessels are dilated and swollen. This swelling leads to redness, pressure, stiffness and pain. Although pain can be felt anywhere in the body, most commonly the pain of inflammation is felt in the joints. Joint pain can occur in any part of the body that has bone to tissue connection. That means that any one of the 360 joints in your body could be experiencing the pain of inflammation. Lemon peel can be taken internally and eaten, however, the benefits from the pain-relieving properties of the peel are believed to be best absorbed externally through the skin. Some compounds found in lemon peel cannot be passed to the bloodstream through digestion.

Nutritional Value Of Lemon Peel

Lemon peel contains 5 to 10 times more nutrients and minerals than does the juice. It contains Calcium. Iron. Magnesium. Phosphorus. Potassium. Sodium. Zinc. Copper. Selenium. vitamin C. Thiamin. Riboflavin. Niacin, Pantothenic acid. vitamin B6. Folate. vitamin A and vitamin E.

Lemon peel and Olive oil for joint pain relief

When you apply this remedy made with olive oil and lemon peel topically to the affected area, it will help improve your circulation in order to provide joint pain relief. One of the most overlooked benefits of lemons is that they can help prevent joint pain.

*The ingredients are chock-full of nutrients that reduce inflammation, pain, and stiffness.

*Also, the lemon peel contains substances like limonene, citronella and phellandrene, 3 essential oils that help relax muscles and joints, helping with any difficulty moving.

*The extra virgin olive oil contains antioxidants oleocanthal acid and omega 3 fatty acids, well-known for their ability to help painful, inflamed tissues.

*Together, these ingredients improve cellular oxygenation processes while optimizing the transportation of nutrients to your joints, a determining factor in preventing the breakdown of cartilage.

*However, it's also worth mentioning that the remedy helps stimulate your lymphatic system, a key factor in removing toxins that play a role in the pain.

*Additionally, applying it using massaging motions helps flush out retained fluids, and as if that weren't enough, prevents the accumulation of uric acid.

Rob's Quick and Dirty Recipe


*Extra virgin olive oil

*6 - 7 lemons

*Eucalyptus oil (try your mixture with or without eucalyptus to see which works better for you)

*One quart mason jar with lid


*Clean gauze



*Using a potato peeler, peel all the yellow/white (the pith) parts off the lemons. Then, place the lemon peels in a blender and add enough olive oil to cover them completely. 1:4 lemon peels to olive oil ratio is what I use. Blend the lemon peels/olive oil together. I use the pulse setting on my blender. You will want to blender it to the texture of apple sauce.

*Next, pour the mixture into the mason jar. Top off the mason jar with olive oil to about 2 inches from the rim.

*Place the mason jar into a pot filled with water on the stove. Add a mason jar ring or rolled up pieces for aluminum foil underneath the mason jar so it dose not make contact with the metal pot. Slow simmer the jar in a warm/hot bath for about 6 hours. Stir mixture with a butter knife every hour. Keep a check on the water level and add more water as needed. After 6 hours, turn off stove and allow to cool to room temperature.

*Stir mason jar and pour out one tablespoon into a small bowl then add the eucalyptus oil (10 drops per tablespoon of oil added to the finished ointment).

*Soak some gauze and place it over the painful area. Ideally you should apply this treatment at night, so that the ointment can soak into the skin while you sleep. Use it just like a Castor oil Pack.

Warning: Lemon contain natural molecules that react with UV light and cause a sensitivity reaction and a special type of sunburn. Essential oil companies often label their products that contain these compounds with a warning to avoid direct sun/UV light to the area for 12–48 hours after applying.

How to apply

*First, submerge a gauze bandage into the mixture and then apply it to the affected joint.

*Next, cover the gauze with plastic wrap, and then, if possible, with a wool scarf.

*Then, let the oil work overnight for best results.

*Next, apply every night until you get relief from the pain.

*As a preventative remedy, apply at least 3 times a week.

If you would like an even more relaxing effect for joint pain relief, heat the oil by putting the jar in a bowl of hot water before applying it. But remember to check the temperature to make sure it won't burn your skin. Additionally, you can use it to massage your joints, especially if the pain is due to fatigue or fluid retention.

Supplements, Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Idit (Israel) on 08/17/2020

Can you provide an update?

Sesame Oil Massage
Posted by Lori (Johnstown Pa) on 12/20/2018

What you are looking for is the Tetracycline cure. Go to a site called "The Road " and it will direct you to what you need. Amazon carries the original book and then there is a new updated RA arthritis book where they use minocycline which is more effective. You can seek out Drs in your area that use this protocol. I have not tried not myself but it is a low dose long term treatment to kill the infection they believe causes it. Good Luck

Dietary Changes
Posted by Sharon (Tennessee) on 12/06/2018

I have had RA for about 12 years and I've found that if I don't eat wheat or sugar, I have no pain at all. Also, everything I read about RA says to drink green tea, that it's so good for healing, but I find if I drink green tea, my feet start hurting within 10 minutes. Sugar seems to be the culprit in arthritis pain, at least for me....

Posted by Denise (Us) on 11/17/2018 50 posts

Hi Melanie,

Ted's remedies are at this link. I am fairly new here so I can't tell you much other than he has given tons of information for us to study. Others than know him better can tell you much more than I. Here's the link;) I've already used several of his suggestions myself:

Posted by Melanie (Ireland) on 11/16/2018

HI, just wondering who the TED you referred to is please?!! would be interested to read about his dosage recommendations and any accompanying research, many thanks in advance!

Rheumatoid Arthritis and UTI Connection
Posted by Anne (Laguna Niguel) on 10/01/2018

I have had about 8 UTIs since my RA diagnosis. What is interesting is I used the Sea Salt remedy from EC for my UTI and my arthritis felt so much better the next morning. My RA has deformed some of my joints so it's pretty bad. I also can not eat sweets, dairy, grains, corn, nightshades or beef. The one teaspoon of sea salt in a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon seemed to help both UTI and RA. I did eat 70% raw yesterday which always helps me. Eat your Greens!!!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Sharon (Tn) on 09/13/2018

I have had RA for 12 years, and I've found that if I don't eat sugar and/or wheat, I have NO pain. No kiddin....

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Steve (Uk) on 08/30/2018

Arthritis is usually a missing nutrient ...Boron, you need to supplement that 3mg per day! Auto immune can be whats called Leaky Gut Syndrome ... damage to the walls of the gut allowing undigested matter straight into the blood system! You would need to consider parasite infection, toxic substances, acidic processed foods etc! However you might find that the Boron will give massive relief on its own though everyone and their conditions are different ... what works well for one might not work so well for another!!!!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Stacey (British Columbia) on 08/12/2018

What HP mixture was used for his ears?

EC: Probably using 3% peroxide. Please see EC's ear wax and h2o2 page for more info..

ACV and Baking Soda, MSM, Mag Citrate
Posted by Marilyn H. (Lakewood, Ca) on 05/01/2018

Could be the fungus that grows on the grains could be causing the arthritis?

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Robert (Texas) on 04/19/2018

To the lady with HCV, I would recommend you try MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement)

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Shannon (Williston, North Dakota) on 03/03/2018

Are you still doing this.. post is pretty old, I have Psoriatic arthritis.. Shannon

Rheumatoid Arthritis and UTI Connection
Posted by Jacki (Foley, Al) on 02/04/2018

I am a 49yr old female who has naturally combated RA without pharmaceuticals for 8+ years, while also having UTI's a few times each year.
My most recent RA flare-up has been the worse and I'm now seeing minor deformaty in fingers of both hands. Otherwise, very healthy and good weight/hight ratio.

If additional information is known about the connection between these two conditions or have treatment/natural remedy recommendations, will you please advise?

Dietary Changes
Posted by Annie (Orange, Ca) on 12/10/2017

I responded to dietary changes too. My frozen elbow (over a year not straightening it) has full range of motion now! My RA is painful but much improved with diet change. I do best eating greens, such as salads. I avoid most grains and dairy like the plague. No joke. Juicing fruit and veggies or going to Nektar every other day is helping me A LOT!! I am not taking those creepy biologics anymore, too many scary side effects. If you have Rheumatoid try this :green salads every day with a little chicken and rice, eat this for a week, then add in foods slowly and see how your body responds. & Ask God for a healing.

Dietary Changes, Apple Cider Vinegar, Herbs
Posted by Valerie (New Zealand) on 10/28/2017

I suspect with excess calcium in the body that a simple solution is getting Vitamin D levels checked or 25OHD, as too little vitamin D will cause the parathyroid to be one hyperactive which causes calcium to be taken from bone into the blood increasing the chances of excess calcium in joints, kidney stones etc. Solution: get out in the sun more and take D3 during winter.

Posted by Dennis (Colorado, Usa) on 10/19/2017

Been wearing copper bracelets for years on both wrists, and yes they help, but I still have pain, in fact lately a lot of pain. so I am going to try Hydrogen peroxide and other dietary regimes, any suggestions?? thanks, Professor Sprouts

Dietary Changes
Posted by Martha (Florida) on 10/17/2017

I was diagnosed with RA 10 years ago, and the Doctor wanted me to go on a Steroid and a drug that would cause me to have my kidney, liver and bone marrow checked often. SO after much research I found your website, while reading, I discovered that "some" people can come down with an allergy to nightshade vegetables, which mimics RA. So I quit tomatoes, peppers and eggplant immediately, and started ACV and honey mixed with water 3 times a day and after a week all my symptoms disappeared. I now only have to take it occasionally if I eat something with peppers or tomatoes, I never eat eggplant, it's easy to avoid. But I don't see any posts or information about this allergy to nightshades on your site anymore?

Posted by Veronica (Tilbury, Ontario, Canada) on 09/29/2017

My husband and myself have started drinking one 500 ml of borax water a day. My husband uses 1/4 teaspoon mixed into 1 500 ml of bottled water. I take 1/8 teaspoon mixed into 1 500 ml of bottled water and have been doing so for a little over a week and the results already are amazing. We drank this for 5 days in a row and go off 2 days. I suffer from RA (autoimmune disease) OA, fibro and a small list of other ailments. To make a long story short we are both feeling amazing and not only the swelling but the pain has subsiding immensely. We will both continue on this regium for life!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Dietary Changes
Posted by Dona (San Kose, Ca) on 09/20/2017

I have RA, and I tried everything. Out of all what I've tried these what have helped me: Low Dose Naltrexone (this drug has hardly any side effects, and a cheap drug. It helps the body to heal itself). I started taking Raw organic apple cider vinegar with honey & water a few days ago. I can see the swelling & pain on my fingers & wrists improved a lot. I believe it has to do with ACV. If it is that, taking ACV would be the biggest thing that helped me so far; I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

The other things have helped me were not eating gluten, following sort of ketogenic diet (eating very less carbs), and getting 8 hour sleep, taking early dinner, and doing regular mild to moderate exercise. Hope this would help for all out there looking for help. All the best for a quick remission!

Posted by Art (California ) on 07/03/2017 1960 posts

In reply to Shaz (Nsw Australia),

I have a friend who tried borax for his arthritis and it had no effect at all in terms of reduction of symptoms, but he did get other health benefits from it so he has continued to take it everyday. People here on EC have reported as much in the past. Apparently arthritis can have more than one cause and I imagine it is possible to have two different causes at the same time or in close proximity to each other and borax does not seem to be able to deal with all causes even though many people report benefit, as you already know.

Many people believe that a mycoplasma organism may be one cause, but if this is correct, there are at least 17 of these that have been isolated through research and I doubt that borax could be effective against all and this may be a contributing factor as to why borax does not offer any help for some people with arthritis.

There is not much research in terms of borax and arthritis other than the original work done by Dr. Rex Newnham and of course Ted who advocated a higher dose than Dr. Newnham. You didn't say what dose you are taking. Are you taking Ted's recommended dose or Dr. Newnhams?

Dr. Newnham's dose was not fully effective for me over time, but Ted's dose has been effective for me for years.


Posted by Shaz (Nsw Australia) on 07/02/2017

RA: Used borax drink for 6 months, was in remission. Now it's not working, any ideas as to why? Plz and thank you.

Posted by Milton (Miami, Florida) on 04/26/2017

I cured my rheumatoid arthritis in 4 weeks with borax. It had no effect for 19 days then on day 20 I could feel it working. I put 1/4 tsp in glass luke warm water and drink it in morning. Borax, is low risk. Lot of people have taken it. Research it. To be on safe side just know what boron overdose symptoms are.

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 04/08/2017

Dear Marion,

We make smoothies all the time at my house and turmeric is easy to disguise in them.

We buy a case of frozen organic bananas and let them ripen and then freeze them so we always have them on hand for our smoothies.

  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 cup milk kefir (or yogurt)
  • 1 teaspoon turmeric
  • 1/16 teaspoon black pepper (to potentate the turmeric)
  • 1 Tablespoon cacao powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla
  • Blend in a blender

My kids like to add a tablespoon of peanut butter to theirs.

If you use unsweetened kefir or yogurt you will need a sweetener - honey or blackstrap are ideal. Otherwise raw sugar, but not artificial sweetener.

Aldi and Trader Joe's have strawberry or blueberry milk kefir that is good. Milk kefir or a high quality yogurt will have benefits to add to the turmeric.

If you could add a tablespoon of organic coconut oil that would be great, too. RA may have a viral component and the coconut oil would be good for that.

Also if he could take lots of vitamin c (sodium ascorbate) that would be great and Epsom salt baths if possible.

I hope this is helpful to him!

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Marion (Egg Harbor City , Nj) on 04/08/2017

Hello, my 35 year old son was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis recently and doing research turmeric helps, I saw your statement about a "shake" you make and drink could you possibly send me your recipe? He does not want to take some of the medications that are out there, some side effects worry us. If you could do this for him I would be extremely grateful.



Posted by Bob (Us) on 12/06/2016

According to the internet (which never lies) Iodine supplementation must be accompanied by Selenium supplementation. 200 micrograms per day. Thyroid function suppression begins at 750 mg (milligrams) of iodine, therapeutic doses run around 100 mg, and maintenance runs around a few mg, and more isn't a problem.

And the iodine supplement should be a combination of elemental iodine and iodide compound such as potassium iodide. Lugol's liquid and iThroid capsules are good examples. Lugol's is cheaper, obviously because it's just a bottle of liquid, without all the capsules.

What brand of iodine are you taking to relieve your pain? How many milligrams of iodine does that equal?

Rheumatoid Arthritis and UTI Connection
Posted by Art (California ) on 11/05/2016 1960 posts

Pat (Merseyside),

Tetracycline, like many other drugs, comes with a fairly lengthy list of potential side effects which should definitely be considered given the proposed length of treatment (years). The longer duration of use probably increases a persons chances of running into one of those side effects at some point during the treatment, but this has to be weighed in relation to the possible benefit of eliminantion arthritis. As a person who used to have severe arthritis that is now in remission by usings Ted's borax remedy, I can certainly understand the desire to take that risk though. Here is a couple of links to the potential adverse events associated with use of Tetracycline of which some would be considered severe. Even borax is not compatible with everyone as mentioned on this forum.

This article discusses ways to help mitigate some of those potential side effects associated with antibiotic use:

Best of health going forward.


Rheumatoid Arthritis and UTI Connection
Posted by Pat (Merseyside) on 11/04/2016

Hi Ray,

RA is a bacterial infection of the connective tissues which become invaded by a microplasma which is difficult to ID bc it hides within the connective tissue. The treatment is tetracycline antibiotics long term. It can take up to 3 years to reach maximum benefit or remission.

The doctor who championed the AP ("Antibiotic Protocol") was Dr Thomas Macpherson Brown as mentioned by a few others. This man treated over 10,000 patients before his death and most of em got better in fact 80%/ He helped many many people regain their life that his friends and patients set up the "The Road Back foundation" his book is here on amazon, published in 1988

and the other book is here: for anyone with autoimmune disease this book is the answer

I've had RA for 25 years and have tried every remedy, diet and vit's and Min's associated with RA to no avail I am about to try the AP after finding these books I'm given hope again and feel so confident this is the solution it provides answers and evidence of it's effectiveness and the scientific trials plus there are now more recent publications confirming this is the case from Iran, Mexico, America and London check it on pubmed. They will have to revise the treatment but that's to come. The more I read the better it gets makes so much sense.

ACV and Baking Soda, MSM, Mag Citrate
Posted by Mary (California) on 10/05/2016

I drank three cans of tonic water with quinine. The next day way less inflammation. I then drank two cans daily for a week. Inflammation gone. I continue to take the apple cider vinegar daily tho. If you don't get relief then you are eating things that cause you inflammation. I did the ALCAT blood test and it told me what foods cause inflammation in my system and I avoid them. I also drink Kombucha tea which has probotics to heal my stomach. I wish you health and to be pain free.

Sesame Oil Massage
Posted by Bea (Arkansas) on 09/30/2016

I am one of those who is doing Dr. Brown's antibiotic protocol with Minocycline. I have been on it since 2007. I was dx'd with RA in 2003. It has worked well for me. I do not take the antibiotic every day. Currently I only take 100mg on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. It is an option. I have tried to discontinue the antibiotics, but regressed quickly to the point of not being able to function. There are a few books out there about therapy and also the Rhuematic Support board. That may help you get more info.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Zack (La) on 09/08/2016

That can't be good for your blood pH taking baking soda and ACV. They both alkaline the body. One or the other. Too high of a pH isn't good. Balance is key. I use only ACV and have RA. Just an opinion.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Zack (La) on 09/08/2016

Vit C is a water soluble vitamin. The body will only absorb about 500 mg +/- at a time and the rest is excreted in urine. It is best to take it several times a day to maximize absorption. Think smart don't throw away money. I have RA also and it is under control. I am going into research for RA. I am 27 yrs old. NOT MEDICAL ADVICE.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by John (Athens, Greece) on 06/22/2016

This is my suggestion to help with Reumatoid arthritis, having to do with leaky gut

  • Juicing once a week
  • Avoid proinflammatory foods, milk, white sugar, white flour made food stuff
  • Serrapeptase (80,000i.u) in the morning on empty stomach
  • One hour after serrapeptase Glutamine with water
  • oil of oregano with the food 6 weeks ΟΝ 2 weeks off (mid - day)
  • Omega 3 capsule plus probiotics - 8 o'clock in the evening
  • Between the two main meals – 6 o clock in the evening – One capsule mastic 6 weeks ΟΝ 2 weeks off
  • When you are on two weeks OFF from previous, get garlic oil capsules instead
  • Before food 10- 20 minutes, take digestive enzymes

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Erin (Bat Cave, North Carolina) on 05/31/2016

Thank you, for all of the good information. This gives me hope.