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Posted by Patsy (Liverpool, UK) on 09/27/2015
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I was diagnosed with RA at age 27. I'm now 50 and for many years I took methotrexate and lived in denial. I've had surgery on my feet several times. I began trying to find a solution through diet 3 yr ago. I gave up meat followed by dairy.( I had read these were triggers) however my RA was creeping back so I did a workshop with a health researcher who 30 yrs previous had cured his own RA and told me it was either a deficiency, diet or a possible food allergy and recommended Patrick Holford's Say No To Arthritis. (I was now taking a variety of nutrients recommended: vit C, vit D3 10,000, MSM, Fulvic Minerals, and still it was progressing.

After reading his book, I was certain a food allergy was my problem. I paid £250 for a york allergy test (food) however the results weren't conclusive I was allergic to meat, fish oils, sea food. Mostly stuff I didn't eat. Milk weren't there so I started having milk again on my porridge. Then I discovered "The Borax Conspiracy" article. Again, I was convinced I had found the solution. I ordered the boron supplements and started on 9mg Triple Boron Complex (x3 3mg) as recommended reading all the testimonals and believed again I had found the solution. 5 days into boron and I had the worst herx, I struggled downstairs with every part of my body hurting like never before. I believed this was a good sign and continued meantime I included different nutrients so I'm now taking Vit C, D3, boron 9mg, sellenium, potassium, flaxseed, magnesium, vit B1,2,3,6,12, and folate. The herx didn't subside, it just sent my RA into overdrive and now I'm swelling and hurting in other places that weren't affected and has made it worse than ever.

Starting to feel deflated and defeated, I read about LDN, surely this is the answer my thinking was: I have had this condition so long my body doesn't know the war's over and 8 wks ago I started on LDN tbh. I didn't think it was doing anything and my RA is so bad my consultant wants me on medication (another trial) bc I have 20+ inflamed joints, and I'm really struggling.

Last week, I forgot to take my meds 1 night (LDN) and next day I was in pain so I do believe it's having an effect, however it's not putting me in remission. I am now so disheartened and don't know were to turn or what to do next I can't bear this pain. I'm waking through the night for pain killers it's just not stopping. I am so deflated and sick of pain.

I'm useless and can't do simple things, I can't plan ahead, my life is so limited I chose to stay in bc everything is a struggle.

I'm now trying ACV but it's soul destroying when nothing works. Any advice is welcomed. I'm struggling with depression now. Sorry this is a long thing.

Replied by Myway

Calming down the inflammation is key (as you know) so, here are my suggestions. My neighbor, who took methotrexate for a couple years, has RA but it is improving tremendously with the following regimen:

1. Turmeric capsules 2X a day

2. Black seed oil (nigella sativa) 1 tsp 2x a day

3. Spraying magnesium oil on joints nightly and in morning

4. 1 Tablespoon of unrefined, organic, virgin coconut oil 2X a day (put it in food)

5. No sweets, no grains

6. Lugols iodine (I don't know the amount)

7. 4 mg astaxanthin, 2x a day

8. 8 glasses of filtered water a day

It has taken her about 3 months to get about 80% improvement with this regimen. She was taking boatloads of meds but was tired all the time. The meds were taking it's toll.

I hope this information gives you hope, Patsy....

:D MyWay

Replied by Anon

Perhaps the following would help but please google and read first before committing:

D3/K deficiency isn't this a major problem in the UK? Did you take K with the d3? Jeff Bowles wrote a book on this and did his own study taking very high doses of D3 along with vitamin K. His book might be helpful to read or you could just read the reviews on


Garlic would large doses of garlic perhaps in capsule form to rid the body of the bacteria that may cause RA?

Hydrogen Peroxide Food Grade

From Road Back Foundation Discussion Forum a reader suggests drinking small drops of HP in water or actually spraying food grade HP directly on the area of pain.



Have you had a chance to read Overcoming Arthritis by Dr. Brownstein? Perhaps there might some nuggets of wisdom waiting for you to find that might be helpful.


Replied by Rsw


I am so sorry you are suffering so terribly. Please know that LDN can take up to a year or more to achieve the full effect. Since it can be taken with anything EXCEPT opiate based drugs and it does seem to be working to a certain degree for you, perhaps you could continue taking it and use your pain meds at night if LDN is taken in the morning? (It can be taken at any time of day) Have you tried adjusting your dosage either up or down? Maybe add some Apres flex bosweilla? Some people take tramadol (sp?) for pain at a different time from the LDN with success.

Best wishes and I hope you find some relief soon.

Replied by Sp
New Jersey
31 posts

Hi Patsy, I had full body arthritis. I went 100% gluten free, (checking all food labels and websites and celiac sites), for a different health problem. Going gluten free didn't do a thing for that problem, but it cleared up the full body arthritis. It was miraculous for me. It's hard to go gluten free, but it was so worth it for me.

Replied by Alan

Patsy, as a fellow RA sufferer I pray you find the blessed relief that has given me my life back. My RA had progressed to the point where most of life's physical needs hurt more than they were worth. I was near hopeless and imagining a life dependent on my wife and family at 60 yrs. old. After trying many things without success I tried Turmeric on the advice of an Indian grocer and the tide that had been rolling unchecked turned!! For me, 5 grams turmeric powder with 1 tbsp. walnut oil and 1/2 tsp. Rose hip seed powder in milk (I use cashew milk)...2x a day. I also eliminated most all wheat products. I buy the turmeric in 5lb. lots and it lasts quite a while...walnut oil is pricey but is high in Omega 3 and turmeric is best absorbed with fats and pepper. I still get stiff and sore when I rest but am able to handle the many physical demands of my farm. I hope this helps you find some relief.

Replied by Susan

Try castor oil packs. I don't know if they cure the RA, but they are very soothing.

Replied by Patsy

Thank you all so much for responding to my post there are some great snippets of advice from you all I do appreciate it.

I will look into that book "Overcoming Arthritis" as for Tramadol, I can't take them they make me so dreadfully sick. I take the LDN at night before bed bc I read it's between 2am and 4am that our body produces endorphins. thanks tho :-)

I do have the magnesium spray and I have a foot soak with epsom salts which takes the pain away for a short while. I also take gluco/chond/msm magnesium, ptssum, gluten free I was dreading bc I know I will struggle and I weigh 7 and half stone my diet is very limited. Anyways will be taking up some of your advice for sure thank you all again.

Chevieman, thank you so much for that information it is invaluable and I will print this thread, what you say has restored some hope and as well as a few other things I'll go at the boron again bc that was the most disheartening I believed it would work and I did have a mega herx. It made me mad when it never did what it said on the label kinda thing.

I'll include vit K, some reishi mshrm, the probiotic deffo ordering these things right now so thankyou your posts have restored my faith and lifted the heavy cloud.



I love this site it's awesome and I tell everyone who'll listen to check it out :-)

Replied by Erin
Bat Cave, North Carolina

Thank you, for all of the good information. This gives me hope.

Posted by Chevieman (St. George, Maine) on 05/20/2012

diagnosed with severe Rhuematoid Arthritis a year ago. The following is what I did to treat it.

1. Ascorbic Acid- at least 1-2 Grams per day. Yes Grams. Vitamin C- Aka ascorbic acid was looked at by big pharma and was found to be almost miraculous in the treatment of a number of diseases. They attempted to get patent rights for it and were denied, no profit no more research. I have always felt that RA is an imbalance in my immune system, Ascorbic Acid helped restore that balance.
2. Boron- Here is the kicker you can only buy it in 3 mg capsules but You need at least 20 mg per day total taken in 3 doses, so stock up on the big bottle. Why does this work? Your immune system is in your gut/intestines. An imbalance in the fauna and flora sets up a dominoe effect to allow fungus such as candida albicans to take root in your intestinal walls causing leaky gut syndrome. This is how food allergies and reactions to specific stressor foods manifest themselves. Boron is one of the best "all natural" anti-fungals known to man. It makes you pee bright yellow but that is the only side effect other than killing unwanted fungus in your intestines.
3. Pro-biotics. Like I stated previously all of your immune system originates in your intestines, when you take care of the good bacteria in your gut, then your gut will start taking care of you. I recommend a pro-biotic that is of soil origin (will say on bottle)and more than one type. These types go after the bad guys in your intestines and stop the proliferation of the bad which gives your gut the time it needs to heal. If you don't take soil origin probiotics at least twice a day and You have RA then You are indeed a fool.
3. Reishi Mushroom extract- proven immune system modulator. Follow recommended dosage on the bottle. It helps your immune system rebalance itself.
4. If You have RA the foods you consume are no longer about what You like, thats what got you into this mess to begin with. When you have inflammation in your body from other than injury, its guaranteed you have inflammation in your intestines. Every time you think its "okay" to consume a stressor food (can be found on the net what they are) it is like adding fuel to the fire. Especially night shade family veggies, grains, and dairy. I know its hard to give these up. They used to be my favorites. But it is possible. Also Stay away from processed foods, chemical additives of any kind are not your friend including those that you wash with or that go on your skin. Stay away from commercially raised beef and stick to grass fed. Stay away from chicken and stick to turkey without additives (shady brook brand)Did you know they were putting arsenic into the chicken feed and hence it could be found in the meat? Find a recipe for bread made with brown rice flour, no potato starches or oils other than coconut. Stay away from soy bean oils (check your supplements) so many of them are GMO you cannot trust the source anymore and GMO food will send You into flare quicker than anything I know of.
5. I found a rheumatologist who put me on minocycline and that is what I prefer because it isn't as toxic as other drugs. I started out on 100mg 2x a day with the above regimen until I went into remission then I cut back to 100mg 1x per day until in remission for more than 2 weeks then cut back to 100mg 1x per day on Mon, Wed, and Friday. (see Dr. Mercolas web-site for the Mon, wed, Fri regimen)Rhuematologists are hard to find that use minocycline or that you can convince to prescribe it to you alone, I personally have to travel 120 miles for appointments but here I sit in remission, joints healing up, no swelling anywhere. I honestly don't know if this regimen will work for those on the more toxic drugs but I believe you have everything to gain. If You don't take any other supplements at all the Ascorbic Acid, Boron and Pro-biotics are the most beneficial. Others that I take are":Glucosamine chondroiton with MSM
magnesium 500 2x a day
potassium 1gram 1x a day
selenium 1x a day
zinc 1x a day.
N-acetyl cysteine-builds up your glutathione levels. Something found lacking in all with arthritis of any kind.
Boron can be increased up to 30mg perday if symptoms are stubborn.

It took me 2 months on this regimen to go into remission. It is a wonderful thing to be able to say that word "remission" without the fear of going into flare-up tommorow and I am not there yet. I will say the only other thing I would attempt to do is relieve as much stress and anger in your life as possible and make sure you have a strong personal relationship with God and Your family. If you don't have faith you can beat this disease from running your life, then you won't.
I sit here symptom free and grateful that I am. If anything I have learned compassion for others who suffer from RA and other debilitating diseases and that is my only motivation for posting this. I pray that one day they will have a cure available and these type of diseases can be treated with something which works quickly and effectively but until the pharmacutical industry is more cure driven than profit driven I really dont see that happening. I hope for the best for you. I think you are going to see the ascorbic acid/boron and probiotics being used more in the treatment of this disease as more is learned about it.

Replied by Mary
Buenos Aires, Argentina

To Chevieman from St. George, Maine, thank you so much for your post!!!

Replied by Patricia

Chevieman, Thank you, great post.

Posted by Jess (Melbourne, Australia) on 03/06/2012

Started UC-II (Source Naturals) 70 days ago and feel it is helping.

I take 1,500mg VC and might consider more.

Magnesium Malate helps muscles and I get much better sleep.

I also take 1 x 3mg Boron, some BVitamins and VD3 1,000iu daily much better than used to be although still suffer with the rheumatoid.

Also take 1,500mg cap. of Oregano Oil for 1 month then off for 1 month. You also have to take a probiotic when on Oregano Oil. Careful as it can thin the blood - if you are on other blood thinners (e. G. anti-inflammatories) or fish oil iodine also thins the blood.

When my wrist, or knee or ankle swells I break open a cap. of Oregano Oil rub it on and stops the pain.

Posted by Babyc (Brasov, Romania) on 11/14/2011
5 out of 5 stars


I'm 31 now, RA started long ago, around 12. My experience with RA hasn't been so harsh (no severe inflamation, crippling, pain) but enough to change my life and my habits. The diagnose was given only a few months ago, as a matter of fact.


- I STARTED CRITICIZING LESS (MYSELF AND OTHERS), TOLERATING AND LOVING MORE (yes, a wise, compassionate, positive attitude CAN make the body more alkaline and be a relief to RA)

-BECAME ALMOST VEGAN (I dearly recommend you all to watch FORKS OVER KNIVES for the ones still skeptical)

- I move quite a lot, dance, walk, swim and lots of stretching, yoga, PRANAYAMA (breathing exercises)

- I do CLEANSING (colon, liver), I take SUPPLEMENTS , mainly HERBAL, such as HARPAGOPHYTUM, TURMERIC, SAFFRON (if one can afford it , makes miracles for damaged joints), MSM, CLAY, AND MY LATEST DISCOVERY, RECOMMENDED BY A NATUROPATH: LIQUORICE ROOT POWDER, 10-12GR / DAY (started taking the latter a few weeks ago and I am feeling so much better, I know it might seem a lot, some find it emetic but works for me). Learn more, might be of some help for you too!


Posted by Patricia (Sarasota, Fl) on 07/27/2011

Thank you for all you information that you so freely share
I've had RA for over 40yrs and have tried so many "new" programs I sometimes feel like a lab rat I received your name from one of the many people who trust you and shared the methylene blue I would like it if you'd look over my program and give me your opinion I am not asking you for medical advise just your opinion please I really could use the help.

Methylene blue 1% 6 drops 2Xday
Jarrow Bone-up
C-1000 2Xday
Turmeric 500 2Xday
just stared yesterday: ACV 1tbps & baking soda 1/2 tsp 2Xday
Thank you and looking with hope for your opinion

Replied by Zack

That can't be good for your blood pH taking baking soda and ACV. They both alkaline the body. One or the other. Too high of a pH isn't good. Balance is key. I use only ACV and have RA. Just an opinion.

Posted by Ru (Clintonville, Wi) on 12/29/2009
1 out of 5 stars

I'm inquiring about a problem I have with RA Arthrit I've had this nasty problem for 18 yrs. now. I have done all the dr. things. All kinds of meds. pills, shots and injections as well. Needless to say, some did'nt work at all! And some worked for several weeks even a few of them lasted several months. Ran out of stuff! Then tried all sorts of different Vitamins, then certain food diets.ect I could go on. At times I had to live with horrid pain. I don't know what else can be done? I need help, if anyone could help with info, PLEASE send asap. Thanks ru

EC: Hi Ru, can you please tell us exactly what supplements and special diets you tried?

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA

Hi Ru, Have you tried msm? Also, dmso. Both are quite amazing. You didn't really say exactly what you've tried but I would try both. You can get high quality msm online. I use them both and find them to be quite effective. Also, eliminate dairy if you haven't tried that. Perhaps you can be more specific in what you have tried. Then, we can give better feedback. Thanks, Lisa

Replied by Mimi
San Clemente, Ca

Dear RU,

Sorry to hear about your RA pain. I watched "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead" and it teaches how the body can heal itself if we stop poisoning it with sugar, processed junk and avoid dairy, grains and nightshades. My labs improve and my swollen joints improve when I stay on a raw food diet, not raw meat, raw fruits and vegetables.Try eating just raw fruits and vegetables for two weeks and you will see and feel an improvement. I like high dose of vitamin c for my choice of supplements. Hope you feel better.

Replied by Zack

Vit C is a water soluble vitamin. The body will only absorb about 500 mg +/- at a time and the rest is excreted in urine. It is best to take it several times a day to maximize absorption. Think smart don't throw away money. I have RA also and it is under control. I am going into research for RA. I am 27 yrs old. NOT MEDICAL ADVICE.

Nettle Tea  

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Posted by Teri (Orrville, OH) on 11/30/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with RA 1 year ago. The pain continued to worsen, darvocet didn't touch the pain. The pain was constant. Someone suggested that I try drinking 3 cups of nettle tea a 2 days I went from extreme pain to no pain! It has been 7 months and I still continue to do great. (i take no meds!) The usual things sometimes trigger a flare up, but it is mild and short lived. I do everything I want to do. Before drinking the tea, I was unable to do the basic everyday things. Research it, and then give it a try!! Never hurts to check with Dr. before trying something new. I have had no negative side affects from the tea. My rheumatologist is amazed. I have the ccp antibody, so I was expected to be real bad at this point!

Replied by Beth

My mother also has RA and we have nettle tea in powder form. Could you please let me know how many spoonfuls/tablespoonfuls of nettle tea to take. Thanks.

Oil Pulling  

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Posted by Tamara (BC, Canada) on 12/08/2008
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I am 25 and have had RA for 1-1/2 years and am on medication but I have been oil pulling for 1 week but have cut out dairy, wheat, corn, soy, sugar, caffeine for 5 weeks, take mineral supplements but feel terrible, seem to be worsening everyday. It is very difficult to continue this when I am not feeling better, has anyone gone through this and if so how long until you will feel better? The pain and swelling is in both my feet and my fingers. So walking and anything with my hands is difficult. I need encouragement to continue on if it's going to work with this instead of resorting to more medication!

Replied by Nick
Denver, Usa

I think part of your problem is you are having a herxheimer reaction. By doing the things you are doing you can stir up toxins and what not that can cause a flare up. If it were me and you are indeed causing dieoff I would make sure you are definitely taking care of your liver so you can flush the bad stuff out as it comes up. If you are not draining the junk properly it will get "backed up" for lack of a better phrase causing you issues.

Replied by Connie
Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Religiously avoid glutamate and other excitotoxins. Read up on glutamate and neurotoxicity. Scary...

A link between inhaling pig brain tissue and fibromyalgia type symptoms:

Star Tribune - "... Since December, 12 meatpackers at the Quality Pork Processors (QPP) plant in Austin and two at a plant in Indiana have reported fatigue, numbness and tingling in their arms and legs, with a wide range in severity. A few are severely disabled, while others have been treated and returned to work.

Their symptoms are like those associated with a number of diseases in which the body's immune system attacks the nerves or the sheath that surrounds them.

All the workers were stationed near the powerful air-compression systems that blow brains out of pig heads at what is known as the head table, officials said. The process is no longer being used at either plant."

I found relief from an overall achyness and pain in my hands and legs this way:

-- religiously avoiding excitotoxins like glutamate and aspartame, and mystery ingredients such as "natural flavor", "natural fragrance", "spices" and the like, also avoid all other additives and pervertatives... I mean preservatives...

-- avoiding sugar, salt and the things you mentioned

-- avoiding fluoride and heavy metal sources etc. like processed foods and beverages, bottled and tap water, sodas (Coca Cola, Pepsi etc), premade juices

-- eating organic and raw foods as exclusively as possible; may I suggest avocados, limes, green apples, bananas, melons, rice, steal cut oatmeal, sea salt, cold pressed sesame oil, cold pressed virgin coconut oil, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil

-- taking a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in water daily or as needed (I use the kind with the "mother), this worked nearly instantly, and mixed with a little baking soda has a pleasant taste

-- taking 1,000 to 4,000 mg ascorbic acid with rose hips daily or as needed (can cause gastric discomfort)

-- taking a 1/4 teaspoon Borax in a liter of water daily for a few days or as needed (God bless you, Ted)

-- taking a tablespoon of unsulfured blackstrap molasses as needed, try to find one with a high iron and potassium content

-- taking a teaspoon of magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt - a laxative) in a short glass of warm water with a chaser such as a strawberry or glass of cold water to rinse the taste from the mouth, I also do this if I feel pressure in my chest when I lay down

-- do a juice fast drinking dandelion roots/leaves put through your juicer and water - but not fluoridated pharmaceutical soup tap water:

Washington Post - "... In addition to caffeine, the drugs found in water treated by the Washington Aqueduct include the well-known pain medications ibuprofen and naproxen, commonly found in Aleve. But there were also some lesser-known drugs: carbamazepine, an anti-convulsive to reduce epileptic seizures and a mood stabilizer for treating bipolar disorders; sulfamethoxazole, an antibiotic that can be used for humans and animals in treating urinary tract and other infections; and monensin, an antibiotic typically given to cattle. In addition, the study uncovered traces of triclocarban, a disinfectant used in antibacterial soaps."

Replied by Tina
Dayton, Oh

may I ask what you drink then if you don't drink juices, colas ect? I admit I drink alot of sodas, I try to buy 100% juice on the labels when I buy juice. Is this still not good? I buy purified water.....I have city water which I don't drink, can taste the chlorine and hate the taste. Lord knows what else is in the any suggestions on healthy things to drink would be appreciated!

Replied by Cynthia
Jacksonville, Alabama

we've gone the gamit of what to drink.. . we've paid big money for expensive water filters one hooks up to their tap.. . bottled water, yada yada~ We live in an area near where Monsanto has had suits filed against it for pcb's etc.. . drinking bottled water is not a solution.. . the pcbs from the plastic in the bottle are evident.. . think about the plasticly taste of most bottled water.. . and there's no guarantee of the quality of it either.. . plus the pollution of all those bottles heading straight for the landfills.. .not to mention the cost.. .

we have for years been using 2 brita pitchers.. . as long as u change the filter on them when you're supposed to.. . it's a pretty good happy medium.. . at least they're supposed to get rid of lead.. . as long as u keep the filter changed out.. . the occasional blk specks are charcoal.. . ppl take pills of charcoal from the HFS so, one can relax about it.. .they say.. .if George Washington were to come to our time now he would die very quickly, being non immune to the toxins and contaminents in the environment.. .developing an immunity to things is something to take into consideration also.. .

Also, liver cleanse fasts.. . occasional juice fasts.. . and improving diet afterwards.. can help stem the tide.. . my hub for 31 yrs so far and I
drink our water ice cold.. it only tastes good to us that way.. .u are asking for trouble drinking sodas.. especially diet.. .we will on very rare occasion drink HFS soda like ginseng up, root beer or ginger ale... at the very least switch to a healthier soda.. . but cut way back.. . regardless.. . if you are not 100% healthy all the time.. . u may look at what u consume, u are what u eat, the cliche is pure and true.. . let ur medicine be your food and drink and your food and drink be your medicine.. .mother nature's drink is water.. .

100% juice can be a good thing sometimes but, is it organic? what about pesticides, etc.. ? The body needs water.. . would u take a bath in juice, soda, coffee or tea? your cells need plain old water.. develop a taste for ice water is my suggestion.. some ppl put a squirt of lime/lemon ..

good luck.. .<3 :D hey~ namaste, mahalo,c/see/sea~

Posted by Adad (Colombo, Sri Lanka ) on 12/01/2008
5 out of 5 stars

To Mona from Bangalore: Do not stop rinsing your mouth with sesame oil. I had rhumatoid arthritis three years ago in my fingers and wrists of both bands. Not only did my arthritis was completely cured in three months, but also my puffed up face which was due to allergic rhinitis (cattarrah). Further this practice also cured by wife's 20 year old bladder infection, the numbness on her thigh; my daughter's and niece's tooth ache; dark circles round another niece's eyes and some other cures about which I hope to post in details. Wish you good health and good luck. God bless you.

EC: More about Oil Pulling here.

Replied by Liz
Rhinelande, Wisconsin

I just want to comment that when I read people say, "I had rheumatoid arthritis in my hands... Or in my knees... Or one specific joint" that is NOT rheumatoid arthritis. That is osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis jumps around and affects ALL of your joints and organs. Osteoarthritis is degradation of the cartilige in one joint. You may have osteoarthritis in more than one joint but it is still joint specific. Rheumatoid arthritis is an immune system attack on the body which causes fatigue and a whole host of other problems. Please be sure you know what kind of arthritis you have because what works for osteoarthritis may not work for RA and vice versa. Thank you.

Posted by Trina (Saint Helens, Oregon, USA) on 04/14/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Oil Pulling cured my Rheumatoid Arthritis in a matter of 3 days. Been using Safflower Oil. It helped so much. I sleep like a baby and pain free!! No more limping, dropping cups, hurting to drive, bend - I can open lids - pain free!! I had Rheumatoid Arthritis for over a year. I dont have joint stiffness anymore - but i can feel the joint damage (tightness when moving) In truth i am affraid to stop oil pulling - i dont want it to come back - because i have not stopped my health keeps improving i had gum disease (Periodontitis ), 8 year Chocoholic addiction,Dry Skin and Hair, A Sinus infection and Suffering with RA -gone! My skin is soft as a baby's head to toe- A huge scar i got from last winter i branded my self by backing into a propane heater - it looks like a cat scrach. Anyways its been a month and my health keeps improving. I OP for 2 to 3 times a day. Oh yah my mens. has improved too. Rarely irritable, minor back pain, no chocolate cravings, lil bit of a sweet tooth, lil to no cramps- such a big improvement - THANKU Earth Clinic!!!!!!!!

Replied by Trina
St.Helens, Oregon

Rheumatoid/Osteo Arthritis: So update, I have done oil pulling and still have twice everyday. My Arthritis is not completely gone. I think it's because i aint using the right oil. But i still sleep well and no more chocolate addiction. And branded scar is completly GONE Due to the Organic Sufflower oil that i pulled with. Anyways i wanna loose weight to help my arthritis because my doctor says i have both.((RA/OA)) So i try the recommended Master Cleanse Diet (from this site by a person). After day one i felt really Pain free. in that diet all you drink is Cayenne pepper in filtered water with Grade A/B Organic Maple syrup and organic lemon. Oh and diet tea and salt laxitive. I did that diet for 2 and half days without eating.

Anyways it was the cayenne pepper that made me pain free. I researched cayenne pepper online and bought the pills. It works great. I take more then it says too. it takes about 6 Cayenne fruit pills. it cost less the 3 dollars at Wal-mart. And Well worth it!! - u know that diet i was supposed to have min. Look up Cayenne pepper it does much more then just for pain oh and weight loss. 3 thumbs way up.

Replied by Trina
Saint Helens, Oregon

My update -- i stopped oil pulling in 2009 because i was pregnant with my daughter and I became ill every time i tried to swish. Anyways in that time NOT Oil fibromyalgia Pulling My RA had gotten worse and my teeth. I finally got the doctors to agree that I had RA and ruled out OA but i might have fibromyalgia. So anyways i am on day 2 of oil pulling and already i can feel it working and i slept better and it was easier to get up 3 times in the middle of the night. (( oh and i found sunflower 100% oil at the Dollar Tree of all places ))

Organic Juice and Coffee Fast  

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Posted by Felicia (Fl) on 11/26/2015
5 out of 5 stars

When I was diagnosed with RA I couldn't walk right, sleep or even use the restroom without tears. After tons of pills and shots the doctor prescribed to me and a fever that about killed me I decided to take matters into my own hands. I started a organic juice and organic coffee enema fast to rid my body of the toxins and poisons that I was filling my body on a regular basis with. I got the idea from The Gerson Therapy and diet. Look up any of those words and do research on the subject. For me it all just clicked and I understood how the body gets hurt and heals. I went all out and got the books and didn't do anything half way.

I am now drug free and best of all pain free and live a normal active healthy life..I keep my powerful juicer on hand and use it when I am not feeling like I should. Good luck.


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Posted by Charles (Usa) on 10/29/2013

It is my contention that rheumatoid arthritis is either caused by a potassium deficiency or is greatly enabled by one (Potassium in the etiology of rheumatoid arthritis and heart infarction. 1974 Journal of Applied Nutrition. 26; p40. ) (Potassium deficiency as a cause of rheumatoid arthritis. 2000 Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients. 208; 74-76. ) ( ). Dr. Reza Rastmanesh has performed a clinical trial that establishes this (Rastmanesh R. 2008 A pilot study of potassium supplementation in treatment of hypokalemic patients with rheumatoid arthritis: A randomized, double-blinded placebo controlled trial. The Journal of Pain. 9, issue 8; 722-731. ).

Potassium should be automatically prescribed for rheumatoid arthritis because getting potassium up to normal from the low values in all RA patients (LaCelle PL et al 1964 An investigation of total body potassium in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Proceedings Ann. Meeting of the Rheumatism Association, Arthritis & Rheumatism 7; 321 ) (Sambrook PN, Ansell BM, Foster S, Gumpel JM, Hesp R, Reeve J, Zanelli JM 1985 Bone turnover in early rheumatoid arthritis. 1. Biochemical and kinetic indexes. Ann Rheum Dis. Sep;44(9):575-9. ) is slow, even with a high unprocessed vegetable diet. There are tasty foods that are especially rich in potassium ( ).

However it is important that thiamin (vitamin B-1) be adequate when supplementing with potassium because heart disease can not materialize when both are deficient, but will show up if only one of those is deficient ( ). This is probably the primary reason why heart disease is a main cause of death in rheumatoid arthritis patients.

In view of the fact that this is not considered by current rheumatologists, it would be very valuable for you to bring it into your future research. It is not only that potassium is not considered by physicians in regard to RA, most of them do not even believe that a potassium deficiency is likely. This even though many of them prescribe what are actually supplements, but prescribed under euphemistic terms such as salt substitutes, sodium free baking powder, ORT salts (oral rehydration therapy for diarrhea), polarizing solutions, GIK (glucose, insulin, potassium) salts, vegetables, or glucosamine. A deficiency is further defined out of existence by defining the blood serum content normal as 4.2 when the actual figure is 4.8.

Sincerely, Charles Weber

Posted by Charles (Hendersonville, North Carolina) on 09/25/2008
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Potassium is the name of the game so far as rheumatoid arthritis is concerned. However you do not have to drink vinegar to interfere with potassium excretion. You can get enough from food. To see how, see my website: Sincerely, Charles Weber

Rheumatoid Arthritis and UTI Connection  

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Posted by Ray (Calgary, Ab) on 01/30/2013
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Antibiotics and Lignans

Don't forget about Lignans and other natural antibiotics. The best source of lignans is flaxseed oil, sesame seed, green leafy veggies like cabbage, broccoli, kale, spinach, apricots and strawberry. But it should do to take sesame oil. The lignans have anti-biotic effects. And of course don't forget cranberry juice that works against germs in urinary tract infection. Why take lignans???

Well, anyone with RA should read (or get their physician to read) an article that appeared in the journal Clinical & Developmental Immunology in March 2006. The title says it all:

"Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease triggered by Proteus urinary tract infection"

The article summarizes all the evidence. It explains a lot: why more women than men get RA and more women than men get urinary tract infections. Why urinary infections happen more often in those with RA. And much more. The evidence is overwhelming. But unfortunately not well known to physicians. I recently spoke to 2 physicians who vehemently denied that my wife's RA, that started after a UT infection, had anything to do with the infection.

But if you don't believe this then there is an easy solution: get yourself tested for antibodies to Proteus. You might surprise yourself.

Of course once natural antibiotics get rid of the Proteus the battle is not over. Why???

Because, unfortunately, certain molecules in joint collagen of certain genetically predisposed people, unfortunately, LOOK LIKE molecules in the Proteus bacteria. Thus the body thinks it is still fighting the bacteria when it is only fighting our joint tissue. (Our side is killing our own civilians because they look like the enemy.)

So you still have to use the other measures in earthclinic to calm the body down, and let it know that the war is over. (Don't forget massage to calm the autonomic nervous system).

Replied by Mjrblessed
Oklahoma City

In response to UTIs and RA:

Very interesting idea and not the first time I've seen bacteria considered to be a source thought to trigger Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I was diagnosed w/Autoimmune Arthritis, possibly RA and AS in 2006. Among the physicians I saw, was a D. O. who gave me a book to read about Dr. Thomas McPherson Brown, MD. Dr. Brown was a physician and researcher from the 1930's through the 1980's. He isolated Mycoplasma bacteria w/in the synovial fluid of his pts w/RA and Lupus. He treated over 10, 000 pts successfully w/minocycline, then doxycycline during his tenure. The book about him is absolutely incredible and what most lay people here in the US don't realize is that in Europe the no. 1 tx option for RA is Doxycycline.

There is information online about Dr. Thomas McPherson Brown if anyone is interested in his evaluation and successful tx of absolutely thousands of pts during the last century.

Replied by Rar

Yes. The article cited is a summary article and lists research going back for 30 years.

But please note, antibiotics are not the complete solution but only part of it. The Proteus infection only "triggers", the autoimmune response. RA is not simply a bacterial infection.

Even after you have killed bacteria the body's immune system is still attacking you. As I said, the situation is that body joints "Look like" the enemy bacteria. So even though the enemy has been eliminated the body's immune system, the soldiers of our body, still think the bacteria are around, still think the enemy is around. They think the joint tissue is enemy combatants and so they attack it. The body's defense system is going after innocent "civilians" that look like enemy terrorists. That is the real problem, not the bacteria, which have probably long ago been beaten down.

So the real "treatment" must be something that goes after the immune system and not just after bacteria, to get the immune system to "cease fire" and realize that the "war" is over. That is why diet, magnesium supplementation, potassium supplementation, massage (especially connective tissue massage), meditation and other methods mentioned on earthclinic, methods that "calm" the autonomic nervous system are so important.

Replied by Ray

Forgot to mention that one of the best "massage" methods for RA is the dry brush method used in massaging the lymph system (part of the immune system). In this you try to stimulate the lymph nodes etc.


Hi Ray,

RA is a bacterial infection of the connective tissues which become invaded by a microplasma which is difficult to ID bc it hides within the connective tissue. The treatment is tetracycline antibiotics long term. It can take up to 3 years to reach maximum benefit or remission.

The doctor who championed the AP ("Antibiotic Protocol") was Dr Thomas Macpherson Brown as mentioned by a few others. This man treated over 10,000 patients before his death and most of em got better in fact 80%/ He helped many many people regain their life that his friends and patients set up the "The Road Back foundation" his book is here on amazon, published in 1988

and the other book is here: for anyone with autoimmune disease this book is the answer

I've had RA for 25 years and have tried every remedy, diet and vit's and Min's associated with RA to no avail I am about to try the AP after finding these books I'm given hope again and feel so confident this is the solution it provides answers and evidence of it's effectiveness and the scientific trials plus there are now more recent publications confirming this is the case from Iran, Mexico, America and London check it on pubmed. They will have to revise the treatment but that's to come. The more I read the better it gets makes so much sense.

Replied by Branwen
Baldwinsville, New York

Dear Ray of Calgary, I was astonished to read what you had written with regard to the discovery of a connection made between antibodies to proteus/urinary tract infection as a causitive factor in Rheumatoid Arthritis. Thank you for including the link to the research article!

In 1995 I was diagnosed with sero-negative RA almost immediately following a miscarriage while being treated simultaneously with Ampicillin for a urinary tract infection. Although I had a urinary tract infection, the ER decided upon a D&C procedure. Three days later, I was totally incapacitated and bedridden from the sudden onset of what I know now to be RA. I won't go into too much detail about the last 17 years, but I have been managing this disease with diet, and without medications as much as I possibly can. I did finally decide to go on the minocycline antibiotic protocol, and that helped alot, but I weaned myself from the antibiotics in February 2013, after about six months of low-dose antibiotic treatment. I was feeling absolutely perfect, and thought I could discontinue at that point, which may have been premature. (I just don't like to be on medications at all, if possible) Eight weeks ago, in early April 2013, I started symptoms of a urinary tract infection. Within a few weeks, I was no longer in remission, and began another flare of RA, which is ongoing at this time, June 2013. I had never read that there was a connection between urinary tract infections and RA, but, as with your wife, this seems to be how my disease was activated as well. I always suspected a bacterial connection, as immediately after my miscarriage and simultaneous treatment with ampicillin for the urinary tract infection, I became highly allergic to ampicillin and all antibiotics in the penicillin family. I was also suddenly highly allergic to aged cheese. Penicillin and aged cheese causes severe, dibilitating pain in my joints and muscles, and flare ups of RA that last for months at a time.

I seem prone to urinary tract infections, and now that you have brought this connection to light, in going back in time, urinary tract infections have always resulted in a flare up. Different types of antibiotics were tried (Bactrim, Macrobid), and I always ended up in crippling pain, which I had attributed to a reaction to the antibiotics, not to the urinary tract infection itself. (I can tolerate tetracyclines, as minocycline and doxycycline don't have this effect). I understand what you are saying when you point out that even with this connection, RA can not likely be treated with antibiotics alone, and that the defect in the immune system must be treated and made stronger overall by healing the digestive system, keeping the body alkaline and well-nourished, and as chemical-free as possible. Rebuilding and maintaining a healthy immune system with autoimmune disease is definately not easy and takes lifelong commitment, but it is such a relief to know that there are things we can do for ourselves to extend our life span and to radically improve our quality of life. Thank you for sharing all of this valuable information, Ray! Best Wishes for good health to you and your wife!

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, SC

DMSO can help with RA while colloidal silver can attack the new urinary tract infection. On the DMSO google "you tube DMSO 60 minutes" and you will get good information on DMSO's use for treating RA.

Replied by Healthy And Well
Northern California, Usa

It sounds like Branwen could be having a Jarisch Herx-Heimer reaction from the antibiotics. Some illnesses, like Lyme Disease, when antibiotics are taken you will have a Herx-Heimer. All the symptoms intensify as they die off. Some doctors say they believe neuro-toxins are being released as the bacteria dies off. You actually get worse and feel worse for awhile, but it is a good sign that you are killing the organisms off. I know because I was diagnosed with RA and MS years ago and it turned out to be Lyme. Lyme is the great pretender and gets into every system of the body. If I was in this woman's shoes I would be tested for Lyme by IGENEX Labs in Palo Alto, Calif. A Western Blot and an Elisa are useless at this point as the bacteria burrows right into the muscle and tissue mass and our organs. IGENEX has a urine antigen test and a PCR that are remarkably accurate.

I would also like to share that I spend much time in Mexico and do ozone therapy to maintain my health. I have a friend who was diagnosed with RA and Lupus and 2 years of ozone and she is symptom free. I know that only about 22 states in the U.S. have legalized ozone. Europe is way ahead of us in this remarkable therapy which detoxes your body, builds your immune system and kills bad bacterias and viruses with no side effects. When I started the therapy I did have Herx Heimer reactions just like I did when I was using antibiotics to kill the Lyme. I have another friend in Colorado that has used ozone successfully for her Lyme also. It is also remarkable for plaque and high cholesterol problems.

Replied by Colleen
Brooklyn, Ny

I agree with the idea that aged cheese triggers/ brings on the symptoms of RA. This is something people who suffer from arthritis should take note of as simple as it sounds. More people should be made aware of it. I am one such sufferer who by way of elimination and deduction realized the source of my pain and now refrain from all cheeses and voila no pain in the joints.

Replied by Anne
Austin, Texas

I flare up when I take antibiotics so I stay away and let my immune system take care of the UTI or any other infection. I have rushed and taken antibiotics when my body could have handled the infection. I was diagnosed with RA and bedridden six weeks after giving birth to my child. Maybe it is what they give us at the hospital that triggers RA and not an infection...too much antibiotics in the IV is my opinion. I am open to the infection theory too, but since I flare up so BADLY every time I have been given antibiotics, I still think antibiotics can cause RA or make it worse for sure. Try the Budwig diet for your RA, no sugar, no processed food, no meat and for me no grains. Juicing vegetable juice is key!!!

Replied by Art
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Pat (Merseyside),

Tetracycline, like many other drugs, comes with a fairly lengthy list of potential side effects which should definitely be considered given the proposed length of treatment (years). The longer duration of use probably increases a persons chances of running into one of those side effects at some point during the treatment, but this has to be weighed in relation to the possible benefit of eliminantion arthritis. As a person who used to have severe arthritis that is now in remission by usings Ted's borax remedy, I can certainly understand the desire to take that risk though. Here is a couple of links to the potential adverse events associated with use of Tetracycline of which some would be considered severe. Even borax is not compatible with everyone as mentioned on this forum.

This article discusses ways to help mitigate some of those potential side effects associated with antibiotic use:

Best of health going forward.


Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet  

Posted by Confused In Ny (Nyc, Ny) on 02/08/2013

Hey Guys, I have RA and am wondering what is left to eat. I already have a self imposed sugar restricted diet that I have broken for the honey and molasses treatments. But I've heard your not supposed to eat beans (I love almost all beans), grains (meaning no bread, no bulgar and I guess no brown rice which has been a yummy staple). Does that include brown rice too guys, I have heard some conjecture. I think we are not supposed to have meat, except for omega 3 fish... I'm not sure, no dairy (which is what I was pretty much doing anyway. I would do raw milk if I could get my hands on some). No nightshades (mushrooms, tomatos, onions and peppers in an omelet were my fav) No potatos, no eggs. NO nothing LoL! Can someone please tell me if I am now a vegetarian. This is not the worst thing but it's not the easiest thing. I used to be vegan but still consumed brown rice, lots of beans. Does anyone know of a type of bean an RA person can have and is brown rice really off the list? Does this long list of elimination mean that I am now a strict vegetarian? Thank you!

Replied by Loves To Read
Wi., Usa

I have come across and just started reading a book called The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet. It is suggesting to get tested for food allergies, using a four day food rotation plan or even trying a blood type diet as this can help for many ailments. Hope this helps.

Replied by Confused In Ny (
Nyc, Ny

Hi, thanks that's very helpful. I was considering getting a food allergy test done and I bought the book eating right for your blood type. I will now study up on balancing my food choices and trying to stay alkaline (very easy to do when I was vegan). Your post has been very helpful. Thanks again!

Replied by Jennywren
Perth, Western Australia

Hi! I've heard the Paleo diet combined with the autoimmune diet is meant to be very beneficial for RA and autoimmune diseases (try Googling the two terms). Basically, we're meant to have leaky gut, and before we can start to get better we need to heal our digestive tract. So I'm into day 3.

Basically Paleo is: eat lots of organic/free-range/grassfed meat and fish/seafood, as well as fruit and veg. No dairy. No legumes (beans). No grains (bread, pasta or rice, however some say white rice is okay, while others say it's a no-no). No sugar or refined stuff.

Autoimmune diet is: no nightshades (tomatoes, eggplant, red capsicum, chilli). No caffeine. No sugar. No nuts or seeds.

From what I've read, it's meant to take anywhere between 4 weeks and several months to notice any difference in joint pain. There's a pretty British girl on Youtube who has successfully gotten her RA under control using this diet, she documents her journey on YT.

Hope this helps, and good luck to us all in being pain and med free!!