Mole Remedies

Nov 28, 2016

Many natural treatments are effective for safely eliminating moles. These treatments include the topical application of tonics including apple cider vinegar and others. These treatment options are safe but may still cause slight skin irritation if not applied appropriately.

What Are Moles?

Moles are common growths on the skin that typically appear black to brown in color. Moles may occur individually or in groups anywhere on the skin. Most moles appear in the early years of one’s life but may continue changing or growing later in life.

Moles are caused by the growth of several cells in a cluster rather than being spread out. As the cells are concentrated so is the pigment naturally found in the skin, causing the dark color of moles. Additional life changes may also cause the change of moles.

Natural Mole Removal Remedies

Mole removal involves the careful application of effective treatments. Apple cider vinegar and garlic can be applied directly to a mole and function essentially to burn the mole to eliminate it. Additionally, iodine functions in the same way but is much less abrasive than vinegar or garlic.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a natural diluted acid. As such, the vinegar works to safely burn a mole and removes it. Treatment generally involves daily application of apple cider vinegar to the mole until it has turned black and become a scab that falls off.


Garlic is an herb used for treating a variety of health conditions. Concerning moles, garlic’s natural enzymes break down the clusters of cells that cause moles. Additionally, garlic works to naturally lighten the pigmentation in moles.


Iodine is a naturally occurring element that aids in the regulation of the thyroid and other hormones. When applied topically to a mole, iodine penetrates the cells and naturally eradicates them.

While moles are common, their appearance may be disconcerting for some individuals. Natural treatments can effectively eliminate moles without the need for surgery or other more invasive treatments.

ACV, Garlic and Iodine  

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Posted by Jessica (Kansas City, MO) on 08/07/2007
5 out of 5 stars

After reading the mole remedies on this site, I decided to seperately test the Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic and Iodine on three different moles. These are my results:

ACV--It completely removed one mole in 5 days. After "scratching" the mole with a clean needle, I soaked a small piece of cotton in ACV and placed it on the mole with a bandaid on it overnight (did this for 5 nights). During the day, I dabbed ACV on it a few times. During this time period, the once raised mole (the size of a pea) became flat, then black, then peeled off like a scab. The only problem was that I did not protect the skin around the mole with vaseline, because I couldn't get the bandaid to stick to my skin if I used it. Because of this, the skin around the mole became quite burned. It looks pretty bad! I'm trying to heal it up with Coconut Oil. But, personally I'd rather have a little burned skin than a nasty mole!

Garlic--the garlic worked pretty fast on another pea-sized mole, but again, I burned myself by not protecting the surrounding skin. And I really disliked smelling like garlic all day! The garlic worked in two days. The mole puffed up and blistered and then came off like a scab. Beware--this stuff really burns, so watch out for the healthy skin!

Iodine--I had a slightly-raised mole that basically flaked off after 7 days of using iodine on it 3 times per day. It takes a little longer to work than garlic or ACV, but NO burning!

With each of these remedies, I scratched the mole with a needle before applying the stuff. I think that helps to really get the substance in the mole in order to breat it down. Also, where the moles have fallen off I have scars. One of the rather large moles made a keloid-type (red, raised) scar. I'm applying Coconut Oil to all of these hoping to speed along the process. Finally, I tried these remedies on moles on my body--not my face. I can't recommend doing that, unless you understand you will have a noticable scar.

Replied by Rivercrosser

Hi Jessica, I tried the garlic method on my moles for 2 days only. I do not perceive any sign of them becoming scabs, rather, they become more protruding and bigger! Is that normal? I get a bit worried and feel like trying the iodine method instead. Any advice? Thanks much.

Replied by Kelly
New Market, Tennessee
0 out of 5 stars

Hi, I'm trying the acv thing now after reading your account. I have a pea-sized mole on my cheek, and I think the acv is really working, but I was not careful enough the first time I applied it and got on my cheek around the mole. It left tiny little spots on my face that look like burns... is this something will fade with time?? I've been using aloe to try to clear it up. Thanks for any info.

Replied by Jenjen321
Edmonds, WA

For those who got burned with the ACV on the skin surrounding the mole, did the redness and irritation finally heal. If so, how long did it take and what did you use to speed it up. Thanks, Jen

Replied by K.L
Omaha, N.E.

I have removed several moles with ACV. Only one took more than a couple of days. I put moisted qtip and held till I could really feel it working. Would do this a couple times a day making sure only to stay on the mole or wart. After I felt like it was gone I cleansed and put hydrogen peroxide,.made sure to keep it clean and they healed in a couple of days. It is a good idea to put a little vasaline around the area you are going to treat to protect from getting burned. Just be sure you dont get it on the wart or mole. I would not cover it while healing as it tends to not heal as fast and will have trouble scabbing so it can heal.

Replied by Dinah
Hendersonville, Nc, Usa

I'm thinking about using this method on a mole on my face... what kind of ACV do you use? Organic or Diluted from grocery stores?

Replied by Danniella
Essex, Uk

I used the cheapest Apple Cider Vinegar I found in the supermarket. In fact it only says cider vinegar on the bottle. Don't know whether it was suppose to say apple in front?! Either way, the cheapest Apple Cider Vinegar got rid of my moles after about a week. Read my comments below though (and any other comments) about the scarring afterwards.

Replied by Jeje
Sabah, Malaysia

Hey... I want to know the kind of iodine you used to remove the mole. If I used the one for first aid that I can buy at pharmacy, will it work?
Please answer this... Means a lot to me.. :)

Replied by Ladybekzxxx
Perth, Wa, Australia
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I have been using ACV now for seven days on my disgusting moles, some are flat and some are raised. It took 4 days for me to notice any difference, but now most of them have shrivelled and are black with a scab over them. There is pink rings around where the moles are and is quite painful more than likely due to the acid in the vinegar. It seems to relieve the pain if I put moisturiser over it and aloe vera during the day. I only put Apple Cider Vinegar on at night after my shower before I go to bed.

This rot that people are saying to cut your moles to let the Apple Cider Vinegar in is pure dribble. Also apparently when they are scabbing DO NOT pick at the scabs, as it will lead to scarring. I'll keep on this website, till they are fully gone. Hope this has been some help :)

Replied by Brittany
Melbourne, Vic, Australia

I have been using the Apple Cider Vinegar for 3 days pretty much most of the day and night. The moles turned black quickly but now they have a white ring around them one seems to be a little indented but there soft to touch and not dry and scabby at all is this normal? thanks

Replied by R.b.
4 out of 5 stars

After reading the posts I decided to give the remedy a try on a mole ive had on my nose since I was born. The mole was raise and very darkly pigmented, about the size of a pea.

I used a safety pin to make laserations on te surface of the mole and at the base. Fair warning, there was bleeding and stinging. Using a cotton swab I applied petroleum jelly around the perimeter of the mole. Throughout the day, I dabbed the mole with vinegar, every couple of hours or so.

At night, I cut a thin slice of garlic about the size of the mole. Using the point of the knife I poked at it to get it juicy. I placed the little garlic piece over the mole and secured it into place with a bandaid. I left it on over night.

I repeated this method for five days. On the second day the mole began to scab over. After five days the mole looked pretty shriveled and was completely scabbed.

I let the scab fall off and heal. The mole was not completely removed, but I would say it is about 65% gone and the voulume of it was reduced significantly. I will be repeating the procedure to further remove the mole.

Replied by Zobo
Fresno, Ca

When you guys say "roughen up" the area first before applying ACV... do you just scratch the mole with a needle but make sure it doesnt bleed or what? Can you be a little more descriptive? Thank you.

Replied by Mikey
Mission Viejo, Ca

I found that instead of using a needle or a pin to roughen the edges before you apply ACV or garlic, using a nail file works well too and you won't bleed. Gently scratch the surface but make sure you dont't get the surrounding skin! Once the scab is formed don't pick it! Apply coconut oil or shea butter over the scab and surrounding skin to minimize scarring! Good luck

Replied by Bambi85

What do you guys think about dabbing some more avc or garlic in the crater, to prevent the mole from coming back? I presume it would leave a bigger scar... But it should also "burn" the root.. Right? Anyone tried it?

Replied by Patounett
Cannes, France

Used garlic to remove a mole for two days. Protected the area with vaseline but got badly burned around it... Not good... Shouldn't have tried it on my face. Would probably need days to heal. Not sure if the mole will fall off... turned black and dry...

Replied by Patounett
Cannes, France

The mole fall off... But still really red around it and a yellow scab where the mole was. Will probably use again this method with garlic juice only applied on the mole few times a day.... Garlic applied directly is just too strong...

Replied by Alan
La Habra, Ca
5 out of 5 stars

ACV worked on a big ugly mole on my chest. I scratched until it bled a bit and then dabbed it with ACV 2 or 3 times a day, covering it with a band-aid. About two weeks later the mole was gone, BUT, the scar was pretty noticeable from both the mole and bandage for about a month. Now, I can hardly see a scar at all.... Surely looks better than that awful mole!

Replied by Lesaccali
Sacramento, California

Ive been using Apple Cider Vinegar now for 5 days on a mole the size of a pea its raised.. I used an emry bord to rough mine up.. Not to the point of bleeding tho.. I think its working but the first few days it swelled up 2-3x its size.. Also mine is not forming a scab? Am I supposed to alow it to drie out.. Cause I thit you continue the process till it falls off.. In addition my mole is looking white not black.. But it didnt have a dark pigmant to begin with.. Any ideas or suggestion on whats going on.. Or a step by step instructions

Replied by Nobodo
Douglas County, Co

For those planning to use ACV on their moles: roughing up the mole ahead of time is completely unnecessary and does not help the process at all. Just apply the ACV to the mole for a few days and you will get results. You do need to be careful of the skin around the mole, though.

Replied by Nadia

Well, I do try a lots of thing to remove my moles: Avc, garlic. None of them working. Then I try put a fabric bleacher on my mole. The mole does removed but it came leave a very dark scar and burning :'( and it almost 6 months now. Doesn't change a bit. Is the scar permenant? I really want to fade the scar. Does mederma can fade the scar?

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

To Nadia from Malaysia, You state you had a mole, tried treating it with ACV, garlic, and other things including bleach The mole came back and now you have a dark scar.

You NEED to see a dermatologist. You are playing around with what may now be skin cancer. Skin cancer can and will cause other cancers. Quit playing around and have a qualified doctor take a look at what is going on. You have been playing around with this for over 6 months now with no improvement, but a worsening of what may now be skin cancer. A dermatologist can effectively resolve this. IF YOU DON`T wait too long....Oscar

Replied by Tory
Florida, US
5 out of 5 stars

Tried Apple Cider Vinegar on one mole and Iodine on the other. Both worked beautifully, but I do have reddening of the skin around the moles because I wasn't careful enough to protect the surrounding skin.

I have been rubbing 100% pure Emu Oil over the red spots and very mild scaring where the mole scab came off. It's only been 2 weeks and the skin is starting to look like new. Emu Oil is great -- worked for me anyway.

Replied by Kit
Colorado, US
1 out of 5 stars


A CAUTION about scratching or poking holes in moles. Cells absorb. Not worth the risk of turning something benign into something your body never intended.

I always first try castor oil, multiple daily treatments -- no burn, pain, nor scar. It only shrinks moles till they fall off, no harm to normal skin.

However, I don't know why (on me) it works on some moles and not others. For the others, I'm sorry I have to use vinegar. Its acid burn hurts and also damages normal skin. (Spray a weed with vinegar water -- dehydrates in seconds, instantly shriveled! )

Scarring and redness and swelling (fluid sent to counteract the dehydration of a burn) are to be expected. I found the pain sufferable, but I didn't care for it at all.

For scars from burns, I've had great success with what other commenters have said -- fresh aloe plant juice (if not allergic), needle-poked vitamin E caps for a teensy bit of oil, or aloe after-sun gel (those low-cost large plastic bottles).

Haven't yet tried Tea Tree oil for mole removal, but will, as it has been wonderful for other cures. And I'm also going to try dandruff shampoo -- how simple can you get! :-)

Replied by Markgbe
5 out of 5 stars

This worked great for me, I had a mole behind my ear since I was a kid(32 yo now). After poking and soaking once per day, it dried up and fell off with a little help.

I'm disappointed that I didn't try this sooner.

Be advised, it does cause a bit of redness which is temporary.

Replied by Cindy
Illinois, Usa

Maybe you could use a small makeup brush to apply the vaseline or whatever you're using to protect the skin around the mole? Or what about some kind of organic chapstick, instead of petroleum jelly?

I'm not sure about "scratching" it. I doubt it's necessary and it's a bit of a risk. Perhaps a hot compress, if one believes one must "open" it up for the ACV...

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo  

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Posted by Sandra (Vancouver, Bc, Canada) on 06/10/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I've used anti-dandruff shampoo first for a small fungal spot on my shoulder. I soon found it's great for all kinds of skin issues, though should be used sparingly on sensitive areas like the face. I've successfully treated acne, rashes, and a lifelong redness I had under my nose. I suggested my dad try it for his awful roseacia (not sure how to spell) on his forehead, and in 2 days the bumps were gone. They haven't come back yet, 3 months later. Redness of the skin will persist for a couple days. Basically, the salisyllic acid removes the top layer of skin and destroys any bumps very quickly.

Method of use- I take a pea sized drop on my finger tip and apply to a small area like lotion. You will get used to how much you can use based on skin sensitivity. My dad put maybe 1/8 of a teaspoon on his forehead (including some scalp as he is balding). When I used it under my nose for redish skin, I got my finger wet before putting a small drop (half a pea) on my fingertip. This made spreading a small amount easier, and diluted it to some extent. It almost developed suds/bubbles from the shampoo, but not quite. I consider this the greatest discovery! My doctor told me it's good for fungus on the feet and toenails, bearing in mind that toenail fungus is often unlikely to permanently vanish. At least you can keep it from spreading and ruining your ability to wear cute shoes! Good luck!

Posted by Dlaertios (A, Greece) on 06/28/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Anti-dandruff shampoo cures moles. All you need is to scratch your mole, massage and leave the shampoo over the scratched mole. It will make a scab and it will fell off. Scaring is minimal. Keep applying the shampoo until the scab falls by itself in about 2-4 weeks.

I have tried all methods and applying Anti-dandruff shampoo to a scratched mole until the scab falls is by far the best method.

Replied by Becky
London, England
1 out of 5 stars

Does this actually work as I have been doing it for more than 4 weeks.

Replied by Addy
Flowery Branch, Ga
5 out of 5 stars

I personally haven't tried the dandruff shampoo on my moles but I have had really good success using acv. I used the kind from my kitchen on one which worked with a little burning (not bad). I used organic acv with mother on another mole and it worked without the burning. I swear by it and now have a lot of people using to get rid of their moles! A note about dandruff shampoo, I suggested to my sister-in-law that she use it for rosacea and it worked like a charm! She uses it twice per week. Good luck!

Replied by Lee
New York

I have the same question. I've been trying it since the post showed up. Have we been tricked?(If so, at least it didn't do any harm!)

Replied by Dlaertios

Because this remedy will help many people and is the best of all, I like to give more help how I use it. I take a needle and scratch the center of the mole not healthy skin. Usually there is a little bleeding. Then I apply a brand of strong anti-dandruff shampoo daily (3 times per day usually). It scabs after second or third day. I keep applying the shampoo until the scab falls. Before you answer if it works or not please make sure that you follow my remedy. Thank you.

Replied by David
Os, Ms, Us
0 out of 5 stars

This is my first day trying the anti dandruff shampoo and my mole darkened is this normal?

Replied by Yiddo
London, England
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I used the shampoo but just rubbed it on my mole which is near my eye, the moles got smaller but the skin around it is real burned but at least its decreased. This method works if you apply it carefully.

Replied by John
Manhattan, New York

What do you mean my scratching the mole? Just scratch it once then put shampoo on?

Replied by Daisy
San Antonio, Tx, Usa

Anti-dandruff shampoo might work due to the fact the most common ingredient being salicylic acid which promotes turnover/exfoliation. I used the same on a recurring boil and it eventually shrank to never return. But be careful about sls and sles, I'd recommend using a face product that contains salicylic acid instead.

Replied by Sunnyapril
Santa Fe, Nm

To Addy from Flowery Branch, GA, Does your sister use the anti-dandruff shampoo on her face for rosasea, or on her hair? Thanks.

Apple Cider Vinegar  

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Posted by June (Ashburn, Va) on 12/14/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Apple Cider Vinegar for Mole (Weird Reaction But Worked!)

It worked! My experience was NOT straight-forward, but it did work.

First thing of note: the mole was checked by the doc prior to trying this and it was benign.It was on my right breast and was slightly raised but also deep in the skin. Dark-ish brown. I figured this wouldn't work in one shot because it's raised, deep, and I have pale white/sensitive skin. In all in took 9 days. Mine NEVER turned black, which freaked me out because that's what most people seem to experience. Mine turned green and brown and green-yellow and brown, which freaked me out even more. But remember, this isn't magic (even though this ugly mole was disappearing before my eyes). It's science. Be smart about your applications and responding to your unique situation and you should get rid of it.I have sensitive skin and it seems to me that leaving it on over night is not the best way to go because ACV is irritating. Even when I surrounded the mole with shea/coco butter, it still felt/looked irritated.

Day 1: I started on Saturday night. Light use of emory board. I did about 3 swishes, slow and light, back and forth, and up and down because I was scared I might feel it scrape. I didn't but I did see slight slight skin flakes. Bandaid and a piece of cotton dipped in ACV overnight.I woke up the next morning and part of it, the center/top, had turned almost a light green but I still saw the ring of the mole normal brown color around the green.

Day 2: Same thing as the first except that I didn't use the emory board. Resulted in no visible change to the mole or the green on the mole.

Day 3: Cleaned it and poked it with a needle twice (where it hadn't turned green). Bandaid and cotton-soaked ACV for 1 hour AM/PM.That night, the green turned brown and the brown covered -almost- the entire mole but the mole was still raised the way it was before I started treating it. Still saw a slight bit of mole around the edges.

Day 4: That morning, the brown was slightly darker and the edges were now covered to the skin line. Cleaned it, slight poking to penetrate the brown, and bandaid/cotton/ACV for an hour. My skin was slightly irritated around the edges of the mole but it looked possibly flatter. I showered again that night and did the same treatment for an hour.

Day 5: I woke up without any visible differences but the brown felt harder--closer to a scab--but still unsure if it was in fact a scab. Roughed it up a bit with a tooth pick to see if I could feel anything below the brown (I couldn't). Bandaid/cotton/ACV for 1 hour. Checked it. The brown had turned back to green and it was mushy. Like a very light green. It looked like how a scab looks when you let it soak. I washed it with anti-bacterial soap and let it breath all day. It dried to a light brown, had a white circle around the edge, AND IT WAS FLAT.

Day 6: Cleaned it with anti-bacterial soap again. Gently. It was gross! Again, green and mushy in the shower. This is where I started to get nervous. I felt like maybe it was infected or maybe it was really working- I couldn't tell! I decided to put a q-tip soaked in ACV on it for 5 minutes AM/PM. It was now 100% completely flat when the scab dried out. The scab was thick and dark brown, and the skin around it looked aggravated. But I couldn't tell if the scab was just a top layer and there was mole underneath or if the mole had been replaced by scab now.---That night I read that coconut oil is antimicrobial (helps eat away at moles) and antibacterial (helps eat away at infection). It also is soothing for the skin.

Day 7-9: Kept the mole-scab soaked in Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I never heated it. Just rubbed it into the skin, into the scab gently, and around the entire area. Then I put a chunk of the coconut oil under some gauze and soaked the mole-scab constantly. It felt amazing. I also read that the oil would help the scab heal more quickly and with less of a scar.

End of Day 9, the area is WITHOUT a mole, scab, or scar. It's just pinker than the surrounding skin, but not inflamed and red or anything.AMAZING! Life-changer. Can't wait to show the doc :D

Good luck!

Replied by Anurag
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Hello, as I am also using Apple Cider Vinegar for my face moles, I have lot of moles on my face, so I read abt acv, right now m using Apple Cider Vinegar its effect is good but little slow, I started 2 week before, I started using on my 4 moles at a time, in 4 moles 1 mole is near to my eye so I think bcoz m applying avc on that mole I have swelling near to my eyes, even swelling is near to all moles but the mole which is near to eye that look very bad, now m not able to understand should I continue or stop bcoz I can see the result moles r reducing in size so plz help me, I am using Apple Cider Vinegar 4-5 times a day, and bcoz moles is near to eye so m not putting any bandage over it.

Replied by June
Ashburn, Va

I would stop using it if it was near my eye and swelling. I would make sure that it wasn't infected and put something soothing on it like virgin coconut oil until it heals and then reassess.

Replied by Kaya

Hi, I'm currently doing the Apple Cider Vinegar method on an unraised black mole on my thigh (around 5cm wide)

I soak a cotton ball in Apple Cider Vinegar and stick it on with sticky tape and so far the mole has scabbed up but looks like its gone into the skin meaning that the vinegar has penetrated well under the mole and I'm scared there will be a big hole in my leg.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? I'm still applying the Acv as the scab hasn't completely fallen off yet.

Replied by Ben
Bremerton Wa

That "mole" sounds very similar to skin cancer to me. Please be sure to have a doctor check it. When the color is black like you mentioned then its possible to be a melanoma, an aggressive skin cancer.

Replied by Sybille
Upstate New York


a friend of mine had Basal Cell Skin cancer on the side of his lip and he applied a cream called "Black Salve" (ingredients: Red Clover, Bloodroot, Galangal, Sheep Sorrel) on top of the fairly large half Dollar size sore.

It was painful, but after 10 days the whole thing fell off and out and the clean hole filled up and was hardly noticeable after a few months.

Regular Doctors had wanted to remove almost a third of his face, that is when he tried this salve.

10 years ago one could buy this salve very reasonable at CanX Products, Nevada, tel: 1-800-996-3203

Replied by B

I've been doing the ACV treatment for a giant mole I have. It's been checked by a doc he said it's fine. It's gross though, it's a half in long protruding out of my belly button! I've been using Apple Cider Vinegar every night 8 hours a night for two weeks. I don't really see much progress. It has a couple small scabs on it but the last one I did (quite small) pulled away from my skin in 3 days. I figured by 2 weeks in I would see some separation? Honestly in the morning it looks agitated and swollen but an hour later it just looks back to normal.

Replied by Fizzickschick
New Braunfels, Tx

Ok here goes.... I noticed another bump on my face, right next to an area that started looking funny a couple years ago and now has a flat mole. I have lots of flat moles everywhere, always have. fair skinned. 41 years old female. certainly spent too much time "tanning" in the sun... im going to start using the ACV every day and see what happens. I guess you cant tell in my picture, but where the red area is (could almost be a pimple coming up but I know better! ) there is a faint dark spot like maybe a blackhead (but I know better! ) So this is definitely a "before" picture. already have ACV "with the mother" in my fridge.

Posted by Brea03 (Korea) on 11/11/2015
0 out of 5 stars

I've been using Apple Cider Vinegar for 4 days now. I got a mole under my nose just above my lips and got teased before. A little part of it is hard now and darker than it normally is. Is it scabbing now or what? I put Apple Cider Vinegar overnight.

Posted by Mal (Arizona) on 06/10/2015
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I did a ton of searching before I even attempted this..

I decided if I made it through this I would do a review in hopes to help others.

I had a slightly raised mole on the side of my cheek and I hated it. I had gone to the Dr. And it was benign. I asked him to freeze it off and he said No he would have to surgically remove it and it would leave a scar and stitch marks.

I've had them froze off in the past by a Dr. who is way too old to practice so I know freezing them works well. So I was discouraged and aggravated that he wouldn't freeze it off. I had to look at this thing everyday!

It always worked for me In the past with no scarring. Maybe I should have listened to that Dr. Maybe I should have found a different Dr. Either way enough was enough.

I wanted something done. After I read many reviews I decided to try the apple cider vinegar.

It was either going to work or it was going to be the dumbest thing I have ever done.

Either way, could apple cider vinegar Really work? Was I prepared? How harsh could it be right? I have very light skin. I am the one that got a scar from a briar 2 months ago on my hand and it is still there. Reluctantly, I decided to try this.

Day 1. I put vaseline around the edge of the mole of my cheek. (to protect the skin around the area I wasn't treating) I soaked a cotton ball, squeezed out excess and cut to size of area.

I repeated a few times that day and slept in it for 8 hours.

Day 2. I repeated again during the day and then slept again over night with the cotton ball and vinegar

Day 3. I will not lie....I was freaking out. I told myself... I better not apply any more vinegar as it was stinging, the mole was turning black and I was worried. (even though I had read this was part of the process....were they right? I mean you can't believe everything you read on the internet. :)

This thing was big, black, red around my cheek. I drove my sister crazy having her check it to get her opinion. I kept taking photos. Just checking and I was going to be so ashamed if I had to go in to tell the Dr. How dumb I was so then I felt guilt!!!

I was stressed with worry and fear and thinking....what have I done?

I am old enough to know better.

Day 4. I seen a little improvement but still black and Oh my....embarrassing. I was in hiding In my house. slapped a band aid on if I had to leave. The mole was forming a tough scab.

Day 5. Finally seen the light of Day. It scabbed over and I know you're not suppose to help it along....but tht black troll mole had to go. So I carefully and I mean Carefully peeled it back a little to help the process. I didn't rip and tug the scab. It felt like a hard resin.

Well the big black mole is gone.

I have a pink spot in its place really is the first day I consider the healing phase. I don't know what the outcome will be. I do feel that this will heal and it looks very clean straight across.

Would I recommend this or do it again? I am a chronic worrier and I don't like suspense. So for me? Probably Not. With that being said before even attempting this....get the mole checked. That is the number one most important thing. Get it checked!!!!

Talk to your Dr. Ask if it can be froze off.

I had a Dr. Cut on me on the back of my neck once to have a mole removed that was rubbing up against my shirt and now I have Frankenstein Stitches. Personally, I like the freezing method.

If you do decide to try the vinegar. Do so with care. Research, be prepared. Keep a sterile environment. Do not get It infected. stay out of the hot sun until it heals. Use vitamin E and Aloe vera Or coconut oil.

I am not recommending anyone do this. This review is based on my experience Only.

So now onto the healing phase.

Its bright pink. However, with what I dealt with earlier in the week this is just fine with me.

The area looks smooth, clean and like a bad zit that has been popped and irritated. Looks like a chemical burn. What ever you decide... good luck. This was an experience But I am too impatient not to know the unknown! Good luck!!!

Replied by Mackenzie

I tried the apple cider vinegar before and it worked great. Today I decided to try it on another mole. It is not working at all and I'm extremely worried, the mole became flat, multiplied in size and became grey/black. Did this happen at all to you? Thank you

Replied by Sally
Ontario, Canada
4 out of 5 stars

After reading and watching everything on the net about home removal of moles I decided to embark on my own home experiment. I have three raised ones on the right side of my face near my ear. The more I read the more I realized my "moles" are not ordinary moles but sebborhic keratosis. I'm day 20 in on this experiment with ACV. Initially I just applied an ACV Q-tip on the moles a couple of times per day, but after about 10 days I started sleeping with an ACV soaked cotton bandaged to my face. This has definitely helped speed up the process. The SK is still there, but much flatter. During the day I've been applying a bit of castor oil mixed with baking soda to it. It leaves my face a bit gritty feeling but I didn't want to smell like ACV at work. The castor oil/baking soda seems to help soften it up.

I'm encouraged and will continue with this treatment, and wanted to share with the rest of you to encourage you to remain patient. Depending on the size of the mole or SK it's probably not going to clear up in just a few days.

Replied by Anton

HI Mackenzie

I have the same - it has gone flat. Did you continue the process? Did resolve it? Thanks.

Replied by Chloe
Conifer, Colorado

Thanks very much for the thorough description. Covers a lot of side effects, so I won't worry or give up. God Bless You.

Posted by Jessica (California) on 06/01/2015

So I'm trying out this apple cider vinegar treatment. I absolutely dislike the smell and taste of vinegar and unfortunately I have a small flat mole right under my nose that I've been wanting to get rid of for the longest time. I've been using a mixture of castor oil and baking soda for about 5 nights and its definitely reduced in size but its taking quite a while. Before I apply anything I put coconut oil on the area I'm treating just to make sure my skin is safe and moisturized. For the apple cider vinegar treatment I'm dabbing a q-tip in the vinegar and applying it on the mole only, doing my best not to get it on the surrounding area. I will continue doing this every 15 minutes or so. For people that don't have a lot of time on their hands, I think I would do this treatment at night while sleeping. Of course you're not going to wake up every 15 minutes though so results may be different. I will update on how this treatment goes, fingers crossed.

Posted by Rachel (Canada) on 05/22/2015
5 out of 5 stars

It's been a week since my first mole fled, and just a few days since the second one vanished. I only applied ACV about 4 different times, but each time I was spending about half an hour dabbing an ACV-soaked q-tip on my moles. I'm removing four moles of different sizes. The two that are completely gone were just a few mm high and the area is still pinkish.

The other moles were larger and needed more applications. One was on my hip and I just reduced the size of it instead of removing completely. I may go back and remove it but for now it's just a small flesh colour bump 3mm high, healed VERY well/fast. The 4th mole was an odd shape (none were cancerous) so I'm not sure yet if it's gone (some of it was flesh colour). For this one, I taped a cotton pad on it a couple times and the surrounding area was damaged (regret that). My method:

Dip q-tip in a little cup that has ACV. Dab with precision right in the center of the mole. Wipe away excess, but try to avoid applying excess. When the mole has dried up a minute or two later, dab again. Don't scratch the mole, but you can take the q-tip and rub slowly at the mole, allowing the mole pores to stretch and let the ACV in. When it comes away from the skin easily, stop applying any ACV and then Polysporin for the wound until it heals.

Posted by Just Me (La Crosse, Wisconsin ) on 03/29/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Hello everyone. I just went through treating mole removal using Apple Cider Vinegar. I started my treatment on 3/22/15, used a cotton ball saturated with ACV. I applied this daily for 3 days, it flattened out, turned black, scabbed over, the scab has come off now 3/28/15. I also used an emery board to rough it up but did make the mistake of accidentally burning my skin surrounding the mole. I am currently treating this with bacitrin and Mederma. Has anyone had their moles return after removal? Good luck to everyone who may be contemplating on trying this, you won't be disappointed. I wish I would have known about this so many years ago, this is amazing!

Replied by Lisa

Just wondering if you burned your skin around mole...what did it look like? I did same thing same process as you I have a freckle on my nose..I dislike so much..I applied Vaseline around freckle its kinda tough to only get on the freckle not the normal skin..

So after applying Vaseline I applied Apple Cider Vinegar to the freckle and I kinda tried to poke at it a little it bleed a little.. I applied more acv..I noticed a white ring around freckle..and redness around 2 today.. I woke up horrified that it's red and that there's a white ring around freckle so I stopped applying acv...and all day I have only been applying aloe vera...

with your experience did you also see the white ring..and redness and did it go away and how long did it take to turn back to normal...for it to look not red or no white ring..does the white ring go away?

Posted by Lisa (Niagara Falls) on 03/18/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I used Vitamin E Oil around the Mole, apple cider Vinegar only applied to the Pea sized black Mole and to the bandaid, only applying it with a Q-tip to the area where the bandaid will be touching the mole. In about a week it was scabbed over and gone. I only had a wee bit of burning on the mole and found out that I'm allergic to the tape on the bandaids. Pretty much all healed up know with a minimal scar, which I am sure will also be gone by summer.

Replied by Tara

Hi, I have two raised moles on my cheek/chin area and I've heard good things about using Apple Cider Vinegar on moles to remove them but I've also heard about them getting infected, how easy is it for the moles to get infected when using Apple Cider Vinegar and should I do it?, thanks x

Posted by Jerry (India) on 02/19/2015
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I read about Apple Cider Vinegar and everybody's experiences so I thought of doing this on a mole dark brown in colour over my upper lip which I had since really long. I did the Apple Cider Vinegar treatment for over 2 weeks with stinging pains some nights, I left it in on overnight for over 2 weeks. I thought it was a big mole so it would take time. Finally for the passed 2-3 days the top area dryed up amd the scab came off tonight. But whats left of it is like I have picked off the top part of the mole and the lower area is still left. It's kind flat and dry from the center area and yhe lower part is way lighter than it used to be. I don't what to do with it, have I removed only a part of it or is it swelling only the middle part from where the scab came off has alreay got hair growing on it. Please help!!! Should I continue or stop doing it??

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Jerry, I would finish up the healing with green clay.

Replied by Jerry

Tryed putting the vinegar again last night and it was stinging so I guess the mole is still there. But I still am not sure. Please suggest should I be doing this or should I stop? I have a wedding to attend in the next week, I dont want this on my face, PLEASE HELP!!

Posted by Rebecca (Melbourne, Australia) on 01/04/2015
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

So I removed a flat black mole between my eyebrows three years ago with apple cider vinegar, and it didn't come back till last month. Do moles usually take that long to come back? I keep scratching the new one off (it kind of just looks like a very very light tiny freckle now but I'm scared it's going to grow to be huge again) so I don't know if it'll grow to be the same size or bigger than the old one, but it looks like it's only on the surface, which is strange. But every time I scratch it off, it comes back a few weeks later. Is this normal? Please help!

Posted by Trey (Los Angeles, California) on 12/11/2014

Hi, I have multiple moles on my face. They are all flat and their sizes range from a grain of salt to a dot made from a generic fine-tipped sharpie.

I have decided to use apple cider vinegar to remove them and I just want to know some tips to quicken the process and/or reduce the side-effects. Also I was not able to find any posts about people removing FLAT moles successfully - all I found were for raised ones.


Replied by Mr. Ree

Dab a cue-tip in the apple cider vinegar and then dab it on a few moles before you go to bed...It will remove them in less than a month...I would just work with a few at a time...You may also dab the moles another convenient time of the day for you.

Posted by Ally (Japan) on 12/06/2014
0 out of 5 stars

Hello everyone!! I love this site and I truly enjoy reading everyone's comments about their mole removal journey. I've had a small (3mm-4mm), flesh-colored mole above my lip for several years now. It causes me so much stress and, after reading this blog for awhile, I decided to give the ACV method a try last week. I roughed up my mole with a sterilized needle and surrounded the mole with Vaseline. Afterwards, I placed a Q-tip dipped in ACV on the site. Within several minutes, the mole had shriveled up and turned into a black scab. I left it alone for almost a week; however, I noticed that the skin around the mole site was red and raised. (it almost looks like I have a life saver around the scab). The scab came off to reveal a crater area, but the skin around it is still inflammed and red! Did I remove the whole mole or did I just doughnut punch the center of it? I have a crater, which looks worse now that the skin around it is still raised and red. Please help! Did anyone else experience this? I have been placing antibiotic ointment and Neosporin in the crater. Any advice would be much appreciated. I am so terrified that I ruined my face forever!

Replied by Timh

Make a small poultice of Comfrey Root powder and place over the affected area.

Replied by Rach
New Mexico, US

Did you ever get that outer area healed up ? I am going through the sane thing and I'm really worried... The scab came off today and I have the crater but the outer layer is raised slightly and brownish red

Replied by Jerry

Hi, I think even I am experiencing the same thing. Can you tell did it come out totally or what happened?

Replied by Jerry

Hey, I have the same situation. Could you tell me what happened to yours? What did you do? Plzzzzzz help!

Replied by Kt

Ally and Jerry: I don't know whether this will help you, but I'll tell you what happened to me.

Years ago I got an injection in my hip. The area at the injection site developed a huge crater and it was there a very long time. My PCP couldn't advise me but ordered a biopsy that was "normal". I cannot recall how long it was there but I started to vigorously scrub over it with the towel after I showered. Once in awhile I would rub/massage the area with my fingers and eventually it filled in...I just assumed the stimulation helped regenerate the skin cells.

Since the areas are on your faces, I would suggest applying vitamin E (pierce the capsule) on the area after massaging and before you go to bed to help reduce scarring. Apply vitamin E before exposure to the sun. It would be best to use a small band aid to keep it covered. Taking vitamin E internally has also been reported to help reduce scarring.

I hope this works for you. :-) ~Kt~

Posted by Fornickels (Long Island City, Ny) on 11/12/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Apple Cider Vinegar for Moles:

I did this for a small clear mole on the bridge of my nose. Worked perfectly with no burning, but I used vaseline around it. I'm trying it now with a larger, skin toned mole in the crease of my nose. This one is taking longer, on day two and still not crusting up. It's starting to get a little dry but that's it. Since this one is larger and clearly has a root, I think it will take longer.