Mystery Diagnosis


Posted by Mallyboo013 (Coon Rapids, Mn, Us) on 12/19/2011

I woke up this morning to find that the whole bottom of my face, chin and cheeks, are numb and swollen. My right ear is ringing and loud noise makes it ringing loud and makes my head pound. I have no pain in my ear but I can tell that it is plugged up and I can't hear very well out of it. This just happened in the 2 hours I fell asleep. The numbness is starting to spread down my neck and to my shoulders. What can this be??

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

Dear Mallyboo, Those symptoms could result from a number of things, some of which are serious. Please see a doctor as soon as possible if this condition persists or gets worse....Oscar

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia

I agree, it sounds serious and is probably out of the scope of this forum for anyone to help you. Maybe once you have a diagnosis you can come back and someone may have an idea. I would seek immediate medical advice.

The only thing I can think of is Bells Palsy. I looked up Bells Palsy under Ailments and found this:

  • "I awoke about a year ago with one side of my face severely swollen and paralyzed. My ear was bothering me and I thought it was just a very bad ear infection. When I went to my doctor he said I had Bells Palsy"

If it is Bells Palsy go to youtube and search "Bells Palsy Acupuncture". The acupuncture works to stimulate blood flow back to the area. There is a girl on there who videotaped her whole healing process with bells palsy and acupuncture. It did take her a long time but it worked.

As Oscar said though get a diagnosis first.

Replied by Jen
Bozeman, Mt, Us

I hope you have already gone to the doctor by now but if not go now. This could be heart related and you should never take chances with your ticker. If you have any niacin take it as there is evidence that it is helpful for heart related issues. Drink some tea with cayenne, garlic, and ACV. These are helpful for heart issues as well as immune system issues.

It could also be an abscessed tooth or sinus infection. Some abcessed teeth will make one side of your entire face swell up and there isn't always pain. When an abcess is bad enough to cause swelling and numbness it can be very serious so don't mess with it either. You might try drinking Jean's Tomatoe Tea which is delicious and helpful for sinus issues and also has garlic and cayenne which is good for your heart.

Replied by Tara
Boca Raton, Florida

My father was in the hospital a few weeks ago with very similar symtoms. He woke up in the middle of the night with paralysis on one side of the face and he could not shut his right eye. The whole right side of his face was numb and drooping. Because his father had a stroke at a young age, he took the symptoms serious and rushed to the E. R. He was diagnosed with a form of Bells Palsy called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. What indicated this "syndrome" was a single scab on the outside of his ear, in lieu of the ear pain. This is caused by the Shingles virus which is the same virus that causes chicken pox. The blisters can be found in the mouth, face or go undetected deep inside the ear canal. This syndrome or virus may also cause intense pain and discomfort to the region affected. The E.R. Dr recommended acupuncture to ease the symptoms.

I immediately put him on the EVCO (extra virgin coconut oil- unrefined). He is consuming 2-3 T per day in addition to applying it topically to his entire body as a moisturizer. Since he had a lot of viral symptoms, fatigue, malaise, etc. it was important to start slow as not to shock the system with too many protocols at once. He also had severe pain inside the ear. He is also taking L-lysine 2 x's per day.

The virus seems to have run its course. After 3 weeks you can hardly notice the paralysis and he is feeling better. I hope this information helps.

Replied by Tara
Boca Raton, Florida

P. S. Did you have a noticeable rash, blisters or any site of skin eruptions in your mouth or around your ear, etc.? Sometimes the blisters aren't visible if deep inside the ear canal... that symptom would point to ramsay hunt syndrome which is essentially adult chicken pox...

Either way, I hope this information helps and I do hope you feel better.

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia

I also read that someone soaked colloidal silver on a cloth and left it on his face for awhile. This killed the virus. You could also take colloidal silver internally.

Replied by Faith
Forest Park, Ohio

Check for MOLD, it could be impacting your child and not you. Or, it could be impacting you and you may not be aware of the symptoms...


Posted by Mama (London, Ontario, Canada) on 11/09/2010

Hi my name is Mr. Kelly, Here is my problem in a nutshell. My neurotransmitters misfire. I am unsure what my levels of Serotonin and dopamine are to be in my body, but if there is misfiring going on I'll bet their out of whack. Folic acid, also called folate, is a B vitamin that is often deficient in me. The last time I was in the hospital vitamin B was way down. Also magnesium is needed for serotonin production. So I'm willing to bet it is low too. To add to things my doctor also told me my testosterone was way to high. Should I ask for a blood test to see what is what. Where to begin, and what to do is the question. I want to get off all these depression and anxiety drugs. Mr. Kelly

Replied by Traveler
San Antonio, Tx

Look into Unsulphered Blackstrap molasses which has magnesium and folate. I'm not sure how the iron might affect you but it might be worth looking into.

Replied by Crystal
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Usa

Hello, This may seem like an odd question but I suffer from seasonal allergy. I always smell this foul smell in my nose. Other people can smell it too, its not bad breath but due to allergies. I read about mixing apple cider vinegar with water and dipping cotton ball and putting it in your nose, by inhaling that, the smell would go away. But my question is, is it safe to inhale vinegar directly? Please help.

Replied by Eve K
Houston, Tx

You don't need to inhale, just rinse your sinuses. I suggest using a neti pot or sinumed bottle, dilute the ACV with warm (not hot) distilled water and gently rinse it through your sinuses. In fact, you could try just rinsing the usual sea salt-distilled water combo first, before resorting to the ACV. It is probably going to burn so you really need to dilute it. You can also rinse with hydrogen peroxide (also diluted in warm water). You should not swallow much, it should go in one nostril and come out the other. If congested, take guafenesin (sp?) tablets (sold in the drugstore generically or as Mucinex D) to loosen the gunk up, drink plenty of water. You might also just drink some warm water with ACV (sweeten if you like) to relieve the congestion.

You may not feel congested (breathing fine) but the odor is most likely from mucus and bacteria that have set up housekeeping in your sinus cavities. If you are taking antihistamines for your allergies, you need to be rinsing daily, drinking lots of water, and probably taking the herbal decongestant regularly, because the antihistamine will keep your sinuses from draining (as antihistamine is supposed to do), but this means you will be prone to infection because the bacteria and mucus do not drain out. So, you need to help get that bad stuff out. I hope this helps.


Posted by Margery (Australia) on 08/14/2013

I have bean extremely unwell for a couple of years now, I have had bowel and lung infection which was cured with antibiotics, but now nothing is working. I am suffering with severe pain right shoulder blade shoulder legs feeling like passing out some kind of infection we think. Please help me as the hospitals just keep sending me home saying my bloods are normal, I feel this is my last hope. Please help me...

Replied by Georgia
Eastern, SD

Try taking colloidal silver, it has does wonders for me. Gave up on the doctors when they told me they couldn't find anything. I also take coconut oil daily, up to 3 tablespoons of it, and grapefruit seed extract daily. I have some kind of infection in me and they are killing it.


Posted by Marshall (Oregon) on 11/02/2013

I have been sick for 6 years and I am getting worse. I con not eat, Walk, Stand, or sit up do to unexplained pain. The docs just take some blood work and say don't know what to tell you. I know I had a bowel blockage for 5 of those years. I know some if not all has passed. I seem just flooded with this yellow fluid substance. My urine has extremely way to much pigment. No I'm not dehydrated it isn't dark or amber. The same exact color and tone in on my stool. I also can only eat about once a day and have extreme bone pain that I take morphine and codeine for. Any help would be awesome. thanks

Replied by Mike 62
Denver, Colorado

Marshall: The cells are not getting enough nutrition, free radicals are damaging the dna, and toxins are accumulating in the tissues. Have a loved one go to the natural grocers. There are 5 of them in Oregon. Get raw honey, pastured eggs (eat these raw), non gmo red miso, and some flavored kambucha drinks with the chia seed. You have to eat a lot of nutritious food that does not require digesting. You can also make green smoothies from organic baby leaves and take some raw organic fruit.


Posted by Mary (Terni, Umbria Italy) on 12/24/2011


I have had a few things occur concerning my health and I wanted to share to see if anyone can help, its been really worrying me.

Last at Christmas I came down with a cough and cold and then the day after new year in January 2011 I came down with acute sinusitis and pain in the legs, then my stomach was upset and I felt sick and could not eat. I then began to notice my eyes go yellow and my skin was itching I then had jaundice.

This is the point that I went to a doctor and had blood tests.The tests came back in Jan 2011 with high liver enzymes pointing to a hepatitis of some sort, the tests for hepatitis B and C were negative and for hepatitis caused by a virus ( hepatitis A ) the results were negative for an active virus ( present in the body ) but the blood tests were positive for IGG which shows that I have had hepatitis A and was in the recovery stage.

It all pointed to the hep A at this stage. I also had a scan and they said there was nothing there only the liver and spleen a little enlarged due to an infection possibly we thought related to the hepatitis A virus? I then began to get better slowly thoughout Feb, March and April. The eyes and skin recovering and the yellow going.

Anyway I had more blood tests again in June and July so to monitor my recovery ( assuming I was recovering from hepatitis A which they say you recover from in 3-9 months ) and although the readings were going down they were still quite high in June and July, I was still getting tired with little night low grade fevers here and there but was functioning ok with all my duties.

I also, in July went to see a hepatic specialist. However, she was quite negative after seeing the blood results saying I may have autoimmune hepatitis and it was not Hepatitis A virus as you recovery quickly within 3 months with blood values dropping quickly .. She then said to have tests on the immune system, which I did. The results came back mainly negative except for one- ANA necleo which was 1.329 which another medical person said not to worry about.

I then, this December 2011, went to have another blood test to see how it was looking as I have been having low grade fevers in the early morning between 4-6am and sometimes aching muscles in the legs etc. Anyway the reading this December said that the enzymes related to the liver were still high ( however they were lower than the blood test readings in June and july 2011 ) they were going down gradually but not back to normal. The doctor then said to have another blood test to see for any special viruses or bacterias that could be causing the infection and most of these were negative except it showed I had had in the past the Epstein barr virus.The doctor at the blood test place then said maybe there was a blockage from gallstones etc. and so we decided to book me in for a complete body scan 3 days ago ( very advanced scan you go in a tube, not nice :( ) After the scan they said no blockages or tumors or growths but the liver and spleen still a little enlarged from a virus maybe or the doctor there said some form of hepatitis.

So we returned yesterday to a visit with the lady Hepatic doctor who looked again at all th blood results and autoimmune blood results and again she said she was 100% convinced I had autoimmune hepatitis and was not recovering from Hepatitis A. It could have been the Hepatitis A that caused some damage and it brought something I already had dormant in my system which is Auto immune hepatitis ( which basically is the immune system attacks cells from another organ such as the liver.. She also said it's genenic but none of my family as I know have it or had it??? She said I need to have a liver biopsy to see the damage and then treatment of steroids ( cortisone ) to help the liver recovery and keep the autoimmune system in remission. I do not really want to take steroids as they have side effects?

Also I am not sure I have autoimmune hepatitis so I am going for a second opinion. Can anyone suggest anything? Is it slow recovery from Hep A as the blood values for the liver are going down or does it suggest autoimmune? Although it all started after a common cough and cold and sinusitis.. Many thanks

Replied by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh

I would try Metabolic Maintenance alpha lipoic acid and low dose naltrexone. look at for information on LDN. Also see YouTube Dr. Bert Berkson videos on treating liver disease and cancer. LDN helps with many autoimmune diseases and has no side effects. Best wishes!

Posted by Mary (Scappoose, Oregon) on 05/25/2011

i have hives with another symptom. I have swollen fingers and joints that feel broken. Does anyone else have or had this too? in pain now for 4weeks

Replied by Sheila
San Diego, Ca, Usa

Hi Mary,

What were you taking prior to the hives and swelling showing up? Any new foods, personal care products, plants, additions to your home, new pets, new sheets on your bed?

Replied by Janet
Kendal, U.k

Mary, I too have had hives, and terrably sore dry cracking hands. Itching burning, sometimes very painful.

I have had so many things from the doctors that have proven so inaffective, that I gave up on them.

I found bathing my hands in vinegar and warm water offered the best relief to the itch, burn, pain. Cycle. However this did tend to dry my skin, so to counter balance that I have alternated between using Almond oil, and lavender oil.

I take orally ACV. And have bathed in HP. 98% better. I found equally as hard to cope with though the fact it would aggrevate me more at night disturbing my sleep patterns leaving me waking feeling exhausted.

Pleased to say with the relief I am now getting and the vast improvement everything else is improving too. Wishing you and all better soon and hope this helps you too.

Replied by Martina
Burnaby, Bc

I had hives once that came out of the blue.. and a swollen shoulder/back. Shortly after, my ankles/feet and hands/arms had difficulty with pain and stiffness. It turned out to be lyme.


Posted by Mhmh76 (Dade City, Fl) on 06/22/2012

I have a feeling of a lump in my throat, also my ears feel clogged. In addition I have a slight burning sensation at the very top of my chest. Two different doctors have found nothing on physical. I have a constant headache and top of neck, under jaw, feels sensitive when I push. Any suggestions on what this could be?

Replied by Citygirl27
Richardson, Tx, Usa

Tonsilitis? If its affecting your voice, maybe laryngitis? Do you smoke?


Posted by Milena (Ny, US) on 07/22/2014

Was wondering if you could help me find any solutions for getting menstrual-like cramps at he age of 64!

Thanks, Milena

Replied by Cda
Tucson, Az.

Milena, Too much garlic one isn't accustomed to, can cause enough gas to do a convincing imitation of menstrual cramping. If it is cramping caused by hormonal imbalances, then Borage Oil ( liquid or gel caps) can be a very good answer. This is frequently used by women in menopause or peri- menopause to gain hormonal stability through the change of life.


Posted by Millie (Memphis, Tn) on 10/12/2011

2 weeks ago I awoke in agony in both feet, both ankles and 8 - 10" up both legs. Edema, big red splotches all over my feet, unable to move my toes. Dr took blood test which showed no rheumatoid arthritis, no lupus, no lyme disease and no gout, gave me steroid shot and sent me to a Rheumatologist who I saw today. Neither he nor his partner had ever seen anything like what I am presenting. He had 8 vials of blood drawn and x-rays taken. I go back in 3 weeks. After hours of research on the internet I have not seen one person who has described the same symptoms. Does anyone have an idea what it could be? Can't walk. Dr said bursitis does not have the "skin color change" as he called it. Thank You

Replied by Kathleen
San Antonio, Texas, United States

Sounds to me like it might be eyrthema nodosum. I had it two years ago. Unfortunately, it can be caused by just about anything. Viral, bacterial or fungal infections, hormonal imbalances such as birth control pills or pregnancy, or auto immune issues such as lupus, RA or cancer. I seem to recall low B12 might also be an issue. I never did find out what caused mine as all my tests came back normal except a couple types of white blood cells being just slightly out of normal ranges. Because I also ran a fever off and on at the beginning, mine might have been caused by an infection. I did stop taking birth control pills just in case.

If that is what you have, I'd treat the cause if you're able to figure out what it is. Otherwise, about all you can do is treat the symptoms and wait it out. I'd look up edema, inflamation and strengthening immune system on the ailments tab. Also fever if you're running one and it's high enough to be an issue. It took me about two weeks to get over the worst symptoms and about six to be largely back to normal. One of my ankles will still act up occasionally if I wear heels.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Usa
2109 posts

Millie, I use mineral footbaths daily for feet and overal health. Try using the age-old epsom salt footbath once a day. It's very likely you will see positive results.


Posted by Mjh (Pinetop, Az) on 01/28/2010

Hi. This is my first time on your web site and find the information on acid reflux very informative. I have been diagnosed with GERD, but I also have a serious problem and I'm wondering if it's related. Over the last 5 months I have had 8 episodes that go as follows. First thing in the morning I will start to feel funny. First, my legs get very weak. Then I get immediate diarrea and extreme nausea follows. I get very light headed. The other interesting fact is that my blood pressure soars. I have to lie down and stay still in order to prevent vomiting. Soon, I start to shake uncontrollably...not from cold but it's like my nerves are over reacting and shaking. Usually it will take 5 or 6 hours for this to subside...then I start with gatorade and soda crackers and slowly improve. My doctor thought perhaps I have a tumor on my adrenal gland that presents these intermittent symptoms and we did a 24 hour urine test. Problem was that it was 3 days after my attack and probably not accurate. I guess you need the urine test while the episode is happening and I haven't been able to do that. My Dr. told me that I could take imodium and benedryl for diarrea and nausea. This does help. I also take anti-anxiety pill which seems to help with the shaking. But I have no diagnosis and I am controlled by the fear that this attack will come on when I am away from home. My doctor prescribed a berium ex-ray which confirmed that I have bad acid reflux...which I already knew. I am scheduled to go to a gastroenterologist and will be having the scope down my throat. My fear is that he will prescribe some rx for the acid reflux and I still will not have a diagnosis on my episodes. Has anyone had similar problems? I have tried to see if certain foods or liquids eaten the night before might be a cause but there does not seem to be any common denominators with each episode. Please, I am so frustrated. Does anyone have any thoughts?

Replied by Bessie
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hi MJH - Although I don't have any answers, you might want to get your blood sugar checked. Weakness in the legs, feeling lightheaded, uncontrollable shaking can be symptoms of blood-sugar problems. You said you feel better after drinking Gatorade (although that is loaded with sugar) and crackers. Has your doctor given you a fasting glucose-tolerance test? Does diabetes or other blood-sugar problems run in your family? You might want to get this checked out before you are given more medications. It's just a thought . . . good luck!

Replied by Mjh
Pinetop, Az

Bessie, thanks so much for your suggestion. Although they did test my blood sugar (slightly high), it was not fasting and not a glucose tolerance test. I will add that to my diagnostic process. Thanks again, it's great to get some direction.

Replied by Diana
Grand Junction, Co

I believe what ever is going on it seems from reading your post that your electrolyte balance might be off(maybe magnesium/potassium/salt). I also agree with further checking your sugar.

Google (bob butts / water cure) for some understanding of how electrolytes especially salt can affect your blood pressure in a positive way if you know what you are doing. Also check out L arginine and L citrulline

Good luck and God speed on your journey to health.


Posted by Mohammed (Oakville. On. Canada) on 05/21/2014

Hi I am Mohammad, 44 years of old male patient is non-diabetic, nor-motensive and currently complaining of severe abdominal pain on & off , too much acid & gas formation, occasional vomiting once pain on and constipation for few months. For this reason last one year I was treated in the hospital for several times as an in-patient and conservative treatment was given at local Canada hospital. I had been suffering from this similar episodic pain since 2011 and also from Last 7 months I developed severe abdominal pain, rigidity and unable to perform daily activities and was admitted in the hospital and seen by Senior Gastroenterologist. Several tests were performed including ultrasound scan, endoscopy, Capsule Enterscopy, single-baloon enteroscopy and showing nothing abnormality. Canada Gastroenterologist suspecting that I am suffering ULCERATIVE COLITIES, I was prescribed prednisolone 20mg for two weeks initially and then tapering doses for six weeks. But my condition is not improving at all rather than deteriorating. MY CURRENT SITUATION ARE FOLLOWINGS ; a). ONCE THE PAIN START MY SMALL BOWEL BECOME VERY HARD AND TOO MUCH PAIN, ALSO INTESTINE, COLON BECOME TOO MUCH PAIN. AND RIGHT AWAY I HAVE TO GO HOSPITAL ADMITTED FOR MIN 7 EACH TIME. b) I CAN'T WALK NORMALLY BECAUSE WHEN I START WALK, I FEEL PAIN SMALL BOWEL AND INTESTINE, COLON. Past Medical History: 1. Abdominal pain since 1985 and treated as peptic ulcer in Bangladesh. 2. Pancreatic stone was diagnosed in 1999 TO 2000 and E R C P was done and stent placed at the same time. 3. In 2000, pancreas was found tortuous and dilated with recurrent pancreatitis and side to side pancreatico jejunostomy was performed on 20th June, 2000. 4. in 2008 I had colonscopy and 4 pcs polyps had been removed. Drug History: ( At present) 1. Prednisolone, 20mg daily 2. Dexesmeprazole 3. Digestive enzyme 2 capsule with food 4. Hydromormorphone, 2mg if severe pain Thanks Mohammed maz112r at live dot com

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

To Mohammed,

Re your array of problems;

I'm so sorry you've been suffering so much. What a story.

As I first started reading your symptoms I immediately thought: Bet he's got food intolerance of some a carb issue. But reading on, the problems seemed to indicate not ONLY the possibility of food intolerances but also something more; like fungal or viral infestation.

Some hints; are you having chronic sinus congestion... or sensitivity/swelling/burning in the eyes or...constant ear canal irritation/ itching ... or scalp break out like intense itching or burning when certain foods are consumed. Any or part of that might indicate fungal issues. And often food intolerance goes with fungal infection.

On the more serious issues concerning pancreas et al I was guessing a serious viral infection might be causing that. You might have had a serious viral infection six months or a year prior to the first symptoms years ago; like mono/ staph ... chronic ear infection ... etc. If so, I'd suspect you have a virus issue.

So worse case... if this were me analyzing what you gave in your one post, I'd suspect:

1. Food intolerance plus aspergillus or another fungus probably one more at least. Candida is there too.


2. A Virus is working in the system which is a co-infection perhaps with the fungus and that also is causing so many of the problems.

I would if me; start taking two tablespoons of colloidal silver three times daily on empty stomach (long term).

Consult quickly with a microscopy analyst to read blood (see google "youtube live cell microscopy") to KNOW what is going on in the blood. If lots of fungus shows up your MD can also help with what to take to kill (nystatin for instance).

And the microscopy analyst should also be able to help you with exactly what foods you are sensitive to (not just allergic to)....I have 15 different foods that I do not digest well. Whereas my niece tested and she has only six or seven. I am very sensitive to wheat (to my distress) and am generally carb sensitive.

3. I'd also (and do now) take two HIGH potency digestive enzymes with each meal. At the health food stores I go to, only Digest Gold comes close to all the ingredients in my "TransFormation Digest Enzyme Supplement" which has a broad array.

Replied by Faeqa
Amman, Jordan
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Salam alaikom Mohammad, I suggest you to use honey on the navel, it is a wonderful remedy for all colon, bowel pain and Digestive system ailment.

How to use it: put a drop of honey on a piece of cotton and put it on the navel hole from night to morning, then remove it. you may suffer from bowel pain in the first few days but don't stop using it the pain will disappears in few days and you will notice difference change in your ailment it deserve a try.

The period of use this way may take month or more it is different from patient to another and severity of the disease.


Posted by monaque (Chicago, Illinois, United States) on 03/02/2012

My son who is now 17 has a mysterious condition that doctors just can't figure out. He was born full term and went home as normal. Five days later back to the hospital and he was diagnosed with sepsis seven days of antibiotics and was released to go home. That was just the start. He was developing normal but a little delayed and was told it was due to the sepsis.

At age two he had a febrile seizure and was diagnosed with pnemonia and from that point on he started to loss miles stones gradually. He was talking and walking now he was walking with assistance and losing his words.

By the age of four he was crawling and not talking. He also was having abnormal movements of his body. He was diagnosed with seizures and put on medication but still having the movements only when he got excited or tried to use his muscles. He was taken off seizure medication two years later. Doctors were still baffled and thought is was the sepsis until his younger brother started having symptoms of the same thing. Now they figure it was genetic. So now all the testing started with all coming back normal but only thing found was the MRI showed lesions in the part of the brain called the Basil Ganglia but still nothing specific that they could diagnose. It presents itself with hearing loss, dystonia type movements, not able to talk walk or control his muscles and he has been the same way since four years of age. They just gave it a generic term for it familia infantile bilaterl stiatal necrosis. Both boys had the same MRI results. His younger brother did not start losing his mile stones until he was 6 years old and unexpectedly passed in 05 at age eight and autopsy could not show any cause of death and brain biopsy didn't show anything.

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to something that would help my son to improve or anyone know of someone who has the same condition. Thank you.

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia

Monaque, so sorry for your loss and your other son's condition. I recommend you look into Dr. Terry Wahl's story. She is a Dr who has cured herself of MS. She has some great videos on youtube called "Food as Medicine". She researched herself things that would cure the mitochondria in her body and ended up going back to a paleo diet and took some natural supplements like coq10 (great for mitochondria) and cod liver oil. She eats a ton of raw food each day. I would think juicing would also have a great effect. Anyway she went from being in a wheelchair and unable to sit up, to participating in a bike marathon. She said that there is no reason the brain can't heal and regenerate since every other part of the body can.

Anyway it may be a good starting point for you to start researching. She is very inspirational.

Replied by Renae
Kalispell, Montana

Were your children immunized?

Replied by Louwrence
Rusteburg, North West South Africa

Hi Monaque, Look up Bioacoustics on the net or Sharry Edwards & there are practioners in the USA who can tell you the cause of your son's symptoms & work from there. Please do not just rely on drs. By the way did you take any medication while you were expecting because it could have an influence on the fetus.

Replied by Monaque
Chicago, Illinois

Yes both of my sons weer immunized. I was not on any medications while pregnant. Thanks to all who replied will look into all the information given and let you know the results.

Replied by Monaque
Chicago, Illinois

I forgot to mention when my son was admitted in the hospital at 4 for the seizures he was given a dose of dilantin and he begin to crawl and improve and we thought this was the solution. The doctors only gave him one dose dilantin to stop the seizures but when I showed them how he was back crawling and even trying to talk they told me he will not be given any more of the medicine due to its side effects. I beg them to give him this because he had crawled for the first time since he stopped walking 1 year earlier. I said there's no alternative that will give him the same effect and they said no and he was sent home. I asked other doctors and they all told me the same thing.

Now 13 years later I still wonder what was in that medicine that seem to cure his condition while he was in the hospital and he has been the same since that hospital visit, no degeneration since. If anyone have any ideas as to what else I can do please help.

Replied by Dud
Up The Creek In, Wv, Usa

in reply to: 03/08/2012: Monaque from Chicago, Illinois---Monique; I was doing some research on cellular biochemistry related to autism disorder tonite, and ran across the following websites. The author, William Walsh, who has a clinic in WAREENVILLE, ILL [your state] was discussing a "orthomolecular" treatment [vitamins] for autism, and related diseases. He mentioned briefly how his boss used to use dilantin drug as a methyl donor nutrient for under-methylated patients, with good effect...... I quote:

....... The late and great Carl Pfeiffer would occasionally resort to use of the anti-histamines Benedryl or Dilantin in high-histamine persons who were slow to respond. Avoidance of folate supplements is essential for most undermethylated persons, an exception being autism. .............


Perhaps you would benefit from speaking to Dr. William Walsh.

[ note: I myself have not used his protocol, I have never spoken to Mr. Walsh ]

more quotes that mite help you understand the therapy:


Most persons with depression, oppositional defiant disorder, OCD, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia exhibit a genetic abnormality in methylation..... Which appears to be central to their illness. Carl Pfeiffer, MD, PhD of Princeton, NJ was a pioneer in this field. (Oct 3, 2003)

About 25 years ago, Dr. Carl Pfeiffer (Princeton, NJ) identified the condition he called "histapenia" or histamine deficiency. After studying the metabolism of more than 20, 000 schizophrenics he learned that this
"low histamine" syndrome was common in anxiety, panic disorders, and classical paranoid schizophrenia. His enormous biochemistry database revealed that most histapenics suffered from (1) copper overload and (2)
deficiency of folic acid and/or B-12. More importantly, he found that aggressive therapy using folic acid, B-12, and B-3 usually produced dramatic improvements in these persons. Pfeiffer thought the improvements were largely due to elevating histamine levels in the body & brain.

Subsequent research has indicated that the improvements are due to normalizing the methyl/folate ratio. This ratio is important in the BH4 rate-controlling step in catecholamine synthesis (dopamine & norepinephrine). Also, methyl/folate abnormalities can impact genetic expression of many biochemicals. At any rate, too much methyl results in overproduction of DA and NE, and vice versa.

Most traditional autism experts believe that autism is "incurable" and that the associated "mental retardation" cannot be reversed. This is so wrong!!! There are tens of thousands of families that despair upon hearing this pronouncement..... And just give up! Please continue your efforts to get the truth out --- It could make a big difference in the life of many of these children. (Feb 20, 2003)

For years, autism was the most difficult population for our clinic to work with, compared to persons diagnosed with behavior disorders, ADHD, depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar, or schizophrenia. However, this has changed following our discovery of the central importance of the metallothionein protein in ASD and development of metallothionein-promotion therapy

At Dr. Rimland's request, we carried out a small outcome study about 6 months ago which measured the impact of MT-Promotion for 46 patients. I presented the results at a D. A. N. "Think Tank" at which Dr. Amy Holmes' outcome results for MT-Promotion were presented by Stephanie Cave. There is no doubt that autism outcomes are far better at the Pfeiffer Center since MT-Promotion. Our group of 46 patients ranged from ages 3 to 18. A few of the families were unable to achieve compliance & a couple others gave up after a couple of days. More than 85% of the 41 families that achieved compliance reported impressive gains in cognition, speech, and socialization. More than 20% reported irritability and sleep problems, usually coincident with improved cognition or speech. Only 10% of the compliant families reported zero progress.

We have seen more than 2,000 autism-spectrum children.... And agree completely about the value of sensory imputs. I've become convinced that the primary problem in autism is not so much a damaged brain, but rather a brain that has not completely matured. PT, OT, etc shower the brain with stimuli which enhance development of new neuronal connections which are especially needed in the hippocampus & amygdala of autistics. Biochemical therapies which normalize the pruning, development, and growth inhibition processes in the brain are also vital. (Feb 3, 2003)

My clinic has seen more than 2,500 autism-spectrum children and I'm convinced that most of these kids have above average intelligence. We've seen many who were labeled "retarded" with IQ scores below 50..... Who later had IQ scores above 120 following therapies such as CF/GF diets, metallothionein-promotion, normalization of the G. I. Tract, behavioral therapies, etc. The problem is with the test methods, not the innate intelligence of the children.


In my opinion, a wide variety of environmental triggers can trigger autism, including oxidative stress (e. g., mercury), immune crises (e.g. Multiple vaccines or serious illness), severe emotional or physical stress, etc. It is very possible that the stress of circumcision could cripple metallothionein & impair brain development, at least temporarily. I'm not aware of peer-reviewed evidence of differences in autism incidence between circumcised and non-circumcised children.

Stresses of all kinds deplete metallothionein..... In persons without metal-metabolism disorders, the stress automatically induces production of more metallothionein. In autism, the metallothionein system has gone AWOL. (May 17, 2003)

Our Center's autism outcomes have greatly improved since beginning metallothionein-promotion therapy. It's no longer a surprise when a young autistic child becomes free of all traces of autism. We are a public charity and have made this protocol available to more than 100 doctors, many of whom report treatment successes. MT-Promotion must be done very carefully to avoid zinc depletion which can result in temporary worsening of behavior, stimming, enuresis, etc.


Most ASD individuals exhibit a genetic tendency for undermethylation. A relative few exhibit a genetic tendency for overmethylation. However, it's important to consider the impact of (1) inadequate diet and (2) inefficient digestion/absorption which is present in most of these individuals. Regardless of innate tendency for methylation, many ASD individuals are starved for all components of the SAM cycle and MTHF. In other words, they are deficient (across the board) in most nutrients. Two of the greatest deficiencies in ASD appear to be B-12 and methionine. B-12 is one of the most difficult vitamins to assimilate in healthy persons, and the situation is much worse if significant G. I. Tract problems exist. The principal source of methyl groups is methionine from dietary protein. However, most ASD children receive inadequate amounts of dietary protein AND are very inefficient in cleaving the complex proteins into the amino acid units to enable absorption. Folic acid is also in a deficiency state in many ASD children...... Including children with a genetic tendency for overmethylation and folic acid overload.

Supplementation of any nutrients which are in a deficiency state leads to better health and overall functioning. However, care must be taken to limit the supplementation of nutrients which tend toward overload (for genetic reasons).

Therefore supplementation of folic acid and B-12 can help an undermethylated ASD child who is deficient in these nutrients. However, these same children TEND to develop excessive levels of folates.... and vigilance is needed to avoid going beyond correctioon of the folate deficiency.


Most ASD individuals exhibit a genetic tendency for undermethylation. A relative few exhibit a genetic tendency for overmethylation. However, it's important to consider the impact of (1) inadequate diet and (2) inefficient digestion/absorption which is present in most of these individuals. Regardless of innate tendency for methylation, many ASD individuals are starved for all components of the SAM cycle and MTHF. In other words, they are deficient (across the board) in most nutrients. Two of the greatest deficiencies in ASD appear to be B-12 and methionine.

Aggressive methylation therapy can be very successful, but usually involves a very slow response. Typically, treatment with methionine, calcium, magnesium, B-6, etc requires about 2 months before the patient before any progress is evident --- and 6-12 months are required for all of the benefits to be attained. Please note that whole blood histamine is a marker for innate methylation tendency, but is not an indicator of wellness or the degree to which undermethylation has been overcome. Undermethylated patients can become quite well without their histamine lab results changing at all.

One way to speed up the process of recovery is to use SAMe supplements in the beginning. Undermethylated patients usually report nice progress after the first week or two. SAMe is quite expensive, and can be gradually
replaced by methionine after a couple of months.


Pfeiffer Treatment Center
Health Research Institute
4575 Weaver Parkway
Warrenville, IL

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
2109 posts

This explains why the initial Russian treatments of Autism were seeing exceptional healing rates using Dimethylglycine (DMG). Many nutrition manufacturers have combined most of these good methyl donors in one formula usually labeled "homocysteine formula". It's important to never take methionine without sufficient B's, especially B-12 so as to not actually create enormous amounts of homocysteine. And for those who do not respond to this standard nutritional protocol, most all these B's are also produced in their biological active or coenzymated forms. B-12 as Methylcobalamin, B-6 as Pyridoxy-5-phosphate, and a new active Folic Acid.

Replied by Dud
Up The Creek In, Wv, Usa

in reply to : 03/08/2012: Monaque from Chicago, Illinois writes: "I forgot to mention when my son was admitted in the hospital at 4 for the seizures he was given a dose of dilantin and ......"

You have asked this forum if any one has ever heard of the drug "dilantin" being used for any other disorders other than it's normal use for epilepsy siezures. The answer is : yes. It is on record as being used for about 80 other conditions. About 15 years ago I got a free hardback book on dilantin, witten by a millionare by the name of Jack Dreyfuss. He wrote the book and distributed it free of charge, to anyone that asked for it. He used dilantin to treat his depression. He found out it was a powerfull medicine for many diseases, but the industrial-military-pharmaceutical complex could not make money on it, because the patent had run out many years ago. So they ditched it.

Mr Dreyfuss created a $ 70,000,000 [70 million] medical foundation just to spread the word about the good news about dilantin. He died in 2009 at the age of 96. the books he wrote are still available for sale. His medical foundation has a website on the internet, telling about dilantin research, and all the details of it's use. Go to: .
Jack Dreyfus and The Story of a Remarkable Medicine. DILANTIN

This web site is dedicated to the life and work of Jack Dreyfus, founder of Dreyfus & Co, the Dreyfus Fund, and the Dreyfus Health Foundation, set up to researching the benefits of a drug called Dilantin (phenytoin).

You can read how Jack dealt with the severe depression that affected him in the late 1950s. After seeing a physician six days a week, for over five years, Jack had the incredible luck to think that the depression was caused by inappropriate electrical activity in his body. He asked his physician to allow him to try the drug, Dilantin, that was used for epilepsy. To the surprise of both Jack Dreyfus and the doctor, he returned to good health, promptly. This section looks at Jack's efforts to bring this remarkable drug to the attention of doctors and the United States government.

Finally, in "Clinical Studies, " you can read some of the thousands of studies in over 350 medical journals that have shown the usefulness of phenytoin for a wide range of ailments. This section has been updated with over eighty new studies from the 1990s and 2000s, showing that Dilantin is useful for even more conditions than previously thought. Feel free to take the information on this site, or the books, to your doctor.

Most people live one life; Jack Dreyfus lived two. One of the greatest investors of the twentieth century, his first life was filled with remarkable accomplishments as he founded the highly successful Dreyfus Fund. His second life began in 1963 when, in the midst of a severe depression, he did an unheard-of thing: he asked his physician for a medicine not known to be useful for his symptoms, and returned to good health almost overnight. When he saw six others have similar results, he realized he had an obligation to investigate further.

Jack Dreyfus retired from two highly successful businesses and established the Dreyfus Medical Foundation. Through the Foundation, he worked tirelessly, with no financial interest, to show how this medicine-phenytoin has been reported useful in thousands of medical journals for more than eighty symptoms and disorders ranging from thought, mood, and behavior disorders to cardiovascular, neuromuscular, and pain ailments. The Foundation now has programs in dozens of countries around the world providing assistance to millions of people suffering from psychological and physical difficulties.

Jack Dreyfus died peacefully on March 27, 2009 at the age of 95.

Replied by Jasonmchicago
Chicago, Il

MONAQUE from what you are describing he may have Lyme Disease. It is VERY difficult to diagnose. You need to have both your sons take an Igenex test. It is located in California. You have to call their 800# and they will send you a kit. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look into this. The test that your regular doctor give is NOT accurate. Your regular doctor may not even know about Lyme. Even Igenex isn't super accurate. Lyme disease is everywhere (google it) and it can manifests in muscle, joint, neurological, sleep, etc. Problem. All over the place. It is really strange. I went to over 30 health professionals before I got the right diagnosis. I'm treating it now and am seeing improvements. It takes some over 30 years to get a diagnosis. It mimics fibromyalgia, MS, Parkinson's, ALS, Muscular Dystrophy, Psychiatric problems, etc. Best of health. JasonM

Replied by Shoncherrie
Chicago, Il

Thanks to everyone for their input and information. I will be looking into all of them. I will keep you updated with my son's condition.

Mrs. A.

Posted by Mrs A. (London, Uk) on 07/20/2015

Some weeks ago there was a plea for a diagnosis in respect of "a clogging sensation in the temples, as if cling-film were tightly wrapped round the head" (though entirely pain free) - a sensation that had already persisted for a number of years. So far as I know the only response was from a fellow-sufferer.

I too am desperate to find the cause of this mysterious malady. Could it be the sinuses? But the sinuses are nowhere near the temples.

Pain-free it may be, but desperately debilitating, and there seems no end in sight. Is there perhaps a newcomer to this site, who missed the first query but who knows the answer?

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Mrs. A from London;

Re the pressure against the temples...

Don't count out the possibility of a sinus infection having an effect on the temples.

I have two suggestions that if me I'd try.

First, to make sure there is not a sinus infection involved I'd get rid of that possibility instantly by infusing myself with a colloidal silver sinus irrigation. The sinuses go WAY into the skull, surprisingly I'd use an ear syringe to squirt way back...a Nettie pot won't work...doesn't get back far enough. Squirt into ears also. Repeat again after first application.

If there is some sever stinging while applying the sinus irrigation, that tells me that I'm killing a bad infection.

Next, idea I'd apply a "salts" poultice to the temples. I'd use a "Dead Sea Salts" liquid application ... at least three times. Warm of course and use a hand towel to thoroughly soak.

Oh, by the way...severe neck problems...atlas, axis, C 1, C 2....vertebrae injury can cause tension up the neck and into the temples. If there have been such neck injury, I'd look for a really good upper neck chiropractor. If chronic...I'd ONLY use a chiropractor who used a variation of the Pierce technique...which puts the head face down on a drop table and application is against the neck. I'd NOT let the doctor put my head in his hands as I lay on my back and twist my head. That last technique is counter productive in my opinion.

Replied by Mrs A.
London Uk

This is a repeat of the question I asked some months ago, which at the time produced only one response (and that from a fellow sufferer). It is on behalf of my (middle-aged) son, who for at least eight years has suffered from a clogging sensation in the temples. There is NO pain and NO nasal congestion, which seems to rule out sinuses as the culprit. He has had scans (which revealed nothing amiss); consulted a neurologist; tried acupuncture.

Although pain-free, this clogging sensation has ruined his life for the best part of a decade. Please help!

Replied by Ben
Bremerton, Wa

That stuffy feeling sounds like a fungal or mycoplasma infection causing brain swelling. Many different organisms can attack the brain. Candida is one of the most common ones that give what most people call brain fog.a stuffy foggy feeling where your mind does not work 100% you feel wierd due to inflammation and swelling in the brain.

Earth Clinic is abounding with various cures for candida and brain fog.

Ever heard of leaky gut? see dr axe about leaky gut.

Tiny fragments of foods can enter small breaks in the intestinal lining which go into the blood stream. Once there they set up an immune system reaction where all hell breaks loose and you feel terrible more often than not.

Now bacteria, virus and mycoplasma can play a big part in this trouble too so it is best to consult a specialist who will check for viral etc issues affecting the brain.

If you can find someone who does darkfield microscopy have them look at your blood. It may horrify you the kinds of trash you find there. Most peoples blood looks like a junk yard full of cans, bottles, dirty diapers, and old tires crawling with mean looking bugs.

Get your blood cleaned up with serrapeptase. This systemic enzyme eats all the garbage found in the blood that does not belong there.

Here is an example. cancer patients have tons of cellular debris floating in the blood especially candida hyphae the roots of candida that grow in the intestines and penetrate the intestinal walls leaving holes for food to enter (leaky gut ) well serrapeptase literally eats all this debris giving you clean blood. Once the garbage gets cleaned out there will be a lot less inflammation and less immune system reaction thus you will feel better and have less brain fog.

Hope this helps my friend, see ya.

Replied by Mrs A.
London Uk

Thank you so much, Ben! A wonderfully detailed reply, which I'm passing on to my son.

Replied by Mrs A
London Uk

I have posted this question before, but do so again in the hope that a new reader will recognise the symptoms. For years - a decade - my son's life has been blighted by a permanent clogging sensation in the temples. There is no pain and no congestion, and none of the doctors he has seen has been able to diagnose the problem, or indeed to do anything for him at all. He is very depressed.


The absence of congestion, etc causes him to dismiss the idea that it could be sinus-related.

Replied by Michael
New Zealand

Hello Mrs. A of London.

Well apart from all the possible appropriate remedies to try on this Site, I would try out the Alexander Technique by a registered practitioner OR, even better, book a session with a CRANIAL Osteopath. They can work magic with some people.

Then there is his "BITE" which involves much more than you might think, with the bones of the jaw possibly being out of place. Really bazaar consequences there believe me!!

Also, wisdom teeth, esp. if they are impacted or crowding out his other teeth, can cause mischief and strife.

Maybe a good dentist or Orthodontist (with x-rays thrown in) might help?

Other than that, one's thoughts turn to some sort of poultice possibly??

Kindly let us know how you get on as it could help others to learn of your progress.

Cheers, Michael

Replied by Mrs A
London, Uk

Thank you so much, Michael. The cranial osteopath idea is a good one and I will pass it on to my son - and report back. Alas, I don't think he would have the heart or the faith to try the Alexander technique. Thank you again.

Replied by Michael
New Zealand

Good morning Mrs A. of London again!

Can you look up my previous posting, as, upon reflection, I have added more ideas to it. Thanks.

The Cranial Osteopath would still be my first choice but please try the other suggestions if that does not help.

More than one session (say two or three???) might be warranted. The body often resists being manipulated and needs persuading / encouraging to change long-standing bad habits it has become "comfortable" with.

Who knows, he might be grateful for at least SOME relief!

All the best, Michael

Replied by Mrs A
London Uk

Thank you so much, Michael of New Zealand! I'm passing it all on to my son. I'm most grateful - as he will be -

Replied by Mrs A
London Uk

Thank you again, Michael - the bite/jaw/teeth is an interesting aspect which I am passing on.

Even though he has no congestion, etc, what do you think of the possibility that it IS actually sinus related? I still think it might be -

I am so grateful for your kind interest.

Replied by Michael
New Zealand

Mrs. A.

You are correct. I would certainly follow up the Sinus aspect. Also the micro plasma / flora / candida types of afflictions are worthy of your further research. Consult Ted's remedies for these (on this Site) OR consult Ted himself if he is well enough to ask.

Cheers, Michael

EC: Ted is not, unfortunately, so sorry!


Posted by Mustafa (London Uk) on 07/24/2014

hi, i have a symptom of throbbing feeling on my chest, I went under twice endoscopy, one time angiogram for my heart and one time esophagus spasm test through my nose.result is nothing until a doctor in turkey told me I have pangastritis.what ever tablets im taking the pain is always there a specialy in the morning after breakfast until around 4 pm.all these started as I was having like stop now order in my chest if I wanted to run, now after 4 years this is where I am/is there anything you may think of? Regards

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Mustafa;

You describe what could be Atrial Fibrillation. A Fib is usually associated with a lack of Magnesium. The "pounding in chest" could be heart's irregular beat. (Epsom Salts baths are a great way to get magnesium into the cells of the system as well as Mag caps.)

Also you say it is worse in the morning; this could be a stomach ulcer. You need to kill the underlying virus/bacteria...I use Colloidal Silver plus DGL (a licorice extract) plus aloe Vera broken into two doses of all the above twice daily on empty stomach. One of the doses must be at night before bedtime.

OR...if the condition is "gastritis" (pan gastritis) as the Turkish Doctor said then that condition is an inflammation of the stomach lining. Such inflammation of the stomach lining is usually a viral infection, so again the Colloidal Silver will kill that infection. I'd use the same formula for that as for a stomach ulcer.

You only give two real clues: "pounding in chest" and "worse in the morning"... so my best guess was those three possible causes. (And what the Turkish Doctor said.)

You were talking about "running and stop order" or something like that and I was not clear what you were saying. If you have any more description, I'd be happy to try again but if you try the combo of Epsom Salts baths (along with taking Magnesium caps) plus Colloidal Silver and DGL plus aloe, you might just find you hit on a solution.

I always...and I mean always assume a virus MIGHT be working. No harm making sure those little monsters are not the underlying cause of the problem. (Hence, the CS...which kills virus/fungus and bacteria.)

Replied by Anna
New York, US

The best iodine tincture made from plants/trees is made by barefootherbalistmh

Replied by Cda
Tucson, Az.

Mustafa, Are you getting sufficient major minerals for your heart? It sounds like you're trying to describe heart palpitations, as if your heart is telling you not to run. Calcium, Magnesium, and the very important Potassium, our hearts need. Vitamin D3 too, which means adequate sunshine. But Potassium is so vital, that whether it's in a capsule to take with one's meal, or by way of a food like blackstrap Molasses, it's important. These minerals are essential for the heart. Molasses is rich in Calcium, Potassium, and Iron; You can take a spoonful, and see how it helps you. A teaspoon to a tablespoon seems to be enough to stabilize the heart rhythm quickly, especially when we eat it regularly, as often as we need it, even daily. So you know, taking larger quantities of Potassium can also result in easing the bathroom visits, and too much can result in a loose stool. Finding the right amount and frequency to meet one's needs is a good thing.


Posted by Panic (Cyprus) on 11/03/2013

Please help my wife.

For 2 months now (since 15 August 2013) she cannot walk properly. She walks slowly like a hundred year old and she has to hold onto walls and tables. She is only 45 years young with two kids.

For a brief history please read below. Its three pages long.

Please advice weather there is a special doctor who can help her or if natural therapy can help. Where did we go wrong??? I believe she got an infection inside her head between her ears. Please give some time to read her brief story.

Please please please. I feel like im losing her. Our life is a nightmare.

Myria's brief medical history

Since 1985 to today

My wife Myria has had menstrual migraines since she was 17 years old. (For 28 years now) It lasts for three days on one side, before menstrual, and three days on other side, after menstrual. Her migraines stopped only for 9 months when she was pregnant with our first child. On her second pregnancy she had migraines as usual.

For her migraine we visited many-many doctors. Naturopaths, neurologists and others. This year's drugs were amongst others, Tranxene 5 mg 1x1 (Bp), Clonotril 2mg 1x1, Deaxit 1x1 1-1-0, Nimm 1-1-0, Later, Clonotril 2

She stopped taking them since there was no result.

In July 2013 she had an Eye operation to stop wearing eye glasses and embedded eye lenses in the eyes.

15 August 2013 started having Vertigo with vomiting. I took her to a private clinic to a respectable doctor and she was held in for 2 days until her vomiting stopped.

She was given: Betaserc 1x2, Omeprazole 20 1x1, Vertogo-vomex 1x2, Stemetil 5 1x3, Diazepam 5mg ? - 0 – 1, Primperan but no result. Every time she moved she was sick with vomiting. We kept her upright for as long as we could to stop vomiting and the next day we went home. The vertigo was still there.

21 August 2013 Still with vertigo, the ambulance took her to the Emergency room, had a CT – brain scan. We were told the results were ok. They had her on intravenous drugs because she couldn't hold anything in her stomach. Hours later I took her home again.

31 August 2013 again was taken to the emergency with Vertigo and Migraine.

Luckily there was a good E.N.T. doctor on call who had training on Vertigo and after seeing her he said she has Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo.

She was admitted to casualty/ward in hospital.

She had Temperature 36.7 Celsius Pulse 80 Pressure 140/90

Was given N/D 250ML + 1amp Primperan Apstol, Valium 5mg (im), Stemetil 1 (im), LR500ml

31 August 2013 she had a Microbiology/Parasitology test:

pH 5, 0 EB 1015 culture: Microbes isolated – amount: Not important number of microbes.

31 August 2013 Blood test results:

WBC 9.42 (10Ë„3/uL)

RBC 5.26 (10Ë„6/uL)

HGB 14.7 (g/dL)

HCT 43.0 (%)

MCV 81.7 (fL)

MCH 27.9 (pg)

MCHC 34.2 (g/dL)

PLT 179 (10Ë„3/uL)

RDW-SD 41.4 (fL)

RDW-CV 14.0 (%)

PDW 12.0 (fL)

MPV 9.5 (fL)

P-LCR 22.8 (%)

PCT 0.17 (%)

NEUT 5.25 (10Ë„3/uL) 55.8(%)

LYMPH 3.09 (10Ë„3/uL) 32.8(%)

MONO 1.01 + (10Ë„3/uL) 10.7 (%)

EO 0.05 (10Ë„3/uL) 0.5(%)

BASO 0.02 (10Ë„3/uL) 0.2(%)

IG 0.14 (10Ë„3/uL) 1.5(%)

RET 0.91 (%) 0.0479(10Ë„6/uL)

IRF 3.5 (%)

LFR 96.5(%)

MFR 3.0 (%)

HFR 0.5 (%)

RET-He 24.8 (pg)

Glucose 109 mg/dL (74 -106 )

Urea 38mg/dL (17 - 43)

Creatinin 0.51mg/dL (0.51 -0.95 )

Calcium 9.6mg/dL (8.8 – 10.6)

Total protein 7.3 g/dL (6.6 – 8.3)

Albumen 4g/dL (3.5 – 5.2)

Globain 3.3g/dL (1.4 – 4.8)

Na 137mmol/L (135 - 145)

Kαλλιο 4.94mmol/L (3.50 – 5.00)

LDH (γαλακτική αφυδρογονάση) 322 U/L (208-480)

The hospital E.N.T. doctor wrote on her log book.

Primary Horizontal nystagmus of the 1st degree.

Testing bilateral geotropic nystagmus in testing horizontal semicircular tube Dix. Hallpike (.)

He did a Log-Roll maneuver AP

Recommended Diazepan 8mg IV in a slow outpouring in N/S 500ml.

“Reevaluation on Monday. Recommended neurological evaluation for her migraine attacks”.

31August – 4 Sept 2013 Was kept in hospital for 4 days for Vertigo and vomit.

2 Sept. 2013: E.N.T. Doctor's logbook:

Reevaluation. recession of automatic vertigo without nystagmus.

Did an Eppley maneuver AP great clinical improvement >80%

On migraine attacks, neurologist evaluation needed.

4 Sept. 2013 E.N.T. Doctor's logbook:

improved clinically ... must see a neurologist.

Much improved clinical

Intravenous N/S - N/D 500ml + valium 5mg every 8hours..............1/2 amp diazepan

4 Sept. 2013 for migraine therapy was given Topamax 25mg No 60 0-0-1, 1-0-1, 1-0-2

9 Sept 2013 E.N.T. Doctor's logbook:

Clinical improvement of the rotating element. Instability persists to some extent.

Did a Dix – Hallpike maneuver without nystagmus.

Did a Log-Roll AP & Epley AP. Maneuvers.

Reevaluate in σε 72hours.

13 Sept 2013 E.N.T. doctor logbook: Did 2 Log-Roll & 2 Epley maneuvers.

She was prescribed Zomig for her migraine pain and Topamax 25-0-50 for migraine therapy.

18 Sept 2013 E.N.T. doctor logbook:

Did Epley AP maneuver. Great recession in nystagmus

19 Sept 2013 E.N.T. doctor logbook:

No nystagmus in Dix-Hallpike maneuver of horizontal semicircles. Instability Insists

Romberg (1) to MRI

20 Sept 2013 MRI brain

Conclusion: no intracerebral abnormalities are seen

Diffusion and flair and T1W SE and T2W TSE axial.

Flair sagittal and T2W 3D VISTA of the posterior fossa and T1W TSE axial of the posterior fossa and TIW TSE axial of the posterior fossa after IV contrast administration and T1W SE axial of the whole brain after IV contrast administration

23 Sept 2013 Another E.N.T. doctor did an audiometric test (listening test. She has Hypersensitivity to hearing)

26 Sept 2013 Blood test for: Vitamin B12 271pg/mL (normal 150-1000)

Folic Acid 1.7ng/mL (normal 1.00-24.0)

Was prescribed Topamax 25mg No 180 1-0-2 for migraine therapy.

10 oct 2013 she took an Instrument control balance test (Electronystagmography)

Conclusion: hypo function of the labyrinth. She did not get dizzy at all with the cold water in her ears.

11 Oct 2013 E.N.T. doctor logbook: VNG Hyposensitivity at caloric(?)

The E.N.T. doctor could not accept the results of the test and wants her to take the test again.

15 Oct 2013 Optical fields test (glaucoma threshold)

Results: Left eye with abnormally high sensitivity

Right eye: within normal limits

25 Oct 2013 The Neurologist said the problem is not neurological because the MRI was clean.

The Neurologist prescribed her with Topamac 20-0-50 for migraine therapy. We announced our decision to stop taking this drug for now because one of the side effects is dizziness. And the doctor said ok. It's your choice.

The E.N.T. doctor really spent too much time and helped her a lot too, especially with vertigo that stopped with the different maneuvers. But now he does not want to accept that the labyrinth hypo functions. He wants Myria to redo the Instrument control balance test (Electronystagmography) but with ice water (ice cubes) and not just cold water.

Today she still has:

1. instability

2. oscillopsia. She cannot walk freely without assistance. She must hold on to somewhere.

3. Blocked ears but also hears noises that finds very loud. Even her own voice, when she talks, sounds very loud.

4. By moving her head (especially up and down) or when walking (very slowly) feels something into her head of which she cannot describe. It feels like there is a spring inside her head and simultaneously pushing her ears out.

5. At night when it's dark and she sleeps, when she turns in bed , she has a feeling inside the head of something like dizziness. She feels that the dizziness comes from inside her head . While she is talking , her ears vibrate. She cannot explain (even though she is very intelligent). There are many things that are strange and cannot explain it. For her to be good and not unstable, she should not speak nor hear anything, nor move.

6. When swallows (perhaps her head moving) her ears again, feel.... she doesn't know ... hears her voice and cannot stand it. It's like, her voice is pushing her ears outwardly and cannot bear it... the migraine off course makes it worse.

Thank you for anything you do.

Replied by Carly
Wa State

Dear Panic,

My heart goes out to you, and to your Myria. I am not as informed as many here on Earth Clinic, but just wanted to say that sensitivity to sound, hearing things as too loud, etc....can be a symptom of magnesium deficiency. I can't hurt, and might help to give your wife a good quality magnesium supplement.

I know there is much more information coming your way from others, and hope you find a way to heal her. Best wishes, and please keep us informed of her ongoing progress.

Replied by Faeqa
Amman, Jordan, Jordan
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Hi panic,

Am sorry for your wife, my dad had the same vertigo before 5 years (but he hasn't migraine) and he went to a lot of doctors and take a lot of medicine without any changes. I searched his problem in old Arabian medicine books and found that this problem because of bad vapors on the brain. I used for him a tincture of Cyclamen europaeum 6 drops 2 times a day after meal, within 10 days he cured completely. I hope this will help your wife.

Replied by Connie
Utah, Usa

Hi Panic;

It looks like there are several possibilities with your wife's conditions.

Foremostly, B12 deficiency can cause this vertigo. 271 pg/ml is very low. People can have these symptoms at 500 or above. The serum B12 test is not specific.

Vertigo can cause nausea and vomiting, but stomach acid could also be low. Many folks are helped with the use of apple cider vinegar.Nausea can also be from B6 deficiency.

Folate (folic acid) is low. A B-complex with these will support the B12 metabolism. If you can find a B-complex with the 'active' forms, they may be easier for the body to use. ( Methylfolate for folic acid, and p5p for B6, for example.)

If you can find a practitioner who can start her with injections of either methylcobalamin or hydroxocobalamin, at least initially, it would help.

With enough B12, vertigo can be resolved in a month or so. It may take some time. B12 deficiency is also implicated in migraine.

Her blood glucose is too high. This can damage nerves, tissues, eyes, etc. Reduce simple sugars and simple carbohydrates.

Her sodium is a little low, I'm not sure if this is from the vomiting. I didn't see potassium levels. If the B12, B-complex and ACV don't resolve the vomiting, I would suggest an endocrine work up.

Initial tests should be for ACTH, and Cortisol. Thyroid would be another to consider. TSH, Free T3, and Free T4.

With B12 deficiency that has advanced neurological symptoms, one may need high and frequent dosages for life. (even if it's not pernicious anemia, an autoimmune B12 def.)

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Dear Panic

Concerning Myria,

The onset, you say, was when she was 17. If the answer to my question is "yes" then I will tell you what the source of the problem is.

Here's the question: Before she started having the problems manifesting, did she have a bad infection of the ears/ throat/ mouth (teeth as in absess)/ strep throat etc...I'm wanting to determine if at around 15 or 16 years old she became infected with a serious or long standing infection of ANY kind. That is my question.

I've seen this condition a number of times with symptoms similar to Maria. The condition precedent is that of an infection...usually mono or strep...a bad case of the flu/ sinus infection and often the ear canal might be continuous off and on infections during entire childhood.

If the answer is yes, that she did have a history of such infection/s then the cause of her current condition is...viral meningitis. This differs from bacterial meningitis because bm will kill quickly whereas vm will kill you slowly. Most often the body's own immune system will finally stave off a viral but many cases result in a "mystery" illness. No myster at all: Virus in the brain and into the spinal cord.

Virus in the brain can be killed. Maria's, if the analysis is correct (serious infection in her youth prior to manifestation of symptoms) is advanced but ...

I have seen this many times and also seen it reversed with amazing results. If this were me, I'd work with anti virals and use solutions to penetrate the blood brain barrier to carry the anti virals.

So; let me know if the answer to the essential question is yes or no....the question of the condition precedent to the onset at 17 years old...did she have a serious or continuous infection that led up to the appearance of symptoms.


Replied by Toourlady89
Hayward Ca

Hi, so sorry to hear about what your wife and your ordeal dealing with it going on for so long.

A few years back, my Mom had vertigo, nausea and vomiting that lasted for days. It ended up that her BP got so high that I took her to the ER. Diagnosis was "fluid in the ear" possibly from air travel. This could also happen from allergies to the environment.

They gave her Meclizine. This is an over the counter med. for air sickness.. for motion sickness. It helped with the dizziness, nausea and vomiting. It might take a few doses to be really effective.

One of the earlier advice here was for Magnesium supplementation. If you search on "Magnesium and Migraine headache" you would find lots on info on how to control Migraines. It will require higher doses of Mg supplementation and it will take a few months for Mg to be built up in the body. There are books on the Miracle of Mg that I think you should get and read about how low Mg could cause Migraines, nausea, vomiting, hearing sensitivities and so much other symptoms that you might not have written here. It will be worth the time to search on Mg deficiency, on line and on You tube .

I hope you find your answers. Meclizine hopefully could help the current symptoms, then Mg could get her stabilized and be symptom free further on. Please give these treatments time to work and not give up on it easily.

Replied by Judy
Losangles Ca

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Replied by Panicos

Toourlady89 Thank you for your advice. I will do the research on Mg and start giving her Mg. It makes her sleepy but ill do it. Thanks.

Replied by Panicos

I thank you all guys for your kind reply. I will search and see what I will do. I just got borax. will it do? Thanks again.

Replied by Panicos

Hi Dave, and anyone reading this. Thanks for your comments.

Her migraines started when she was about 17 years old. She said tonight that when she was about sixteen, she actually had a toothache (a tooth infection) on two teeth. The dentist sealed both teeth (i dont know how you call them tooth fillings?) later it continued being infected and then the dentist removed them. its been 28 years now she has migraines that come three days on one side (before her menstrual) and three days on other side (after her menstrual). In the last 2 1/2 months came the instability and oscillopsia where when the head moves even 1 millimetre, everything she sees shakes.

Did the people you know had these symptoms?


Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Panicos from Cyprus,

Concerning Myria's condition: I've been looking for your answer to THE question I asked every day since posting to your thread. I just couldn't stand it when I read your response.

SO, there WAS a major infection a year before the onset of her symptoms! OK. That is a big YES to my question to you...was there a condition precedent of an bad infection before onset...about a year before... YES is the answer. I thought either 15 or 16. And how she describes the infection is exactly what I look for in suspect virus cases.

The infection when she was 16 was in two teeth... you say...exactly what I was asking (one year prior to onset at 17 years old). Even more important than that and not a guess but what she said happened, the "sealing" took place, which sealed IN the infection. This is why she continued to have further infections over time. By sealing up the virus/bacteria/fungus (what ever it is), the infection was boxed in. It doesn't matter that the dentist later removed the teeth because the virus was started and working...we know because you said the infections in her mouth continued after sealing! It is entirely possible that the virus then migrated higher into the head. Bell's Palsey and trigeminal neuralgia could easily be experienced...sinus problems over the years also could be seen. And infection of ears; the labyrinth infected. But the real danger would be the migration possibly into the brain;

There's your viral meningitis.

By you confirming that a prior "serious" infection immediately prior to the "onset" of symptoms at 17 years old, fits the theory that I laid out to you when I first posted. I asked if any significant infection took place in the upper regions...strep/ sinus etc., I can make a more certain assertion; I'm now 90 percent certain that she is suffering from viral meningitis.

If this were me here's how I'd kill the viral meningitis in brain and down spine. I'd use 60 percent Colloidal Silver and 40 percent DMSO. The latter is a solvent/ carrier. Google "DMSO Dr Jacobs 60 minutes youtube" and you'll find the 3 part series on DMSO. A MUST see.

To apply: Take white paper towels and soak in the DMSO/ CS mix. Apply to back of neck next to skull. I'd leave on for 20 minutes. Enough to soak one paper towel. Then two days later again, and again two days later. Second week, I'd apply every third day. I'd keep a carefull log of symptom progression. You list a lot of them. I'd expect to see my symptoms diminish in a week such that in my log, I could show a decrease in problems. If after a month of every third day apps there was no reduction in symptoms, I'd stop the applications because the lack of response would tell me the cause was not, after all, a viral infection. If much improved, I'd apply once a week.

Now, also I'd drink three tablespoons of CS daily during the first month. Drink on empty stomach. An infection like you described has gone into the whole body, so I'd drink the CS to kill the virus in the rest of my body.

And I would have to do "upper" irrigations. The CS must be sniffed into the sinus cavities, leaning head back and squirted into ears. The virus certainly is in ears. I'd do this twice a week. Expect the first time in sinus to produce stinging and dizziness for a second. Lean head back and let drain down throat. In both ears squirt with cs with ear syringe, and with sinus irrigtion, the eustacian is also covered. Again, I hold onto something because of dizziness from water in ears.

If I were having this likely meningitis issue I'd also apply the same soaked DMSO/CS white paper towel to spine at least once a week. This virus might get to the vertebrae and cause havoc. Expect Guillain Berea if virus not destroyed or something on top of the horrible thing she is now experiencing just as bad as GB.

I'd do the irrigations for a year once a week. I'd drink the CS for a year. If symptoms improve I'd do neck/back poultices for a year. If there is a lung issue (coughing) I'd assume it is in lung too, and would use a nebuliser to breathe in steamed CS. This I would do twice daily for a month and then once a week for three months or until symptoms in lungs had gone.

I do need to add one more thing...if this were me who found himself suffering from possible viral meningitis. I'd be also on a substance called Calcium AEP. I'd be on three tablets of AEP daily. Google, "Calcium AEP nutrition review" and you'll be impressed at the ability AEP has in electrical issues and all the conditions that can be helped using this nutrient. But AEP is not a virus killer. CS is. AEP can help rebuild the damages nerves.

The situation is most serious and actually I hope I'm wrong. Viral M is a slow death.

I'll be here to answer any question you have.


Replied by Panicos

Thanks Dave. I will look for CS and DMSO. at what ppm should it be? Panicos

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello again,

On issue of how much ppm...I make my own and it is 100 ppm or more.

I content not all CS is the same. Some versions claim to be potent when in fact they don't seem to work. To make sure what I use is working, I test it on something obvious like a sore throat and gargle. If sore throat immediately is cured I know the CS is working: Pretty obvious test, right?

So I know from experience that the CS I make is effective. If I were just starting with using CS I'd just buy the highest ppm I could find and try it. I might buy two brands and compare. In just a few days the effect will be evident. Energy will start returning within a week, for instance. Every part of the program I laid out (the protocol) must be done for a month to get the true results and to KNOW if the "cure" is accurate and effective.

Replied by Nanowriter
Hotspot, Texas

Panic, you mentioned that your wife had had lens inserted into her eyes shortly before the vertigo started. Can you ask the eye surgeon if this might be indicative of a problem with the lens that were inserted? The reason I ask is because I have had problems with vertigo when I have put my regular contact lens in backwards or in the wrong eye.

Replied by Panic

Hi Dave from Fountain Inn and Nanowriter from Hotspot.

Dave I will get both items you said. First the CS. Will I be able to tell the real PPM with a PPM meter and maybe a laser pointer? And DMSO what do I look for? Are they all the same? Sorry to ask...

Nanowrite, we went to the eye doctor to make an eye test. It is called Fields test (Glaucoma test) and the doctor looked a bit annoyed. He insisted that my wife's problem was from the labyrinth. He deffended his lense operation, so I cannot ask him that. I asked another doctor and he said no, it is not the lense's fault. Honestly I believe it is something inside her head, the labyrinth or something. her eyeside, when her head is steady is ok.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello "Panic"...

but I don't want to call you "Panic" have a PLAN...I'd like to call you "Plan Man"...because if you have a correct course of action and are following that action, then there is no ... panic all. You are a man on course.

First, as to the ppm; just trust as accurate what the colloidal silver maker says; you need not check on ppm. It says it on the label. But the thing is, as much as you'll need, why don't you get your own little silver maker generator. It's just two strands of 99.999 percent pure and batteries come with it. If you learn to make your own (f I can do it...I'm the King of non-tech, then anybody can do it). Order on line. I've have two, one over 19 years old and one I bought last year. Battery operated. Cost, less than 100 bucks (US). Got it from a discount outfit. Google something like "colloidal silver generator inexpensive" and you should find a number of outfits that can send you a good machine. "Machine"'s just 27 volts of battery power attached to two wires of silver. I make mine the same way I was taught by an old guru who had been making it for years. Here's how:

First, I look at youtube "how to" make CS and it seems they are the complicated way. NOT. It's so simple. Take two cups of purified water. Heat to 90 degrees (farenheit). Stir in 30 grains of salt to make the purified water conductive. Then insert the two silver wires, not close to each other. Stir gently with a wooden spoon every two minutes, trying not to disturb the silver wires. As soon as you immerse the silver wires you'll see the negative pole giving off a cloud ... a fine white residue of...SILVER particulates. In four or five minutes the container of water (two cups) will be permeated with the whitish cloud. It's a beautiful thing. Take the silver strands out of the water and unplug so you don't run the batteries down. (Once out I don't think they are pulling voltage.)

Now, transver the silver permeated container to a LARGE container and then begin adding purified water...two cups, two cups etc ...I dilute by a 32 times reduction. You dilute until you cannot see the cloud ... until you see only clear water, but you know that the mix in fact does have silver in it because you just saw it in the original container before dilutions.

So far you've got seven minutes invested. I call this the "fast" method instead of the "slow" cooking process which does not use any salt as a conductor. Some "slow" purists likely would say the "fast" method is heritical. But I'm just a pragmatist doing the silver making in a way that I've seen from experience WORKS. But be my guest to try it any way you want. Try out different "types" of CS for various infections. Say, for instance, you have a sore throat...well, gargle with one and see how the "slow" version works and try the "fast" version on another issue. My point is: Feel free to try out what is effective. I just know from thousands of anacdotals that the "fast" method is effective.

OK, on the issue of DMSO. Just order from Dr. Jacobs web site if any doubt. There are some DMSOs which are industrial and do in fact differ from one another. Remember Dr Jacobs? He's the one on the youtube, 60 minutes, 3 part series...I hope you looked at it.

Just remember "Plan Man"...keep a log on how symptoms are changing; energy level, limb movement, nausea, balance, etc. Expect to see energy levels increase in only a week maybe two. Go slowly. There are billions of viruses to murder.

Too fast and the "kill off" effect can be taxing on an already exhausted system. But be relentless. In a month, look at the log carefully. There should be substantial progress; number of headaches and their intensity and frequency is one of my favorite measurements; nausea another; balance is a good one to measure. If nothing is iimproving after a month, then the liklihood is that the problem is not viral.

If nausea as soon as she gets out of bed; there is a technique for dealing with that...once treatment is well underway, namely the "slow motion and eyes steady on a fixed point" method. Keep eyes focused on a steady object and SLOWLY move one leg, then another, then arm and turn to let knees slowly sink to floor from bed while steadly looking at the fixed object. Holding onto bed don't move after knees on floor. THEN slowly stand up (with help if necessary). Then walk with a walker (if able) again slowly and staring ahead; only move eyes slowly...NO motion around her. NO TV going. No kids running around while she is gaining the movement routine. Her balance sensors and brain are being retrained to balance and move without nausea. Nerves are being re routed by the AEP. The virus has damaged the balance labyrinth in the ears (which is why the CS is squirted into the ear canals) and key balance centers in the brain. So a rebuilding process in underway.

Write me back if you run into problems.


Replied by Panicos

Hi Dave. Sorry I'm late in answering back. Question. How much DMSO and CS will I need? Thanks again.

Replied by Debbie T.

Has your wife been diagnosed with anything. It sounds like Ataxia. This can be related to gluten sensitivity. Take her off all wheat/grains and gluten immediately. Ataxia can cause problems with balance and walking. She will also need to up her intake of good fats (olive oil, coconut oil, nuts and avocados) and lower her intake of carbohydrates and sugar). No more than 50 grams of carbohydrates per day and stay away from below ground vegetables.

Replied by Panicos

Thanks Debbie T. from Australia. I will search for that too. At the moment I'm purchasing all the above other people kindly suggested. That is, CS with DMSO, Tincture of Cyclamen Europaeum, B12 and other supplements.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello again Panic, Or as I call you... "man with a plan".... You ask quantity of CS and DMSO. Well, if you are just doing the thirty day "test" you'd need enough CS to drink daily for a month; two tablespoons minimum daily. Irrigation three times weekly and three times weekly of the compress with the DMSO at equal part. I suggested two or three tablespoons into the white paper towel of the CS... enough to apply to back of neck and then down the spine, taking twenty minutes. So if this were me, I'd order, sixteen ounces of CS and eight ounces of DMSO. I think I'm adding that up correctly. That ought to do it for a month. Remember I suggested that if one were out to kill a systemic infection, I'd get a CS generator; Because I'd be taking the CS for at least a year for an infection that had gone on for ten years. I gave instructions on use.

Replied by Panicos

Hi Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc

Ok, thanks. On Wednesday, I will have both CS and DMSO which is reagent grade.
Question 1: Is reagent grade good?

I already have made a CS generator with a 32volt charger and 99, 99% pure silver wires but never actually used any because I don't have distilled water. They sell it pretty expensive.

Question2: Is de-ionised water any good? It has a conductivity less than 0, 1ms/cm. Is it good for the job?

I must find a way to make sure my homemade CS is good but I don't feel and sore throat to test it.

Question 3: Any other way to test it? If not, I found a 20PPM CS. Thanks.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Dear Panicoa,

You say you made your own CS generator!!!! YOU THE MAN.

First, Reagent grade is industrial...that will have some impurities. Don't use it. Order from Dr Jacobs or look on net and find a pharma grade...saw one from Genesis.

Next, go ahead and make the CS using the "fast" method I described. I assure you that the fast way works and is effective. Start up now drinking two tablespoons am and pm on empty stomach.

You'll know in two weeks if the CS is working. Energy is first to start coming back. But cautious. Her immune system is "nothing" and she is in danger. Don't let her physically over exert. Don't forget to do the irrigations...sinus and ears. Also gargle and let drain down throat.

When the right DMSO arrives then do the combo DMSO/CS apps to base of neck and spine... You'll know if this is viral in the thirty day trial. Keep the journal faithfully to have an empirical basis for determining whether the CS is improving her condition. But do give it thirty days at least.

I can give you a fairly accurate prediction of what you should expect to see re her condition change and when if you wish. Look back on previous posts to see some balance, headaches (duration, intensity, severity) nausea, energy levels. This is the key to knowing the truth: IF in ten days her energy begins to really improve (say 20 percent) then you will know you're on to something. That will be too soon to impact the headache/balance issue although the balance might be a little improved because the labyrinth will be rid of virus.

Have you obtained the Calcium AEP yet. That is a vital part of the program.

Please write back with details. Am thinking of you two and praying for you a lot.


Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Dear Panicos,

Forgot to comment on water re CS generation. I use charcoal filtered water but the DMSO / CS to be used on spine and base of neck, can you find reverse osmosis? The water for that process is important. It is going straight into the brain. Charcoal gets out chlorine but not fluoride. I've used the charcoal filtered water many times on base of neck...on myself (with DMSO). No issues. But the purer the better.

Replied by Panicos

Dave hi, and thank you for thinking of us/offering your advice/taking time to help us. I feel it will work! (since modern medicine seem to be unable to help) So I need to get things done.