Natural Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

Dietary Changes
Posted by Sharon (Tennessee) on 12/06/2018
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I have had RA for about 12 years and I've found that if I don't eat wheat or sugar, I have no pain at all. Also, everything I read about RA says to drink green tea, that it's so good for healing, but I find if I drink green tea, my feet start hurting within 10 minutes. Sugar seems to be the culprit in arthritis pain, at least for me....

Dietary Changes, Apple Cider Vinegar, Herbs
Posted by Windy (Morison, Tn) on 05/17/2010

To Phoenix,

Thank you for the interest. Let me say there is a place for everything at certain times, even a steak, if you have not been able to accomplish the protein intake required due to being unable to eat! There is a difference between a Cure and Managing your Arthritis. If you want to manage, you change your diet drastically. If you want to Cure the disease you must kill the bacteria or flush it out! It is the only way. A cure will be hard core and Great discipline will be needed. Most of us have to work up to this. We have to convince ourselves it works and it is worth it. Supplements contain so many buffers that prevent absorption, so if you need to take supplements for a while try to get pharmaceutical grade. I have a problem with my Thyroid which means I lose my appetite sometimes if my discipline falls away. We have to protect the body at all cost. Just because you do not have pain does not mean you have stopped the damage! The body's environment must be changed so that certain bacteria can not live there. This is the Cure. And it is easier said than done! Our own Enzymes can help us do this. Our problem is our bodies do not produce enough of these enzymes to do the trick, so we replace them with Raw Foods that give us this ability. Grain sprouts ground in a blender with some Tofu and Pear does this beautifully. Once a day, every day! This starts your body off right. You have the enzymes and the proper PH and the pear helps to adsorb everything. I am far from being Cured, however the way I look at life and Feel about life has helped my body cope. This change came from better nutrition, not from being pain free! When I need to I drink carrot juice or what ever. The dark green veggies are too acidic (they run Hot)and if your body gets to a point of being very sensitive you will be able to feel this. I have been so bad that I went to 98 lbs. due to not being able to eat. I am 5'8 and weigh 130-135 lbs. Coming back from that you Feel everything that goes into your body and what it does. I have tested the greens on occasion and I am convinced and do not have to prove it to my self anymore! I adore polebeans, but.... The whole world could use a good cleansing with celery and cucumber! The body must be cleansed and fed and in that order. Give your self the vitamins from food first then the minerals. Minerals at nite will help you sleep better. Starch at nite will do the same thing. Eat for digestion and absorption. A purist will kill themselves in the process. We live in a dirty world so the body must be able to fight and fight hard so we must put the things in our body that will allow our body to fight and to relax. Please make No mistake about it, this Disease can Kill you and it is not to be taken lightly as I did for so many years. It is what they do not tell you that you must come to understand. I did not believe them when they told me my RA would get worse and I would end up crippled. I try now to prove them wrong, that I can undo what has been done and only time will tell. Four years ago my hands started sweeping to the outside. Two years ago the last three fingers on both hands curled shut. Two years ago I had a good diet and today I have a better one, which includes raw foods and raw juices which has allowed the curled fingers to open 2 inches from my hand instead of being closed completely. My second finger on my right hand is more open than the rest so I must be doing something right and I am still pain free. I have Severe RA because of what I did not believe! I did construction, maintenance,and house cleaning for a living. I use to pick up a 4x8 sheet of plywood without problem and pick up a 5 gal. buckets of paint in each hand and run up ladders with them! I worked 10-16 hours a day and loved it. Now I have very little disk in my vertebra, I have no cushion in my wrist, fingers, elbows, knees, hips or ankles. They say I should not be upright, but I am. So if you have use of your limbs, be Grateful and do not do as I did in the past. Do better than I and be well and healthy. My heart goes out to all who suffer in any way. And I tell All of you, It does not have to be that way. Be strong and be Faithful to yourself. Find something to live for and push for, and find support when and if needed. I take 150mg of Indocin a day and my body is addicted to it. I have been on medication for 13 years due to slowing down from a herniated disk which took a year to heal because I refused to be put down. I have tried all the medications out there and now the Dr.s allow me to choose my medication. I know my body better than they do. Today I can get away with missing 3 days of meds before the the pain starts. Yesteryear I had to take my meds before I got out of bed to be able to get out of bed. For my severity I have made Great progress. I have worked with people recently diagnosed and had them pain free in a few short months including two vegans with RA! Their parents ate meat and so it contaminates the gene pool. Everything you put in your body affect your genes, cells, skin, attitude, etc.. I have very little swelling today and my goal is no swelling at all. Discipline is the hardest thing to Master, especially as we get older. Quality of life becomes an issue.

Your tongue against the roof of the mouth will work well for you because you have apparently made an agreement with your body that this is one way to tell you if the food is well for you. That is great. I stand as a medical Intuitive today. If I desire to know about my food all I have to do is ask internally and I get my answer. But not everyone can do this, although everyone Is capable of it. I use to help people obtain their own Intuitive Nature. I live a very modest life today on 30 acre's with a beautiful river running thru my property. It has helped me a great deal. I no longer party all the time. I quit drinking years back. This Disease has changed me a great deal. I am more even keel, not rushed, refuse to play the games of the world and speak my mind when needed! I find it very freeing! Stuffed Emotions will make you hurt and can and will Kill you. Take care of Mind, Body , and Soul! I want to Live...I want to Live the way I want to and this disease has taught me how to do just that. It is just too bad that I had to suffer so to understand and have my Will broken to that point. Iron makes Great Gold, so they say!!! And today I am not so Rusty inside!

I can only offer one more thing, BE THE LOVE THAT YOU ARE AND BE STRONG ABOUT IT. LET NO ONE, OR NO THING TAKE IT FROM YOU. Work with the flow of all things and you Will succeed.

With love from TN
p.s. I will check out Brian Clements today sometime. Thank you for the info.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mart (California) on 04/13/2015

I tried turmeric, sour cherry juice, sardines and papaya for Rhuematoid Arthritis. Only to make me worse. I took a blood test called ALCAT which tested my blood against foods, oils, protein, nuts, dairy, wheat and additives. I found out all the above items caused inflammation response on my blood. I received the list of foods and only ate the ones on my list I had no sensitivity to. This helped me tremendously. You can ask your doctor or search the internet. It will not cure you but reduce the inflammation. I keep trying to reduce my stress and continue to nourish my body and try to heal it. I have lost my marriage, house and job. It has been a journey for me. I wish everyone health and good journey.

Oil Pulling
Posted by Trina (Saint Helens, Oregon, USA) on 04/14/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Oil Pulling cured my Rheumatoid Arthritis in a matter of 3 days. Been using Safflower Oil. It helped so much. I sleep like a baby and pain free!! No more limping, dropping cups, hurting to drive, bend - I can open lids - pain free!! I had Rheumatoid Arthritis for over a year. I dont have joint stiffness anymore - but i can feel the joint damage (tightness when moving) In truth i am affraid to stop oil pulling - i dont want it to come back - because i have not stopped my health keeps improving i had gum disease (Periodontitis ), 8 year Chocoholic addiction,Dry Skin and Hair, A Sinus infection and Suffering with RA -gone! My skin is soft as a baby's head to toe- A huge scar i got from last winter i branded my self by backing into a propane heater - it looks like a cat scrach. Anyways its been a month and my health keeps improving. I OP for 2 to 3 times a day. Oh yah my mens. has improved too. Rarely irritable, minor back pain, no chocolate cravings, lil bit of a sweet tooth, lil to no cramps- such a big improvement - THANKU Earth Clinic!!!!!!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Dietary Changes
Posted by Dona (San Kose, Ca) on 09/20/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I have RA, and I tried everything. Out of all what I've tried these what have helped me: Low Dose Naltrexone (this drug has hardly any side effects, and a cheap drug. It helps the body to heal itself). I started taking Raw organic apple cider vinegar with honey & water a few days ago. I can see the swelling & pain on my fingers & wrists improved a lot. I believe it has to do with ACV. If it is that, taking ACV would be the biggest thing that helped me so far; I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

The other things have helped me were not eating gluten, following sort of ketogenic diet (eating very less carbs), and getting 8 hour sleep, taking early dinner, and doing regular mild to moderate exercise. Hope this would help for all out there looking for help. All the best for a quick remission!

Gluten-Free Diet
Posted by Happy & Painfree (Canada) on 01/19/2016
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I had rheumatoid arthritis quite badly. Tremendous amount of pain, however my joints were not yet deformed. I was told by someone to stop eating all forms of wheat due to the amount of gluten contained in it. There are other grains as well, not sure what they are. Well, it was one of the most frustrating and also rewarding things I have had to do. I was told to stop totally, for at least three weeks. At the end of about two weeks, I realized I was no longer in pain!!!

I had suffered severe heartburn for 20+ years. A doctor told me to use antacids for the heartburn. I believe this is actually what caused the arthritis as it forced my body to digest and used something it did not recognized as food (GMO). When I stopped using the antacids. Now, I will get heartburn from eating anything with gluten in it, then throw-up, usually within a short time. When I do accidentally ingest gluten, (a small amount) the first place I notice it, is my big toe joint on my right foot. It gets swollen and red, but the damage is not permanent. There are some very good gluten free products out there now, for which I am very thankful!

You can also find a list of common allergens, sometimes it can be milk, mushrooms, etc. I think the elimination process works for most of this type of thing! Happy and painfree!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Mart (California) on 04/13/2015
4 out of 5 stars

I tried turmeric, sour cherry juice, sardines and papaya for Rhuematoid Arthritis. Only to make me worse. I took a blood test called ALCAT which tested my blood against foods, oils, protein, nuts, dairy, wheat and additives. I found out all the above items caused inflammation response on my blood. I received the list of foods and only ate the ones on my list I had no sensitivity to. This helped me tremendously. You can ask your doctor or search the internet. It will not cure you but reduce the inflammation. I keep trying to reduce my stress and continue to nourish my body and try to heal it. I have lost my marriage, house and job. It has been a journey for me. I wish everyone health and good journey.

Juicing, Dietary Changes
Posted by Mimi (California, US) on 12/01/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with RA and had horrible pain, swelling and bad lab work. I noticed a connection between the foods I ate and the pain that day or the next day. Dairy made my knees swell and my starchy foods made my si joints hurt really bad. Sweets and excess sugar made my whole body hurt. After eating and juicing whole fresh fruits and vegetables for 80% of my daily diet, my labs started dropping and my swollen knees started to get better SLOWLY. It took a year for my arm to regain range of motion and my knees slowly got better too, they had been swollen for over three years, every day I had terrible knee pain. I could barely walk around the block they were so swollen. My labs such as sedimentation rate was at 60 and it is in normal range now. My RA factor has come down a lot too. Lastly my CRP has come down 500 points, but it came down 50 points every 6 months, it takes awhile if you have a severe case of RA.

Juicing fruits and veggies and eating them raw is key, and avoiding, wheat, corn , potatoes, and dairy was important for me. Also I eat meat once or twice a week because too much makes me feel unwell. Hope this helps someone, and remember don't lose hope.

Rheumatoid Arthritis and UTI Connection
Posted by Anne (Laguna Niguel) on 10/01/2018

I have had about 8 UTIs since my RA diagnosis. What is interesting is I used the Sea Salt remedy from EC for my UTI and my arthritis felt so much better the next morning. My RA has deformed some of my joints so it's pretty bad. I also can not eat sweets, dairy, grains, corn, nightshades or beef. The one teaspoon of sea salt in a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon seemed to help both UTI and RA. I did eat 70% raw yesterday which always helps me. Eat your Greens!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Alain (Ottawa, Canada) on 09/18/2008

Hi Joseph, Don't get discouraged. There's hope. Unfiltered, raw Apple Cider Vinegar may work because, among other things, it has potassium. In it says:

"Arthritis, Recent Theories and The Affects of Imbalanced pH
Individuals with rheumatoid arthritis have lower cellular potassium content than normal and high plasma copper content. Reports have shown low potassium being the only consistent difference in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Although there has not been a clinical study proving this theory, rheumatoid arthritis should not be present in people who eat vegetables instead of grains. The reason why potassium is often overlooked is probably because potassium is present in almost all foods grown in large quantities.

As most have come to realize, what you eat strongly affects your body. When food is digested, it leaves certain residues that yield either alkaline or acidic potentials of pH. Our body is at a constant struggle to keep our pH balanced. If balance is not achieved through diet then the body will take over by leaching away key minerals such as, calcium, potassium, and sodium from the bones, teeth, and important organs. An imbalanced pH can lead to serious health problems such as weight gain, poor athletic performance, low energy levels, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, and premature aging if continuously too acidic or alkaline..."

Here are a few more sites about pH and arthritis:

For a lot more sites, please do

I believe in the pH balance. The concept is similar to that of the body requiring constant internal temperature; the blood must be at an almost constant pH level in order for chemical, bio-chemical, and hormonal reactions to proceed appropriately. The body will do everything to achieve this at the cost of making acidic the lymphatic system and other organs, if the nutrition does not provide for the necessary good nutrition. Like, for example, drinking a lot of soft drinks is terribly acidic. So, proper body's pH balance is a prerequisite for good health.

A we become more acidic, internal organs, body tissues, bones ... will deteriorate. To learn more about the pH balance concept you can go to the following links:

These are just a few of what can be found in the web.

About measuring and monitoring own pH:

To verify if indeed you are acidic I would strongly suggest you to buy pH paper strips. It's cheap and I assure you it will be a good investment.

I had inflammatory problems with my knees and ankle. The best thing I found so far is an alkalizing drink that combines synergetically blackstrap molasses, unfiltered raw apple cider vinegar, pinch of epson salt, kelp powder and pickling lime water. Not only this drink is alkalazing, but, over time, will help in replenishing minerals that were depleted over the years because of acidosis. The full instruction of this drink can be found at in a forum about pH balance.

More details about the alkalizing drink that synergetically combines minerals (blackstrap molasses, Epson Salt, pickling lime water and kelp powder,) with weak acids (such as Apple Cider Vinegar or Lemon Juice)

I hope these can help you. It is a learning journey about how nutrition affects your healths.

I wish you good luck. You can reach me at [email protected]

ACV and Baking Soda, MSM, Mag Citrate
Posted by Marilyn H. (Lakewood, Ca) on 05/01/2018

Could be the fungus that grows on the grains could be causing the arthritis?

Dietary Changes
Posted by Marra (olympia, wa) on 03/15/2007
4 out of 5 stars

Two 1/2 years ago, i was diagnosed with two forms of arthritis, osteo-which is throughout my entire spinal column and every joint throughout my body--I also have RA. I am 43 years old. I've successfully held much of the pain at bay with diet & exercise. I am trying ACV for the first time--wish me the best! I will let you know how its going. Thank you for your feedback everyone!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Nadine (NY) on 09/01/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I have rheumatoid arthritis and I had it really bad and could barely walk. Was on arthristis medication and pain killers and i was still hurting etc . Called the doctor's office and they told me there was nothing more they could do for me. Well, i got angry and decided i would help myself.

The first thing i did was get rid of all salt sugar preservatives and bleached flour. Within 3 months, i was no longer taking pain killers and my medicine was less.

I continue the diet although i do eat some sugar lol but I don't eat preservatives.

I eat whole grains, beans, lentils, split peas, etc, and fruit and vegetable and a little meat. I stay away from bacon and cold cuts because of the preservatives. I do not have much joint pain now if ever i'm off most arthritis medicine and i no longer take pain killers at all.

Ya see, arthritis swells the joints and salt and preservatives swell the joints, so if you take them with the rheumatoid arthristis your kicking yourself in the butt and giving yourself added pain. The extra swelling causes irritation and sets the inflamation into motion, so it is very important not to eat any preservatives and little salt. Don't eliminate all salt completely. I don't use salt when i cook or eat, but if i have a craving for salt, i indulge it because i need the salt. If you want to use salt use kelp or sea salt. When you look at labels you will be amazed at the amount of salt in products. I do not eat store bread.

Lemon Peel and Olive Oil
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 11/20/2020


Olive oil is about 14% saturated fat, whereas 11% is polyunsaturated, such as omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. But the predominant fatty acid in olive oil is a monounsaturated fat called oleic acid, making up 73% of the total oil content. Studies suggest that oleic acid reduces inflammation, contains large amounts of anti-oxidants, and is filled with bioavailable phenolic compounds that have multiple, varied positive health effects like decreasing oxidative damage to DNA and lowering inflammatory markers and reduce oxidative stress in individuals with rheumatoid arthritis (44, 45). In one study, olive and fish oil significantly improved handgrip strength, joint pain and morning stiffness in people with rheumatoid arthritis (46).

Coconut oil, on the other hand, is made up primarily of saturated fat in the form of molecules called medium-chain-triglycerides (MCTs). It does contain polyphenols, but when compared side-by-side, olive oil topically is the better choice at reducing inflammation. Coconut oil health benefits are mainly for internal use. I put a spoonful of coconut oil in my coffee in the morning to help “lube the joints”.

The original recipe called for olive oil so I'm sticking with it. I hope this helps.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Sharon (Tn) on 09/13/2018
4 out of 5 stars

I have had RA for 12 years, and I've found that if I don't eat sugar and/or wheat, I have NO pain. No kiddin....

Posted by Denise (Us) on 11/17/2018 51 posts

Hi Melanie,

Ted's remedies are at this link. I am fairly new here so I can't tell you much other than he has given tons of information for us to study. Others than know him better can tell you much more than I. Here's the link;) I've already used several of his suggestions myself:

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by John (Athens, Greece) on 06/22/2016

This is my suggestion to help with Reumatoid arthritis, having to do with leaky gut

  • Juicing once a week
  • Avoid proinflammatory foods, milk, white sugar, white flour made food stuff
  • Serrapeptase (80,000i.u) in the morning on empty stomach
  • One hour after serrapeptase Glutamine with water
  • oil of oregano with the food 6 weeks ΟΝ 2 weeks off (mid - day)
  • Omega 3 capsule plus probiotics - 8 o'clock in the evening
  • Between the two main meals – 6 o clock in the evening – One capsule mastic 6 weeks ΟΝ 2 weeks off
  • When you are on two weeks OFF from previous, get garlic oil capsules instead
  • Before food 10- 20 minutes, take digestive enzymes

Vitamin D
Posted by Ray (Calgary) on 06/02/2015
1 out of 5 stars

Vitamin D a NO-NO

Haven't been here for a while. But noticed something to alert people about. At another site, they advised RA patients to take vitamin D. What? Seriously!

I hope nobody here ever does such a thing.

Yes, vitamin D is low in RA patients but that is not a cause, it is a symptom. The attacking bacteria destroy vitamin D receptors. And pumping up on vitamin D will not solve the problem. It's like seeing low air in a broken balllon and thinking you just have to keep pumping in more air and all will be well. Not so. The balloon will stay deflated because of the hole. So all that vitamin D goes to waste. So don't try to take vitamin D for RA.

But it could be much worse (maybe even worse than taking copper). Over the last few years I've noticed that every time my wife was pursuaded to go to vitamin D her RA flared up. Trying to stimulate a broken mechanism is a bad idea.

For further information try an article in:

Annals of NY Academy Science, 2009, Sept by Waterhouse and Perez aned ALbert on called "Reversing bacteria-induced vitamin D receptor dysfunction is key to autoimmune disease"

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 04/08/2017

Dear Marion,

We make smoothies all the time at my house and turmeric is easy to disguise in them.

We buy a case of frozen organic bananas and let them ripen and then freeze them so we always have them on hand for our smoothies.

  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 cup milk kefir (or yogurt)
  • 1 teaspoon turmeric
  • 1/16 teaspoon black pepper (to potentate the turmeric)
  • 1 Tablespoon cacao powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla
  • Blend in a blender

My kids like to add a tablespoon of peanut butter to theirs.

If you use unsweetened kefir or yogurt you will need a sweetener - honey or blackstrap are ideal. Otherwise raw sugar, but not artificial sweetener.

Aldi and Trader Joe's have strawberry or blueberry milk kefir that is good. Milk kefir or a high quality yogurt will have benefits to add to the turmeric.

If you could add a tablespoon of organic coconut oil that would be great, too. RA may have a viral component and the coconut oil would be good for that.

Also if he could take lots of vitamin c (sodium ascorbate) that would be great and Epsom salt baths if possible.

I hope this is helpful to him!

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Charles (Usa) on 10/29/2013

It is my contention that rheumatoid arthritis is either caused by a potassium deficiency or is greatly enabled by one (Potassium in the etiology of rheumatoid arthritis and heart infarction. 1974 Journal of Applied Nutrition. 26; p40. ) (Potassium deficiency as a cause of rheumatoid arthritis. 2000 Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients. 208; 74-76. ) ( ). Dr. Reza Rastmanesh has performed a clinical trial that establishes this (Rastmanesh R. 2008 A pilot study of potassium supplementation in treatment of hypokalemic patients with rheumatoid arthritis: A randomized, double-blinded placebo controlled trial. The Journal of Pain. 9, issue 8; 722-731. ).

Potassium should be automatically prescribed for rheumatoid arthritis because getting potassium up to normal from the low values in all RA patients (LaCelle PL et al 1964 An investigation of total body potassium in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Proceedings Ann. Meeting of the Rheumatism Association, Arthritis & Rheumatism 7; 321 ) (Sambrook PN, Ansell BM, Foster S, Gumpel JM, Hesp R, Reeve J, Zanelli JM 1985 Bone turnover in early rheumatoid arthritis. 1. Biochemical and kinetic indexes. Ann Rheum Dis. Sep;44(9):575-9. ) is slow, even with a high unprocessed vegetable diet. There are tasty foods that are especially rich in potassium ( ).

However it is important that thiamin (vitamin B-1) be adequate when supplementing with potassium because heart disease can not materialize when both are deficient, but will show up if only one of those is deficient ( ). This is probably the primary reason why heart disease is a main cause of death in rheumatoid arthritis patients.

In view of the fact that this is not considered by current rheumatologists, it would be very valuable for you to bring it into your future research. It is not only that potassium is not considered by physicians in regard to RA, most of them do not even believe that a potassium deficiency is likely. This even though many of them prescribe what are actually supplements, but prescribed under euphemistic terms such as salt substitutes, sodium free baking powder, ORT salts (oral rehydration therapy for diarrhea), polarizing solutions, GIK (glucose, insulin, potassium) salts, vegetables, or glucosamine. A deficiency is further defined out of existence by defining the blood serum content normal as 4.2 when the actual figure is 4.8.

Sincerely, Charles Weber

MSM, Magnesium, Vitamin D
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 10/30/2013

Dear Arshia,

On your RA problem: Absolutely, you must try DMSO topically. Has worked wonders on me with same issues as you. Google, "DMSO Dr Jacobs Youtube 60 minutes". That's a three part series on the miracle of DMSO.

Best, Dave

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 09/24/2013

Dear Linda,

Because Blackstrap Molasses is a nutrient dense food and not a supplement, I think it would be compatible. Of course, some foods do not agree with some people, so it wouldn't be 100% certain, but a very safe option to try. I would start with 1 teaspoon, morning and evening. If that agrees, the next week, try 2 t. morning and evening. If this is a small person, that may be enough. Otherwise, you could go up to 1 T. the next week, morning and evening. If diarrhea is a problem, you should know that Blackstrap can have a laxative effect. Blackstrap does have potassium in it, and I suppose could affect the need for a potassium supplement.

I noticed here on Earth Clinic that Nettle Tea has been helpful to someone for RA. I mention this because it is another very safe thing to try. Nettles used to be a "spring tonic" for people. They would cook the fresh nettles in the spring and eat them for health. My daughter had symptoms of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis a year and a half ago. She was also having trouble with asthma, as well, I was giving her nettles (because it cured my son of asthma) for her asthma, in addition to a number of things I was trying to help her arthritis. Perhaps the nettles also helped her arthritis. She has been symptom free of that for over a year. If you decide to try the nettle tea, try 1 cup per day at first and move up to 2-3 cups per day. It would be compatible with the Blackstrap.

Our family has found Blackstrap (and nettles! ) to be helpful for many things. I hope you find that to be the case as well!

Please let us know how it goes.

~Mama to Many~

Juicing, Dietary Changes
Posted by Marium (Texas, Usa) on 06/25/2013
4 out of 5 stars

I started juicing fruits and veggies with a juicer for my severe RA and juiced for one week and made sure to stay away from grains/starches and animal products after that week. My knees that were once swollen are not swollen anymore.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Steve (Uk) on 08/30/2018

Arthritis is usually a missing nutrient ...Boron, you need to supplement that 3mg per day! Auto immune can be whats called Leaky Gut Syndrome ... damage to the walls of the gut allowing undigested matter straight into the blood system! You would need to consider parasite infection, toxic substances, acidic processed foods etc! However you might find that the Boron will give massive relief on its own though everyone and their conditions are different ... what works well for one might not work so well for another!!!!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Chevieman (St. George, Maine) on 05/20/2012

diagnosed with severe Rhuematoid Arthritis a year ago. The following is what I did to treat it.

1. Ascorbic Acid- at least 1-2 Grams per day. Yes Grams. Vitamin C- Aka ascorbic acid was looked at by big pharma and was found to be almost miraculous in the treatment of a number of diseases. They attempted to get patent rights for it and were denied, no profit no more research. I have always felt that RA is an imbalance in my immune system, Ascorbic Acid helped restore that balance.
2. Boron- Here is the kicker you can only buy it in 3 mg capsules but You need at least 20 mg per day total taken in 3 doses, so stock up on the big bottle. Why does this work? Your immune system is in your gut/intestines. An imbalance in the fauna and flora sets up a dominoe effect to allow fungus such as candida albicans to take root in your intestinal walls causing leaky gut syndrome. This is how food allergies and reactions to specific stressor foods manifest themselves. Boron is one of the best "all natural" anti-fungals known to man. It makes you pee bright yellow but that is the only side effect other than killing unwanted fungus in your intestines.
3. Pro-biotics. Like I stated previously all of your immune system originates in your intestines, when you take care of the good bacteria in your gut, then your gut will start taking care of you. I recommend a pro-biotic that is of soil origin (will say on bottle)and more than one type. These types go after the bad guys in your intestines and stop the proliferation of the bad which gives your gut the time it needs to heal. If you don't take soil origin probiotics at least twice a day and You have RA then You are indeed a fool.
3. Reishi Mushroom extract- proven immune system modulator. Follow recommended dosage on the bottle. It helps your immune system rebalance itself.
4. If You have RA the foods you consume are no longer about what You like, thats what got you into this mess to begin with. When you have inflammation in your body from other than injury, its guaranteed you have inflammation in your intestines. Every time you think its "okay" to consume a stressor food (can be found on the net what they are) it is like adding fuel to the fire. Especially night shade family veggies, grains, and dairy. I know its hard to give these up. They used to be my favorites. But it is possible. Also Stay away from processed foods, chemical additives of any kind are not your friend including those that you wash with or that go on your skin. Stay away from commercially raised beef and stick to grass fed. Stay away from chicken and stick to turkey without additives (shady brook brand)Did you know they were putting arsenic into the chicken feed and hence it could be found in the meat? Find a recipe for bread made with brown rice flour, no potato starches or oils other than coconut. Stay away from soy bean oils (check your supplements) so many of them are GMO you cannot trust the source anymore and GMO food will send You into flare quicker than anything I know of.
5. I found a rheumatologist who put me on minocycline and that is what I prefer because it isn't as toxic as other drugs. I started out on 100mg 2x a day with the above regimen until I went into remission then I cut back to 100mg 1x per day until in remission for more than 2 weeks then cut back to 100mg 1x per day on Mon, Wed, and Friday. (see Dr. Mercolas web-site for the Mon, wed, Fri regimen)Rhuematologists are hard to find that use minocycline or that you can convince to prescribe it to you alone, I personally have to travel 120 miles for appointments but here I sit in remission, joints healing up, no swelling anywhere. I honestly don't know if this regimen will work for those on the more toxic drugs but I believe you have everything to gain. If You don't take any other supplements at all the Ascorbic Acid, Boron and Pro-biotics are the most beneficial. Others that I take are":Glucosamine chondroiton with MSM
magnesium 500 2x a day
potassium 1gram 1x a day
selenium 1x a day
zinc 1x a day.
N-acetyl cysteine-builds up your glutathione levels. Something found lacking in all with arthritis of any kind.
Boron can be increased up to 30mg perday if symptoms are stubborn.

It took me 2 months on this regimen to go into remission. It is a wonderful thing to be able to say that word "remission" without the fear of going into flare-up tommorow and I am not there yet. I will say the only other thing I would attempt to do is relieve as much stress and anger in your life as possible and make sure you have a strong personal relationship with God and Your family. If you don't have faith you can beat this disease from running your life, then you won't.
I sit here symptom free and grateful that I am. If anything I have learned compassion for others who suffer from RA and other debilitating diseases and that is my only motivation for posting this. I pray that one day they will have a cure available and these type of diseases can be treated with something which works quickly and effectively but until the pharmacutical industry is more cure driven than profit driven I really dont see that happening. I hope for the best for you. I think you are going to see the ascorbic acid/boron and probiotics being used more in the treatment of this disease as more is learned about it.

Posted by Sharon (NY, NY) on 03/23/2009

Hi, MSM must be in powder form and PURE. It can be contaminated so make sue it has nothing in it. Google the product or as your health food store to check. I used a product that was pure MSM or it can be toxic and make you feel sick.

Boswella a resin from india can be taken for one month and then stop for a week, and continue, it is a natural cox 2 inhibitor and no effect on cox 1. Wild yam capsules are anti inflammatory and I liked Pomagranite Extract capsules.

I understand the frantic search for supplements to control RA. But it really is gotten under control through diet. THere is depression and fatigue related to RA so just break the symptom down and treat each. If you want to do the supplement route.

I did it your way but had a huge ah ha moment when I realized I needed super health and super foods to get over it. All the supplements worked but only for short periods. Super health worked much better for me. But I know how important it is to feel in control so if you are doing well then keep at it!

I did not Suppress the immune system, but began to build up the immune system.
I like an herb called Astraligus in liquid extract form 1 dropperful 1-2 times a day.
Green tea extract in liquid form 1-2 times a day
I like Pomagranite extract capsules
Arthrid powder
Green barley juice powder
Spirolina Powder or capsules

Lots of dark green vegetables in salads soups and juices, fish and occasional chicken, fruits in abundance but avoid tropical fruits for a while. Eat this way for life or get back to foods you like and see if you have flares. If you do then controlling your diet will be of great help.
NO wheat, grains. milk , dairy, nuts, or candy until you see that you can control flares. Use an anti inflammatory drug rarely to just lower pain and inflammatory response to weather, stress. chemicals, or food and get back on diet.

I used new age music that heals and listened to it as often as possible for weeks. I believe that this helped too.

Look into Gary Craig emotional healing and teach yourself how to do it. Free download of his ebook on internet. I used it Chronic Fatigue where I couldn't move for most of the day. My RA came on suddenly 2 1/2 years ago and it hit me with pain in all my joints, depression, swelling, muscle pain.
I used Magnesium for the muscle pain.

I am now in good health and look and feel great. I can control the flares and lost 30 pounds. I still have symptoms but am 80% improved.

Posted by Jeanmarie (Seekonk, MA) on 01/21/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Lugol's Iodine that I ordered from the Breath of Life website has given me relief from all-over-tissue-pain after searching for 12 years. I'm an N.D. candidate; therefore, shunned all meds, but the Dr.'s said my rheumatoid factor was sky high and everytime I ate Sugar, Bread or overate or had anything much to eat, I would get inflamed and achy and wake up the next morning barely able to move. I've got an active 13-year old and wanted my mobility back. Everytime I take it with food or shortly thereafter, my pain totally vanishes. I thought something was up when it would vanish for a period of time if I ate lobster or had a seaweed body wrap on vacation. It's the iodine!!! I take about 4-6 drops 3X/day. Eureka!!! I just wonder now if I'll have to take this for the rest of my life.

Oil Pulling
Posted by Liz (Rhinelande, Wisconsin) on 07/31/2011

I just want to comment that when I read people say, "I had rheumatoid arthritis in my hands... Or in my knees... Or one specific joint" that is NOT rheumatoid arthritis. That is osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis jumps around and affects ALL of your joints and organs. Osteoarthritis is degradation of the cartilige in one joint. You may have osteoarthritis in more than one joint but it is still joint specific. Rheumatoid arthritis is an immune system attack on the body which causes fatigue and a whole host of other problems. Please be sure you know what kind of arthritis you have because what works for osteoarthritis may not work for RA and vice versa. Thank you.

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