Mystery Diagnosis


Posted by Juno (Boulder, Co, Usa) on 11/09/2012

Hi--does anyone have any ideas? For the last couple of years, my husband, my son (early 20s) and I have had multiple health issues, but recently my son's health has become much worse. He is suffering from a very bad anxiety disorder and so far has not responded very well to traditional drugs. At the moment, I cannot imagine a straight withdrawal from these drugs (lithium, zyprexa)--so please don't suggest that, but I am wondering if there might be something else going on. All three of us have lost weight that might best be described as looking like we have very little body fat and very strangely, all of us seem to have lost pinkish facial/skin color. We all look quite pale, even in the middle of a recent Colorado summer. My husband and I, at least, eat quite healthily (and so I am doubtful this is entirely due to some nutritional deficiency) and we have always loved being outdoors. In addition, our nails are very brittle. Any thoughts/ideas are welcome--thank you so much for looking!

Replied by Anon

Hi, Sounds like various deficiencies - you could get a hair analysis done. Low b vitamins and low d can give anxiety/ depression. If you are pale with brittle nails it could be iron deficiency but you need a test. Where does your water come from? How are your neighbours? Just a few thoughts.. A hyperthyroidism causes weight loss.. Where my parents live my dad who was fit died of bladder cancer within 6 months his next door neighbour ( 10 years younger and very fit) died the following year of colon cancer very quickly the lady next door now has breast cancer and the lady opposite has some sort of blood cancer- yes they are all over 60 but could it be something in the water? My mum is fine but then she takes thyroxine( acts like iodine?) due to having a Thyroid partially removed decades ago..

Replied by Rob
Manhattan, Ny

1st thoughts are housing contaminants.. I would have your home tested for Radon, EMF, and mold, and water. Your living in Boulder Co. Where it appears that Radon levels are higher than average... check these to rule them out....

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

Because you say all of your family is having health problems I do think there MIGHT be something toxic in your environment. It could be the water. I only drink distilled water because I know my tap water is not safe. So that is an easy one to resolve. You simply buy safe water. I have been buying the Poland Springs brand of distilled water. Try that and see if it helps. There is also the issue of volitile organic compounds that might be a problem in your home. This is a more difficult problem to identify and remedy. Start with the water and see if that resolves this problem or not....Oscar

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

A quick follow up to my earlier posting:

There is the RADON poisoning issue also. And Colorado is one of the areas that has this problem. There are inexpensive radon test devices you can purchase to determine if radon is a problem in your home. There are remedies if this is a problem in your home. You can learn about radon in Colorado here:

Trying to help, ...Oscar

Replied by Juno
Boulder, Co, Usa

Anon; thanks for your reply and the suggestions. I doubt it's low Bs or D as I take both of those in good quality supplements (and have very good diet and am outdoors quite a lot). Could be water (neighbors are all fine, to my knowledge) and hair analysis is another thought. Thanks again!

Replied by Juno
Boulder, Co, Usa

Thank you, Oscar. Water is a possibility although it is supposed to be good in this area. I will check on it.

Replied by Juno
Boulder, Co, Usa

Thanks to you too, Rob! And yes, we have had house checked for radon and level is supposedly acceptable...


Posted by Kac (Winds0r, Ontario, Canada) on 02/13/2011

Been feeling this serious abdominal pains and discomfort over years. Been feeling pains, bubbling noise (abdomen cramping), feeling of pelvic muscle tighting and feeling heaviness in abdominal region, and lastly feeling fever for it sprouts out burning sensation... These constantly and continously happen! Kindly respond asap for your positive advises are welcome. Thanks in advance!

Replied by Merryanne
Orange City, Florida, Usa
120 posts

It sounds like you are eating something that is not good for you! I suggest you try elimenating different things out of your diet, start with a glutin free diet first.
Merryanne in Central FL


Posted by Karamjit (London, England) on 12/21/2010

Hi ted its karamjit here, I really need help. From last 2 month I have little pain in my upper back in left side I was using creams, pain killers and hot water bottle. I am working in cloth shop whole day heavy lifting bags folding cloths makes it worse. Slowly slowly it spread through my neck and behind the ear. I took painkiller and its ok. But last week suddenly I feel dizziness and I fell on bed. When I woke up my body was stretch. Doctor think it is migraine but they find it acute muscle spasm in my upper back , I got cough but I cannot blood is coming with mucus. Problem in sitting, walking eating and speaking They took my neck x ray and ct scan , nothing find out. Now I am only on painkillers and just waiting for the appointment of back pain physiotherapist. I am on bed from , last 1 week totally unable to do my daily routine, Please help me Doctors say it will recover in 6-8 week but I caanot lie on bed, I will lost my job. Please help me asap. I will wait for your reply.
Thank u

Replied by Sara
The Beach, Canada

I'm sorry if this has already been looked at, but has anyone thought to check your heart. Some of these symptoms are early warning signs of heart attack.

Replied by Calista
Zagreb, Croatia

Apply Castor Oil several times a day on painful parts of your body. It alleviates pain.


Posted by Kathy (Blue Point, N.y.) on 07/13/2012

I would like to address my post to Ted, or anyone else in our situation! My husband has been ill for several yrs, can hardly walk, has now developed slightly slurred speech, has been to many neurologists, ALS was just recently ruled out, currently seeing a Dr.who suspects one of the Cerebellar Ataxias. He has an Aunt & Uncle on his father's side that passed away from an unknown neurological disease. Possible Ataxia. We are scared to death, he has already been tested by Athena lab, & came back negative, however we were told there are new genes currently being added, he may still have it? He will soon undergo a brain pet scan. Is there any treatment he can possibly try?

Replied by Louwrence
Rustenburg, North West, South Africa

Hi Kathy, Please look up Sharry Edwards on the net & contact her, she is probably the only person who will get to the root of the cause & get your husband back to leading a normal life. Just type in her name. At least go to her website & then decide. She has cured the incurable & no dangerous drugs are involved.

Replied by Reader
Los Angeles

I wish I could help with telling you what this could be but I don't have a clue. I read your post and immediately thought of a case where a young girl was having similar issues followed by actual seizures. She took black walnut tincture for two weeks and the seizures reduced dramatically and after 3 months were extremely rare. In your case, if I were face the same issues, I would try the black walnut cleans as outlined by Dr. Hulda Clark. Do a web search and beware of the nay-sayers of her method. There are vids online and personal testimonials of just how effective the protocol is for a variety of issues. Good luck be yours!

Replied by Heather

Hi, it sounds a bit like myasthenia gravis - my mums best friend at college developed it in the 1950s - they were at teacher training college for sports teachers and she became weak on her feet- my mum said the first symptoms were the fact that she couldn't pronnounce the w in her sister Wendy's name and also she lost the strength in her arms to for example put clothes away in wardrobe and then walk. Nowadays I think this is a deficiency disease. You husband could have a hair analysis to look at deficiencies like copper. Even Alzheimer's could be a deficiency disease.. Best wishes x

Posted by Kathy (Cavite, Philippines) on 03/27/2011

hi my name is Kathy I just delivered my second baby cs section this feb. 2011 after one month began to experience burping that really dont stop.. And having problem sleeping its like I'm choking to death. Coughing wont stop.. somethings blocking throat and I have chest pain and having shortness of breath..

please help me.. I cant take care of my baby bec. my conditions.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

try "inclined bed therapy", google it, it costs nothing.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Kathy... You have a cough, blocked throat and constant burping which could be caused by the bronchial flap in your throat functioning incorrectly. This bronchial flap automatically closes when you swallow food or mucus to prevent swallowed matter going into your trachea and lungs.

If your bronchial flap is infected with bacteria, then it will not work properly and may be swollen or displaced creating a blockage -- which is what may be causing the coughing and burping. You probably picked up this infection in the hospital when you had your baby by cs.

You must first go to a doctor to get this problem diagnosed and confirmed properly as soon as possible. Ask for a bronchioscopy. This will not be expensive.

To help kill the infection:

* 2 tablespoons ACV(Organic Apple Cider Vinegar) then add 1/4 -- 1/2 tspn of Baking Soda in a half glass of water 3 times a day. You can buy _____'s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda (Arm & Hammer brand) in the SM mall supermarkets. Add the Baking Soda until the fizzing stops. If you cannot afford the ACV then just use ordinary vinegar or rice vinegar -- called DATU PUTI -- instead of the ACV. This will also kill the bacteria. Sip this mixture slowly to bath your throat in order to kill the bacteria.

* One teaspoon of Milk of Magnesia in a glass of water twice a day. You can also add 5 drops of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide(10% by volume) to this mixture for greater effect. This will also help kill any bacteria or pathogens in your throat and can even kill MRSA. Sip this slowly too.

* Drink fresh coconut milk on its own or with added fruit juice(fresh). The coconut oil in the milk will both strengthen the immune system and will also help to kill the throat bacteria.

Some ideas for you -- but you MUST first go to a doctor first to get your problem diagnosed properly as soon as possible since your ailment interferes with your breathing and could be life-threatening.


Posted by Kelly (Casa Grande Az.) on 03/16/2014

My son has been sick for a year, his spleen hurts him alot, he complains about it almost daily. He has been too 2 different doctors and the ER. Room in denver. They have found a spot in this kidney, his liver emzines were slightly elevated. All labs for every STD. Diese have come back neg. Twice. He is not on drugs not a drug user, but did have a girl friend that he found out that she has had a lot of partners, that why he has been tested ttwice, he has been so worried about a STD or worse, but nothing has appeared. Now his lymph notes in his body are swollen, neck armpits, throat, , , his body aches, and he tells me that he really dont feel well. The doctor, his prymary said,
He dont know what eles to do. So kevin's spleen is still swollen and hurts him and he has had diarrhea for a year also. Could you offer any ideas of something to do. Also his new wife is now having alot of the same systoms and my son is worried that what he has that he has given something to her, he has spoke to his doctor and they dont hear him. My son is a avid snowboarder, asst. Mngr. of colorado ski and golf. He was really healthy 35 yrs old. He says that he dont have much appetite anymore. He said he is going downhill health wise. Please any idea?

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Kelly from Casa Grande,

Re your son's condition...

My take on this: Your son's instinct is correct. He contracted an STD of a viral nature maybe fungal that is not registered as regular STD.

He is suspecting this (ask him if I'm right) because of the proximity in time between his relation with the former girlfriend and the onset of his symptoms. I'm guessing that is why he suspects STDs.

Well, so assume it is correct; that means he's gotten infected and so has his wife from an unknown virus or fungus.

I'd use LOTS of Colloidal Silver... four to five tablespoons daily on empty stomach AND Echinacea ... five drops in glass of water, three times daily for a full month. Use the liquid Echinacea. Also if me, I'd get DMSO and take ten drops of that and mix with equal amount of Echinacea drops and apply topically over the spleen. The DMSO will carry the Echinacea into the skin and into the spleen and kill the infection. I'd do that topical application three times a week for a month.

He will know this is working within a week because his energy level will begin returning. But the infection is all in his body so he must stay on the CS for six months.

Replied by Mike62

Kelly: Most of the time wild animals get sick during long droughts and harsh winters when there is not enough food to eat. Herbivores eat raw organic vegetation and carnivores eat raw green fed herbivores. Your beloved son is probably eating cooked conventionally grown food that is low in active nutrients and high in pollutants. This weakened his systems so diseases were able to cause illness. Raw organic fruit has high energy water so eat a lot. Berries are best. Make green smoothies from organic baby leaves and organic chili. For oil and protein eat soaked nuts and seeds or raw grass fed hamburger and raw pastured eggs. Keep fat below 5%/g. 1/2 saturated and 1/2 unsaturated. This may seen hard to believe but eating raw organic and grass fed whole foods prevents and cures all illnesses.

Replied by Karen

Please look into Castor Oil Packs. Do alot of reading up about them and see what you think. I used them to heal my son's infection recently and they really be miraculous. From one mama to another, please read about them! Please keep us updated!!

Replied by Mt
Ottawa, Ontario

Look into GAPS diet. A few youtube videos are available. Your son needs to heal his digestive system in order to recover.


Posted by Kim (California) on 10/14/2018 2 posts

Contaminated Bone Graft and esulting Aggressive Illness

Dear EC,

I hope that this reaches someone as I am in desperate need of advice and have nowhere to turn.

I have been following Ted's recovery and hope he is doing much better.

My problem is very unusual, at least I have never found anyone else with my symptoms. Some of it is the same as other's with Lyme disease, Morgellons, but the rest is not. To make a very long story short, In approximately 2012, the hair-like threads that had been growing through my skin, especially my neck, since about 2008, were identified as Nylon 54. A toxicologist told me I have had multiple exposures, but the nylon threads came from a bone graft that was used after a tooth extraction. These threads when visible at the surface, are machine-like, always equal spacing between each stitch. The bone graft disappeared from the tooth socket and migrated elsewhere. Some of the graft was found in my mouth and was identified as part of the missing graft. That is how it was found and analyzed. It was then that I was told it was cadaver and had come from an 80 year old Japanese male. This was also the same time when Borrelia Burgdorrfi was found, which at the time, I did not know was Lyme disease. There were also many other bacteria found in this and other samples taken from my mouth at that same time.

Over the years I have sought medical help, too many times to count, spent every dime I had and got nowhere. I did recently (March 2018) have 29 days of IV Rocephin, which I feel just made me worse and seemed accelerate my symptoms. To this date I still continue to just watch this “disease”progress and I am in such an advanced stage I don't know if I will survive one more winter, unless my miracle arrives.

I wish there were a check-off list for symptoms, because, I hardly have the energy to even type and it is too painful to sit here much longer. The worst parts have been the nylon threads that have morphed into thicker, hardening strands that are twisted and wrapped around my throat. Some are loops that intertwine and lock into each other. These are caught up in a net-like fiber that have hook ends. I can feel tiny disc shaped things and corkscrew shapes just beneath the surface of my skin. The threads cut into my throat and I feel like I am being strangled. One of these “things” came out of my neck and was also sent to be analyzed. There are photos and reports on this stuff, if anyone is interested in looking at them.These things release some kind of chemical that cause the most horrific anxiety (the word does not do it justice), that if you cannot find a way to stop it, dying starts to look like a much needed vacation. But, I don't want to die, I want to live, but free of this horrific nightmare that never ends. It is wrapped around all my extremities and is cutting off my circulation and now carving channels into my skin. It attacked my heart and I now have a pacemaker. I was told the damage was caused by a “ virus”. I have lost all of my upper molars, I can feel the thread wrapped around the top of my teeth. I had beautiful teeth.

I am 61, have lost so many years... My weight, most of my adult life was about 155, I am appx 5'5”, I now I weigh 112. I cannot absorb anything I eat and I do eat enough. It has the characteristics of a parasite, is always active at night and has infected my digestive system. I am extremely sensitive to electromagnetic fields.

My skin hangs on my arms and is rifled with the nylon. I look emaciated and compared to just 5 years ago, I look like I have aged 20 years. I have lost (or so I thought) patches of my hair, mostly in the front.. What I found was that my hair was growing inward under my scalp and down into my neck. It wraps around my ears and grows down into my neck from there. The threads are wrapped around each upper and lower eyelid and are coiled up under the upper eyelid. They have on several occasions grown into my eyes. The pain is excruciating..

There is a bright white fibrous material that has grown everywhere. It has twisted my spine. And is hardening inside my neck. How can a person be this ill, but no conventional doctor can see it. Neither can any type of imaging. I have not been treated very well by the medical establishment.

I see these same fibers in my husbands skin, but he has very nice skin, not dry like mine, so it is not as noticeable. His back has a herniated disc, L3, he has developed renal disease, and is in excruciating pain. He is 65 and was in very good health his entire life, up until about 2 years ago. I try to tell him it is probably the same or similar to my problem, at least some of it, but he is in denial. He has lost over 30 pounds.

This stuff sometimes shows up in photographs, but not in bright light, to the naked eye.

Both my husband and I are in serious trouble. Our dog is infected, too. To be in such a position, is, well, unheard of. I never imagined being so seriously ill and not have anyone to turn to.

I have no idea whether Ted has recovered and is answering emails. I was sure he would know what to do.

I have been following Ted's protocols for Lyme, Lupus, Morgellons, systemic fungus, for about 3 mos. I will be adding the Myristin, today, maybe that will make the difference. I have not seen any improvement, as of yet. That is why I am reaching out, hoping someone can advise me.

What I am currently taking:

ACV Baking Soda 2X Day

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B3 Niacinamide

Serrapeptase 60,000 units 3 X day


Compounded hormone cream

Diatomaceous Earth 1 TB every day

Borax â…› tsp with 1 capful H2o2 in a liter of water each day

Tetrasodium EDTA, in 1 pint of water, I take 20 drops 3 X Day and use it for soap

*I am not taking the Methylene Blue 0.1%, as I take medications that will interact with it. I understand it is an MAOI Inhibitor, correct? Is there a substitute that is not?

Potassium Chloride


I take a BP med because of pacemaker, a beta blocker and an opiod pain med for a back injury, (very little).

I also take a medication for ADD, that I am in process of weaning off, along with the pain medication.

I have access to a FIR Sauna, and hopefully soon to a salt water hot tub or a jaquzzi. Will these things help? Would laser remove it?

Would Nystatin be good?

Is there a correct dosage I should take of Myristin. I just received it in the mail today.

Is there any type of imaging that can “see” this stuff?

Thank You for any hope you may have to offer. Kim

Replied by Janet


This is a nightmare. You appear very well versed in Ted's remedies.

The first person I thought of is Tony Pantellaresco. He has Morgellons. He builds PEMF devices. When I contacted him for help, he immediately had answers and was willing to Skype if I needed.

I asked him a question in the comments on his You Tube videos. His remedies and work lines up with Ted's in a way. Although neither are aware of each other.

If contacting him in comments does not get a response. You might call his store. Herbs Plus Beadworks in Ontario. Someday I hope to get up there to thank him for the help he provided me.

There is contact information on his alternative blog. augmentiveforce


Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Kim, you might want to look into Healing Clay - as in mud baths etc.

Replied by Kim
2 posts

Dear Janet,

Thank you so much for the information. I will contact him and hopefully he will know what to do. I am so glad you were able to find help for your own problem.Thanks again.

Dear Mmsg,

Thanks for the suggestion. I will try it.



Posted by Kristy (Canada) on 08/30/2017

Sick for over 11 days

I have heartburn and extends to my back. And upset tummy and nausea. I have no appetite and I'm not sleeping well due to pain. Nothing I do makes me feel better. I have been to the doctor's for a CT scan, ECG, lots of blood work, scope, and an ultrasound. My gallbladder is inflamed a little just not enough to take it out, my white blood cells are low and I have low blood pressure. The doctors state they don't know what's wrong. Please help.

Replied by Charity
Faithville, Usa

if this was ME, I would take 2-3 activated charcoal at BEDTIME with 16-24 oz of water and put a good coating of castor oil on my core and go to bed . Then in the morning I would take some kefir 1/4 cup with some fruit or berry, Alpha lipoic acid supplement for immune health, some milk thistle for liver detox, some(3) apple cider vinegar in water with honey for gut health, some vit D-3/unless you have a nice tan, I always take magnesium citrate ( epson salt is magnesium as is milk of magnesia),

soy lecithin granules to make bad fats go out of the body tissues and some taurine to rid my body of msg in my cells and organs...both help relieve a distressed body

If you read this during the day give it the 1-2-3 punch then when it quiets down a bit add 4

Maybe some (2)pineapple/papaya juice or blended in a drink with a bit of Kale for the gut health, (1) ginger (candied from spice bulk bins or caps or just powder on food )for nausea, some (4)nutritional yeast for B vitamins to get rid of anxiety and help you digest food. A bit of (3)coconut oil, that gallbladder uses fat to make bile to digest food and you may need hydrochloric acid if the above does not help with some Ox bile to help get that bile flowing again.

whatever it takes, try to keep your organs, taking them out does not always make it better. Low blood pressure is a common issue with gut problems .Salt ( sea or hemalayan pink) raises blood pressure and helps with stomach aches.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Kristy,

About your 11 days of illness; my guess is a virus. For any mystery illness I try colloidal silver immediately. I'd take four tablespoons three times a day and if it a virus you'll likely start feeling better in a day or two.

Replied by Littlewing

Kristy – what PPM silver do you use when taking internally? Numbers are all over the place on this, I'm wondering what ratio works best for people. I usually stick with 10ppm or 25ppm for different problems. Thanks!

Replied by Fancier
Atlanta Ga

You have to find out what is giving you heart burn, your stomach has to have something in it to start the acids going. I know what u going thru I had ulcers and hiatel Hernia

I stopped drinking and eating any thing that was likely to give me heart burn and started eating chillies (peppers) with every meal. In 6 months I was cured so I'm talking fact I've been there. Bread tomatoes all citrus beer soda, stay away from all foods and drinks that will increase the acid in your stomach you can eat bread but not doughie bread that sticks to your pallet and stay away from pie pastries the dough brings on more acid.

Pepper will not kill u, so good luck.


Posted by Lin924 (Panama City Fl) on 12/04/2015

I know this is strange, but when I lay down in bed, the bottoms of my feet start feeling hard (in my mind). Actually they are not. (daughter tested them) I move the least little bit and it stops. I can't get a good night's sleep. Any suggestions ?

Replied by Linda

I put cayenne powder in socks and wore them to bed. Not only did it stop the weird feeling, but also stopped RLS. I have MS, so all kinds of weird things happen.

Replied by Rsw

Hi Linda,

Hope you have discovered LDN ( to stop the progression of your MS. Effective in 85% of people with MS in stopping progression. An out-of-patent, FDA approved drug, no side effects except possible sleep disturbances for a few weeks which can be remedied by taking it in the morning, used in very low doses of 1.5 - 4.5 mg, by mouth. The above website gives the site of an LDN Yahoo Group (run by a Harvard educated MD) with over 12,000 members, about half of which take it for MS. (It is also very helpful in Crohn's disease, Stage lll trials are underway by Dr. Jill Smith now, and many other autoimmune diseases and even cancer). It modulates the immune system so your body can function more normally. Hope this information helps someone who is new to Earth Clinic. Best wishes!


Posted by Lisa (Gothenburg, Sweden) on 07/16/2014

Dear friends! I really need your help! My mum has suffered from extreme acid in her mouth, followed by backpain and feeling of pulsating and painful stomach ulcer. According to gastroscopy, there are no ulcers, but she suffers and the butchers keep giving her more anti-acids. What could this be? She has suffered a heart attack and is on a lot of medications that she does not plan to stop, but due to back pain and palpitations, she gets scared for her life every time.. Please help, what is this, and how do I help her?

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Lisa, a safe and gentle way to start might be to upgrade her diet to a more alkaline one.

Replied by Cda
Tucson, Az.

Lisa, your mom may need to alter her diet to eat more raw vegetables or take digestive enzymes to aid her in avoiding the reflux. Perhaps she needs core-strengthening exercises to sidestep the back pain, or is the "back pain" in her kidneys? If so, the herb Red Clover can cleanse them. Palpitations of the heart point to major mineral deficiencies, particularly Potassium, which can be supplemented through capsule or diet. Molasses is rich in Calcium, Potassium and Iron, and while the heart also needs vitamin D3 ( adequate sunshine), and Magnesium, it's at least a good start in getting the Potassium one needs. For stabilizing the heart rhythms, it is often taken daily, as the heart needs its essentials daily. With Blackstrap Molasses, a teaspoon to a tablespoon, depending on weight and whether one has eaten or not, seems to be sufficient. Taking too much on empty can result in a loose stool.

Posted by Lisa (Marrakech, Morocco) on 03/07/2010

Burning, red face

I need help diagnosing a problem my husband has been having on and off for the last 3 months. The skin around his lips and on his cheeks is bright red and the burning is VERY intense. He is olive skinned, but it looks like he has a terrible sunburn. Now it has become very dry and the skin is peeling off. His cheeks are somewhat swollen, too. At first we suspected he needed to detox and he has been taking herbs for that, but the condition keeps getting worse. He did see a doctor who did some bloodwork and an ultrasound on his abdomen and everything checked out fine. We are desperate for any ideas. It doesn't look anything like rosacea, but after doing an internet search, I can find nothing similar to what he has. We are living in a foreign country and I don't have a whole lot of faith in the doctors being able to diagnose this. Any ideas would be appreciated!

Replied by Tinkerbell
Austin, Tx

Sounds to me like a horrible case of dermatitis or eczema. You should get extra virgin coconut oil and have him take it as a supplement as well as put it on as lotion all over his face. It's either that which is a great natural treatment or you can pay hundreds of $ on steroid creams which work too but also have major health side offects. Your choice :) hope this helps.

EC: Warning re: coconut oil! Two people recently reported a terrible rash as a result of applying coconut oil!

Replied by Merryanne
Orange City, Florida, Usa
120 posts

Hello Lisa,,,this would be only a guess but if you are in a climate that is hot, he may either have a fungus or skin mites or an allergy to something, go to the ailments section and read about them, and treatments,,good luck,, Merryanne

Replied by Piper
Toronto, On Canada

I had this last week. Skin looks and feels like a chemical burn. Little blisters/pimples on lips. It is rosacea. I had it once before and it was like an itchy, bad acne break out. This bout was just as you described. I couldn't put the medication cream on, my skin was so raw. I just hydrated it, tried to get it to heal. Didn't go out because it looked bad and I couldn't cover it up with makeup. You can read how I treated under Rosacea.

EC: Rosacea remedies page is here:

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

I had this experience numerous times after I separated from my first husband. It would flare up and then linger for about a month. The bouts would occur when I was under incredible stress which of course, often happens in a separation or divorce. My skin all around my mouth would turn flaming red and puff up and distend! It was horrible and painful as the skin would be so taut it was hard to move my mouth and talk. It would then calm down after a couple of days and then the skin would completely dry out and then the process of peeling would begin. I would just try to keep it hydrated. In the swollen process it hurt first and then was followed with itching. Mine was completely related to emotions. Is your husband under a lot of stress? Emotions are very powerful things and equally important to our health as well as what we eat. BTW, a year into separation and finding my bearings, I have never had another bout with this again.

Hope this gives you some insight into another facet, Peace, Lisa

Loren's Friend

Posted by Loren (Queens , Ny) on 01/14/2011

Hi everyone: I do hope someone can help me out here. One of my best friend's daughter who is 9yrs has suddenly got very ill. She first complained of feeling dizzy which got worse to the point where she cannot go to school anymore. Also she constantly complains of stomachache and the whole week passes without her having a bowel movement. Every test possible was done but docs cannot find anything wrong with her. Any info/opinion on whats going on here would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Ec. You guys are the best!!!

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines

Hi Loren... The symptoms you give are not much to go on, but the stomach ache, hard stools etc could relate to intestinal/liver problems or even candida.

Since the doctors are unable to diagnose the problem what I would do is get a sample of the girl's stool and have it analysed for things like candida, IBS, H. Pylori etc. The second thing I would do is get a hair sample from the girl in question and have it properly analysed for mineral/vitamin deficiencies (not expensive). This will give you a much better idea about her rea problems and condition.

The last thing I would do is to protect the young girl's liver -- since this could also contribute to her intestinal problems. Taking Alpha Lipoic Acid, Selenium and Milk Thistle(taken with Vitamins C, E and Vitamin B50 is also beneficial and synergistic) will help to protect and revive the young girl's liver. This also helps to generate Glutathione which works to remove poisons and toxins from the blood -- also highly protective for the liver. Giving the girl Virgin Coconut Oil capsules will help to revive her intestines, soften her stools and also will help to protect her liver. I used VCO when I had candida - and when I had candida I also had very infrequent bowel movement and stools like concrete -- which was completely and gently softened by the VCO in just over a week.

See these links here for more information:

Coconut Oil Research

If you have confirmation that the girl is suffering from systemic candida -- then follow the candida protocol here:

Anti-Candida Protocol(See Bill from San Fernando's post)

At the moment I can't really tell you for sure what the little girl is suffering from -- not enough diagnostic info.

Replied by Loren
Queens, Ny

Bill from San Fernando: Thank you for your prompt response to my query. I really am grateful. I'll forward this post to my friend and hopefully this can help them during this difficult time. Thank you once again and I am sorry I could not give you more info to work with. As I mentioned, the docs are not saying much. God Bless


Posted by Luke (Chino, Ca) on 09/26/2010

EarthClinic please help. I have bed-ridden for the past two years. I received my latest lab results yesterday. Here are a couple that caught my eye:

Serum Chloride - 97 mmol/L (RANGE: 97-108)

Serum Calcium - 10. 1 mg/dL (RANGE: 8. 7-10. 2)

Serum Prolactin - 21 ng/mL (RANGE: 3-18)

I am a 22 year old male, weighing in at an alarming 130 lbs. I have lost about 25 pounds of weight over the course of two (2) years, not trying. Luke

Replied by Tricia
86 posts

Luke-you need to provide more information. Blood result levels will vary for every individual. Some people are naturally high or low in some components. Elevated prolactin levels can cause problems but this would not be the reason you are bed ridden. Let the readers of the site know more about your symptoms and what has been ruled out to date and they may be able to be more helpful.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
384 posts

The blood tests won't mean much for me. I need to know why bedridden. Weight loss due to an unknown disease of sometime spells immune issue, where the body steals glutamine, needed to fight off a disease. Usually a person with a severe weight loss, if disease is determined also is sometimes gained by taking some amino acid such as glutamine, alkalization, hydrogen peroxide, and most of all vitamin B complex, B50. An under arm temperature lower then 98 degree celsius on average or most of the day usually is low Basal Metabolism as being the cause of thyroid, and hence a natural thyroid is helpful, as well as 1 drop x 3 lugols solution. However, there is not enough information here to know why being bedridden. The numbers are still within the range except for prolactin, is sometimes due to high stress, but not really too high.


Replied by Etexan
Houston, Texas

Luke, have your parathyroid hormone checked out. High serum calcium is one of the indicators of this disease.

Please read through this website first though. Lots of great info on this hidden disease. Good luck.


Posted by Mallyboo013 (Coon Rapids, Mn, Us) on 12/19/2011

I woke up this morning to find that the whole bottom of my face, chin and cheeks, are numb and swollen. My right ear is ringing and loud noise makes it ringing loud and makes my head pound. I have no pain in my ear but I can tell that it is plugged up and I can't hear very well out of it. This just happened in the 2 hours I fell asleep. The numbness is starting to spread down my neck and to my shoulders. What can this be??

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

Dear Mallyboo, Those symptoms could result from a number of things, some of which are serious. Please see a doctor as soon as possible if this condition persists or gets worse....Oscar

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia

I agree, it sounds serious and is probably out of the scope of this forum for anyone to help you. Maybe once you have a diagnosis you can come back and someone may have an idea. I would seek immediate medical advice.

The only thing I can think of is Bells Palsy. I looked up Bells Palsy under Ailments and found this:

  • "I awoke about a year ago with one side of my face severely swollen and paralyzed. My ear was bothering me and I thought it was just a very bad ear infection. When I went to my doctor he said I had Bells Palsy"

If it is Bells Palsy go to youtube and search "Bells Palsy Acupuncture". The acupuncture works to stimulate blood flow back to the area. There is a girl on there who videotaped her whole healing process with bells palsy and acupuncture. It did take her a long time but it worked.

As Oscar said though get a diagnosis first.

Replied by Jen
Bozeman, Mt, Us

I hope you have already gone to the doctor by now but if not go now. This could be heart related and you should never take chances with your ticker. If you have any niacin take it as there is evidence that it is helpful for heart related issues. Drink some tea with cayenne, garlic, and ACV. These are helpful for heart issues as well as immune system issues.

It could also be an abscessed tooth or sinus infection. Some abcessed teeth will make one side of your entire face swell up and there isn't always pain. When an abcess is bad enough to cause swelling and numbness it can be very serious so don't mess with it either. You might try drinking Jean's Tomatoe Tea which is delicious and helpful for sinus issues and also has garlic and cayenne which is good for your heart.

Replied by Tara
Boca Raton, Florida

My father was in the hospital a few weeks ago with very similar symtoms. He woke up in the middle of the night with paralysis on one side of the face and he could not shut his right eye. The whole right side of his face was numb and drooping. Because his father had a stroke at a young age, he took the symptoms serious and rushed to the E. R. He was diagnosed with a form of Bells Palsy called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. What indicated this "syndrome" was a single scab on the outside of his ear, in lieu of the ear pain. This is caused by the Shingles virus which is the same virus that causes chicken pox. The blisters can be found in the mouth, face or go undetected deep inside the ear canal. This syndrome or virus may also cause intense pain and discomfort to the region affected. The E.R. Dr recommended acupuncture to ease the symptoms.

I immediately put him on the EVCO (extra virgin coconut oil- unrefined). He is consuming 2-3 T per day in addition to applying it topically to his entire body as a moisturizer. Since he had a lot of viral symptoms, fatigue, malaise, etc. it was important to start slow as not to shock the system with too many protocols at once. He also had severe pain inside the ear. He is also taking L-lysine 2 x's per day.

The virus seems to have run its course. After 3 weeks you can hardly notice the paralysis and he is feeling better. I hope this information helps.

Replied by Tara
Boca Raton, Florida

P. S. Did you have a noticeable rash, blisters or any site of skin eruptions in your mouth or around your ear, etc.? Sometimes the blisters aren't visible if deep inside the ear canal... that symptom would point to ramsay hunt syndrome which is essentially adult chicken pox...

Either way, I hope this information helps and I do hope you feel better.

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia

I also read that someone soaked colloidal silver on a cloth and left it on his face for awhile. This killed the virus. You could also take colloidal silver internally.

Replied by Faith
Forest Park, Ohio

Check for MOLD, it could be impacting your child and not you. Or, it could be impacting you and you may not be aware of the symptoms...


Posted by Mama (London, Ontario, Canada) on 11/09/2010

Hi my name is Mr. Kelly, Here is my problem in a nutshell. My neurotransmitters misfire. I am unsure what my levels of Serotonin and dopamine are to be in my body, but if there is misfiring going on I'll bet their out of whack. Folic acid, also called folate, is a B vitamin that is often deficient in me. The last time I was in the hospital vitamin B was way down. Also magnesium is needed for serotonin production. So I'm willing to bet it is low too. To add to things my doctor also told me my testosterone was way to high. Should I ask for a blood test to see what is what. Where to begin, and what to do is the question. I want to get off all these depression and anxiety drugs. Mr. Kelly

Replied by Traveler
San Antonio, Tx

Look into Unsulphered Blackstrap molasses which has magnesium and folate. I'm not sure how the iron might affect you but it might be worth looking into.

Replied by Crystal
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Usa

Hello, This may seem like an odd question but I suffer from seasonal allergy. I always smell this foul smell in my nose. Other people can smell it too, its not bad breath but due to allergies. I read about mixing apple cider vinegar with water and dipping cotton ball and putting it in your nose, by inhaling that, the smell would go away. But my question is, is it safe to inhale vinegar directly? Please help.

Replied by Eve K
Houston, Tx

You don't need to inhale, just rinse your sinuses. I suggest using a neti pot or sinumed bottle, dilute the ACV with warm (not hot) distilled water and gently rinse it through your sinuses. In fact, you could try just rinsing the usual sea salt-distilled water combo first, before resorting to the ACV. It is probably going to burn so you really need to dilute it. You can also rinse with hydrogen peroxide (also diluted in warm water). You should not swallow much, it should go in one nostril and come out the other. If congested, take guafenesin (sp?) tablets (sold in the drugstore generically or as Mucinex D) to loosen the gunk up, drink plenty of water. You might also just drink some warm water with ACV (sweeten if you like) to relieve the congestion.

You may not feel congested (breathing fine) but the odor is most likely from mucus and bacteria that have set up housekeeping in your sinus cavities. If you are taking antihistamines for your allergies, you need to be rinsing daily, drinking lots of water, and probably taking the herbal decongestant regularly, because the antihistamine will keep your sinuses from draining (as antihistamine is supposed to do), but this means you will be prone to infection because the bacteria and mucus do not drain out. So, you need to help get that bad stuff out. I hope this helps.