Mystery Diagnosis


Posted by Vanessa (Amsterdam, Netherlands) on 08/07/2011

What's going on with me? Small supplements now seem overpowering as if I took a mega dose. Even food unless it is really simple gives me lethargy and upset after. The sun is even giving me sun rash. I feel like my body is seeing everything as toxic or not being able to break things down right. My urine smells like ammonia, my stools are light colored, my skin is so itchy, I have non-healing eczema and groin boil past several months. I wake up with a dry mouth and very thirsty but with nausea. My blood sugar was a little elevated 119 (I had a little corn 6 hours before, didn't know I'd be tested). My Dr. is doing some blood tests but I won't know anything for a few days.

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Vanessa, if your stools are light coloured it means that you are not digesting fats properly. I would take some digestive enzymes for that and also probiotics.

For the boil I would read the boil section on earth clinic. Many people have had great success with tumeric.

I would also be working on alkalising my diet. I would go on a "greens detox. Juice all green vegetables and have that for at least 3-5 days. Take chlorella and spirulina. Youtube has a ton of info on juicing.

Keep away from processed foods and drinks. For the exzema people have had luck with cutting out gluten and seeing it disappear.

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

Yes boils around the behind and groin area are also a sign of high blood sugar levels. So it would be wise to start watching the sugar intake.

Replied by Anabela
(Leiria, Portugal)

You have mercury silver amalgams fillings in your mouth or you in the past have amalgams? Your symptoms look like mercury intoxication. If you decide it to take that you have to do some things to protect you.


Posted by Wongoblly (San Diego, Ca, Us) on 12/31/2011

Hi earthclinic, Ted, my first posting here. For the last 5 years or so when I go for a walk at night or anytime when it's humid outside any exposed parts of my body turn a redish color within about 10 minutes. Also true with a splash of plain water on my skin. This mostly happens on my face & forearms but it can also happen on upper and lower legs, stomach. I also get a flushing feeling. When it happens to my forearms besides the redness I get small bumps there. It reminds me of my reaction to niacin when I tried to lower my cholesterol with it. What's very strange I can take a shower without any problem. Thank you!

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