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Posted by Connie (Slc, Ut) on 08/01/2011

Hi Shifra ; I understand the pain you are having. It truly can make all life functions become impossible. I have tried so very many practices, especially dietary ones for pain, and while I fully support a nutrient dense diet including certain superfoods , made from scratch broths, and naturally fermented foods; I found that I was not recovering health without supplementation of B-12 (methylcobalamin). Without this supplement, I would be diapered in a wheelchair, with little of my 5 basic senses left. I would have no feeling in many areas of my body, and excruciating pain everywhere else. I'm sorry to put this so graphically, but I feel I must.

Now, the B12 will help most with pain, but it will take many months for this. Some places that are numb will begin to tingle as feeling returns. These areas will also become sensitive, temporarily, and some fleeting pain will be felt. I have found that increasing potassium also helps pain. Again, I fully support that one should try to get it in their diet as much as possible, but, I also supplement potassium. It also helps moods as healing progresses. I mix a powder of potassium gluconate, 250 mg. , into about 6 oz. of water. This can be taken once an hour for pain. I admit that sometimes I take 500 mg. in this way, but I do not recommend taking any more that this as a supplement, because side effects may occur that would be antithetical to healing. With food and vegetable juices, one can take many more mgs. of potassium than that, unless sodium is low. If that is the case, then I recommend adding sea salt to any food or supplement that may have too high a ratio of potassium to sodium and chloride. ( I think that may be why people may have a "detox". ) I have had pretty good results with amino acids such as tryptophan, and tyrosine. I have also had very good results with Peppermint oil, oil of Oregano, and DMSO. I sometimes take small amounts of them internally, but mostly transdermally. Someone may scold me, but I do put a rather heavy coat of peppermint oil on painful areas. Maybe these suggestions will allay pain until the B-12 heals it.

Posted by Shifra (Brookline, Ma) on 07/30/2011


I really need help. I am in excruciating pain almost all the time, mainly in my neck and shoulders, but also on the sides of my stomach and lower back. the pain is just under my skin, and feels gravelly, like there are granules in there, and some hard stuff that feels like shards of glass.

Nothing seems to help, not acupunture, (which I find excruciating adn ineffective), or chiro, or massage-it inflames it more etc. The pain is so bad, I find myself not wanting to live-I'm not sucidal.

also I am so tired!! I have had chronic fatigue FOR a long time, but now, I can barely drag myself around, I want to sleep all the time, but I have lots of trouble sleeping. I feel groggy and almost drunk tho I never drink booze.

Also, my feet are kind of numb as are my lower legs. I have all kinds of gastric distress-gas, bloating, belching farting reflux, irritable colon, spittng up, ocassinal nausea

I am totally hooked on food, especailly sugar, carbs and salty stuff, I cant stop. Until very recently I was too thin, but now I am starting to pack on the pounds.

I also feel depressed, enraged, resentful, afraid and terribly sad, negative, I cant remember stuff and have trouble learning new things.

By far, the worst is the pain and the fatigue. I dont think the Apple Cider Vinegar would be good for me as I have candida and vinegar makes me feel awful.

Any help would be greatly apprecaited,


Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Try starting your "wellness journey" with a small lick of Celtic Sea Salt every time you drink a glass of water (which should be more times a day than you do now, but don't overdo it).

Replied by Lanos
(Socalif, Usa)

SHIFRA.. I am sorry you are in so much pain.. However your life is precious, and I'll bet you have some special qualities about yourself that bring joy to others.. Don't throw your life away because of pain.. Get help from somewhere, I could suggest you seek a friend, a relative, or a spiritual route that might help you move in the right direction.. Remember you are loved by God. Love yourself. I"ll say a prayer for you. Keep your chin up.. This site has some info on dealing with diet and pain issues.

Replied by Shifra
(Brookline, Ma)

Hi, thanks for the friendly response. I have not given up nor do I plan to to die, but I need help for the pain. If you know of what I could do please let me know.

Replied by Shifra
(Brookline, Ma)


thanks for responding and I will take your suggestions, but it is the pain esp in my necka and shouders that is the worst symptom. I am in so much pain. do you know what I cud do for the pain.

I feel kind of drunk but my gait is not drunken. I feel like my balance is way off but it is not visible.

Thanks shifra

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

If I had multiple symptoms like you do I would be immediately taking sugar/processed foods out of the diet. No processed salt, only use Unrefined sea salt. Go on a green juice fast; wheatgrass included as well as Aloe Vera. I would be taking spirulina and chlorella as well as Chlorophyl. These will all detox the body. I would also be taking mega doses (maybe start off small) of Vitamin C. Also some Essential Fatty Acids (cod liver oil.. fermented is best).

Added to the above I would be taking ACV (1-2 tablespoons) in 8oz water per day.

Coconut oil

Raw honey

I would stay away from synthetic vitamins and try to stick with the "super foods".

Chicken broth is great for vitamins and minerals as well.

Stay away from diet drinks and MSG. Diet drinks usually contain aspartame which is poison to our bodies.

They say that health begins in the gut/digestion. I would be looking at my diet.

Would be helpful to know what your diet is like?

Replied by Maria
(Gippsland, Australia)

Hi Shifra, To help break the pain cycle you could try dl-phenylalanine. It may take three to four weeks to start to see results but it really can help. For its theraputic benefits it must be taken on an empty stomache and wait 30 mins after taking it before eating. You can take it with a little juice or water. I found I needed to take it first thing in the morning and also late afternoon (I had been in servere pain for many years) after the pain was not noticable I continued for a while with only the am dose. Also some of the alkalizing remedies may help you with the pain, particularly muscle pain. With the fatigue as well it is hard to do much, but once the pain cycle is broken it is easier and you can think clearer. All the best, Maria

Replied by Shifra
(Brookline, Ma)

hi, thanks for the advice. Are there any countra indications for taking dl-phenylalanine, I mean, is it a problem to take if you have certain medical condittions and also I take trazadone, nerontin, and effexor -which I am slowing coming off of- any bad interactions with thsoe meds as far as anynone knows?

Thanks, shifra

Replied by Rachel
(Reinholds, Pa)

Did you consider testing for Lyme?

You may have a B defieciency like someone said. You should change your diet anyway. But many of your symptoms sound Lyme-like.

Replied by Maria
(Gippsland, Australia)

Shifra, Most of your symtoms could be side effects of the three meds you listed, unless you had all of the symptoms before you started taking them. I'm sure you realize that you need to be careful in weaning yourself off them especially if the neurontin was prescribed for seizures.

Neurontin's side effects - numbness of an arm or legs; clumsiness; dizziness; tiredness; weight gain; back pain.

Neurontin is sometimes used for Fibromyalgia, although when you look at its list of side effects maybe it can make it worse. Alpha lipoic acid can be a good alternative for Neurontin if it's for Fibromyalgia or diabetic issues. Scroll down to #5 at

One of Effexor's side effects is a state of near sleep.

Trazodone's side effects include; drowsiness; mood swings; memory problems.

There can also be interreactions between effexor and trazodone when taken together because they both increase seratonin.

Here is a link for possible interactions with phenylalanine.

Replied by Sue Ellen
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Your symptoms are textbook gout symptoms. Gout is when your body over produces uric acid and the excess forms crystals between your joints and under the skin. A diet high in trans fats, sugar and starches is very acid forming and will trigger gout in those who are predisposed to it as well as creating a climate where yeast and fungus thrive.

Eliminating sugar, starch and trans fats is a must for you to start to alkalize your system which should help considerably. In addition, drinking pitcher of water with a 1/2 cup of lemon juice and a 1/2 tsp of baking soda and taking a tsp of virgin coconut oil 4 times a day will relieve gout symptoms if it has not progressed to foar and should clear up the candida.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

I also live in considerable constant pain resulting from an old, but severe gunshot wound to my abdomen that blew my right kidney and most of my liver and half my large intestine out my back. At times the pain seems very bad to me. The one thing that really does help is to cry like a baby for as long as I feel like it. This really does work. Sometimes I feel pretty good for 2 or 3 days after a good cry. I guess you could call it CRY BABY THERAPY. It does work, at least for me....Oscar

Replied by John
(Plymouth, Ma.)

Hi Oscar,

There is a product out called "Go Out Plex. " It's made out of cherries... It is great for pain and inflamation... It's natural and not very expensive... Give it a try if your so inclined...

Good luck,

John from Plymouth

Replied by Shifra
(Brookline, Ma)


I am going to check out the go out flex, thanks. I wonder if anyone has any ideas of what my condition may be- I have intense pain in my neck adn shoulders and also in back and sidea of my tummy. I feel crystaline stuff under my skin, kind so gravelliy and hard, and like under my skin is not smoothe, like it used to be this is most everywher under my skin- somenone said it might be gout, but its not in my toes or hands.

Also I am bone tired, sluggish with bad digestion adn numbness in legs and feet. Does anything dissolve the crystals? Also is anything good for suagar cravings- I am out of control with sugar and carbs and salt


Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

You might try ACV for cravings and stomach issues (i have found wine vinegar to do the same), but, contrary to what many are doing here: start small!!! I barely take 1/2 dropperful twice a day (with or without a pinch of baking soda) in a glass of water, and it seems to be helping for a number of things.

Replied by Khia

It sounds like you may have a Candida Overgrowth and or Leaky Gut Syndrome. Look into the symptoms of that issue.

Replied by shifra
(boston ma)


I have been feeling kind of dizzy and unbalanced and a bit shaky. not a good feeling. this time my blood pressuer was a little high 140 over 82. at first it was the same standing or lying down, then it was high lying down about 140 over 90 and about 126 over about 70. I drink a lot of water and use pink salt, I hate the dizzy feeling. this is the first time my bp was high. am concerned. I get dehydrated very easily, if I go out in the sun in summer it affects me strongly. most recently about 7 weeks ago got super sick with an swollen appendix, infection in my intestines and inflammation. I had started vomiting and could not keep anything down, ended up in er and in very bad pain, took mainly tylenol iv, ibupofen iv once and 1 dose each of dilodid and morphine which thank god did not work on the pain. I took a slew of antibiotics and could eat nothing for 5 days and no drinking either Thank god I did not have to have an operation, somehow the colon wall thickened. last year had an obstructed colon and got bad diareah and vomiting. I am better and belly still bloated, have round worm parasites and the herbalist thinks that when they die and come out they bloat and cause a blockage. I often struggle to poop.

I have lyme and parasites and very concerned with the dizziness, what do you all suggest. thank you shifra

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One of the first things you can try is a non invasive approach using the Epley Maneuver as outlined in the link below. If it helps you, great, if it doesn't, look for another cause.


joy b.
(Lady Lake, FL)

Hi Shifra,

I suggest you get some food grade Diatomaceous Earth (it's cheap) online or at a health food store, and take a half-teaspoon every morning in warm water. (*Don't inhale the dry powder. Not good for lungs) This will kill the worms in about a week and should take care of the constipation as well...Be sure and chew your food 40 times...That will make a huge difference in the constipation. You'll probably see the worms come out in the toilet. It's fun getting rid of them, and your energy level should improve too. Good Luck. Joy.


Posted by Shybimbette (Evanston, Wy, Usa) on 11/27/2011

I'm just wondering about something that is on my foot. It started out months ago about the size of a head of a pencil. Looked at first like just a shoe rub. Now it's about the size of a quarter. And looks like a metal allergy. And it seems to come up when I get a sweet tooth. I've seen diabetic leg ulcers, and pictures of diabetic foot ulcers, and this doesn't look like that. When I put a bandage soaked with ACV on it overnight, it seems to subside, not heal, but subside, and when it does, I end up forgetting to follow through with the ACV on it at night. And then the next sweet tooth brings it back bigger.

Any ideas on what it could be, and how to get rid of it? I understand now, to stop the sweet tooth crap, I do ACV and water twice daily. Sometimes I oil pull, but it hasn't become a habit yet. Any input would be appreciated.


Posted by Siju (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) on 11/23/2011

Dear Sir,

I am 31 years old man working in middle east, I have had piles(Hemorrhoids) since 2 years, and operated, now I have a severe problem. I have getting pain in hands, shoulder, legs, and below my backside. When this pain comes, I lose weight a lot, after some days when this pain disappears, I gain slowly, slowly weight, it means to normal what I had before. I went to doctors here. They say that, it's beacause of typing job, and strains, but this pain continues for week, and I lose weight a lot. I am afraid now, please advise me, what is the reason for this pain? It's just like killing me. Please advise what type of disease is this? and what is the available medicine for my disease?


Stacy N

Posted by Stacy N (Wichita, Ks) on 12/11/2015

I had neck surgery for C2 fusion and occipital nerve surgery. Within 3 days of surgery, I had a huge goiter on the incision which the doctors said was nothing to worry about. Within 2 days of that, a rash developed right under my chin, right above the incision. The rash lasted for 3 days and then all of the joint pain, swelling, muscle pain, skin peeling on my scalp and face, mouth sores, fatigue started in. I have had a lot of blood tests done and they all come back negative or normal. They want to put me in the fibromyalgia box and in my gut I just feel that is not what is going on. Being on high doses of prednisone fully take the pain away 100% and Norco 10's are the only thing that takes the pain down a few notches.

Going on over 9 months of 24/7 pain except for the two times I was on prednisone for 1 1/2 weeks each time. They say I do not have RA or any inflammatory markers however my fingers, knees and toes swell up. My rings won't fit and I can barely make a fist because of the swelling. When my knees swell, they are red and warm to the touch. Any ideas or suggestions for me to look into?

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

To Stacy N,

If this were me, I'd be assuming an infection. If bacterial a round of antibiotics might knock it out but I'm always trying colloidal silver and the herb Echinacea both oral and topical applications.

So I would apply a poultice of Echinacea to the surface areas (like where I might have a rash) and drink three drops of Echinacea in a glass of water three times daily for a month.

Also I'd certainly be on CS as I mentioned above. Three tablespoons thrice daily for a month. If improved I'd keep it up. A

Also I'd consider putting the CS into a white cloth mixed with DMSO to allow penetration and put on site of surgery. Maybe six times over a few weeks. The DMSO is a carrier. (Google DMSO Dr. Jacobs 60 minutes)

Replied by Timh
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Looks like I was wise in waiting for Dave to answer as I was suspecting the very same problem. Chronic infections are becoming more common with the compromised purity of our foods, water, air, and environment in general. Then tack on aging and otc & prescription drug use and the immune system is overwhelmed. This is why I'm always recommending detoxing remedies as there are multitudes of diseases directly related.

Many herbal product manufacturers combine Berberine aka Goldenseal or Oregon Grape w/ Echinacea for a more broad-spectrum effect.

Yes, these remedies will work in the short-term, but looks like a total reevaluation of diet & lifestyle (indoor & outdoor environments). Spend as much time as possible reading E.C. pages and you can recover completely.


Posted by Stephane (Guangzhou, China) on 02/17/2010

Sir, i m a 38 years old male from cameroon livung in china , and now it s more then a year im suffering day and night from difficulty of swallow , headache, back pain , vibration , and joint pain . i have done a lot of medical examination , but nothing can be seen . please tell me what kind of supplement food or medecine i need. thanks and hoping a good response.

Replied by Gtcharlie
(Los Angeles, Calif, Usa)

I suspect you might have a severe Vitamin C deficiency. Suggest you to obtain a blood test on your Vitamin C to confirm it. Meanwhile, there is no harm done to take a meaningful dosage on this supplement (4000 mg is a good start).

Replied by Cindy
(San Diego, Ca, Usa)

At the risk of sounding repetitive I would suspect candida, especially if all the medical tests have found nothing. Most people don't realize what a truly insidious disease systemic candida can be and how many different symptoms it can present. To determine for yourself if this is your problem, you can do a fast, easy test at home. First thing in the morning before you put anything in your mouth or brush your teeth, work up some saliva and spit it into a clear glass of water. After 30 minutes, look in the glass. If there are strings coming down from the saliva or if the water turned cloudy or with suspended cloudy specks, or if your saliva sank to the bottom you most likely have candida. Healthy saliva with simply float on the top of the water. Candida overgrowth begins in the colon. Over time as the yeast multiplies it begins to migrate through the digestive tract moving up until it reaches the mouth. Once this happens your saliva will sink because the yeast is heavier than water. No yeast and it will float. If you determine that you have candida, there are a number of cures on this wonderful site, plus some good commercial products you can find with a google search.

Replied by Tricia
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Hi Cindy, I would be interested in where you got this information on saliva. I tried your test this morn and I'm clear but I have always wondered why my saliva is bubbly like detergent bubbles so I'd like some more info. In my search for a cure for tonsil mucus my saliva was even commented on by the specialist but he had no idea why it happens - Im talkin' a lot of bubbles. The mucus and bubbles must be connected.

Replied by Cindy
(San Diego, Ca, Usa)

Not sure where this test originated, but directions for it are on a number of sites devoted to candida. Don't know what the significance of bubbly saliva is.


Posted by Sugar's Mom (Utah) on 05/25/2015

I need some guidance. My 6 year old daughter has been a medical mystery since birth. As a baby she had some food sensitivities which she seems to have outgrown.

Her current ailment is about her reaction to illnesses. Any minor illness (UTI, ear infection, common cold) will be followed by excruciating back pain (she points to her spine) for a few days. It is bad enough she will be up all night and the pain is not relieved by Tylenol, heated rice bags, or anything else.

She also responds to illnesses by breaking out in hives. They can last for a few days to weeks. She is pretty clear in the mornings, but by evening they are all over her. Her feet will swell and hurt so much she has to crawl. The hives started when she was 2 years old and have been persistent. The back pain is new. Often the two will be combined.

We have taken her to MDs, specialists, and even my ND. No one seems to have an answer for her. I'm concerned that we may be overlooking a serious condition, but I'm not sure where to even turn at this point.

She has been tested for allergies (negative), Lyme (negative, but I have it), and has had all normal bloodwork other than it shows inflammation.

Any direction on where to search next would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Replied by Timh
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There is obvious immune dysfunction as well as inflammation here that has an underlying cause.

Cleansing w/ very warm baths of 1/4 cup Epsom Salts and 1/4 cup Borax will help. Do these at least once per week. Stop by your local health food store and purchase a broad spectrum herbal antiparisite formula. I personally recommend Black Walnut Complex (Nature's Answer). If you have pets also use this herbal formula in their food.

A good whole food multivitamin/mineral specifically for children will help. Many of the otc multi that are manufactured by pharmaceutical industry are not recommended as they are very poorly absorbed and utilized. One common otc brand that I personally recommend is NatureMade. Most local health food stores have the best product options as compared to major retail stores.

Green drinks or "green smoothies" (which are a combination of green foods like Barley and Wheat Grass, Spirulina, Chlorella, Kelp etc.) are very popular now for people needing natural cleansing and vital energy.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Sugar's Mom: maybe, until you get a better answer, you can start with anti-inflammatory foods and spices.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Sugar's Mom;

Re Sugar's reaction to illness...

Here's a hunch. You mention that you have Lyme. Sugar is 6. If your lyme predated Sugar's birth then her problem might be congenital. Even though Sugar is negative on lyme tests, we know those tests are all over the map and some aspects of lyme can be present causing the inflammation reaction. Look on EC site for turpentine cleanse advice.

Also consider doses of colloidal silver to see if there is any reduction in her condition given her age and weight. I might try a teaspoon once a day of the CS. I don't know how to calculate the turpentine remedy. I've seen at least one case of hives reduce greatly with CS.

Look up charcoal remedies on EC too.

All the above is what I'd try if I had a child with such a condition. Why don't you run these ideas by your doctor.

Replied by James
(Frostburg, Maryland)

You might try giving your daughter magnesium, such as magnesium citrate. Her body seems to be over-reacting to simple environmental-attack. Magnesium calms the body's defense-mechanisms. One 200 mg pill in the morning; or break the pill into two pieces then give one-half in the morning and one-half in the evening, typically with food.

Replied by Marcin
(Toronto, Canada)

It might be a good idea to consult a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner or a Homeopathic practitioner. These alternative branches of medicine can often treat and detect ailments the mainstream medicine cannot.

Replied by Bb

Check out Mast Cell Activation Disorder

Replied by Meliss

Does your daughter have urticaria?


Posted by Surulere (Bloomfield, Nj, Usa) on 11/17/2010

Ted, anyone. Folks, I need your help with the health issues that have been consuming my life for the past 6months. It started in March with extreme numbness in right and left leg two days after I had a deep tissue massage with a non register massager. It quickly went to burning sensation in my chest, back and arm. I was diagnosed with Myofacial pain (Muscle pain on the upper back). Did physical therapy and it seems to resolve the back and burning sensations. 5 months later the burning and tingling sensation as come back in triple fold. I try going back for another Physical Therapy session, I felt no relieve and my symptoms seems to get worse. All my blood work seems normal and I have managed to keep my blood pressure between 115 and 120. X ray indicated degenerated disk from my neck and and MRI shows no sign of brain tumor or anything. However, I have developed some symptoms along the way till now. I need help with the following

1. Anxiety attacks and daily panic attacks. I get attacks on any noise. That how bad it is.

2. Insomnia. I can go for days without sleep and when I do get sleep I get no less than 2 hours and once im up it all over.

3. Ear and Head noise. I think it triggered mostly by the back burning sensation and anxiety.

4. Lack of focus and depersonalization.

5. Upper Back, shoulder and neck pain. (Muscle Stiffness, soreness, spasm)

6. Feels tired all the time... I sit alot and I feel I and I lie down on the bed a lot thinking why, where and how did I go wrong.

Before all these issues I was a healthy 37 years old guy who works out and eat healthy. Now, the hospital seems like my favorite spot. I have been on 3 anti-depressant pills and anxiety pills. But to all honesty medication is not my forte. I get all the side effects that comes with them. The last medication I was on was Elavil. It helps with sleep but too many side effect. I quit cold turkey despite on small dosage. Not sure if the withdrawal symptoms makes my anxiety worse. I have lost my job due to all these madness and it seems I cant focus anymore at anything. My friends and loved ones are suffering as well. I desperately need help to get my life back as all these are taking a toll on me. Any suggestions and recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and I look forward to your responses.

Replied by Candy
(Fort Madison, Iowa)

You need some transdermal magnesium. It will help greatly with a lot of these issues. Trust me. It works. For your panic attacks you could also supplement with some phoshytidylserine. It's a natural supplement and it also works very well. Hope this helps.

Replied by Rob
(Manhattan, Ny)

SURULERE, sorry to hear of your failing health.. The follow are few things that may help, in addition to what others may suggest.

1. Make up an essential oil blend Bergamot, Lavender, Ginger, & Rosemary (into a carrier oil, almond). Rub this on the top of your neck at hair line and over the right chest above armpit. This will relax and help lift your spirit, as well as a good anti-viral.

2. On earth clinic, you will see the mini beet protocol, try it for a while. Beet juice (high in nitrates) helps relax you & blood vessels to increase blood flow to the brain.
Asparagus is a great liver detox... (Journal of Food Science)

3. The Herb Gotu Kola has some proof in calming the startled response... (our reaction to loud noises) Will help with brain focus, anxiety.

Replied by Ginger Cat
(Lancaster, Ca)

Your problems could be related to a spinal misalignment from the massage, believe it or not. There are other things that could also be causes, but if you are sure it began immediately after the massage, then it could be that your hip joints are partially misaligned in the tailbone area, causing severe pinching of nerves that radiate throughout the body. If either the very end of the spine or the very top of the spine under the skull are out of alignment, even a little, it can created a system wide disturbance, that is like being electrocuted on an ongoing basis. If physical therapy fixed it for a time, then I really suspect an alignment issue, perhaps coupled with some disc degeneration reducing the spaces between vertabrae. A good physical therapist should train you in at-home exercises to strenghen muscles and ligaments..... Ask for MICRO building exercises, not macro muscle exercises, as often it is very tiny muscles controlling the bottom of the spine and it's alignment. If these type of strengthening exercises are indicated, you should do them twice a day, everyday, to bring it all back in functionality.

Be patient, it can take several weeks to months to retrain the body, and have it quit responding to the initial event..... Muscle and tissue have a long memory, where trauma is concerned and you need to coax them back into correct operation gently and persistently. Drugs will only mask your problems.... I would urge you to stay away from them. If seeking correct alignment doesn't work, then you should consider looking at an undetected pathogen that could be causing the same syptomology. There are many candidates to investigate: mycoplasma infections, Lyme disease, Fibromyalgia, Valley Fever, parasite infections of all kinds, etc. Start with the most logical, first the spine issue, then proceed to next level if no releif. Look at all possible causes, your area you live in, any recent "flu-like" illness you have had, any insect bites out of the ordinary, etc. Do your homework, be vigilant.... There ARE answers and help out there. Good Luck!

Replied by Anon
(Been There Before!, Usa)

Sounds like you are having the classic withdraw symptoms from coming off the medicine. Please be assured there is light at the end of the tunnel but it will take a little time to work through it. I went through the same after coming off Lexapro. Lack of sleep, head noise, vertigo, anxiety, depression, all of it.

Its rather a lengthy read but I'll keep it to the point and I hope I can make sense here without causing further anguish for you as I know its difficult to deal with. But this is my experience. As explained to me by a pharmacist, all of this this is common as your body is going through chemical and emotional changes. The medicine causes the brain to reduce the amount of melatonin it produces, which is what helps us go to sleep. The medicine was providing that for you and your body will realize it needs to produce more since it isn't being provided for any longer. Unfortunately, it doesen't happen as quickly as we like it to. Therefore, you need to retrain yourself to sleep. The pharmacist suggested I try an over the counter sleep aid. I started with melatonin supplements but the dreams were way too bad. I turned to a store brand sleep aid with acetophamin. I had my concerns about becoming dependent on them because I was convinced this would be the way it was going to be. After 3 days with about 2 hours total sleep, I would take one sleep aid tablet. Then took another one the next night. Then, I took nothing unless I was desperate and had been awake for a couple days.

In about a months time, I began sleeping on my own and staying asleep all night. Furthermore, a lack of sleep will contribute to you being tired, fuzzy minded, tight muscles and spasms. Its kind of like your body is in a defense mode because of sleep deprivation, all your senses are 'waking up' and perhaps you are feeling emotions you hadn't been feeling. I don't know about you but it hit me like a brick wall! Its a lot to go through. I describe the post med anxiety and depression are there because everything that was triggering you to begin with is still a sore subject for you. You didn't feel all that while you were on the meds, did you?

I adapted to my issues and all became ok when I was on the med. I was really disappointed realizing the medicine didn't 'fix' my problems. How could they? I had to resolve my issues in order for it to improve. The head noise and vertigo took a while to get past. I still get it from time to time but not like before. I noticed that when I experience anxiety, thats when it hits me the worst and I describe it like the fuzz sound of a radio that isn't tuned to a station. I have a bad habit of over thinking everything when I first wake up and my day would go about with the noise. Its really aggravating and I sympathize for you.

So now, instead of conquering everything in my mind when I first wake up, I focus on conversations on morning shows. Weird, but it helped me. Another big help for me was exercising. It helped me to release my negative thoughts and energy and I became a lot more focused and happier. As you say, "I lie down on the bed a lot thinking why, where and how did I go wrong. " Its all too familiar. Maybe instead of looking backwards, you should look forward. What ever happened is done and you can only change which path you choose to travel down. Unfortunately, you will grieve for that part of your past life but you need to come to some level of acceptance/responsibility for YOUR actions in whatever happened. And at that point for me, is when I began to pick myself up. All is not lost. You just have to find it! Wishing you the best...

Replied by Addy
(Fb, Ga)

Seven years ago to the week, I went through the pretty much the same thing you describe after a chiropractic adjustment. Doctors weren't able to diagnose me with anything and assumed it was all in my head and put me on anti-anxiety medication. Chiropractors are usually on the defensive side for their profession and 2 have denied any relation between what happened and the therapy I had the night before. I have come to my own conclusion of vertebral artery dissection; which can happen after chiropractic or massage therapy. The attack which happened is that of a Transient Ischemic Attack. However, being young (32) and healthy, the VBA is what made sense because of the spinal manipulation therapy (the night before) where TIA happens due to health conditions such as high cholestoral.

If you speak with your doctor about this, I would be interested in getting an update on your situation. I've been to several doctors but they all think its in my head. Even though I've come a long way with this, I would love to be back to my old self again one day. I would interested in any feedback from Ted.

Replied by Surulere
(Bloomfield, Nj, Usa)

Folks, thanks alto for all the input. Very informative and quit interesting. Anon, you hit the nail on the wall. It all started during a very stressful time in my life 100%. At the same time I was very physical at the gym. Stronger than ever been because I changed my diet to more healthy choices. Then, I noticed that when I worked out more, my muscle did'nt get muscle pump like I used to. I did lots of pull ups and push ups before my regular workout. I must have over stretch the muscles I believe but I cant say if it the massage that triggers the entire issue or the stress related factor. What difficult is to differentiate if the original issue was emotional(stress) or Physical pain. I have stayed away from the gym. I walk as much as I can but I get tied from fatigue. Below is the summary result from my MRI in April 2010

1. Multilevel degenerative disc disease with straightening of normal cervical lordosis.

2. There is a right paracentral/foraminal disc protrusion at C3-4
3. Left paracentraldisc protrusionnat C-4-5
4. AT C6-7 there is a right paracentral disc protrusion as well
5. At C5-6 there is a posterior disc osteophyte complex and there is mild moderate right sided foraminal narrowing secondary to uncovertebral joint arthropathy. MRI of the brain proves to be normal.

Some relieve.. I get some relieve from doing something physical or socially active. The entire anxiety/panic attacks double a month after I stopped the Elavil which I took for a month and quit cold Turkey due to the side effect sometimes in late August. I want to embark on a holistic and straight regimen to alleviate whatever this nasty anxiety is. I took too much negative information and let it stick in my brain. I have to reverse it.

Today, is ok. Less anxious because of the positive feedback I'm getting from you folks. Please folks keep them coming. Thanks, and truly appreciate all suggestions and recommendations from the bottom of my heart!


Posted by Susan (Wv) on 06/17/2015

For the last couple days, I've been feeling a sensation in the left side of my head about four inches above my left eye just above the hair line. No pain. Just feels like drops of cold water falling on my head. Usually lasts a few minutes, not constant, I feel it every minute or so. Is this a symptom of anything or is it maybe nerves? Age 80. I only take 100 ct. Thyroid and vitamin d3,2000, and 500 ct of calcium. Don't take anything else. Any ideas on this. Thanks.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Ms. Susan,

About that feeling of water dripping on head...

I have a guess.

This is a nerve disorder....hence occasional twitching. And the coldness is common with a nerve disorder.

Well, what just might be causing this could be an infection that has randomly struck.

If me, I'd try some topical applications....turpentine...maybe a few drops applied to surface where the irritation is focused. If it is an infection application of Echinacea and/ or colloidal silver applied topically might get to the subcutaneous nerve. To really get the stuff there if I added a few drops of DMSO, that combination would be a great carrier AND also the DMSO itself being anti inflammatory might help.

Just some ideas.

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Hi Susan (Wv) --- I think it may be a nerve disorder. Since I am your age, I have had strange sensations on my scalp that kept wandering and I can imagine your concern. Someone younger than us reported recently the same on EC.

But since I apply warm sesame oil regularly to my head and in summertime VCO, it has not occurred again. Here I am lead by Ayurveda, with advice to do head oil treatment regularly. The herbal powder BRAHMI or also called GOTU KOLA is extremely beneficial for the brain and head and I have used it often and enjoy the calm brightness when taken it in warm water with honey if desired.

This herb is famous in India and also widely used for scalp infections and mental trouble. It has a wide range and is a superb blood cleanser so that it is also used for leprosy. Brahmi can be found in Indian stores. It is an herb that should be used in every household as advised by Vaidias , Ayurvedic doctors, in India. With over 5000 years wisdom, it surely is a blessing.

Best of success, Namaste, Om

Posted by Susan (Great Neck, Ny Usa) on 09/01/2010

I have been suffering with tailbone pain since March. There was no obvious reason for this. Perhaps a few weeks of pretty bad constipation before the pain started? Not sure. Acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy have not helped. The spine specialist says there is an inflammation & wants me to take naprosin & then prilosec for the acid reflux it will surely stir up. I have been successfully using ACV & baking soda for 3 years and have kept all acid reflux symptoms at bay. I am frightened to take the naprosen & prilosec.... My goal is to live medication-free. I am 67 years old & in excellent health otherwise. I am not able to sit, have to use a special pillow & just want this problem to heal. Checking this site, I've read about turmeric. I started taking 450 mgs of turmeric with bromelain twice daily... So far, no relief. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions. How much turmeric, how often, etc? Thanks, Susan

Replied by Chiro
(Milwaukie, Oregon)

The pain you describe sounds like hypertonic muscles or adhesions/shortening in the lower pelvic muscles and ligaments. This can be released by a massage therapist or by sitting on a racket ball or tennis ball. Both are uncomfortable at the time of treatment but do provide great relief.

Replied by Linda
(Snohomish, Wa)

Regarding tailbone pain: I had the same thing a few years ago. Getting a firm mattress solved it for me, in addition to going to a chiropractor and yoga. For me, I think this was more of a musculo/skeletal issue for me rather than an all-over internal thing. I hope this is helpful, peace.


Posted by Patricia (Hanover, Ontario Canada) on 11/18/2011

In response to Tamra regarding her daughters mystery symptoms. I also had a family member who went overseas and came back with many of the same symptoms. She was tested many times for parasites and nothing was found, but from what I know of parasites especially ones North Americans are not used to testing for they are extremely difficult to detect as they can bury into your tissue and in effect "hide". Since returning, this family member has gone from @190lbs to less than 120lbs which is below the weight she was as a teanager. She developed many digestive and neurological issues and now she is developing problems with her cardiovascular system. The point is don't give up on parasites potentially being the culprit. Good luck

Posted by Tamra (Central Point, Oregon) on 11/17/2011

Please help... My daughter went to the bahamas sept 2010 and while there developed stomach distention, severe constipation, pelvic pain, urithra an bladder pain ( worsens when sitting or laying down). She weighs 120 lbs an if she eats a cracker she looks pregnant! First told she was just plugged up and given probiotics, laxitives, ambian an elmeron. Her blood pressure is always low now and has had 3 blood tests, stool exam, cystoscopy with bladder extention, biopsy of bladder, ct scan and been on antibiotics 6 times for a bacterial overgrowth in her small intestines. Was told her uterus if bulky and has kidney congestion but they say it's not important. Has been on ic diet then gluten free and fructose diet. The doctors make her feel like it's all in her head an she has even went to a shrink because of it.

But now as of may 2011 her husband is having a lot of the same symptoms an has yet another bacterial overgrowth (3x) and is now on a fructose diet. I personally think they picked up a parasite while in the bahamas but doctors don't seemed concerned with it although they have been guessing at everything else. Please help as we are at the end of our rope an out of doctors!

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

It sounds like a good vermafuge might be well worth checking out... Wormwood with garlic usually does the trick- it's not nice but kills any critters that shouldn't be in the gut. It might be useful to try a wormer from the chemist first.

Replied by Carie
(Hudson, Oh)

I had many of these symptoms as your daughter. Had the "bulky" uterus which doctors removed, constipation, distended abdomen, etc. which later progressed into more health issues. I did a parasite cleanse thru a health store and could not believe the stuff that came out! My husband and I have been travelers for years and he also travels for work. My husband had begun having intestinal issues so he also did the cleanse. Most of my issues have cleared up as well as my husbands. If your daugter does a parasite cleanse, her husband should also do one or they will just keep passing stuff back and forth.

Replied by Mopey
(Portland, Or)

I've traveled to several countries last trip we took was in 2010 that was 2 years ago, Symptoms : fever, chills, abdomen pressure lightheadness. small bumpy rash neck pain all of sort of like having the flu every other day Going on the 11 month mark I have a herd of doctor working for me :Every GI Test imaginable- negative, all blood test- negative, ALCAT food allergy test, OBGYN all negative I had very organ in my abdomen CAT scanned, they even scanned my lungs negative, I'm hate exposure to xray but I have to do it. Everything was negative Parasite check negative still waiting for second round of parasite checks. Negative lymes disease check negative, SIBO small intestinal bacterial overgrowth hydrogen breath test was POSITIVE and I had a bladder infection no symptoms I took the antibiotics, but it did not work, I will try it again but I think it is something else. My next stop is an infectious disease specialist. Anyhow This is what helped me sea salt water and fresh lemon, peppermint tablets, tons of raw garlic and berberine, drink ginger tea, drink lots of ginger water to wash out the bacteria and eat probiotics. Take wormwood, and gse for parasites, 3 x aday skip dinner it is too much drink ginger water to get rid of the bacteria.


Posted by Tauhu (China Town, Singapore) on 07/21/2011

What is wrong with me?

These are the symptoms:

1) Tinnitus at left ear.

2) Sleepy.

3) High diastolic blood pressure, 95 - 120. Systolic okay, 105 - 120.

4) Blood pressure easily jump upon a bit of stress, excitement, anger.

5) Weak legs.

6) Needle pain at lower left back.

7) 1 leg seems shorter than the other.

8) Prone to sad thoughts and worries.

Replied by Yow_whaz_up

High blood pressure: Perhaps you're overweight. There is a weight limit for every person, according to his/her height. To find out if you're overweight or not, google for "ideal weight BMI" for a chart of weight and height proportions. If so, then you need to exercise or do labour-intensive work, at least 4 days a week, to build up more muscles and less fat.

Strangely though, I recently measured the blood pressure of 3 fat and large kids, and found out that theirs were normal at round about 105/70 range.

Replied by Yow_whaz_up

Needle pain at lower back: Again assuming you are overweight, and also someone who sits long hours in front of the computer like many people do these days, then there is likelihood that your heavy upper body weight is putting tremendous pressure on your lower back and kidney areas. If the chair is a hard wooden or plastic one, then the bottom opposite effect might equally put lots of strains on them.

There are a few solutions you can try:
1) Sit on a comfortable chair with back support and a soft cushion where you

2) Take some time off regularly if you are going to sit long hours.

3) Don't use underwear with tight and thin rubber band on the waist, or any
other tight shorts or jeans, which will block the flow of blood.

Interestingly, if you are to lie down flat on your back and rotate your foot inwards and use your other foot to hold on that position for 2 minutes then you will discover that after a while that needle pain will disappear or at least become less throbbing than before. I got this inspiration after going for so many massages and always notice that the therapist bend the feet inwards each time. You could also do it while standing upright.

Hope these will help.

Replied by Yow_whaz_up

If your stomach is not flat, then wearing shorts, trousers and especially underwear that presses against the skin the whole day is also not good, and might just be the reason for the mentioned back pain.

Putting your shirts inwards will help cushion your abdominal area against the intense pressure, and hopefully in time will lessen the pain.

God bless you!


Posted by Teresa (Las Cruces, New Mexico Dona Ana) on 09/05/2012

I took a blood test for sugar diabites and the test showed high sugar levels then my doctor made me take another 2 hour test and he said it came out negative but I still feel weak like fainting. I cant breath at night and I'm getting chest pains under my left breast and above left breast and I get real bad headaches and when I stand up for 5 minutes I have to sit down. My legs hurt and when I sit down for 10 minutes I get pain from my hip down to my feet and I cant get up. My hands feel numb and I cant move them for 10 minutes and I cant hold anything so whats wrong with me.

Replied by Tk
(Queens, Ny)

My son had been complaining of heachaches for the past 2 years (1 heachache lasted over 6 months), stiff neck and lower back, weakness/numbness in left leg and some numb fingers on his left hand, (diagnosed with arthitic neck and back) shaky vision problems, extreme fatigue, etc, etc. Having gone to numerous doctors including neurologist(thinking it was MS), allergist, ear nose and throat specialist, eye doctor, countless blood tests. We finally found a doctor that tested him for co-infections of LYME disease -the blood test came back positive. Treatment with antibiotics started last week.


Posted by Tom-Tom (Miri, Sarawak) on 02/01/2014

Strange Flushes... I need help with my problems:

1) Leg flushes
2) Lie down and back got burnt dry painful
3) Lie down and the head, neck, face hot up
4) Skin of hands, legs, back, bottom, sides are dry, sensitive to heat and anything rough like shirts
5) Weak
6) Can't stand cold and hot weather or environment
7) Can't stand watching tv, always look for happy light channel
8) Weak stomach, always days to go toilet, sour taste

Chinese medicine says weak qi and kidney yin deficient. I need advice from Ted and others about what's wrong and treatment.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)


So sorry to hear of these symptoms which are obviously scarring you terribly. They would me also.

Many of the eight items you mention are nerve related. My first suggestion is that you look for deficiencies that cause nerve problems or disease that cause nerve pain.

Make sure you are getting sufficient B complex, Vitamin A, D and E (natural, and not synthetic). Make sure you are getting enough magnesium and potassium. There are some amino acids like arginine that can help with dozens of health issues. I'd try Epsom salts baths to see if a good infusion of magnesium sulfate could impact the nerve issue (assuming that is the heart of the problem).

Fifty years ago Dr. Hans Nieper did much research with Calcium AEP which goes a long way in healing damaged nerves. A great site to google is "Nutrition Review, Calcium AEP"...AEP is not merely a calcium but AEP is itself a nutrient that is a near miracle worker re dozens of problems.

As to the second possibility; a disease (and not merely a deficiency).

Lets consider a possible nerve disorder...MS comes to mind as well as ALS. (Also Cal AEP is used to treat MS.)

You want to look for a definite diagnosis if supplements don't seem to help. You need a good diagnosis to know what you're dealing with.

So often I have seen degenerative disease triggered by viral/fungal or bacterial infections, so if I were experiencing any "mystery" issue I'd first take Colloidal Silver daily for a month (oral); two tablespoons and see if there were any improvement. If the weakness condition you spoke of is improved, then that might be a good indication that you are suffering from an infection...thus I'd keep up the Silver water in hopes that the basis of the problem was being killed by the Silver over months.

Here's a long shot on top of the three. The great sensitivity of temperature extremes and every kind of flushing that you mentioned might be helped (now I'm just talking about symptoms, not so much cure) ... might be helped by aloe vera ... in liquid form. Aloe might diminish some of the "heat" problems. It's as if you are on "fire" I wrong in that understanding? I experienced that problem once and Aloe was greatly beneficial.

Focus on the idea of extreme nerve sensitivity. I'll do more research and hopefully you'll hear a lot from folks wanting to help you. Don't give up. There is a solution to the problem. Just keep trying.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)


Here's another thought... another long shot but don't underestimate this. A few things you mentioned in your list of 8 items (upon reflection) sounded like a possible "poisoning" case. Make sure when you see your internist, that you have them check for poisoning...environmental poisoning eg, lead as well as other well known poisons that you might have inadvertently gotten while working in an environmental setting.

So a cleanse might be in order. Lots of Earth Clinic on cleansing. Well, not just outside...some household cleaners can cause poisoning.

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