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Posted by Paige (Seattle, WA) on 09/02/2007
5 out of 5 stars

9/2/07: I have been oil pulling with sunflower oil once daily (mornings) for 3 weeks now,' and here are my observations from my journal:

For about 2 years I was unable to chew on the right side of my mouth because of tooth pain and extreme sensitivity to hot, sweet, cold, etc. I strongly suspect I am in need of another root canal. Starting with the second day of oil-pulling I found the entire right side of my my mouth was no longer sensitive. Beginning with the 3rd day, I was able to chew on the right side of my mouth, albeit gingerly. Now, 3 weeks later I chew on the right side of my mouth equally with the left side - no pain, no sensitivity. And I've noticed my teeth feel more secure and they no longer feel 'loose. And as many has commented on, they feel cleaner and look whiter.

The audible wheezing noises while breathing whenever I would lie down have stopped. I seem to be sleeping better too. Some nights all the way through. I have a way to go on this problem, though.

Milk makes my lungs fill with phlegm which was really hard for me to expectorate in the mornings. This too has stopped. Despite continuing to drink milk (homemade probiotic Kefir, actually) and the occasional milk in my coffee, teas and with cereal, my lungs no longer feel congested and I have no coughing fits anymore while trying to expel the congestion out of my lungs; no coughing either as there doesn't seem to be any congestion. I had been a heavy smoker for twenty-some years before quitting 18 years ago and this is probably the genesis of my lung problems.

Since early childhood I have had the herpes simplex virus in my body and suffered from frequent cold and canker sores. Now, by the time I feel one on my tongue it is gone in the morning. The other day the smallest, single-blister cold sore I ever had - which was all but invisible appeared in the corner of my mouth. It went through its stages and absolutely gone in 3 days, flat. Without treatment the blisters multiply and the healing process normally takes around 2 weeks.

NOTE: As I do not have the time nor disposition to do this oil-pulling therapy more than once a day - I 'pull' sometimes for over the 20 minutes - all the way up to an hour. None of my fillings have loosened or fallen out. A funny aside to all this is that I now find myself absent-mindedly 'pulling' all my drinks, coffee, tea, milk and if nothing else I am sure it is helping to remove food trapped in between my teeth.