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Apple Slices, Aloe Vera Cream
Posted by Chuckles (Auckland, New Zealand) on 07/06/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Apples for cold sores. I just wanted to share this with folks. I have suffered from cold sores since a child and I am in my 50s now. I have had that tingle happen under my skin for so many years, I just know I only have a few minutes to get something to stop the onset of sores. I had an apple on my table and cut a small slice from it in a disc shape. I placed the piece on the tingle and held it there for about five minutes. I was careful not to use the same spot of the apple slice on the tingle. I moved it around until I had used every little inch of the apple slice. I then used a baby wipes that had aloe vera in it, and then patted it dry with paper tissue. I then applied a store bought cream (it cost me $14) that had aloe vera in it.

I repeated this procedure if I still felt the tingle was still there, but by the second slice of apple and then wiping with tissue and applying cream, the tingle had already begun to subside. To my amazement, it never went beyond the tingle. I did this before I went to bed, and when I woke there was no tingle, and no cold sore. I was so amazed and overjoyed, I wondered if it was just a coincidence.

About a week later, I felt that familiar tingle again, so I grabbed another apple (I had eaten the rest of the first one) and did the same little cold sore thing. And again, the tingle stopped. I am so amazed that it was as simple as that. For over 45 years I have suffered with these cold sores and this is the ONLY TIME that I have had them disappear without going beyond a the tingle stage. So now I have a little kit for my cold sore treatment which I carry with me in the car or in my bag. I have an apple (buy a bag of them while you are at it, ha ha), a box of tissues, some baby wipes with aloe vera in it and any cream with aloe vera in it. I have oily skin so I have moisturising cream with aloe vera in it. When you cut a slice of apple, it need not be a big chunky piece. I cut mine thin enough to hold with my fingers and it need not be a huge slice. If you cut a big hunk, you will waste the rest of the precious apple in that chunk. Slice only enough to use like a wedge to cover the tingle area. I put these in a plastic container with a lid on it, so that I carry them with me everywhere, in the car or in my bag, because you never know when a tingle will start.

I have a lot of stress in my life at times and this is when the tingle starts. You can even do this while you are on the bus - discreetly of course. I think there is some merit in apple cider juice and apples in general. I have spent years buying creams and gels to no avail. I have scars on my face from cold sores so I am trialing a procedure using Vit E caps and Multi vitamins with minerals capsules, and also Cod Liver Oil Caps.

I will keep you posted and let you know how I am getting on with treating the very visible cold sore scars that have ruined my face (in my opinion) and made me feel at times like a recluse. Please try it, it is so simple, it makes me want to run and tell everyone about it, but of course, only sufferers like you and me know what it is truly like. So cheer up and go and try it, and be amazed. By the way, stress always brings on my cold sores, and low Vit C intake. I do know that these trigger them and my doctor is forever telling me to chill out and eat more fruit, ha ha. So I hope you find some success with this treatment. Regards Chuckles