Mystery Diagnosis

Calendar Your Ailments
Posted by Alelen (Poland) on 12/20/2018
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First the diagnosis. Calendar.

Often suffering from ailments for a long time, we can not determine what is the main reason for our health problems. Reading a detective's book, I found a valuable clue: When you do not know what's going on, write a calendar. I applied this advice effectively to determine what I am.

Two calendars were created in this way. On one of them I wrote years from my birth, and slowly making memories, I wrote down my ailments and situations, small and large, and the circumstances of these situations. Not everything can be recalled immediately. Sometimes they can suggest something to their loved ones. The creation of this calendar took a while. but it has led me to the trail, and to the realization of various matters of relevance to my health, which I have not previously linked, that may be the cause.

The second calendar, I started to write on a regular basis. At the end of the day. I wrote how I felt and what I ate, as well as circumstances (in general). Often seeing the main problem with health, we do not notice any details that are also important in the diagnosis.

This gives you the opportunity to see the possible causes and consequences and the frequency of problems in time.

It gives the possibility of more effective use of the funds and reduces mistakes in, for example, supplementation or used herbs.

I apologize for any mistakes in the text. I'm using a google translator