Mystery Diagnosis


Posted by Bill (Philly, Pa) on 04/13/2011

I have a question for Ted (and anyone else who has had a similar problem) since the end of October, about 6 months ago, I've been having a strange and gross anal discharge/leakage.

It started as a white kind of thick, pastey like substance. Over time it seems to have gotten thinner, more of a waxy and yellowish color. Sometimes it's very little and sometimes there's a little more. Never to where it's running or anything. Just to where I can feel it and need to go to the bathroom and clean up or take a shower if I'm home. Some days it seems to go back to the thicker white phase. Almost like a really thin cream cheese. Most of the time it's more of a greasy/waxy yellow. (I haven't actually touched it with my bare hands, I can only assume from wiping with toilet paper)

I've been checking on line for months now and haven't found exactly the same thing. A lot of people describe orange oil from eating fish or cashews. It's not that. Some describe a clear oily or puss like substance. It's not that either. I've also found people who describe a really disgusting fishy smelling stuff. After 3 or 4 months I finally forced myself to (close my eyes) and smell it. It hardly has a smell at all. Very faint and not like anything I could describe. Certainly not like anything that came from there, and not disgusting or fishy. Very strange. Also people have had these symptoms go along with their condition: stomach pains, constipation, diarrhea, painful BMs, bleeding, gas, cramping. I have had NONE of these. I don't believe it's from something I'm eating because there's nothing that I eat that much of for it to be going on for so long. I've checked here many times and haven't found anything either.

A few people with some of the problems I've described tried a peroxide enema (with water) and said that worked for them. But since their problems weren't really the same as mine I haven't done it yet.

The few that said they went to their Doctor have not gotten rid of it. They either gave them antibiotics that didn't work or just keep trying something else. One even said they had surgery that didn't do anything.

I know Ted is very busy with many requests for help and that is why I've avoided asking for so long and tried finding the answer myself. Now I'm really starting to get worried once I realized how long it's actually been. I would really appreciate any advice. (44 year old, male) Bill

Replied by Dreedesoto
(Houston, Texas, Usa)

After having anal fissures, hemmorroids, and colon cancer I can understand your wanting to find out the problem. Please look up this site - it has several causes -

When I read your post I thought of Crohn's Disease but of course I'm not a doctor - Get it checked out Bill - Colorectal problems are NO fun.

Replied by Donna
(Swedesboro, Nj)

Bill you must see a Doctor because this may be the signs of Pancreatitis. Can become serious if left untreated for long periods. Until you can get to a Doctor, please follow a low-fat diet, this will ease the strain on your pancreas.

Replied by Laura
(Wake Forest, Nc)

Hi Bill,

Sounds like either pus from an infection or candida. In either case, an enema of H2O2 (diluted to 3%) once a day for a few days should help, along with a protocol of no sugars, dairy, processed foods, plenty of probiotics taken on empty stomach, aloe vera juice added to the ACV tonic and consider taking H2O2, food grade, a few drops in 8 oz of water on empty stomach each day.

Calendar Your Ailments

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Posted by Alelen (Poland) on 12/20/2018

First the diagnosis. Calendar.

Often suffering from ailments for a long time, we can not determine what is the main reason for our health problems. Reading a detective's book, I found a valuable clue: When you do not know what's going on, write a calendar. I applied this advice effectively to determine what I am.

Two calendars were created in this way. On one of them I wrote years from my birth, and slowly making memories, I wrote down my ailments and situations, small and large, and the circumstances of these situations. Not everything can be recalled immediately. Sometimes they can suggest something to their loved ones. The creation of this calendar took a while. but it has led me to the trail, and to the realization of various matters of relevance to my health, which I have not previously linked, that may be the cause.

The second calendar, I started to write on a regular basis. At the end of the day. I wrote how I felt and what I ate, as well as circumstances (in general). Often seeing the main problem with health, we do not notice any details that are also important in the diagnosis.

This gives you the opportunity to see the possible causes and consequences and the frequency of problems in time.

It gives the possibility of more effective use of the funds and reduces mistakes in, for example, supplementation or used herbs.

I apologize for any mistakes in the text. I'm using a google translator


Posted by Carly (Eu) on 05/23/2014

Hi, I am hoping to get the opinion of an expert, but to be honest any advice would be very much appreciated. I am experiencing extreme burning all over my body. If I sit down the burning is on my backside, if I lie down the burning is on my back, if I wear a control/support bra I get a dire burning all over both breasts- it gets to an intolerable stage at times. I definately cannot go out into the sun, as the sun sensitivity is extreme, and therefore I am effectively confined to the house with the summer here. I take medication, and I went to the doctor explaining that I thought it could be that as it seemed to get particularly worse after I take it, however she didn't seem too convinced, but she did change my pills. It is a couple of days now and I am still experiencing the burning. I am wondering does anybody know of any other reason what could be causing this if it is not the medication, and in regards to the medication how long would it usually take for one medication to go out of the system. Our house water is particularly bad but I don't know if this could cause a problem like this - flouride etc?. I live rurally and it is limited as to what services are available but I am wondering would a hair analysis be of any use or who would you contact about this. I am desperate. Thanks in advance.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Carly from EU;

Re the itching problem you relate... Google "itching 70 causes" an article with photos on "healthline"...

My big question is ... when did the problem start? Did anything proceed in time the onset? I mean some event like an infection; like starting with the meds you mentioned; like an insect bite/bites etc. That might help narrow the search for the cause.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

If you really need specific answers you must provide specific facts of the "medication" or "pills" as there are thousands of them and most very different from each other. Type the name of the medication in a search engine fallowed by "side effects".

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

Hi Carly...It may well be that the old meds you were taking were causing the burning skin. It also would have been helpful if you had let us know your medical problems and also told us the old and new meds you were and are taking so that we could check their side-effects for you.

You might have taken medications for which you have high sensitivity to their side-effects. These meds might have caused nerve damage in your skin making your skin over-sensitive to both pressure and sunlight. Unfortunately you haven't told us what these meds are so we can't find out.

A possible approach for you might therefore be to take nutrients that expel xenobiotics -- that actively remove substances and chemicals in the body that the body does not recognize I.e. synthetic drugs. Supplementing nutrients like Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C, Milk Thistle, MSM(Methyl Sulfonylmethane) will act to expel xenobiotics(drugs) from the body quickly and may well help to remove the cause of your problem. But this will take time depending on how long you took the meds.

Also please bear in mind that if you do take these xenobiotic-removing nutrients then they will also tend to remove ALL synthetic drugs from the body and will probably reduce the effectiveness of any current meds that you are supplementing now. So this may not be a workable option for you.

The only other thing that could have such an effect on the skin and nerves is probably excessive aspartame or neotame in the body. So if you are taking any form of sweetener like Equal or NutraSweet -- I would stop using these sweeteners now. The antidote to aspartame is taurine(an amino acid) which will help to remove the excess aspartame in the body.

Replied by Carly

Hi all. Thanks for your replies - much appreciated. Thanks in particular to Bill for his informative answer.

I have been taking lyrica for nerve pain. I have noticed quite bad forgetfulness/brain fog along with the burning lately. I used to get along quite well with the drug, however lately I have been getting these side effects. It used to cost €80 euro and now it costs 33, so I am wondering if it may have anything to do with a change in ingredients? I know that burning is a side effect as this was stated in the leaflet, however I didn't think that it could possibly mean this bad of burning. I have googled the drug online and see that sun sensitivity can also be a side effect - not listed in the leaflet. I have been on it a couple of years. The burning actually seems to get worse when I take tea/coffee so I don't know if its the water thats adding to the problem or the caffeine itself.

The doctor has now prescribed me Gabin, which I started taking a few days ago. I still do experience some burning but I have started getting chills at the top of my back, and when I put on a sweater, it turns to burning, so I don't know that this one will be an option either. I also have sensory nerve damage which I tried peppermint oil for but it was not effective. Does anyone know of any natural remedies for nerve pain, as I think the drugs might not be the way for me to go anymore. How would you go about switching. I don't know that the ALA would be an option as I have lots of mercury fillings. Thanks again folks.

Replied by Nanowriter
(Hotspot, Texas)

Whenever symptoms include a burning sensation, I immediately think B vitamin deficiency. A quick check on Lyrica side effects mentions B1 (thiamin) depletion from taking it, also Vitamin D.

Drinking tea or coffee would further deplete your B vitamins, so that is my guess as to why your symptoms worsen with caffeine use. Thiamin deficiency is also associated with decreased circulation to the brain, which may explain your brain fog.

It's funny--the Lyrica is for nerve pain, I take it, but it causes a vitamin B deficiency, which leads to nerve damage. Lots of pharmaceuticals seem to operate that way!

Hope that curing it is as simple as taking some B complex vitamins--best of luck.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Carly...In 2008 Pfizer lost a court case concerning illegal off-label use of Lyrica. It cost them $2.3 billion for this off-label use infringement.

One of the major side-effects of Lyrica is skin sensitivity. See this link.

Lyrica was the replacement for the older medicine -- Gabin -- which is only a GABA analogue copy called gabapentin that contains the synthetic and more expensive form of GABA(Gamma-Aminobutyric acid) which is just a natural body vitamin. So why not save some money and avoid all those synthetic drug side effects by just take ordinary natural form of GABA instead? This, of course, will only help to manage your pain but will not cure your condition.

For a cure, taking Alpha Lipoic Acid(ALA), Brewer's Yeast and Milk Thistle might help you more. ALA and Brewer's Yeast (containing all the B Vits except B12) act to repair the nerves while Milk thisle and ALA will act to remove any residual synthetic drugs in your body that shouldn't be there.

Taken at mealtimes

Organic Brewer's Yeast -- One tablespoon twice a day with water at mealtimes, morning and evening. You can cook with it too -- it has a nice nutty flavour. You can also take B50 complex if you wish but Brewer's yeast is better I think because it is in the more natural form.

ALA -- 300 mgs taken twice a day at lunch and dinner.

Milk Thistle -- 500 mgs taken twice a day with meals.

L-Selenomethionine -- 200 mcgs twice a day with meals.

Vitamin B12 -- 1000 mcgs once per day. Take this as the lozenge or as the capsule(at mealtimes).

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) -- As the powder form -- 5 grams a day in a glass of water. Helps to repair skin and is a remarkable anti-inflammatory and pain killer. DMSO(Dimethylsulfoxide) has the same properties. You can buy MSM at any health store or from internet vendors such as

Selenium combined with methionine(or L-Selenomethionine) will help your body to to produce more cysteine and hence more glutathione in the body which will also help to detox any unwanted residual drugs causing side-effects from your body. Methionine also provides essential methyl groups which also help the Methylation Cycle and which also helps the body to detox.

I would also switch from using Gabin to using the more natural GABA. If you do this then the Milk Thistle and ALA -- which only expel xenobiotics(chemicals and synthetic drugs that the body does not recognize) -- will be able to more quickly remove all the residual synthetic chemicals causing any side-effects. The natural GABA that you supplement instead will not be expelled because the body will recognizes that it is a required natural vitamin.

Replied by Andrea C
(Wales Uk)

I also have a huge skin problem which began in 2008 when I was prescribed Lyrica, and all the side effects on this link. My skin is also peeling off and dying layer by layer. I stopped it a few years ago after complaining about EVERY side effect and then some after being on a high dose for sometime.

I still have problems escalating to the point I look like a 70 year old and usually look many years younger than my age and not a line or wrinkle. I look like an ancient leper!! Not to mention the agony of not being able to bear clothing on and wiping on a towel after washing, which I try to avoid. And my eyes and the skin around them are in a mess, and my body looks like a withered old lady. My teeth were and are still affected as is everything else. I am now after reading this and the link trying to find a solicitor to take it on in UK which is proving hard. Is there a USA Solicitor to anyone's knowledge who will act on behalf of a UK Citizen?

Thanks, Love Andrea C xxx

Replied by Andrea C
(Wales, Uk)

I had the date wrong that I was prescribed the evil Lyria/Pregablin, it was 2006.

And in 2007, my Mother who was dying from Cancer after having a Mastectomy, wheeled me into Hospital screaming in agony and they did nothing.

Neither did any Doctor, Neurologist, or every other 'Consultant' I saw and mentioned Lyrica too.

And two month's ago I was prescribed it again and in 24 hours I had huge peeling blisters all over my face and more agony. This has accelerated the 'skin shedding' and other problems.

Andrea C xxxxx

Replied by KT

Carly-- I have had to be on alert for hidden sources of MSG because they are nerve stimulants. I am extremely sensitive and our food supply is permeated with the stuff.

Since pain is inflammation and turmeric and ginger are reported to reduce inflammation, I use both (1/4-1/2 tsp.) in water and sprinkle on food. In addition, I take blackstrap molasses in water or milk which also reduces inflammation.

I have been more coconut oil with a little salt-free butter. Binders and fillers in any medications/supplements could interact with each other. Because our food supply is now loaded with GMO's, in one way or another, it's becoming difficult to know how to eat safe. The GMO's are harder to digest and could also be contributing to your pain. The flowing or anti-caking agents also contribute. They are in common table salt and in various spices. This is only my opinion based on my piecemeal experience for over two decades. I hope some of this helps you.

Replied by Carly

Thanks very much for your knowledge, Bill. Also the other contributors. Is it possible to take say GABA while coming off meds, at what stage would it be safe to do this I.e. do you have to wait for meds to be out of your system, or does it matter if they are taken together. Also can you recommend any good online source of GABA. Thankyou.

Replied by Marie Mclean

Hi Carly, if the nerves are triggered and on red alert or need rehabilitation due to damage. Take mag. phos. the cell salt to feed the nerves in combination with ferrum phoshate cell salt for the inflammation and most probably Natrum phos. to reduce the acidity and stress caused by the constant pain you have been suffering. You can get this in a Schusslers combination remedy from a health food store....don't worry about what the label says it is for but it'll be in a low dose 6x or 12x homeopathic, keep taking it sublingually with whatever else you are doing until all the symptoms are gone.


Posted by Celteyes (Pearland, Texas) on 03/10/2011

I am alarmed and hope someone has heard of this. My brother who is a non smoker and structural engineer, so has been on construction sites his whole life breathing in God only knows, told me he has been coughing up clear firm pieces of something for several years.

He told me because he now is having trouble breathing. Everything causes shortness of breath. He can't do anything too strenuous. He hasn't lost any weight and he doesn't cough a lot but when he does, this stuff comes up. Anyone heard of this.

He hates Doctors and will not go.

Replied by Pauli
(Fresno, Ca)

Your brother could be coughing up calcified pieces of lung tissue. Having taken care of lung cancer patients, I can tell you this is not a pleasant way to spend the end his days, for HIM or for YOU. You have rights too, take him to a doctor for a diagnosis. Good luck.


Posted by Charles (Scotland) on 03/31/2015

I have had constant pressure around my head for the last three and a half years. It is as if I had cling film wrapped tightly round my head. It is mild skull crushing.It is not a headache. There is no pain.

Any suggestions please as to what it may be and any possible remedy.

Replied by Myway
(Delaware, Usa)

Charles, I just wanted to give you a suggestion because I had a similar condition years ago - but I realized it was the legs of my glasses had been worn tightly around my head for so many years. I didn't figure this out for about 1 year. The pain was similar to what you a constant pressure around my head. I simply started wearing my glasses loser and ventured into using contacts every so often. For me, this did the trick. BTW, I didn't realize my glasses were tight....

Good Luck! MyWay, :D

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

I read in one of my prayer books by Kenneth E Hagin that he saw a small demon monkey like thing clutching a mans head in a head lock and the man had a headache and he told the demon to set the man free and it left. I am not saying that is your situation .

I experience times when I eat something that my head feels suddenly like I have a tight vise gripping my head while I'm still chewing the food and it lasts for awhile and goes away.

Magnesium comes in many forms and one affects the brain and not the gut , I believe it is magnesium theonate or L - threonate, I haven't tried that one but it works for migraines in some people and helps memory for others.

You asked for suggestions, forgive me if I said anything offensive.

Replied by Sam
(Miami, FL)
Replied by Marcin
(Toronto, Canada)

What happened to your previous post? I remember you writing about this some two months ago. I replied but there was no answer.

I have been struggling with the same issue for the last 7 years or more. It is difficult to put in words because of the nature of the problem. It is not a headache, but a feeling of pressure inside the head. Like the feeling you experience when you try to connect two "+" magnets; but you feel it inside your head. Because of the nature of the problem, I was unable to find any help through web search. Some people online were describing the same experience but none had the answers. If I only knew the reason behind this pain it might have been easier to find a solution. Of course I visited neurologists but they had no answers. I even had a magnetic resonance imagining (MRI) test which showed my brain was perfectly healthy.

The pressure is alleviated when I press my hand against my head. When I am sitting in front of a table, I always rest my head on my hand, usually making it a fist and placing it beneath my chin. Or I place my hand on my forehead. That way the pressure becomes bearable and I am able to forget about it. It gets worse when I have to sit on a chair that has no table to put my arm on, which means that my head cannot rest on my hand. Then I start to notice it and struggle. I think of ways to somehow touch my head with a hand. For the same reason, lying on the ground (hard surface) on my back, my head pressing on the ground, also alleviates the pressure. But these are mere observations that are not very helpful.

A few years after I had developed the problems, I had the blessing to receive a herbalist's advice. He said I was exhibiting signs of wind (vata) aggravation. This refers to the theory of Ayurveda. He said that any contact with blowing wind will aggravate the pressure, and that I should avoid it. Sitting with fans on included. (Wind problem might also mess with your bowel movements, urination and eyesight. Thyroid issues might also be present. Also the feeling of cold in your feet and hands. I had them all to various degrees. You might be specifically prone to wind disorder if you have a wind or vata body type, a lanky emaciated type). And definitely, when I go to a shopping mall where the fans are on, my pressure immediately becomes unbearable. I was also able, on my own, to discover that ejaculation also makes the pressure become much worse. Check if this is true for you also.

The herbs that I used for my air problems and head pressure problem were Ashwagandha, Cleavers and Haritaki. I was also told to take Kaishore Guggulu but I was unable to get it at the time. Tell me more about the state of your health, for example if you are exhibiting any sings of air aggravation I had described above. I cured my belching, blurred eyesight and constant urinary tract infection with Ashwagandha pill 2 times in the morning and Cleavers tea 1 time in the morning and 1 time in the evening. The treatment had to be started with a three day long fast where I only drank water and ate raw fruits and veggies. I also had to drink plenty of water. But that did not cure the pressure. Maybe I should have taken them for a longer time.

Other herbs recommended to me were Haritaki and Kaishore Guggulu. I am now restarting my treatment.

Ashwagandha - warms the body, invigorates, for air disorders

Cleavers - cleans the lymphatic system

Haritaki - for air disorders, considered a king of medicine in Ayurveda

Kaishore Guggulu - formula that removes uric acid from the bones. This was specifically recommended for the pressure, though I am still looking for information on this formula. It detoxifies the musculoskeletal system. The connection might be it that the pressure in the head feels like it has to do something with the skull.

Anyway I will tell you what results I get.

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Namaste Marcin, --

yes it is a vata symptom. I have had this over the years and it is as you describe it. It sort of disappeared when I used MahaNarayan oil, warmed and massaged into the scalp and the rest of the body. MahaNarayan oil has minerals added and is very beneficil for vata massage. So, warm oil massage is very important for vata as it is rejuvenating and unctuous for vata skin.

This should be a regular treatment.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Marcin
(Toronto, Canada)

Wow, thanks, this information is of great importance to me! I will start the massage as soon as I get it. Namaste!

Replied by Marcin
(Toronto, Canada)

One more question, do I need to heat up the oil for vata head massage? I read that for pitta head massage, the oil does not have to be heated.

Replied by Steve
(Beaverton, Oregon)

OMG! I've had mysterious pressure around my head for the past 13 years... and it's much worse now than several years ago. Mine gets way worse around WIFI devices and EMF... but lately, it's just bad all the time. I've had 2 CLEAN MRI's... so it remains a mystery; but I'm working on it constantly... 'cause I don't want it to turn into a tumor, etc.

I can say this: It's MUCH better when I can mitigate WIFI and EMF... and also, interestingly when I was taking Diflucan and Mebendazole, I almost felt 'cured'... which to me indicates that it's highly mycotoxin/fungus/parasite related. Unfortunately, these 'remedies' are always only temporary... so eventually, I'm totally going to try Bill's basic Candida protocol in the hopes that it addresses my head issues.

I also notice that my head improves when I have nothing holding me back emotionally. I had a few 'secrets' I was keeping from my wife... and once I confessed them, my head felt better. This is not the 'cure'... but I firmly believe that the 'cure' will not be forthcoming unless emotionally/spiritually everything is out in the open.

Well... let's keep in touch. I'm still in the dark about my head... but always getting closer. LOL... It's funny... like you, I'm always trying to find ways to alleviate the pressure. I find that putting my hand on the worst spot alleviates it... as does wearing a headband around my head and/or sunglasses on my head. People think I'm crazy when they see me with sunglasses on my head while in pitch dark places. I even sometimes have to wear them in bed (which happens to be encased in an EMF blocking fabric... this seems to have helped).

Take care! Steve

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Hello Marcin from Toronto

For Vata the oils have to be warmed. In the hight of summer, coconut oil is better as it keeps the brain cool. Ayurveda states for vata constitution to remain young and well, there should be regular oleation with plenty for the head . So for the ears and inner nostrils as well as private parts.

It is interesting that a well oiled body is well aligned to the stars which can be experienced. However, don't look for it.

Oiling the soles of the feet before bed, will bring restfull sleep. Every organ in the body would benefit.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Marcin
(Toronto, Canada)

Diflucan gets into the cerebrospinal fluid and works on the brain directly so the theory that the pressure is acutally caused by a fungus may be true. If this is the case then we need an antifungal substance that gets through the brain-blood barrier.

Moreover, medicine still does not understand nor recognize fungal or parasitic diseases as a problem because there are no reliable diagnostic tools for it, which may explain why we have not been properly diagnosed.

On the other hand, my pressure had started long before I developed any candida symptoms. I have had frequent sinusitis and used to eat a lot of sweets, though. However, at that time my digestion was perfect and I could eat whatever I wanted.

What you say about WIFI and EMF is interesting. There is definitely something about places like shopping malls that makes my pressure go unbearable. I figured out it must be something about the light, chemical smell, fans or electricity.

Hopefully my pressure has improved over the years up to a point where I don't have to wear a tight band over my head, but I do remember the pain.

Replied by Marcin
(Toronto, Canada)

Steve Beaverton from Oregon, could you update me on your progress with the pressure, candida, turpentine etc?

Replied by Marcin
(Toronto, Canada)

Steve Beaverton from Oregon, could you update me on your progress with the pressure, candida, turpentine etc?

Replied by Mrs A.
(London, Uk)

For about four years my son has suffered from a sensation of pressure in the head "as if it were tightly encased in clingfilm". He has neither pain nor congestion, and it is precisely the absence of pain and mucus that has so far prevented a diagnosis. Can it be an unusual form of sinusitis? And if so, what is the cure? A scan has revealed nothing, and acupuncture has done no good. It's long continuance is making his life hardly worth living. We are desperate. PLEASE HELP!

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Dear Mrs. A,

Re: You son...

You guess his condition might be some form of sinus problem. I'd try an anti viral just in case a specialty virus or fungus has infected deep in sinus cavity. If so it could be effecting his ears or even one ear...getting there via the Eustachian tube.

I use colloidal silver. Silver kills virus and fungus.

I use an ear syringe to squirt the CS deep into the sinus cavity. If it really stings then I know that I did indeed have an infection and the CS is killing it. The second irrigation into sinus cavity (and ear canals) would produce much less stinging. I squirt with enough pressure to make sure the CS gets deep. I repeat three or four times. If better then I know that the infection was the cause of symptoms and I keep it up in the case of a long lasting infection. I even drink the CS ... three tablespoons daily ... three times a day to make sure the infection is out of my system.

Replied by Mrs A. Of London Uk

I am so grateful for your advice, Dave: we'll try the colloidal silver. Any chance that the topical application of the colloidal silver/MMS cream would also be effective? Thank you SO much.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

A: The first thing come-to-mind was intracranial hypertension but after reading the Wiki page the symptoms don't seem to suggest this as there is not the severity, but still worth reading so here's the page

Second thing come-to-mind is heavy metal toxicity. You can purchase a heavy metal test pack online and collect a sample of hair and mail it to the lab where they analyze for metals and minerals and mail you the results.

As Dave suggested, infection can be present. Other factors to search are foods especially additives found in processed foods.

Replied by Mrs A
(London, UK)

Thank you so much, Timh. We shall certainly follow up the toxicity idea, especially as my son had several teeth out some years ago, which were probably mercury-filled (he is sixty plus - we all know better now)! I am most grateful.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn Sc)

Hello Mrs A

Re your question about MMS cream. I'd experiment with that too.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Now THAT'S a blessing, Mrs. A!! To be helping a son who is 60 plus!! Your mind is certainly active and spry for your age!!!

Replied by Teri

A decongestant and mucous relief will make the sinuses drain. It took years to figure that out. I assumed that I had no sinus problems because I wasn't draining. Not draining was the problem. If the pressure has gone on too long, I also take ibuprofen or the like to get the pressure down.

Replied by Marie
(New Zealand)

The WiFi and electrical low frequencies sensitivities and the headpressure (and sometimes petit or grandmals ) you mentioned often can be hugely relieved and sometimes totally cured by earthing (this possibly explained why Marcin said it was relieved by putting her head on the ground?)

A copper tipped walking stick, grounding shoes, grounding pad (especial use at the computer), grounding sheets on the bed with wire-to-earth, sitting on the ground with skin contact etc. any of these things could clue you in.Don't wear synthetic clothing.

If you are living in close proximity to cell phone tower transmitters (high levels of ELFs ) you could look into making some orgonite tower busters (these are small and easy to make ) and putting them around your land section and bedroom.


Posted by Chookie (Uk) on 11/29/2015

10 years of feeling poorly


Can you help? As you can see from my post I'm trying to get to the bottom of what is making me feel so terrible with the help of my GP and through self help.

About me

Female, 40,1 child, live in the UK.

Main symptoms:

  • Tachycardia - taking propranolol daily
  • Breathless - on exertion
  • Pressure feeling on chest
  • Vertigo - turning head = nausea/dizzy
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea - minor
  • Hot flushes - lasts approx 1 minute
  • Blurred vision - not doubled
  • Fuzzy head - slight headache all day
  • Memory loss - short & long
  • Cognitive decline - word finding, left & right, confusion, day dream feeling, brain fog
  • Weakness - legs/arms
  • Fatigue - wavers, some days better than others
  • Tremor - left side, goes when sitting down

Other minor symptoms:

  • Constipation
  • Coated white tongue - sometimes swollen/teeth marks
  • Fleeting aches & pains
  • Dry skin
  • Dry mouth
  • Phlegm - constant back of throat, no cough
  • Flu like - end of the day only, better the day after

Background Info:

Felt generally unwell for the past 10 years. Very suddenly I was fighting against something invisible holding me back. My legs were like lead with shackled ankles as I walked up a small incline later that day.

Previously suffered from 3 viral infections per year plus pneumonia, bronchitis, pleurisy

Tests & Diagnosis

Bloods - full panel, follicle stimulating hormone, iron, B12, autoimmune and thyroid but they are all normal. Iron wavered lately but now perfect.

ECG 2014 = normal

Previous diagnosis

Fibromyalgia - but I have no pain

CFS/M.E - I feel very different to others who have it

Abnormal range of female hormone levels - Prostap injections to stop ovaries and add back Livial HRT for 1 year = symptoms persisted throughout so treatment stopped.

November 2015

Very approachable GP carried out tests after I mentioned possible autoimmune disease, low iron, lack of B12

GP listened to heart rate = prescribed Propranolol beta blockers 1 per day for 1 month

ECG in 1 months time

Referral to specialist if GP 'cannot make me feel better himself'.

Self Help supplements


  • HCL - acidity regulation & constipation but made urine sting
  • Mastic Resin - for possible H.Pylori but made urine sting

Taken everyday:

  • B complex
  • Trace Minerals brand Ionic Zinc
  • Selenium - 6 x whole brazil nuts
  • Swanson 5000, iu Vitamin D - 3

Once a week:

  • Iodine painting x 3 inch square


  • Probiotic capsules
  • Magnesium baths


  • Vegetarian
  • Nutribullet blasts everyday
  • Coconut & oat milk
  • Fruits (lots of bananas) & vegetables (raw)
  • Oats & rye
  • Seeds, nuts & dry fruit (dates)
  • Brown rice, sweet potatoes
  • Lately been eating awfully - refined carbs & sugar cravings again for bread & cake.

Any ideas?

Is there something I can try such as candida protocol?

Where would I start with this...please if you can respond with the exact info... I am dyspraxic and I find it hard to trawl through so many posts that go off topic etc...

Thank you so much in advance for your help :)

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Chookie...My surmise is that you definitely have candida + bacterial infections with possible parasite infestations as well. Many of your symptoms -- poor cognitive ability, brain fog, lethargy, low iron, dry skin, hormone problems, constipation etc -- also seem to directly indicate a low thyroid or a hypothyroid condition. Doctor's TSH/T4 thyroid tests are also known to be notoriously inaccurate -- you should at least try to get your T3 tested directly, which is the main active thyroid hormone that you need to know about. See this link for proper thyroid lab testing.

Doctor's blood testing for minerals, vitamins etc are also pretty useless. Why? Because blood tests only tell you what minerals you have obtained from eating food on that day -- this test does not tell you the accumulated mineral status inside your cells, which is what you really need to know. So get a simple hair analysis done(fairly cheap). This is much more accurate and will tell you the true mineral status inside your cells -- this is what you really need to know.

Take this online candida test(it is much more accurate than any doctor's tests for candida):

Dr William Crook's Candida Questionnaire

I would also strongly advise you to take my Candida Protocol. Follow all the recommendations religiously as advised and please don't cherry pick. You should also expect strong Herx and detox reactions when you begin this protocol. Be brave and adjust your dosages down to suit your needs and please don't give up. Your candida is over 10 years old, deep-seated and probably systemic(fungus in the blood organs and tissues -- perhaps even in the brain) so it may take some time to cure.

Before I cured my own systemic candida problems, my symptoms were brain fog, fuzzy thinking, lethargy, memory loss, digestive problems, serious constipation issues(major toilet only once a week), eczma, psoriasis, tired all the time, dizziness, heart arrhythmia, insomnia, overweight, low thyroid issues etc. I cured my own candida problems 8 years ago using the above protocol and it has never returned. Other people with serious candida issues have also used my anti-candida protocol with successful outcomes.

Replied by Steve

For energy and hormone balance consider trying Maca powder. It gives the whole endocrine system a tune up and nice daily energy boost. You may want to consider going on an antiparasitic protocol as well.

Replied by Marcin

When medicine is not working, I would recommend seeing a herbalist, homeopath or a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. All of these systems have a different approach for giving diagnosis than mainstream medicine, which means they might have some answers you will not hear from your doctor. Your situation is a complicated one and it might be difficult to receive a reliable diagnosis online (though I am sure many people will come up with some good insights) or self-diagnose especially if you are not into browsing through dozens of pages. But do not give up and give an alternative doctor a try.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Chookie, Bill has written you about the candida protocol so you have your path cut out for you. But until you start, or until you get used to it, maybe cut way down on sweet things, even fruit. The bananas and dried fruit might be excessive for your situation.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Cookie,

It appears from your description that an infection is at work. I presume your doctors confirm that but can't identify the agent. I've heard of descriptions such as yours being based on viral infections. I see that Bill has weighed in and his suggestion that Candida may be at work... also, of course, an infection. I'd certainly try his protocol and hopefully that will solve the problem.

If the problem still persists, if me, I'd use an anti virus such as Colloidal Silver. If my system were infested with a virus I'd be taking two tablespoons three times daily for MANY months. If I saw improvement by way of relief from symptoms, that would encourage me to continue. Also, if me, I'd apply the CS mixed with DMSO, fifty/fifty and apply to back of my neck so CS could get into spine and head.

Again, I'd first try Bill's suggestion so as not to mix protocols. Concerning my suggestion on what I'd do if this were me, I'd ask my doctors to consider the possibility of virus as the base cause. Maybe they could look at ways to identify the virus, if that is the problem, and perhaps have a better way to attack the problem than CS.

By the way, you mentioned that the onset was about 10 years ago. In thinking back, perchance did you have a substantial viral infection within a year or so of the onset of your symptoms? Such as Mono? Sever ear infections? Sever sinus infection? Infections from teeth/jaw dental work?

Often I see a clearly identifiable virus at work just prior to mystery diseases. If so in your case, that might indicate the cause is virus. Another clue to take to your doctors.

Replied by Sp
(New Jersey)
32 posts

Hi Chookie, another thing to look into is histamine intolerance. Read up about a low histamine diet and also a low oxalate diet and compare those to the foods that you have been eating. Sweet potatoes and nuts and seeds in general are high oxalate. Dried fruits and nuts and seeds in general are high histamine. I am currently trying both diets to cure my vertigo spells. I also have some of your other symptoms. I only just started so I can't attest to anything working for me yet.

Another cause of your dizziness/vertigo could be BPPV (Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo). I saw a vestibular therapist who did the Epley Maneuver on me properly and that cured the constant dizziness I had been experiencing. It was simple and painless, but it must be done properly to be effective. Good luck!

Replied by Bea

I used to have the same problem with histamine, etc. The good news is that you don't have to go on such a radical diet. The only things you have to avoid are canola oil, fake milks that have things you can't pronounce, carrageenan, locust bean, anything that isn't really meant to be food. Also, only eat organic wheat or coffee. Those two crops are where RoundUp is used. Take the following: methyl b12 (it protects from inflammation), but make sure you use the kind without sucralose/Splenda (a real poison). You probably should take other b vitamins as well. Likewise, I cut up a large garlic clove and take it as a vitamin evevry day and use a Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in water. Stay away from toxic chemicals. I even make my own toothpaste and deodorant. It might sound like a lot, but you will feel fantastic!!!!!!

Replied by Bea

I forgot to also say that I take vitamin d3, a clove of garlic per day and 1 TBSP of Apple Cider Vinegar in water per day. Stay away from toxic chemicals in make-up, creams, toothpaste and shampoo. I make my own toothpaste and deodorant and use Dr. Bonner's Shampoo. You can look for recipes online re toothpaste and deodorant. Get better soon!

Replied by Ravee

Hi Chookie,

I must appreciate you are doing all that is humanely possible to be on the right track and so appreciative of detailed repertoire of problems and treatments underway.

Before we go further, would like to ask the following.

1) What is your daily water consumption?

2) What is your daily consumption of Salt... Is it supermarket variety that contains only Sodium or is it unrefined salt like Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt or Celetic Salt or something like that?

3) What is your Vit.D level/test results?.

In spite of commendable lifestyle/food habits, if things are still going awry, it is more to do with question No. 1,2 and 3. May be the KEY lies with No.3 considering your geographical location.

To quote sentence from your query " Lately been eating awfully - refined carbs & sugar cravings again for bread & cake." unquote, is a sure shot confirmation of Vitamin D deficiency. Abnormal female hormones (read it as estrogen dominance), Fibromyalgia, pneumonia and rest of major & minor symptoms are perhaps indications of Vit.D deficiency.

So, once you correct your Water & natural salt intake followed by Vit.D supplementation (which is major component in the puzzle) you will be on your way to good health/wellness.

Let me know your thoughts.



Replied by Ronda
(Lucerne Valley, Ca)

Hi Chookie, I came to this site with a question for my dog and somehow fell into your question. I believe there is a reason for my mishap so here it goes... Have you looked into Celiac disease? It is intolerance to Gluten found in wheat, rye and barley. This can remain asymptomatic for years and then show itself in a variety of different symptoms. There are two types of testing. One looks for antibodies your body produces (you should not adjust your diet with this test) and the other looks for genetic markers (I believe there are four genes associated with Celiac). I believe the latter test is the most accurate. Your words sound so similar to my brother's story. He spent 10 plus years in an exhausted fog thinking he had H pylori. He couldn't put on any weight and had very dry skin among other issues. Please read everything you can about it. Some people can't lose weight, have thyroid issues, have fungal infections, etc. because the body is starved. Please give it a serious look see. Best wishes:)

Replied by Susan
(Buffalo, Ny)

Regarding the tachycardia: when my progesterone/estrogen went lower (early 40's), I was in constant tachycardia (106 BPM). When I added BHRT (topical progesterone and biestrogen), my tachycardia disappeared.

Replied by Susanmaria
(Buffalo Ny)

Check your progesterone and estrogens-a blood test taken on day 17-21 of your cycle. (Day 1 being the first day of menses.)


Posted by D. (UK) on 06/06/2010

I am a forty one year old male,and I have suffered with bad health for approx twenty years now..

I lived life in the fast lane from about the age of 17 to 22, working, training and drinking and looking back now my diet wouldn't have been great either.from what I can remember it was around the age of 22 or 23 I started having trouble with my stomach, it started with acid reflux and so it was around this time i was diagnosed with the antidepresent prozak. I would have taken this for a few months without really thinking too much about what they were, obviously the results must not have been good as I went off them. That was the start.

Over the next 12 or 13 years I had numerous hospital appointments where they put cameras up and down and done biopsys and found nothing, so they put it down to stress and called it irrital bowel syndrome. This is quite possible because when I think back now i was very stressed out at the time and didn't even know what stress was. I would have also taken different antidepresents during these years but never for more then a few months. I also tried alot of supplements.

Most of my life I felt run down and as if there was something lacking, and i put it down to pushing myself too hard at work as I am a roofer and my job is very physical..

As time went on the irrital bowel got worse and I needed more sleep breaks due to headaches and fatigue. After reading up on these conditions I feel that this developed into leaky gut syndrome.

Approx 5 years ago,the problems got much worse when my partner left and took my three small children with her.this caused me a great deal of stress and basically I think i suffered a nervous breakdown. I was prescribed more antidepresents including zanax, amitriptyline, centrax, seroxat and cymbalta which altogether i would have taken these over the period of two and a half years. When i did notice a slight improvment in mood and the ibs they did nothing for the headaches and fatigue.

I have not worked in the last 5 years as a new symptom has appeared and the best way I can describe it is a car with a broken altenator, when I do any physical work i get mentally shattered and takes me days to recover with lots of rest it's as if the battery runs down and theres nothing there to recharge it..

Some nights I sleep okay and others not but one way or another i have to sleep for two hours maybe more in the daytime due to a pain in my forehead that only sleep will cure..

Due to this wonderful website and your brilliant advice I'm having good results stomach wise with the alkalising formula of lemon/bs for three or four days a week and baking soda on its own after meals for the rest of the days. I also started using acv and cayenne pepper on salads and anything I fry is done with grapeseed oil but the fatigue and the headaches haven't changed.

I recently got my children back and since finding this website I finally think that I've found someone who knows what they're talking about and so i'd be really gratefull if i could get a reply from you ted detailing what I need to do so as i can get on with my life and look after my children in as normal a way as possible.

Thank you so much..

Replied by Regulator555
(Grand Rapids, Mi)

This isn't really a remedy, but my husband is having the same issues. After he did some research, he suspects he may have Lyme Disease. He is going to his doctor tomorrow to ask about it. Look into it. It's something, anyway.

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa Usa)

My 50 year old husband had very similar symptoms - he had his testosterone levels checked (be sure to include your "free testosterone" level as well) - and he had the T level of an 80 year old man! (actually, he had less than that) Look up the symptoms of low testosterone and see if any of them fit... Good luck to you.

Replied by Christy

My brother was diagnosed with hypogonadism and his symptoms were very much like yours. Might be worth having your thyroid checked for this. He must use a topical steroid every day (which I hope will end some day) but also he has changed his diet dramatically (Paleo) and has had amazing results.

Grain or gluten intolerances might be triggering some of your symptoms too (and these are also related to thyroid problems which happen to be hereditary in my family). Grain/gluten intol would also explain your leaky gut too.

Hopes this might help a little bit. And I pray that you are on the road back to wellness ASAP! .

All the best,

Replied by Susan
(Buffalo Ny)

My husband had extreme anxiety (almost suicidal) which no anti-anxiety med resolved. He took hormone tests and found he was borderline low on testosterone and had almost no HGH hormone. The topical testosterone his doc prescribed helped out a lot. Further testing revealed my husband had a pituitary tumor suppressing his hormones. The tumor was removed. My husband was then put on testosterone, HGH, and thyroid medication-is on no other medication, is now 67 years old and feels great (strong muscles and no more anxiety once hormones were added and balanced).


Posted by Dawn (Goose Creek, Sc) on 09/21/2013

After two year of extreme symptoms involving several areas of my body. Head, eyes, stomach, bowels, skin, etc. It appears they are caused by extremely high histamine and prostaglandin levels. All other tests are normal (tryptase, serotonin). I have two doctors who think I have carcinoid syndrome with an unlocated tumor. I have two other doctors who think mast cell activation disorder. They don't know for sure so treatment is quite difficult. Any ideas on how to decide which it is? or Any suggestions to help lower my histamine and prostaglandin levels while I wait? Thank you for your time.

Replied by Tom
(Fort Worth, Texas)

Hello Dawn:

Well, I hope you do not have carcinoids which are slow growing tumors and can be deadly. My wife (12 years ago) had been experiencing severe bowel area pain and on New Years eve was in severe pain mainly in lower right quadrant. We'd had a number of specialists but no general surgeon. I decided not to just give her the normal strong pain pill but took her to emergency room and by an amazing circumstance found a very conscientious general surgeon. On the X rays the radiologists though that perhaps they saw a "shadow" in the right lower quadrant and basically I begged for exploratory surgery. He agreed. He didn't think he would find anything but at 9pm (New Years Eve 12 years ago) did the exploratory surgery. Well, he found carcinoids. One that was the big problem was blocking her small intestine (it had flipped over, he said)... Was blocking small and large juncture. He found another on her apendix.

He saved her life that night instead of just giving her some pain meds and going off to a New Years eve party. And he saved her again when new carcinoids arrived nearly killing her five years ago.

Our "carcinoid journey" took us to Duke Medical Center to find the current state of Carcinoid treatment. As of three years ago there is no cure, but my wife was put on a drug that slows the growth of the tumor..."sandostatin".

So Dawn, I hope you do not have these tumors as the two doctors say you may have but consider first making sure you have the very best surgeon ready to go if the situation becomes desperate. He/she should get some x rays or whatever is needed to try and find the tumors. (Even thoug they find the one or two, if you have carcinoids, they will cntinue to grow. ) And next ask the experts about something to slow the growth...sandostatin.

Finally, keep up the effort in doing alternative helps to aid the counter attack... alkalizing the system, heavy does of Vit C (not a cure but a slow down approach) and my old stand by, Silver Solution just in case the carcinoids might be triggered by viral infestations.

I hope I haven't scared you. But only because you stated that the two doctors had already diagosed you with Carcinoids (the syndrom is the manifestation of existing tumor/s) do I write to get you prepared. Don't get depressed but rather note with optimism that my own experience shows success although accompanied by numerous close calls. My wife is a real trooper.

If you'd like to talk to her, she is always happy to advise. You can initiate a contact by emailing me at david (at) dlthomaslaw (dot) com.

Best to you. Feel free to re post.

Replied by Mike
(Denver, Colorado)

Dawn: I was like you and learned to get well. Make 4 cups of home made water kefir per day. Take the superfoods. Eat raw honey, organic sucanet, and raw organic fruit for carbs. Take 30g black chia seeds, 10g cold pressed organic sesame oil, and 20g expellar pressed coconut oil for fat, 10g absorbable colostrum for growth factors and special substances, 20g raw whey for glutathione, 3g freeze dried goji 4:1 concentrate and 1g hawaiin cordyceps for polysaccharides, 2g freeze dried acerola for c, sun dried sea salt, 20g organic tomato paste, 2ml raw fermented skate liver oil, wyoming clay, raw kelp, and cayenne. You can get completely well soon.

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Dear Dawn, the first thing that comes to my mind for lowering your histamin level is nettles. Nettles are a natural anti-histamine. My son took nettles daily for a year for his allergies/asthma. Not only did they help the symptoms, it seemed to cure him. He rarely takes them any more and I never hear him wheeze anymore. You can take nettles capsules, or drink a generous amount of nettle tea each day. (2-4 cups) You can mix that with peppermint to make it taste better, though it doesn't really taste bad, especially when you add a little honey. Start with one cup and work your way up.

I would consider adding Raw Unpasteruized Apple Cider Vinegar to your routine as well as Blackstrap Molasses. Because they help so many people with so many ailments, it seems a good place to start. You could start with 1 t. Apple Cider Vinegar in 8 oz. Of water twice a day and over 2 weeks, work up to 1 T. In oz. Of water twice a day. 1-2 T. Blackstrap Molasses daily is also great nutrition and helpful to many things.

Keep reading around on Earth Clinic. You will get more ideas on how to improve nutrition and health and hopefully be encouraged, especially while you wait for a diagnosis.

Please keep us posted on how it goes for you!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Carcinoid Patient
(NC, US)

Duke does not have a carcinoid center. They have NO doctors who specialize in this type of cancer. They only have a single answer.....sandostatin. As a side note, they are paid to study patients on sandostatin. So, I feel there is a conflict in interest here.

Your best bet is to seek a specialist. Dr. Vargas in Nebraska heads a carcinoid clinic. I personally like him. There are other doctors but I cannot recall their names.


Posted by Connie (Slc, Ut) on 05/17/2011

Hello Deanna; I see you have many horrific symptoms and that you have used exhaustive measures to find their cause. I would like to suggest that a B-12 deficiency may be a part of the cause of most of these symptoms. It has been used for allergies to sulfa drugs, molds, etc. It has also been used, in conjunction with B-Complex, to treat hyperpigmentation of the skin along with various lesions, including papulosquamous skin disease. B-12 is used to treat many neurologic conditions, including Bell's Palsy. I have found it to help with my own cachexia, in that it increased my appetite and I was able to rebuild muscle. I take a good B-complex orally, (it helps with stomach acid formation for appetite), and I take a sublingual B-12, methylcobalamin, because I have a malabsorption difficulty. This active form of B-12 doesn't need to be converted by the liver, so it is more easily utilized by the body if there is liver, stomach, or intestinal absorption trouble. Testing B-12 serum levels may be helpful, but results may be skewed by instances of; dysbyosis, (sometimes excessive B-12 analogues are formed but are not usable), a troubled liver may be expelling B-12, or autobodies may be causing a large release of B-12 into serum. A serum test reveals status of active and inactive B-12, and the active form is most desirable. But still, its the best we have, with that understanding.

Many patients and researchers believe that the normal range should be higher than it is now. Here in the US, the normal range is, 193-982 pg/ml. Some people only feel well at levels above 1000 pg/ml. Some researchers feel that the normal range should include 600-2000 pg/ml. Some people respond well with monthly injections, and others combine them with daily sublinguals. I'm still finding my own range, so I'm taking between 2500 -5000 mcgs. of sublingual methyl B-12 daily. When beginning therapy, it is recommended that dosage should be more frequent and or higher initially, then may be reduced after a month. Potassium levels should be observed because they may drop due to new blood cell formation. I hope this may provide relief for you.

Posted by Deanna (Augusta, Ga) on 05/16/2011

I have not been on here lately because believe this or not I am over 60 doctors that tell me various things. I was healthy almost 2 years ago this july and I got bit in my yard and was also exposed to toxic waste from sewer and exposed to rat and mice feces and rotted vegatation. I sat in an unclean doctors office, everything I can think of from being healthy to my state now. I broke out in hives after the bite, then sores started to spread, I went to the doctor who gave me sulfa, I am allergic to sulfa. Sulfa and sulfer are not the same thing right?

Anyway I was tested for mrsa, 2 times negative, lymes by blood test 2 times negative, scraped for scabies nothing , then biopsied and they found on my arms squamous cell carcinome, my legs are horrible they called that post inflamatory hyperpigmentation but from what? Why did my legs get dark brown spots and scales, my back looks like acne scars and still red sores but nothing. Saw a psyphologist he said they are not stress sores. They come sometimes these spots 3 in a row to 15 in a rown all brown spots all over my body. I did have what I thought was ringworm til my face got bells palsy. My biggest concern is what this is and why I had clear lungs now I do not. Can it be fungal ? My concern is Cachexia.

I am 5'1 and weigh now 100 pounds. I look anorexic. I want to live and no doctors really want to help me. So I am here no other place, I am trying to alkalize my body for the squamous cell, I do not know what to use for an anti-fungal and or parasites like hulda says parasites causes cancer but also fungus causes cancer. So how can I treat this all at once and regain my health. I do not know where to get black walnut ground fresh cloves and there was one more for anti-parasitic. Garlic for fungal, and what else do I need. What vitamins will bring back muscle tone? There is someone on the net selling vitamins for cachexia but I know someone will know here.

Also phil from dearing posts a lot here. On the news here local news, many people getting sores in Augusta, and no doctors can diagnose it, it wa broadcast on WRDW News. Many here walking aroung with unknown sores. I have no fibers, sometimes black granules but they may be small scbs underneath the scab. I threw almost everything away and matresses, clothes all in plastic bags just in case. How do I get rid of the brown thick spots? My skin is ruined bad and no one ever had this in my family.. Where can I find the answer to my post on latest posts. Ted I send everyone I know here. I believe the Lord had this site for all who do not want radiation, chemo, or any illness from any diseases. My ph is still 6.5 so should I do 1/2 teaspoon full 2 times a day and get magnesium and potassium. Should I add the apple cidar vinegar. Please help me get better. I am sick of being sick. God Bless You all.


Replied by Victoria
(Orange, Ca)

Deanna, I am new here and sure hope my message gets to you. Please consider finding a LLMD, Lyme Literate Medical Doctor and have your Lyme test done via Igenex Lab. Your symptomology is screaming LYME! I am by no means a doctor but have been through the crazy Lyme roller coaster over 12 years. The testing is extremely unreliable, the medical professionals have been misinformed by the CDC and IDSA. There is a covert effort to keep the true facts regarding Lyme quiet. I can offer a written explanation with cited studies and facts to back my claims. I have no desire to be correct and you in fact do have this because it is not something I would want any person to endure the devastation it has the potential to do to ones life. This is an emerging epidemic on a larger scale than Aids, West Nile combined and too important for me to not at least tell you all these things. I risk my personal reputation to do the right decent thing. The link below is the summary of the paper I mentioned with link to full paper with cited sources of studies etc. , for backing up the statements with explanations why this cover up exists.

This is not a boring read and I guaranty you will be amazed what is happening . I can say from my own experience with skin issues just like you describe, identical in fact, that what helped mine is head and shoulders shampoo in the blue bottle with selenium sulfide in it used as a body wash daily, a mixture of ACV and hydrogen peroxide equal parts and a little water applied daily for 15 minutes and then gentle use of a buff puff all over and then rinsed off. Daily use of Oxy pads salicylic acid. This regime followed takes some time to clear these up but once started no new spots have appeared for me. I do still have the dark but scaling is diminished and dark fading. I get white spots too where the pigment is lost. There is a fungal component to this and ketoconazole 2% shampoo may need to be used as an alternating wash for a few weeks now and then.

I have suffered 12 years with this and this regime is the only thing that has helped even though slow as the dickens. But this will be my first summer I will be able to wear shorts and sleeveless top with out total embarrassment. I was told it was all sorts of things same as your self, scabies and all right down to the cancer. I am a registered nurse and am telling you what my years of research found that worked for me and not saying it will for anyone else so please don't take as medical advice, just my shared experiences :) I also drink two tall glasses of water with a lemon juice daily to help alkalinize, many pathogens don't like it so helps them from making themselves comfortable in the body. I wish you all the best and answers come for you to heal. Vicki

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Deanna, if Victoria is right and you have lyme disease there has been some good cures with Vitamin c and salt.

Here are two websites you should refer to:

After 13 years of suffering with Lyme disease, a possible cure has been stumbled upon. A cumulative effect of much research has produced the possibility that salt and vitamin C may be all that is needed to beat this elusive illness.

Re: Open to Debate: What's with this salt/Vitamin C Lyme disease cure?

Hi Rita,
This is Rosemary from Australia. We emailed each other a few years ago and I got a lot of help from you. I have Lyme 29 years, misdiagnosed as CFS 22 years. Four years of anti-biotics did not work as I was in the last stages and believe I was dying. I used a walking frame for years and a wheelchair sometimes. I was falling over due to lack of balance, had terrible neurological problems, was mostly housebound, etc. My doctor had run out of ideas. I suggested the salt & C. She is a very conservative orthodox doctor, but encouraged me to try the protocol as she sould not see any dangers in my case.
I began slowly building up the doses of salt & C until I reached about 8 grams, which was OK for my very low weight. I knew the salt & C was helping me and 3 years down the track I am on a low maintenance dose and doing really well. The treatment was gruelling and not easy, buit it has worked! I traveled to Canada, USA & Hawaii last year. I hiked in mountains, slept in a tent and did things I only dreamed about prior to salt & C. This year I have been traveling in Australia. I am doing many things I haven't been able to do for nearly 30 years. I can even drive again.
I had very low BP, but salt & C has really helped so much. My eyes are finally yoking together and my neurological damage has mostly reversed. My doctor agrees and is amazed by my progress.
I have a Townsend article which explains how salt & vitamin C cause osmotic shock to Bb. I also have a Pub Med article which explains how Bb cannot reproduce in certain concentrations of salt.
I am happy to send them to you.
I love salt & C and believe it has saved my life.
Kind regards,

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Please note the salt is celtic salt or real salt (unrefined) not table salt.


Posted by Brradshad (North Providence, Rhode Island) on 05/09/2012

Debbie, first let me say I am not a Dr. My approach would be to Proper Food Combine. Google it. Also your daughter should try to go vegan for awhile which obviously will be hard for a youngster, but picture 10 years from now and how much worse that condition will be. The dr, that you go see is only going to mask the true problem. Proper food combining (pfc) will teach her how to eat properly so the food digests and not sit there and rot which creates toxins. Also a plant based diet(vegan) cures cancer so im told. I have psoriasis for 32 years and have been proper food combining for 6 weeks and my skin looks much better. I eat fruits, veggies, nuts, avocados, beans, brown rice , brown rice pasta, and salmon(once a week) or grass feed burger occasionally. Check out the person who is helping me. Google Mango Man. Good luck.

Posted by Debbie (Lodi, California) on 05/08/2012

This past November my daughter went to emergency with a 104 fever, vomiting and two very different rashes on her body. Her hands and feet had what looked like tiny water blisters. Her face and trunk had a red rash which not even the doctors could identify. They said she had some type of virus but did not know what kind.

I gave her lysine and the rashes seemed to clear up. Her hands and feet dried up and peeled off in big layers.

Then in December she had itchy red patches behind knees and in elbow bends. Soon it was all over, face, trunk, legs, ankles, feet. She was dx with eczema.

We have ruled out food allergies, asthma, don't use scented products or dyes. No fluoride etc. Her ensiniophils are high. She tested positive for h. Pylori but is asymptomatic. Test shows she has a non-classified parasite.

We have gone to a naturopath who gave us creams, but no internal treatment.

I read about mezereum and gave her 5 3x a day and it cleared by the next day. However, I continued with that dosage and within a couple of days it came back with a vengeance.

I am desperate to help her. She has an appointment next week at UC Davis. I would much rather treat her naturally. But need some help.

Thank you, Debbie

Replied by Jon
(Othello, Wa, Usa)

Sounds like your daughter initially had hand, foot, and mouth disease (a virus) that can cause a fever along with small blisters on the hands and feet, and the current symptoms do indeed sound like eczema.

Coconut oil is a good choice for both topical applications and to take internally to treat eczema. You can use coconut milk if your child refuses to eat regular coconut oil. If applied topically it's important to test out an area first, in some cases it can aggravate the condition.

*Using coconut oil is more of a way to treat the symptoms as they arise and to reduce recurrences.

Many people with eczema have been helped by following whats called the GAPS diet. The primary idea behind it is to restore the gut flora and intestinal lining integrity by eating things like sauerkraut (with bacteria, not the canned vinegar stuff) and kefir. This diet generally takes several weeks to work, but it seems to prevent future breakouts. The diet also highlights use of omega 3 fats. Krill oil is best source for this if you can get it. The astaxanthin in the krill keeps the omega 3 from going rancid, and it has a much better shelf life. It will last as long as olive oil before it's considered to have gone "bad."

I've personally given just sauerkraut to one of my patients and his seborrheic dermatitis (a form of eczema) cleared up in about 3-4 weeks and hasn't come back in 6 months.

And please continue to go see the doctor if only to rule out other conditions such as impetigo.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Debbie... Here is a very readable document which simply spells out the current allopathic and naturopathic options open to you for treating your daughter's asymptomatic H. pylori problems:

Personally I think that your daughter has more than just an H pylori problem -- their must certainly be more pathogens and other reasons involved. There is also an unidentified virus that has caused fever and other problems.

When I had systemic candida 5 years ago, I had many skin problems as well -- including eczma, tinea cruris, athlete's foot as well as psoriasis. In the Merck Medical Manual. Which is used as a reference for doctor training, they openly state that you cannot ever get rid of psoriasis. They also state that psoriasis is a pre-cancerous condition. But I think that they are completely wrong in their poor assessment of psoriasis.

After I cured myself naturally of my own candida -- all my skin conditions -- incuding the psoriasis -- just disappeared and not one of my skin conditions, including the psoriasis, has ever returned -- nearly 6 years later. So the medical research is completely wrong on two counts. First, psoriasis is curable(I'm living proof) and, secondly, psoriasis is not a pre-cancerous condition -- candida is the the real pre-cancerous villain here.

Candida and H pylori are well known co-exist as well as to associate with other bacterial and viral pathogens because they both have a great ability to drag the immune system down to allow other pathogens to become established in the body. This is why doctors are having such a difficult time diagnosing or treating your daughter's problems.

It would also probably also help you if you had a hair analysis done on your daughter's hair. This will tell you exactly what what is lacking in her diet and will also reveal any excess heavy metals, halogens or other poisons in her body that might also be associated with and/or contributing to her problems. It might also be useful to have a urine test for excess halogens like fluorine or bromine in the blood.

My own view is that some viruses are very good at hiding in the body. Usually they hide in areas such as the fluids in the backbone and in the lower regions of the intestines, which makes them even harder to locate and kill. Internal use of Humic acid as well as oral Bentonite(food grade) will gently help to remove toxins, heavy metals and help to kill pathogens in the intestines. The use of other natural broadband pathogen killers that can kill bacteria, viruses and fungus such as tumeric, coconut oil and nascent iodine should also be considered. The use of sodium bicarbonate, Magnesium Chloride(or Sulphate as Epsom Salts), Sea Salt, Borax and Hydrogen peroxide in baths will also help to kill any pathogens topically. You should investigate all this on EC.

Replied by Debbie
(Lodi, California)

Hi Bill, thank you for your response. Candida has been ruled out and her gut flora is great. My husband and I agree that it is a virus of some sort. What I found interesting in your post in that viruses can hide in fluids in the backbone. She can turn her torso from side to side and the cracking of her spine is unbelieveably loud. You can hear each vertabrae pop. To me this is not normal. Do you think this has anything to do with a virus? And how would we go about getting that diagnosed? Again, thank you! Debbie

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Debbie... Your daughter's cracking joints -- called crepitus -- are due to gases, from unknown origin, which collect in between her joints in the back. Clostridium bacteria can also be involved here. Checkout this link for a description of crepitus.

The easiest remedy is to use magnesium supplements or, easier still, just rub magnesium oil over the backbone area(this may sting a little) or simply add two cups of magnesium sulphate(Epsom salt) or magnesium chloride to her bathwater when you bathe your daughter and the magnesium will be quickly absorbed transdermally.

Personally, I would not believe the doctors when they say that your daughter does not have candida. Here is a recent post post by a man who was told exacty the same thing by his doctor and yet he is convinced(and rightly so) that he has candida. Doctors are very bad at recognizing the many signs of candida. If you daughter has a white furry tongue, low energy and any digestive problems then these can all be signs of candida. Also, if your daughter does have candida and you do not cure it, then it will be very difficult to treat and cure all the other problems that are also associated with your daughter's condition.

So the best thing to do -- to absolutely confirm whether candida is part of your daughter's problem or not -- is to go to a naturopath and have a hair mineral analysis done. Also ask the naturopath to check whether your daughter definitely has candida or not. Naturopaths are far more sympathetic, aware and capable of recognizing the dangers of candida on health than doctors.

Replied by Debbie
(Lodi, California)

Hello Bill, once again thank you for responding. I did take my daughter to a naturopath and he had her do a microbial ecology panel that checks the DNA of her stool. There was no fungus present. The only reccommendation he gave was a homeopathic ointment which work temporarily.

We have decided to treat her eczema as if it were a virus and IT IS CLEARING UP! We are giving her L-Lysine and Silver (internally and a gel topically).

I am not sure if there is something else I should give her or what may work better. But so far we like what we are seeing.

She does take vitamin D and probiotics daily.

In her baths we add H202 or ACV (which soothes the itch).

Again, Thanks. Debbie

Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia) on 04/16/2011

The other day something happened which is still at the back of my mind. The fingers and thumb on my right hand seemed to move in together (and sort of clench) and for a split second I could not move my fingers and then it seemed to relax and all was fine. No pain just a weird sensation. My hand even looked strange. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before so I was wonderful if anyone has a clue if it is the start of something?

Replied by Shakonda
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Hi Debbie, I had these same symptoms as a child and had to visit a nutritionist to find the answer years ago. My potassium levels were low which caused the involuntary clenching of my fingers. I was told to eat more bananas. These days I take potassium and kelp drop which I just add to water. Got them at whole foods for around four dollars.

Replied by Kay
(In The Valley, Ca)

I hate to be an alarmist, but I would get to a doctor asap. I don't think this is something to be ignored. At the least, maybe a muscle spasm, at the worst, a mild stroke. It could have been a warning sign of something worse to come. Don't ignore it! This could be your chance to stop something from progressing. At least if you know where you stand, you can make your own decision as to your course of treatment. Good luck.

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Shakonda and Kay thanks for your responses. I will go to the Dr today and see if I can get a blood test. I actually do think I might low potassium because one of the symptoms is the skin above your eye coming down a bit and mine has. I have also been sick quite a bit lately (vomiting) and don't know why I have. Maybe they are related. Thanks.

Replied by Lily
(Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Hi Debbie, vomiting will cause potassium deficiency. Molasses is very high in potassium, maybe give that a try. Lily.

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Thanks to all who responded to my post.

From the attached article I am wondering if I was ingesting too much bicarb soda and I was becoming too alkaline. I was adding bicarb soda to my ACV and also taking Green powder. I was taking ACV morning and night and adding the bicarb both times.

I also read that baking soda neutralises the stomach acid and stops the acids from breaking down the food.

I also had a couple of baths with baking soda which may have disrupted my sodium/potassium balance & overloaded me with sodium depleting my potassium.

I am rethinking whether we should add Baking soda to ACV. What does everyone else think?

Replied by Lily
(Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Hi Debbie, I take the baking soda in the ACV just sometimes. I used to take it in the ACV all the time but decided to try it without and found my acid reflux was eliminated, whereas before with the baking soda it seemed to stick around or return later. I don't know if baking soda depletes potassium but there are so many things that do. I googled potassium rich foods and found sites that explained all the details of potassium deficiency. Cheers Lily.


Posted by Diamond (Salisbury, Ma.usa) on 05/18/2011

I have weakness and dizziness randomly and with out warning I continue to fall. I have visited many doctors without much results or any real treatments. I even had neck surgery and later found I didn't need that type of surgery. During reading my medical records I found written by a phd found the patient to have some thing foreign/not sure until further tests.

I was later diagnosed by a neurologist so many things there isn't enough room here to write it in this forum. How-ever another phd report states some thing organic(?)Now I do know that all diseases start in the brain and settle in the base of the spine, when an immune system is comprimised that disease what ever it maybe will arise and cause deep trouble unless treated right away. I did find that organic is mold/fungus; as a young child I lived in a very cold damp house, when I was sleeping room my temp. Would go way down instead of opposite; thus my room was already cold & damp plus my body felt like it was below zero. In the summer I was very cold but my face was burning up. So today I am handicapped and doing my very best to stay above water and beat the system as a science project and either try to reverse my problem or the least try to stablize the problem.

Since I have come into this god send of an awsome website, I am feeling a bit better and not quite as many dizzy spells. My best feature is I have an open mind and willing to try most anything, of course there are a few stepping stones where I do read up on much more of the info. Before just jumping into any situation. I'm the type of person thats in a great hurry to find my cure, but again God allowed me this freedom and this amount of time to do what I need to do. So here I am searching. As I said this American state of mind has found this country to be 100% musty, moldy, humidity, continous dampness therefore we all have chances of mold/fungus(as Drs. quote) according to how we live? enquote: good luck, keep up the good work and keep searching and asking those questions, even if you don't get an answer right away it comes to you in other ways.

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

You are incorrect. Most diseases do not start in the brain. They start in the gut. If you have gut dysbosis (leaky gut) it can cause many many diseases. Many things can cause leaky gut (including antibiotics, and even non steroid pain killers like. The toxins from the gut leak out into the body including the brain.

To heal the body you need to heal the gut first.

Replied by Patrick
(Athlone, Ireland)


Try a CRT-2000 scan; you may get some very good indicators of what might be the underlying problems.

Dick Van Dyke

Posted by Karen (Riverside Ca., California United States) on 04/30/2013

Actor and comedian Dick Van Dyke has been suffering from Cranial throbbing which is robbing him of sleep as well as overall good health. He has asked for suggestions! I wonder if EarthClinic can help him?

"Dick Van Dyke is undergoing tests for "cranial throbbing, " according to the Associated Press.

The legendary actor, well-known for The Dick Van Dyke Show and Diagnosis Murder, has been suffering from throbbing in his head when he lies down that has caused him to lose sleep, a rep for the 87-year-old actor says. So far, no diagnosis has been made."

Any suggestions?

Replied by Joy
(Battleground, Wash)

Yes, go to Carolyn Dean's web site about magnesium now... The doctors do not understand and they will let him die, because they don't KNOW. Go today. Remember Tim Russert ? They let him die and helped him along the way ..... How to Change your Life With Magnesium

Replied by Anon

Warm bath full of Epsom salts (magnesium ).

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