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Hydrogen Peroxide and DMSO
Posted by Nancy (Phoenix, AZ)
5 out of 5 stars

I haven't tried this remedy yet but am and will keep you posted as soon as I find out the results...The remedy is DMSO and Hydrogen peroxide from a book called Never an Outbreak by William Fharel. This combo is supposed to kill the herpes virus in your body where it lays dormant ... so you NEVER break out again... I have had cold sores for years and those remedies with just the hydrogen peroxide or just some other remedy putting it on the cold sore and trying to stop the virus once it starts a break out doesn't work... I have tried everything there is but the DMSO and Hydrogen peroxide... According to the book, you will never get another break out again. That is a cure... not just getting rid of the lesions but the virus from your body totally...He also discusses that this also gets rid of the mole virus...yeah, I didn't know moles were viruses but I have them all over... Anyway, it is worth looking into... I welcome feedback from anyone who has done the DMSO and hydrogen peroxide therapy.