Mystery Diagnosis


Posted by Mziwakhe (Pretoria, Gauteng/south Africa) on 12/20/2011

My sister is very ill it's been a month now and is not eating anything because when she tried to eat, she vomits and she is 23 years of age. I think she is poisoned. Now I just want to know what must I do because I have gone to a lot of doctors- they do their tests but nothing has been found.

Replied by Dud
From The Woods Of, Wv, Usa

IN REPLY TO: Mziwakhe from Pretoria, Gauteng/south Africa --

I have little experience with this, BUT until someone with more experience does reply; I will offer this advice:

1. the symptoms suggest you are correct; that she has been poisoned; specifically the liver organ is poisoned and stopped digesting activity.

2. the most important thing to do is find the source of the poison in her environment, and remove it. After you do that, then treat her for poisoning.

3. Stop all solid food intake to her, she can not digest it, and it will rot inside her and cause her to be poisoned by un-digested food. give her only clear vegetable broths, & clear herb teas if she can tolerate these. No solid food of any kind. The one exception being psyllium seed mucillage.... which is not a food, and will pass on thru the gut without being absorbed thru the gut wall.

4. Treat her for poisoning. assume pesticides, fungicides, chemical solvents, arsenic, fluorides, food preservatives, food grain pest treatments, etc etc etc. treat thru the gut to try to get the poisons out thru the bowel. Expelled thru the bowl.

5. Try these agents:

a. food grade wood charcoal powder, mixed in water as a slurry, and drank. possibly mixed with psylla seed powder in water mixture. This is used to absorb toxins in the gut, and transport them out of the body, via the bowel.

b. food grade clay powder, mixed with water and drank as a slurry, possibly mixed with psylla seed powder, as a drink. This is to absorb toxins out of the gut and transport them out of the body.

c. psyllium seed powder, to be mixed with water and drank quickly before it gells. This is used to move the bowels, and cleanse the food tube. To transport toxins out of the gut.

d. Alpha Lipoic Acid pills: specific to detoxify the liver of poisons. very powerfull. Very effective. Much research behind it. Safe to use. non-toxic substance.

e. silmaryn extract pills; from milk thistle seeds: used to remove toxins from liver. Very effective. Very powerfull. Safe to use, non-toxic substance.

f. Castor oil packs put over the liver area. Research Edgar Cayce treatments using it. Very powerfull. Very effective. Safe to use. Non-toxic when used externally in a liver fomentation.

g. Coffee enemas: used to detoxify the liver, thru the bowel. Coffee enemas cause the liver to expell wastes and toxins into the bowel, where they can be expelled out the bowell. Research especially Max Gerson method of using them.

f. seek out and try to use local african herbs that are traditionally used to treat the liver. Choose one or more liver herbs to support the liver, and give as liquid teas.

6. Use the above substances by researching them on the internet, and finding the specific amounts and dosages to give, and the proper way to prepare them..... or by finding a herb doctor , or naturopathic doctor who knows how to use them.

7. If you can not find out the specific doses, etc, to use, then reply back to this forum and ask for more help, and I will try to help you determine the specic dosages to use. Or other members of this forum will.

There are no doubt many more substances you can use for internal poisoning antidotes, but the above ones can be a start. Tumeric is probably also a powerfull blood cleanser. Research it also. Also research the sweating herbs, to get a pathway for the toxins to go out thru the skin. Same for the diuretic herbs, to get the toxins expelled thru the kikneys. Perhaps also lay the patient in a bathtub of warm water with 2 quarts of epsom salts dissolved in the water, and try to pull the toxins out thru the skin, into the bath water, by osmosis of the epsom salt water.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Usa
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Mziwakhe, if there is any CLAY in your area, mix a spoon of C with cup of water and have her drink. Also search for MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) Genesis II Church minister in your area. Here is a link to the website

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Most of the problem appears to be liver toxicity from food poisoning. I had my mother on food poisoning treatment, who also couldn't keep the food down years ago, and could not eat for three days. I tried magnesium chloride on my friend and it worked before (10 drops), but it did not work, but what I tried on my mother was frozen royal jelly, one teaspoon only and that did the trick! There are others who can't eat and was cured with B50, taken for three days, those are generally nursing home people. In other cases was the cause of liver toxicity (as in cancer) and caffeinated coffee (warm) solution was administered rectally did the trick. The food cannot get down because most cases the stomach cannot digest it, because it lacked Hydrochloric acid, so you can get betaine hydrochloride or hydrochloric acid concentrated. To prepared hydrochloric acid concentrated, it needs 5 drops to 6 drops, not exceeding 8 drops per full glass of water. Then take it through the straw, not to finish the whole glass and that usually helps. Once she begins digestion, take a strong dose of digestive enzymes, that will allow the digestion to keep working. Then give the liver a detox, with milk thistle which is easily found, and B complex to help the liver. Then you can give N acetyl cysteine, capsule only, remove capsule, and give that 3 to 5 times a day 250 to 500 mg. The N acetyl cysteine is vital towards detoxing and liver support. If there are any problems then I might add alpha lipoic acid and milk thistle, for regeneration of the liver and further detox.



Posted by Naitsrk (Nv) on 11/06/2013

To whom it may concern,

I'll try to keep it short, I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask questions, if not I'm sorry in advance.

Throughout the years I've had really bad anxiety on and off, blank mind, memory loss, I can mostly remember back to middle school being when it started.

After trial and error, with food and diets and all kinds of things, I've recently found that fluorescent lighting causes my hands to turn red and splotchy as well as other undesired affects such as mood swings (mania to depression), clouded thoughts, fleeting thoughts, drastic change in personality and interests, just by being under the light for a mere few seconds.

The rash looks like this,

Around this time my thoughts jumble up, I can't remember what I'm planning on doing and have a hard time focusing on the task at hand, even something as simple as communicating becomes taxing.

My hands are generally not red at all, but all of those red patches suddenly appear and they feel almost swollen as well as the rest of my body. This also affects my ability to sweat, while inflamed I have an extremly hard time sweating even in 120 degree temperature

Once outside in sunlight the redness generally takes 30 minutes to an hour to go away but my thoughts can be messed up for days at a time, and especially my emotions.

If you guys have heard of anything like this please let me know, I can't really pay attention to the mental symptoms because I am living them and when they happen I forget everything up to that point, so I can't even tell EXACTLY what changed, I just know that I feel different suddenly.

Replied by Timh
Ky, Usa
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Naitsrk: This looks like a case of very low antioxidant status. I recommend increasing the many forms of antioxidants offered in supplement form. I have posted list here on E.C somewhere. If you can't find it reply back.

Some whole body detox seems very appropriate also.

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

To Rebel from somewhere, The use of St. John`s Wort can cause the symptoms you desribed. Both the photosensitivity caused skin rash and mental disorders are dicussed here at wikipedia:'s_wort#Adverse_effects_and_drug_interactions

So if you are taking St.John`s wort that might be what is causing the problems you discussed...Oscar


Posted by Nech (Kimball, Sd) on 03/03/2013

My husband is having an unknown pain. It starts in the middle/lower part of his diaphragm and radiates around to his left shoulder blade where it hurts the most when it happens. It's been sporatic, but he feels it gets a little better after he eats a meal. It's improved a little since he got a massage a few days ago, but is still experiencing it. The massage therapist said it could be a stomach ulcer, but by reading this website, those symptoms don't seem to line up. What could it be and could there be a natural remedy to help? Possibly more baking soda or apple cider vinegar?

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

Nech from Kimball, Pains that occur in or near the heart that also result in pain radiating anywhere on the left arm [ especially the shouler area ] should be examined by a qualified MD. Such pains can and often do result from some sort of heart problem. You need to have this checked out by a qualified MD....Oscar

Replied by Nech
Kimball, Sd

Thanks for you input Oscar... However, my husband has seen the cardiologist more than once due to other issues similar to this one in the past. He's done more than one stress test on the treadmill, done the heart monitor more than once and he's always gotten a clean bill of health. The doc told him to stop worrying and that he was just so healthy. So where do we go from here?

Replied by Art.
Vancouver Bc., Canada.

To Nech from Kimball SD.

I have to say I can relate to your husband's chest pain. I as well had to have my heart checked and it was good. It was reference pain from my Gall Bladder and it was bad. What cured it for me was a big mouth full of Olive Oil, I noticed a calming effect within 20 minutes. I did this until the pain left and never returned until last week. I used the same method again and this time it only took the one gulp. I rinse with mouth wash right after because I can't stand the taste. Some times the simplest remedies baffle others.

I hope it works for your husband. Let us know.


Replied by Suzzie
Portland, Oregon

I had the same symptoms and went to the ER over a dozen times because I thought I was having a heart attack. After many doctors and specialists it turned out I had asthma. It was affecting my shoulder because I had a previous injury to it from a car accident. It may not be the cause of his pain, but it is something to look into. Who would think asthma could cause chest and shoulder pain? Not me.


Posted by Neguarin-dubeibe (Raleigh, NC) on 04/09/2014

This is a question for Ted. It is about my daughter 22yo. Healthy until the last four months when she started with a headache and tingling sensation for about three weeks, then that sensation move to her knees and sometimes to her feet. Take her to the doctor. Head MRI done nothing wrong. Only thing low was Vitamin D (12). Started taking almost 7 thousand units everyday. She felt bad. Then pain on her chest. EKG done, nothing wrong. She complains every day from a different thing. Numbness on her right leg has been the last problem. Every single pain comes and goes. She cries because she said she wants to feel fine at least one day. I don't know what to do. Any ideas? Please respond to me. Thank you and congratulations for a wonderful and useful website, God bless you.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Neguarian,

I'm not Ted but just a question relative to your daughter's condition. You do not give any of her history...medical, physical or anything else that might help Ted figure out what is going on...or for that matter anyone else who would want to help her. For instance, has she been on medication of any kind? Statins in the last year? Any history of A Fib? Any history of serious infection (mono, strep etc)? If an infection (a memorable and serious infection...what was it and where in the body)...Any accidents in the past year?

And...When was onset of the headaches? Does she think the headaches are related to the rest of the problems? Is she depleted of energy? If so, did the energy depletion coincide with the onset of the other symptoms?

You said she had an MRI of the head...nothing of the spine that might be showing lesions?

There are two parts to good analysis: First an accurate diagnosis and Second a possible array of either cures for the problem or "helps" to alleviate symptoms.

The more clues you can give Ted, the better he (or others) can give you good suggestions.


Posted by Nkk34 (New York, Ny) on 03/27/2010

Severe pain at ankle with bulge, but no diagnosis

Hello! Hope someone can help me as Dr's can't!

I have developed a very strange bump just above my ankle and it aches and my running days are over due to this constant pain and bulge. Went to the Dr and told me its inflamation, but then another Dr told me it has something to due about my muscles. I have don the ACV, the oil pulling, the epson salt and even took anti-inflammatory drugs to assist and nothing has helped. My Chiropractor massaged the hell out of it one day and it helped, but its been 5 months now and I am still in sever pain. Can anyone understand this or help?



Posted by Orcasun (Victoria, Bc) on 02/15/2014

Hi, I am a late 30's Female from BC, Canada. I am average height/weight/build and have been suffering with varying degrees of pain since August 2013, but it keeps getting worse. Doctors can't detect a thing (despite my having gone to every kind of specialist under the sun) so I am constantly being dismissed as being a stress case or as having emotional problems leading to imaginary pain... enough of that noise, though- I am hoping that somebody on this site can help me figure out what is going on with me!!

My head has been feeling as though it is filled with liquid or something, sort of a menthol burning sensation. My sinuses feel all clogged up, but nothing ever comes out my nose! My nose isn't plugged per se, like I can still breathe and everything, but I feel so stuffed up and like there's so much pressure built up in my head. It hurts so bad! My eyes get very painful and I have increased photosensitivity. My pain can often become a total 10 out of 10. I can lay on one side and it feels like the liquid runs down to the side closest to the ground, then I can turn over and the liquid will move to the other side. But none of the liquid ever comes out for some reason. It feels like the bones in my face could just crumble or explode! There's a certain tugging feeling I've been experiencing with the bones or nerves in my face, but it's really hard to explain. My eyes have been really puffy upon waking, dark lines below the eye and a puffy upper eyelid. Laying down hurts a lot and really causes my head around the cerebellum to hurt, plus my neck and by my ears. My teeth get really sore sometimes, and my mouth can get the sensation of having a bunch of paper cuts or canker sores.

I am so frustrated! Pain meds do NOTHING. I've started to neti with collodial silver but the liquid doesn't come out like it used to before August. the neti drains through my eyes and mouth, and some stays in there for a long time and causes me even more pain. So far no positive results. I got dust mite covers for my bedding and such, but I've noticed no changes.

To make matters even more complicated, I recently found out I was pregnant, and I will not take anything to compromise the health of the baby (as tempting as it is to try and relieve some of this pain!!! )

Can anybody help me?!? orcasun(at)hotmail(dot)com

Replied by Timh
Ky, Usa
2109 posts

Orcasun: Your list of symptoms is synonymous w/ typical environmental related illness. First suggestion is to remove your current air filter (probably fiberglass and you are showing signs of exposure to the fibers) and replace w/ HEPA or HEPA Type filter. Also purchase a negative ion air purifier or ozone/negative ion combo purifyer so as to greatly improve your indoor air.

Now I would suggest a visit to the "Detoxification" section here on E.C. and take notes on a "top five" list of what you can get started with. Two suggestions off the bat: One, try a warm bath w/ 1/4 cup Epsom Salts and 1/4 cup Baking Soda for at least 30 min at least 2x wk. Second, Oil Pulling should help you; there is also a page for O.P. here on E.C.

This is starters but you will need to begin soon as possible these suggestions and check back and report any findings or ask more questions.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Orcasun, it might be safest to start with looking at what you are eating.

Replied by Nanowriter
Hotspot, Texas

Something probably happened in August of 2013. A viral infection? Dental surgery? It sounds like an infection deep within your sinuses, probably viral or fungal since antibacterials are usually the first thing used. You can keep attacking it topically with the neti and cs and/or internally with strong anti microbials like oil of oregano, olive leaf extract, garlic, vitamin C, etc.

Also investigate ways to replete your trace minerals, which are probably depleted.


Posted by Pact12345 (State College, Pa) on 07/14/2014

For 2 months, my hair is falling out by the clumps, it's thinning at an alarming rate. My scalp is also itching and burning. I am also experiencing extreme thirst and no matter how much I drink, it doesn't go away. I was put on Kentocornizole (so) tablets because the doctor thought it was a yeast over growth, the medication did not work. I switched to an over the counter gentle T-Gel shampoo, that hasn't helped. I was checked for diabetes about 3 months ago because I was dealing with sever daily chronic migraines (had them for 1 1/2 years)...I finally found out myself that I was not having migraines but severe sinus infections (how numerous doctors and neurologists couldn't figure that out is beyond me). Since I am extremely thirsty I am thinking this is an internal issue rather than external...but I just don't know. Any advice on what I may have or what I should do is appreciated. Thank you.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Pact12345,

I have a couple of thoughts. I imagine other posters here will have more thoughts and hopefully among them all you will be able to figure out what to do.

My first thought when you said that you had hair falling out was "infection." I have heard a couple of times of ladies who had a sickness and following it they had major hair fall out. Do you still have sinus infection symptoms? You could try Dave's colloidal silver irrigation of the sinuses and ears, or other ideas on the sinus infection page here at Earth Clinic.

You can also see the page on hair loss to try to encourage regrowth.

In the fall I was possibly exposed to lice so treated myself as if I had it. I used castor oil and coconut oil with tea tree essential oil on my scalp. I did have new hair growing in after a time. This may also help with an itchy scalp. I mixed a jar up with 1/2 cup castor and extra virgin coconut oils and added a teaspoon or two of tea tree essential oil. It is super duper messy. I would I carefully massaged it into the scalp and left it on a couple of hours (I wrapped my head in plastic and then a towel). It took a couple of washings to get it all out. I repeated a few times in a month on myself and daughters. Do this gently, though if you are losing hair.

My other thought, as soon as you said, ""Thirst, " was "Thyroid." I was having severe unquenchable thirst and found out it was because my thyroid was low. I have been using Lugol's iodine and companion nutrients for years. If I run out of iodine, my symptoms return after a while. There is a lot about it on Earth Clinic.

While you are trying to figure out what is going on, some extra vitamin C would be good. Also, a teaspoon or two of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar in a tall glass of water once or twice a day has helped so many with such a variety of problems, it would be an easy thing to try.

I would look for hidden sources of MSG in your diet as that can cause thirst.

Please let us know what you find out! I hope you are feeling better soon.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Pact 12345,

Re the scalp condition et al...

To figure this out...if hormonal or a disturbed endocrine system or a fungal invasion, it would be helpful if you told us how this all started. Have you been on meds ... what and why....

I note the infection issue is present too. That is an indicator that maybe the heart of the problem is viral/fungal. If you just want to start up with attacking that aspect, it's easy enough...just get a bottle of colloidal silver and start topically applying to scalp as well as irrigating the sinus, ears and gargling. Drink two tablespoons twice daily. If this thing attacking you is viral, you'll start getting relief in a few days. You might have to be on the CS for six months to kill the virus...if the cause is a virus. I'm not convinced that the cause of your problem is viral/fungal.

Of course, that could be PART of the issue. So nothing lost in making sure no viruses are doing damage to an already damaged situation. I'm thinking endocrine system. Now it is totally possible to have an infection in one of those glands that compose the endocrine system. I presume your doctors have taken saliva samples to see what your endocrine is doing...correct?

But back to some basics...please tell us how this whole thing started...if with some sinus infection and then you started having scalp and headache issues (sinus)...then if the inception of symptoms was close to a bad infection, then I'd be blaming virus/fungus. Only one thing might indicate virus as the culprit...that sinus infection you mentioned. The CS will knock out the sinus infection. If it's quality CS. I use an ear syringe to squirt the CS deep into sinus cavity. That gets it into Eustachian tubes too where LOTS of bacteria/fungus/virus hide.

Please report back and give a detailed description of inception...back to before the bad symptoms you describe began. Was there a prior infection? Describe. HOW did symptoms first start?

Replied by KT

Dear Pact12345: Since you are in college you are probably getting a lot of hidden sources of MSG which explains the sinus infection. Mama to Many's suggestion of extra vitamin C, especially before you go to bed would be beneficial.

I had read a vitamin B-6 deficiency could result in hair loss and fluid retention. Because it is important to take all the B's together, so you don't cause a deficiency in any of the others, you might get a high potency B-Complex supplement.

I would suggest taking Blackstrap Molasses because it is an excellent source BUT with what has happened to our food supply you have to be so careful not to get too much sugar from other sources.

Replied by Dj
Cleveland, Oh

Sounds crazy simple, but wean off the meds and bathe in natural Borax in as hot as water as you can stand, about 1-1/2 to 2 cups, once in the morning and once in the evening, dunk your head back in too, but not your eyes (a few drops of room temp black tea in the eyes will help treat that area - stings for a moment but harmless). Boron is naturally part of your cells so you won't have an allergic reaction to it, but your skin will likely turn red or rashy briefly initially from the heat and the die-off as you likely are dealing with parasites similar to scabies with mange-like symptoms and difficult to detect and treat.

These are a new emerging health problem, especially affecting people who have spent a lot of time hiking, on farms, in gardens, around animals or dirt. Drink a couple glasses of cold water afterwards to rehydrate yourself and cool down. Do the Borax baths twice a day for 2 weeks and then a few times a week for maintenance - it may take a very long time to get rid of it entirely, but I have no doubt you will see quick improvement right after you start. Borax is cheap at the Dollar store. I have done this and know of others who have and it works every time.

You could also at the same time do other things that are helpful if you're able to such as alternating drinking different anti-parasitic teas (sweet annie/Chinese wormwood, rosemary, cilantro, etc.), use neem or tea tree soaps, pine tar shampoos, make an oil to spray on your skin mixing mineral oil or deep tanning oil (without any sun block) with 5-10 drops of clove oil and/or tea tree oil to apply to everywhere on your body, and avoid foods that feed bacteria or parasites and help them grow or create an acidic environment they thrive in - avoid coffee (instead drink black tea or lemon water with no sugar or herb teas), no soda, sugared drinks, no fruit juices (eat real organic or non-chemical-treated fruit and vegetables instead), no artificial sweeteners/chemicals, dyes, no white processed foods like white bread, white rice, pasta except 100% whole-grain, preferably rye, brown rice, sprouted or gluten-free.

Eat plenty of protein to build your cells like beans, seeds, nuts in salads, eggs, fish and lean meats, and get plenty of fresh air and sunshine - the UV kills the parasites too so don't wear sunscreen for at least a couple hours (and if you do make it natural/100% organic). Probiotics are also very helpful to add good immune-supporting bacteria to your system, and the best all-natural vitamin/nutrient product I've found that is potent and easy to take is the Alive powder shake with pea protein which comes in chocolate, vanilla, and green apple. It comes in a large canister and lasts a long time, can be expensive, but if you get it online it can be found on sale for about $20-25. Hope this helps & best wishes! :-)

Replied by Cda
Tucson, Az.

Another poster said that the anti-fungal medication her doctor put her on, caused her hair to fall out, so I'd check the side-effect list on your medication if I were you. A lot of Folic Acid (a B vitamin) can help bring in new thick hair if one takes it for a few months, although new sprouting incoming hair should be seen within one month. Perhaps you do have an overgrowth of yeast the way you describe the sensations, maybe the medication just wasn't effective. How about a natural shampoo with Tea Tree Oil? ( And an anti-fungal diet? Or using Virgin Coconut Oil in your diet and on your scalp?) There are pharmaceuticals that can cause chronic thirst, but a marked deficiency of Potassium can also cause a thirst that cannot be satisfied.

Replied by KT

A nutrition almanac reported that there is more potassium in a TBSP of BSM than any food.


Posted by Pamm (Birmingham, Alabama) on 02/23/2014

Chronic Burping, White Tongue, Trapped Gas in Upper Stomach: I have had these symptoms for 3 months & its driving me crazy please anyone have any suggestions? It started out with the Stomach Tightness in Upper Intestines that goes all the way through to my back. Then the Chronic Burping started. The tightness feels like trapped gas. My stomach in upper is very tight. I burp all day. Then my tongue turned white & its cracked & very dry. I did the spit test for Yeast & failed it, However the doctors said the white tongue is not thrush. So what else could it be from? Yeast in Gut? I am trying nystatin & diflucan but so far no relief. It just appeared out of nowhere & won't go away. Doctors keep trying to give me Acid Inhibitors but I know this isn't good for our stomach. I don't know what to do I am desperate for answers. I don't have heartburn, just symptoms mentioned. My blood sugar also has been lower since this started. Thank you in advance.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hey Pamm,

From your description .... stomach and intestinal distress... not an acid reflux problem (not mainly) but more likely an infection.

For either, reflux or lower track infection, try, to start with a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of water and sip over an hour or two. Repeat two hours later and again after another two hours.

Lots about ACV on Earth Clinic.

Next, if that doesn't bring relief, I'd be taking a good anti viral; my favorite is Colloidal Silver and a close second is the herb Echinacea. On the CS, I'd take a tablespoon every hour for four hours and determine if the pain has let up. Echinacea is also a good anti viral. In liquid form, I'd put five to ten drops in glass of water and drink and then repeat every hours...again for four hours. I'd consider using both in fact given the degree of infection.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

To Pamm,

By the way.... the white tongue could be coating from virus. So if me, I also gargle with the Colloidal Silver for a week, twice daily.

I gargle with CS a few times weekly. Never have any whitish coating on tongue. I believe the CS is keeping me clear of viruses.

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

There is this whole new issue about food and water safety. The cause is virulent new strains of E.Coli that is infecting our food and water supplies. The USDA is not only not helping but is purposesly suppressing information about just how common and dangerous this pandemic is becoming. What you can do is make sure you drink sterilized water and cook all foods a lot. You can sterilize water by boiling it for about 5 minutes. Cook all meats to well done. Eat NO salami or hamburger or other ground meats. Here is page 1 of 57 pages of recent outbreaks. Each page contains 10 to 12 stories = 570 or more E.Coli outbreaks. Just click " earlier reports " to cruise on through those 570 or more reports. Earlier reports is located at the very bottom of each page. Vegetables are every bit as likely to have these bacteria on their surfaces. So you need to clean them with sterile water or cook them thoroughly. A lot of doctors are woefully ignorant about all this. Link here:

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Pamm, read up on "too little stomach acid" (acv/lemon can help) and "too much stomach acid" (baking soda can help).

Replied by Misty
5 out of 5 stars

I read somewhere not to take too much baking soda, it may not mix with everyone's stomach fluids, sometimes it's best to do a few more web searches before trying anything. Most times we were born with what used to be a joke; our systems were like self cleaning ovens, we can clean it or slightly alter it, but please be careful of what you try. These are only general experiments!! Thanks, Misty


Posted by Pete (Los Angeles) on 08/15/2013

Hello Ted, I developed a painful spasm in the chest radiating into my jaw up to my ear and having a panic attack at same time, no fever or swelling but fatigued. I have brain fog as well. I checked and it's no heart attack. Most always a taste in my mouth. I have developed a kind of stiff neck. This happened just coming back from overseas. I would like your opinion of diagnosis and any possible regimine I can try. I have had this a long time. Thank you, Pete

Replied by Steve
Las Vegas

The tightness and the pain can very well be related to the symtoms of panic/anxiety attacks. I suggest going on youtube and watch some EFT or energy healing demo videos for panic/anxiety first. Supplements may help but are often a bandaid if this is caused by the panic attacks. Try it a few times and see if it helps. It worked for me when I was having symptoms almost identical to yours. Peace, Steve

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
384 posts

Well most of the pain can be relieved with endorphin frequencies of 111.11 hertz, both sound and electricity square wave function - the effects are long lasting. The bacteria that is common in this type of pain is in the same family as the acne and diphtheria, so the easiest way is to get your immune system up with zinc chloride or zinc acetate, lysine and taurine. The lysine is commonly taken at 1000 mg x 4 and taurine is added to help some zinc absorption. Also, some mannitol may help at 4000 mg at average of one time a day, taken at the same time with lysine, zinc, and taurine. The lysine, zinc and taurine is what our body needs for the immune system to fight off this pain in the?chest area. The bacteria is hidden in the fat cells of epidermis near the nerves, and that causes pain. So this is why topical DMSO sometimes helps and additionally a zinc chloride saturated solution of one drop is added to 30 cc of DMSO solution. This is used to help reduce the bacteria that is hidden in that area, that is causing the pain.



Posted by Phil (Rio Dell, Ca Usa) on 07/08/2012

Let me present my symptoms and signs. First felt the effects one week ago today. It feels like the flu but, then again, it feels different. Intermittent fevers, minor stomach upset, occasional muscle pain that travels, persistent cough. Last night it appeared to be going away but this morning it's back again strong. Very little appetite. I feel hunger but cannot think of anything I want to eat. Malaise. I generally prefer to treat myself naturally and am not the type to dash to the doc. Passing no sort of infected or bloody discharge. Ideas? Treatments? Oh, also, I am married and do not engage in an at risk lifestyle. 57, been in great health for years, 190 lbs., non-smoker

Posted by Phil (Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom) on 11/02/2010

Can anyone help or advise, I get hot flushes on average twice a day, usally at about 1pm -2pm and it lasts about a half an hour and then the next one would occur at about 7pm and lasts about the same amount of time, I have had this now for near enough ten years. I get red across my nose and cheeks when I have these hot flushes but now after years it is staying red. The redness isn't blotchy and I have no pustules. I have done a bit of reading and it is hard to pinpoint what I have, could it be, rosacea, hot stomach, thin skin on my face, circulatory issues, hormones.. Please help, what can I do to get rid of this as it is affecting me pshychologically now...

Replied by Coregon
Medford, Or

For hot flash relief I've found the following to be very helpful:

- eat an avocado daily (don't know why.. But it works! )
- reduce sugar and alcohol
- eat small frequent meals (don't let yourself get too hungry or too thirsty.. This seems to bring on hot flashes)
- eat oatmeal
- take 400 mg of chromium picolinate daily (200 in a. M. And 200 in p. M. )
- take flaxseed oil capsules 3x day (these really work! )
- take Vitamin E complex 2 x day
- drink lots of water
- wear all cotton fiber clothing (avoid polyesters)
- sleep with 100% cotton sheets and pillow cases
- spray your bedroom with lavender oil and water at bedtime (calming cooling effect)

For the emotional part of hot flashes (we expect them and get tense when it starts happening), try saying to yourself "I am cool, this will pass in a moment" and take deep breaths. Stressing about it only makes the hot flashes worse. If I had to pick 2 things out of the list above that worked the best, I'd say the avocados and the flaxseed oil :)

Replied by Phil
Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom

Thank you so much for your advice, I am going to do this right away and hope for some good results. Kind regards, Phil

Replied by Jabeth59
Port Hardy, Bc, Canada

1/3 cup Aloe Vera juice works WONDERS! Good luck!

Pinkie Pie

Posted by Pinky Pie (San Diego, Ca) on 09/27/2013

I am 17 year old female, this is a lloonngg story so please take your time reading haha. First off I've had "systemic lupus" for 5 years. Well docs dont know if it is lupus or not because my organs are fine and my body doesn't respond to the regular lupus meds, unless they end up putting me in the ER for a severe allergic reaction to the steriods. So im no longer taking any meds for the "lupus". So on August the 15 I caught the flu and my body went into shock and I fainted because having a low immune system and all it hit me pretty hard. So I was taken to the ER, where they then gave me two IVs along with Reglan and Zofran Ondansetron, the reglan caused me to shake very much. So I was sent home... Two days after I was home, still dehydrated and very weak, dizzy as well, I started juicing with a recipe that involved Kale which I never had before, so go figure I got an allergic reaction to that. I didnt know what was wrong with me so for a good 12 hours I was having an allergic reaction that was getting worse and worse each hour, went to the ER. They gave me benadryl and sent me home. I woke up, it being august 21st by this day, very tired and confused thats all I remember... Now also on the night of either the 21st or 22nd I started taking protein shakes to get my weight up, having two a day... My mind was very off, very dizzy, and hyper-reflexive. I continued to take two shakes a day, eating regular processed foods, my body continued to get heavier and heavier, my mind was soooo crazy that is the only way I can describe it. I also couldnt walk hardly and in car rides my brain turned to mush and my body went dead with no strength, I couldnt carry myself. So I eventually got paralysis from my neck down. I went to the ER, they didnt know what was wrong with me so they blammed it on my "lupus" and gave me Zofran since I was still having my nausea and gagging problems during all this and they sent me home. I did my own research and cut out the protien shakes, started making organic shakes using organic fruits and veggies, except for kale, and I put a scoop of Miracle Reds in each shake. This helped me be able to walk again and helped my mind heal some and I recall one day when I was feeling absolutely fine :) I just dont remember what I ate that day...

So heres where I NEED HELP all though I have improved I still cant seem to find whats going to help me get 100% better. I feel confused most often and dizzy here and there, off balance, and nauseous. So I started my menstural cycle a couple days ago and it drained me... I was taking ibuprophen for then pain but I think that may have caused a ulcer because then I started having a feeling of air in my stomach and it felt very hot and I kept burping and gagging severely. I ate some melon and it soothed me but along with this too, my mind is now fogging and my legs ache, my bones feel rattly and im off balance and really tired even when I just woke from an 8 hour sleep. oh, and when I woke I had a hot fuzzy feeling in the back of my head/brain. im thinking maybe im developing MS???.... Or maybe it is CFS?... Not sure. I also have this pain on my left side of my neck feels like its an artery thats aching... Not sure but its been hurting off and on since ive caught the flu back in August. Please help, I refuse to go to the Doc until I have tried as much as I can to better myself naturally. My knees also hurt, not too much as to where I want to cry but just uncomfortable. Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you for your time. -Jes

Replied by Mike
Denver, Colorado

Pinky Pie: I was at where you are except I wasn't taking any meds. I fully recovered and you can too. You have to get all the carbs, oils, proteins, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and special substances your body requires. These have to come from raw, organic, grassfed, wildharvested, soaked, sprouted, and fermented whole foods. You were on the right track juicing raw organic produce. That is why you got better. That is not the complete program. Look at my reply to the post father with lymphoma earlier in the day. That gives you everything. Watch raw food and superfood videos. Follow David Wolfe's ideas.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Pinky Pie:

Your story sounds like a number of other cases I am familiar with; first this question... You said that the onset was five years ago when you would have been twelve years old (you now being 17). Right? OK. Do you recall if you had a severe infection when you were 12 years old, a few months before the onset of your current symptoms? Maybe a bad sore throat? A bad cold? Ear infections? A sinus infection that just stayed and stayed. Occasionally, the sickness isn't so very intense, but rather long lasting; like an ear infection that lasts for a month and then it comes again six months later and stays for another month.

Next question... If you were sick with something before the real onset when you were 12 or maybe even 11, did you feel like after you got over the sickness but you never really got your energy totally back... maybe you felt very tired or tired out easily even months after you were first sick?

Or if none of that sounds like what you experienced, do you recall if you had some significant dental work done; maybe even a root canal, although you were probably too young for that or maybe you had a tooth pulled to prepare you for braces.

What I'm getting around to is this: You have ALL the symptoms of a system wide (systemic infection) of a virus or fungus.

Easy to kill.

If what I asked you rings a bell and you think, yes I can remember I did have a really bad case of the flu/chest cold/ etc. any of the things I listed and especially if your energy never came back full strength, then those are two signs that this is a virus you're facing.

In any of that is true, and if I were you, I'd be ready to take an anti viral. It takes a while for the anti viral to kill a system wide infection. You need to ask your parents about taking this if you think what I described could lead you to conclude that perhaps you have a virus. I have been taking an anti viral for twenty years and it is called colloidal silver. It's water with a tiny bit of silver in it... but tastes just like water.

If you think what I ask might ring a bell you need to talk to your parents about this. Your are legally a minor and you have to discuss this with your mom and dad. If you want me to discuss this with them to find out more about the anti viral idea, just post me back. But we really need the parents on board if you think/ and they think that perhaps they want more information since your age limits what you can do. But I'm ready to help if you will get them to post if you all are interested.

Best to you young lady. Don't be afraid: there IS a cure for you. Keep looking, even if the virus/fungus is not the cause. There is a cause and if you look diligently you'll find the cure. (Knock and it will be opened unto you, seek and you shall find.)

Your friend,


Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Addition to last post to Pinky Pie:

You mentioned the possibility of MS; possible but simple scans by the Docs should have found the lesions. They readily show up. Apparently not there so probably not MS; but if it is MS... There is a definite link between MS and a specialty virus (similar to the viral family of polio). So my suggested "cure" or at least "help" would still be a valid thesis. MS involves a virus along with a heavy metal eg mercury. (Typically mercury poisoning is from dental fillings with mercury or eating fish from a contaminated lake. ) And then the tear to the lining around the nerve (spinal cord and/ or brain) is called a lesion. The nerve is exposed because the "sheath" the "myelin sheath" is damaged by the combo of mercury and virus and the nerve is destroyed by exposure.

As in the other post I wrote, please, because you are a minor you need to show this post to your parents.


Replied by Anonymous

Blimey Jess, sorry to hear you feel so poorly. I am thinking you need to take vitamin d3 to support your immune system. You also should try and bathe in magnesium salts every night for a while. Please try not to eat too much processed food and no food with vegetable oil in it. If you can it would help to see if you are intolerant to some foods- for example wheat, milk as this would lead to all kinds of weird symptoms as when we can't digest stuff we exhaust our vitamins and minerals. Drinks with caffeine in them deplete our vitamin and mineral stores as does alcohol. Also sugar. I hope that gives you a bit of guidance-

Replied by Pinky Pie
San Diego, Ca

Not sure what I have or if my symptoms are possibly mini strokes... I've been having trouble walking for a good while ever since I got ill with the flu that hit me very hard (I fainted and went into shock) this was last month, the 15th of august 2013. I then had a severe allergic reaction to Kale (turns out I'm allergic to vitamin K) two days later. So after then I started making raw shakes with organic veggies and fruits and putting a scoop of Miricale Reds in each shake, two shakes a day.

Well this helped regain a lot of senses back I still have trouble with feeling confused most of the time, walking with bad balance and cant walk for very long without feeling like im about to faint. Also get blurry vision when averting eyes occasionally, and back pain, sweaty feet that get hot and cold on and off. I could go on... I also get this heavy numb feeling on my entire body, brain and all... My senses are VERY sensitive, example, smells are strong and so are noises, and I absolutely can not go to sleep if there is any noise what so ever... I get hot flashes and a pain on the right side of my neck. I'm going to my Doc tomorrow, well lets just say the insurance I have is the worst one... So please I would like some help as to what I can do naturally first before telling my Doc any of my sympotoms, I know it won't be in effect by tomorrow, but ya never know... Thanks, any advice is much appreciated!!!

Replied by Timh
Ky, Usa
2109 posts

Pinky Pie: Such a broad spectrum of symptoms suggest toxicity which could be heavy metal (most likely Mercury) poisoning or possibly environmental chemical. Prescription meds could also aggravate the issue.

Have you Mercury dental fillings (and recent dental work)? Have you been receiving recommended vaccines like flu vaccine? The high toxicity of Mercury has damaging effects on detox, immune, and hormonal body systems which you seem to be suffering.

I could be wrong, but do read the E.C. pages for heavy metal toxicity and go from there.

Report your conclusions and additional findings so we can help you get better.

Replied by Debbie

Your body sounds as though it is toxic. Any time you try to juice natural raw foods you may experience an initial reaction as your body is try to purge the toxins out.

Stay away from processed foods. Buy a juicer and begin to juice raw (organic) green foods. You can add in some fruit to make it a bit palatable at the start. Protein shakes have MSG added into them (sometimes).. MSG and aspartame are toxic to the brain.

Cayenne pepper will protect you against strokes if that is what is happening.

Do you drink any energy drinks? They have toxic additives in them.. Some have bromide added which deplete iodine from the body.

Replied by Andrea C

Hi were you given Antibiotics when you had the Flu? I am asking because I nearly died after taking 1 tablet for an infection, and the after effects affected me for ages after that, it was only mind over matter and God as far as I'm concerned that saved me. My symptoms were very similar to yours. All antibiotics are Mold, and veg is rampant with Mold seen and unseen if not well washed and soaked in vinegar or lemon juice added to the water and rinsed well after. Also you state your making shakes with veg and fruit, are you aware a lot of veg, especially certain greens and fruit is high in Vitamin K? Look on the web for list's containing it, and also make sure anything you use veg and fruit in is also well cleaned after use, as this will cause mold build up rapidly as well. A lot of people use chlorine bleach on juicers, blenders, food processors, etc for this same reason, but I wouldn't do that, I use 3 percent hydrogen peroxide which I dilute with distilled water from food grade. And you'll contact mold by touching the veg and fruit, so I would wear a pair of gloves, rubber, pvc, leather, even gardening gloves to cover your hand's when around them. This will help you try to eliminate certain causes out of the picture, I know when I go to any one's home that has mold in, it effect's me to a degree, but not so badly now as it did before, Also some people can't tolerate sulphur food's which Kale is and the cabbage family, which has a lot of relation's besides sprouts and cauliflower, so research that as well. And try and be aware of where you were and what you do when these attacks occur, you may find a link somewhere. Even down to what soap tooth paste, house hold products. Keep a journal this will be a great help, I have reactions to other peoples perfume, and once went in to shock after my friend splashed a hair dye she was using on me. Don't let it make you be afraid to get on with living, I know it's scary, but you can't let fear of what may or may not happen rule your life. Let us know how you get on. Love Andrea C xxxxxx

P. S I have bought Ammonia, white vinegar, and bicarb (baking soda) to wash all my clothing, bedding, curtains, and anything else I possibly can to eliminate mold in my home. You have to use Ammonia carefully, and the vinegar is white spirit vinegar. I am following instuctions I got off another web site, and will be wearing rubber gloves, goggles, an a face mask to protect my skin, eye's, and avoid breathing it in. A woman in England became very ill to the point she could not live in her home, and slept in her car with the Air Conditioner on to breathe. After a long investigation, a tiny speck of mold was found in her home, and made her really ill. All we can do is what ever is possible to route out any causes, the stuff I bought cost me twelve pounds for the 3 on Amazon.


Posted by Ramona (Gauteng) on 12/13/2012

I am 34 year old female. In dec 2009 I was stung by something at the beach on my left arm, whatever it was had a tail. It think it was a jelly fish. Anyway I forgot all about it and was fine. In mar 2010 I was watching TV and felt a cold sensation on my left side of my head, which progressed into tingling on my left side. I was immediately admitted to hospital and was seen by a neurologist. No official diagnosis given, just that it was a TIA.

Since then I have never been okay, I have had on and off pins and needles, weakness, pain all on my left side. The symtoms dont happen together. it will be either one or the other. Been for 2 MRI's and many neurologist and they found nothing.

I also had psoriasis since I was 9 and in 2010 I started getting symtoms of the arthritis. I have been to a rhemotogist about 2 months ago, who put me on methotrexate. But I am still not well. I still have those weird symtoms on my left side.

I have also been to many homeopaths, but no one has helped me. This is driving me insane, suffereing for alomost 2 years and NO one can help me. Please help me!!!!

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Ramona, since you don't seem to have been helped by western medicine nor can they give you an explanation, I would highly recommend you find a Traditional Chinese medicine Dr. It sounds as if your body was already out of balance since you'd had psoriasis since you were 9 and this just furthered the issue. I am certain TCM would be able to understand why these symptoms are occurring. You also have not seen relief from homeopathy as well. In Chinese medicine, they see the body as a whole and the various organs, sides of the body, upward/ downward movement, all have meaning. They would check your tongue and take your pulses and palpate your organs and then treat you accordingly. Every person is unique so, symptoms could all be the same in various people but have different reasons for their manifestation. I.E. : 5 people could be experiencing migraines but all 5 people could have them for different reasons.

Anyway, I encourage you to research this as this system is over a thousand years old and works. Modern medicine is often just taking stabs in the dark. I hope this information helps you in finding answers. Best to you, Lisa

Replied by Anon

Hi, It would help if you had a hair analysis test to see what deficiencies you have and then treat those. It could be that you have a magnesium deficiency among others. If it is magnesium an Epsom salt bath would help. The jellyfish sting and your body's immune reaction could have depleted some vital vitamins and minerals. Pls check and report back, thanks


Posted by Regulator555 (Grand Rapids, Mi, Usa) on 06/03/2010

So, I'm glad I found this site. Anyway, my husband has been suffering with an unknown illness for months and months. Here is the chronology: Early November 2009, a lymph node behind his ear swelled - huge. Warm compresses fixed it within 24 hours. Right after Thanksgiving, he was having chest pains and went to the ER. They told him that he had an acid reflux problem - probably GERD. He took antacids, etc. February 2010, right after Valentine's, things really started to go down hill. He was feeling horrible - headache, body aches, dizziness, chest pain, stomach ache. They said he had a virus. He kept going to the ER, they kept running tests, and he was given a bazillion diagnoses. He was told he had viral meningitis. They did heavy metal testing, CAT scans, blood tests, urine tests, an endoscopy. He has not gotten better. Since then, he has been diagnosed with viral meningitis, GERD, gastritis, kidney stones, prostatitis, diverticulitis, ulcers, and IBS. He's been on various meds - RX and OTC. Nothing has helped. He thinks he has cancer, but they haven't found anything. He's a mess. As it stands, he has generalized aches and pains all over, his chest muscles hurt, his testicles hurt, the base of his neck hurts, he has heartburn, abdominal pain, loose/yellowish stool, dizziness, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping. Today, he thinks he has Lyme Disease. Over the fall, he was cutting deer. Right around the time the lymph node swelled, we found a tick crawling on the couch. He never developed a rash or anything, but that's where we are now. Anyone have a clue as to what may be going on? He has a colonoscopy scheduled in August.

Replied by Melb
Hickory, Nc

The initial symptoms you describe match a case of Lyme Disease my boss is recovering from. She went to the doctor complaining of swollen lymph nodes in her neck, headache, stomach ache, dizziness, and body aches. Even though she had no rash or bullseye pattern, the doctor tested her for Lyme and it was positive. I would suggest having the test performed. If, however, it comes back negative, find a good holistic practioner in your area. I was having a series of bizarre symptoms two years ago at the age of 37. Two doctors told me I was just getting old, one told me it was impossible for me to be having the problems I was having, and another diagnosed me with atypical Interstitial Cystitis which meant that I had a reaction to the test, but it didn't explain all my symptoms nor was it a typical response.

As it turns out, I had parasites and food allergies. And all the antibiotics prescribed by the doctors who were trying to do something--anything--to help me depleted two forms of beneficial bacteria in my colon which wreaked havoc on my system. Had I not gone to the holistic practioner, I would have been put on a medication that would have treated the pain, but eventually I would have ended up on disability and later institutionalized because of the dementia that was quickly progressing.

I thought I had every blood and urine test known to man performed on me by the doctors in my area, but the holistic dr. performed two simple tests that immediately clued us in to the major issues.

Replied by Karen
Nuevo, Causa

Sounds like Cryptococcus Patti Menengitis. Air fungus
That you breath in gives a mild cough easy to miss then moves on to digestive system causing nausea, etc. Then to heart causing chest pain then to brain causing confusion, dementia, parkinsons, memory loss even shizophrenia in last days. Come and goes. Very difficult to get diagnosed because it requires a spinal tap with alot of other test. I believe I have this myself. I also believe each of my cats dogs and horses had this before they died. I cannot say if it was the final thing that took their lives. But they all showed signs of this along the way about a year before they died. Google it. It is now in southern california. Never used to be. European newspapers report that this is killing hundreds of thousands in our country and is an epidemic. Yet I have not read that here. Each of us makes our own decision on what we chose to believe as truth. Search for yourself. Study the facts and good luck. As I am still looking for something that cures it. Antifungal such as fluconazole suppresses but does not kill it. They can give it in IV but still does not kill it. H202 at 30 drops a day did not kill it or essiac. My mom also showed signs of this as well before she died too. Next I will try MethyleneBlue. The rate in this country in deaths has increased in the last few years. Telling me there is an extremely high rate of death here in the Us.

Replied by Wendy
Parksville, Bc. Canada
2 posts

My neighbour has the fungus that you are talking about. The cure for it is to take expensive pills 3x a day. A specialist in Victoria, BC figured out what he had, He is much better now. He has it in his lungs. You have to take the medication for 10 months. Contact me at my email and I can get the name of medicine if you are interested. But doctor prescription only.

Replied by Jay
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Re: fungal infections.... Please look up information on olive leaf oil extract. It is antifungal, antviral, and antibacterial. The liquid extract is better than the tablets or capsules.


Posted by Rhonda (Ga) on 10/20/2013

Mystery illness: I am 5'7 and weigh 148. I have been having excruciating pain in my hips, mostly the right whenever I wake up from lying down or get up from a sitting position. This has been going on for the last year and a half undiagnosed. I also have extreme weight gain in my stomach although I am thin and of normal weight everywhere else. I have healthy thick head of long dark hair but a very dry scaly scalp. I have seen dozens of doctors including a rheumatologist. They have suspected fibromyalgia and lupus as well as everything in between. My ANA tests were a high positive but all the sub tests were negative. I have occasional extreme blood pressure surges whenever I become stressed or upset even though it is usually low. Some recent labs indicate a vitamin D deficiency and the presence of candida. Can you please help me?

Replied by Mike 62
Denver, Colorado

Rhonda: The instantaneous way to go from being sick and suffering to being awash with euphoria would be a complete raw whole food program. Google raw food for candida videos. The organic 80/10/10 vegans can further enumerate the admirable qualities of God's Goodies.

Replied by Timh
Ky, Usa
2109 posts

@Rhonda: Many of the conditions which you spoke of including RA have a viral, bacterial, or fungal origin. These pathogens live in our bodies for many yrs and cause all sorts of multifaceted symptoms like you noted.

You will need to first alkalize your body as acidosis must be neutralized before starting an herbal regimen. Herbs you will need would include Oregano, Grapefruitseed, Olive Leaf, Pau De Arco, Garlic. Digestive Enzymes will help as well as Glutamine and Colostrum or IgG (Immunoglobulin). Colloidal Silver will help. Zapping will help.

Replied by Sam
Miami, US

Rhonda, I recommend you find a reputable integrative medicine (holistic) practitioner. To address the pain, while you are in search of the cause of your body malfunction, find a reputable, experienced acupuncturist. Someone have to take a look at your whole body. Prepare a summary of your lifestyle. Your chronic health issues since childhood;your exercise regime; what you usually eat;supplements you take, water you drink; summary of your medical tests and medications you take. Take it with you for your first appointment with both (holistic doctor and acupuncturist), which should last not less than an hour. Good luck!