Mole Remedies

Castor Oil

Posted by Mike (Chicago) on 10/27/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I've had mixed results with castor oil. Some moles would shrink in size instantly and others would take a few months. Some moles were not affected at all. I heard that mixing castor oil and baking soda would work well together, but it didn't help me at all.

Castor Oil and Baking Soda

Posted by D. Ron (Madison, Wi) on 10/06/2010
5 out of 5 stars

This seems to work for most skin issues such as skin tags, moles, warts, even skin cancer (removes the lesion/roots but does not heal the cancer):

Mix Castor oil with baking soda. Make into a paste, like tooth paste. Dab on the lesion and cover with a band-aid. Continue doing this until lesion fall off. Be patient. The area will heal without any scaring. Edgar Casey first recommended this procedure decades ago. When you remove a lesion with acid you will normally leave a scar. Baking Soda is alkaline and safe to use. My kitty Fonzie has a lesion on his forehead. We have been dabbing this mixture on his head when we can catch him. No band-aid. It is now just a tenth of what it was. Making a video of this and will post after the lesion is gone and his fur has grown back. I've used this on myself and it has always worked well.

Posted by Mary Jane (Hollywood, CA) on 03/28/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I've got an enormous of moles and a few skin tages. I was so excited to read that I can get rid of them so easily! I always thought they were permanent. And the one that the derm. removed a few years ago left a 'burn' scar, and cost me $120 (they didn't mention this beforehand either) I've been ridding them with the Castor Oil/Baking soda paste method. I read the AC-Vinegar works well, but since I had the whole bottle of Castor Oil, and I find that it does not burn the skin around the mole or skin tag, I am using this as my initial attack on the moles. I have a little advice for anyone curious about this method. It is basically very similar to the AC-Vinegar method, but just want to add a few helpful tips. I am still learning myself, as I realize that one method alone may not rid every mole I have.

For the purpose of these tips, I'll state that one 'application' would be considered 4-8 hours, which can typically be done during a workday or a night of sleep.
1. For the first 1-3 applications, nothing new might be noticed. This is usual.
*I've read that the ideal consistency is that of 'gum', and this has worked best for me. So make it more on the moldable side rather than too runny. You should be able to almost roll it into a little ball and stick it on the mole. This is also better so that the mixture doesn't leak out too quickly.

2. For faster results, 'score' the mole or skin tag (scraping lightly with a needle, toothpick or nail file) prior to each application.
**Please note that this will make the mole more tender and a red or irritated area will usually develop around the mole due to distress from the scoring. If your mole is in a visible place (on the face or neck) you may not want to score it. In my own case, I'd let them dry and scab up and apply light makeup since they were near my face or neck...and I was still presentable during the treatment! This won't hamper the treatments, it just takes more time. Either way, it should take only 1-2 more applications to get to the next phase.

3. Once you start to feel a slight tingling or burn, this means the mole is moving into the 'disintegration' phase. I imagine it as if the paste is literally eating away at the mole, at least that is what it feels like, and looks like afterwards. The burn doesn't have to occur for the treatment to be effective. I've so far only noticed it on moles, but not with skin tags. Sometimes I will place light pressure with my finger on the area if the tingling starts to subside, to make the most of the application. I feel that this helps to really dig in there and pulverize that thing! It simply feels like a tiny sunburn; and you will likely gain a tolerance for it.

4. I've noticed that some (bigger or raised) moles seem to be full of blood, and this disintegration phase will often look like a blood bath (sorry but that's really what it looks like) when you take the bandaid off, so take care when wearing an application if you are going to be out in public or with friends. Other moles just seem to flatten without the blood, but it's still good to be cautious during this phase, in case of a leaking bandaid. Nothing appealing about that!

5. Once the mole has significantly been disintegrated, use your judgment about peeling it off, or letting it heal. It seems each case is different, and there seem to be no firm method of what to do from here, so go with what you feel. Sometimes I let the mole rest for a day or two so I can truly determine what kind of progress has been made. Other times I just keep going at it. It's often hard to tell if the mole is gone, when there is a scab area, hence the uncertainty.

6. I also read that treating more than one mole at a time is not the best idea, because your immune system is aiding in fighting it off. I attacked quite a few big moles in the past few weeks, and I certainly have had some spells of fatigue that came out of nowhere; just something to note.

In any case, I won't hesitate to try different methods, or perhaps even switch methods mid-treatment. I am covered with plenty of 'beauty' marks, and once the big ones are completely addressed, I'll still be at this for awhile!

Replied by Sina

Using castor oil and baking soda every 4th day I peel off the thin layer of scab and mole is still there. Please tell me should I continue to apply mixture. Is it working or not? Please reply what should I do.

Replied by Polly

I have some tiny mole on my face - about six. I treated it with castor oil and baking soda only one of the mole got irritated and there was redness and swelling around the rest but the one that got irritated got dried and shrink but the other continued to swell my skin I used this method twice should I stop?

Replied by Ben
Columbus, Oh

How long did it take for your skin to come back to its normal color after your mole removed?

Posted by John (Anderson, SC USA) on 01/15/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Remove skin tags, moles, etc: A Cayce Remedy that worked for me was mixing castor oil and baking soda into a paste and apply cover with a bandaid is necessary refresh it till it disappears.Worked every time. John

Posted by Brad (Durham, NC) on 03/15/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Blood Root Paste did indeed remove a few moles from me. Each mole took a bout a week. It can be a bit uncomfortable and painful for a few days when it swells up. This method supposedly uses your own immune system. Those with auto immune systems may wish to consider this fact.

Since it became hard to find, I can also testify to Edgar C's baking soda and Castor oil method. (The Castor oil is Cold Pressed. Found in Health food Stores.Not the normal type found in Drug stores.) Scratching or pricking the mole, then applying a paste of the two ingredients, and covering with a bandage. The first mole I tried with this method was gone in 3 days ( takes a bout a week to heal after that.) I have 2 that are being treated right now. They are in the "blister" swollen stage on day 2. That can be a bit painful...but they should be gone in the next 2 days... This is suppose to work with warts as well. It did indeed get rid of a very, very small one on my penis.. it felt like a grain of salt under the skin... this took about 12 days... A much bigger wart on my toe that I have had for almost 10 years has not seen results yet, after 12 days... So it may be a stronger,older wart, or the method just might work better on Moles? Either way , it does seem to work on both.

Replied by Julie
Las Vegas, Nevada USA
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I tried the castor oil and baking soda method. I read on another site to mix it to the consistency of gum. I put it on and it immediately started burning! The burning got so bad, I finally had to wash it off.

Replied by Sina

I am using castor oil with baking soda since two weeks but there is a small hole I noticed on the mole. Should I continue with the procedure or is there is something serious happening?

Replied by Nanowriter
Hotspot, Tx

Sina, keep going. The mole is beginning to come apart. It will probably gradually slough off.

Replied by Sina

Thanks for your reply.

Replied by Sina

My mole was flat one. Now it I have noticed it is little raised like a pimple but it is faded now. Should I continue apply the mixture?

Replied by Mukesh

Hi Sina,

Did the paste work for you? Can you please tell me how long did it take? I have started the procedure from 3 days and have not noticed any changes till now. Thanks.

Coconut Oil

Posted by Nancy (Bangor, Maine) on 07/24/2009

I had a large mole on my breast, the cost to remove it was rediculous so I decided to try coconut oil. It took about 2 months of keeping the mole saturated with the oil, but it finally just came off in small pieces and has not come back.

Replied by Simbu
Brisbane, Australia

This is exactly what my sister did. She used Cold Pressed coconut oil. Rubbed it twice a day for 2 months and the moles on her face both rolled off one day in pieces. I did it for 6 weeks and did not continue all the moles reduced to one third of the size. I changed countries and had trouble finding cold pressed coconut oil. Back on it again as I have about 10 to get rid of.

Posted by Nancy (Orrington, Maine) on 06/17/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Coconut Oil Remedy: I had a very large mole on my left breast and was not fond of going to the Doctor's to have it removed.
I placed a fingernail dolop on a bandaid and placed it over the mole for approximately 8 weeks everyday. I could see that it was starting to disintigrate before my eyes. And it just seemed like suddenly it was gone. What a relief to not have to get it taken off by a Doctor.

Posted by Killer Bees (Brisbane, Australia) on 05/20/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Coconut Oil For Mole Removal: I've been using coconut oil for about six months now and it's fabulous for heaps of things. But something interesting I noticed was this. My skin pale and blemish free, but just above the right breast, I noticed a mole starting to form. It was quite large (about half the size of a pinky nail) and it was skin coloured. I don't expose my body to the sun and I alwasy use sunscreen, so I didn't understand where this mole came from. Over a few weeks, it started turning soft pink and it got me a little worried. I start applying VCO to it every night after my shower and every morning whilst getting ready for work. In about 2 weeks, it had just flaked off in the shower. There's no trace of it ever being there and the skin beneath it is the normal colour with no trace of a scar. I'm so pleased with the unexpected result, I've started applying it to the black mole on my lower back.

Replied by Killer Bees
Brisbane, Australia
5 out of 5 stars

Quite by accident, I found out that coconut oil gets rid of moles.

I had a light coloured mole on my chest which got bigger quite rapidly, but didn't change colour. It was still pinkish/flesh coloured. At the time I was using coconut oil as a body moisturiser. To my surprise, I discovered that the oil "loosened" the mole and it came off my skin without any residue or pain or scarring.

I have a large black mole at the base of my spine which has been there all my life. I'm now using the coconut oil to remove it too. It's become looser and softer as I deliberately target it with lots of the oil. I'm expecting it to come away in the shower any day now.

A word of warning though. Don't force the mole to come off. You don't want it bleeding and scabbing over. The oil will take it away without any damage to the underlying skin.

Posted by Gail (Winston Salem, NC) on 04/24/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I have used extra virgin coconut oil topically and internally for seven months. It is fantastic. I applied it topically to a pre cancerous skin lesion on my forehead at the hairline and within three days the lesion was gone! I wish I had known about the benefits of coconut oil six years ago when I underwent Mohs excision and plastic surgery on my nose for skin cancer. I could have saved myself a lot of worry, not to mention pain and nine month of plastic surgery procedures to reconstruct my nose.

Replied by Rutabella
1 out of 5 stars

I have quite a few flat moles on my body I wanted to get rid of. I didn't feel comfortable with scraping them with a pin and using apple cider vinegar so I used coconut oil. I bought extra virgin cold pressed organic coconut oil, the best quality. I have now been using it for over three months, morning and night, and no difference on a single mole or freckle. Very disappointed but I'll keep on using it.

Replied by Brooke
Montgomery, Tx, Usa

Castor oil mixed with baking soda into a gum like consistency also gets rid of moles, skin tags, warts etc...

Cold Sore Medicine

Posted by John (Terre Haute, IN) on 09/27/2006
5 out of 5 stars

For a cyst, I used cold sore medicine and it cleared right up. It was on the back of my ear and had been bothering me for years. Almost completely gone now after one night

Replied by Didi
Pelham, NC

Hi: Would you share more detailed info about what kind of cold sore medicine you used and how you applied it to your moles? How long did it take for the mole(s) to fall off? Please email me if you dont mind. Thanx alot!


Posted by Vinny (Sicklerville, NJ) on 01/13/2007
5 out of 5 stars

DMSO cures moles, put it on sparingly. i reccomend you read all about DMSO on the web first before you use it.

Replied by Sarah
1 out of 5 stars


DO NOT USE DMSO!!!! There are laws in place that DMSO is not to be used for humans, and this is for a SEVERE HEALTH REASON!!! DMSO is designed to absorb into the skin extremely quickly, and ANYTHING on your skin surface will also be absorbed with it. Toxic substances, topical grade treatments, synthetic polymers that disrupt the function of your body, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING will be absorbed into your blood if you come in contact with DMSO. That flea and tick medicine you put on your dog? It will go into your system. That pesticide you sprayed the other day? Now in your system. That cleaner you used 30 minutes ago to disinfect the kitchen? INSIDE your body and causing harm!! Also, the isopropyl alcohol you just used to clean the mole area is toxic when entered in the blood stream, but DMSO will deliver it there! Also, any lotions/vaseline/waxes/silicone based products you used on the surrounding skin will ALSO be pulled into your blood stream and cause adverse effects. If the waxes from a lotion form a ball in your blood, it will cause clots, leading to DVT, heart attack, stroke, or kidney blockage. DVT is dreadfully painful, if untreated you can lose a limb. Kidney blockage will lead to a buildup of your own waste inside your body, leading to toxicity. Heart attack or stroke can be fatal, and the drugs used to break up blood clots will not work if your clot is a wax clot and not a blood clot!! DO NOT MESS AROUND WITH THIS DMSO!!!

Replied by Tony
Tn, Usa

Hello Sarah from Nc:

Are you trying to tell people to completely stay away from DMSO? It seems by the way you replied that's your suggestion. I understand what you're implying but you seem to be going totally against all the healing properties of DMSO.

Can it be dangerous? Sure! You can say this for Colloidal Silver and the many other natural substances that can be absorbed into the body. We just have to be careful but IF you're implying not to use DMSO at all then that goes against its many benefits. Thanks!

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

To Sarah,

Re: Warning about DMSO

I've used DMSO for years...decades in fact. Just make sure the skin is clean and if using a cloth, it must be white so nothing carries.

I always refer folks to google "DMSO 60 Minutes Dr Jacobs You tube"

That's a great three part discussion played on 60 minutes and featuring Dr Jacobs, the MD who really popularized the substance.


Posted by Victor (Chihuahua, Mexico) on 09/20/2015

I have a big round mole, 3d shaped, on my face kinda like Enrique Iglesias had it, anyways I'm starting the garlic process, I already put garlic on the mole in the afternoon (yesterday) (I didn't cover the surrounding skin around the mole) and it burned my skin and made a big rash, I noticed the mole bigger and darker. I wasn't sure if to keep going or stop the process, I felt it dry later in the afternoon and thought "maybe I should keep going and dry it up till it falls" so I did my second time and left it for 4 hours then I took the cotton ball off and peeled the skin and part of the mole came off, now I'm been bleeding for 10 hours and have not stopped, seriously Iv'ed wasted 2 rolls of paper. I'm scared and don't know what to do.

Guys its a joke, it is bleeding but light, now I have garlic on it again, we see how it goes. Stay safe and be safe.

Replied by Shruti
Andhra Pradesh
1 out of 5 stars

I tried thrice the garlic therapy continuously on one mole. It dried up each time perfectly but when it came out the mole still is intact. It is as if one layer at a time it is coming out. What do I do? Thrice means three layers must have come out but still there's no difference to the mole.. How many more times should I apply it?? Or should I stop?? What am I doing wrong?

Posted by Malaika (Slough, Berkshire) on 08/30/2013
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I tried to remove a mole using garlic, the mole is half the size it was before and is very dry and hard. The skin around it has become red and inflammed. I decided to stop the garlic treatment. Is there anyway I can reduce the redness?

Posted by Bj (The Woodlands, Tx) on 03/29/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I pierced a mole and then put a fresh piece of cut garlic on the mole, and secured it with a cotton taped to keep it in place. Did it for 2 days and the mole dried up and fell off. I have successfully done this twice.

Replied by Alex
Leicester, Uk
0 out of 5 stars

Well I wish I googled "garlic burned my face" first before trying this remedy. Actually it's not some kind of garlic miracle that removes moles, just dilute sulfuric (battery) acid from garlic. It can cause up to 3rd degree burns. So after leaving crushed garlic right on the mole overnight, I woke up shocked to notice the 2nd degree burn as a large circle around mole on my face. There was blood and yellowish liquid coming off. Pigmented layer was burnt of the mole but it still appeared rised. Since I had coconut oil, vitamin E at home, I tried these for 2 days without improvement. Luckily then I found that cream Bepanthen from pharmacy will help heal these type of burns within week. With cream, the burned skin AND the MOLE were healed in 4 days.

Replied by P

I used garlic paste on a pimple yesterday and have suffered a burn. Could you please tell me if you used Bepanthen first aid cream or Bepanthen diaper rash cream? Thank you.

Replied by Rahan Nanda

This method leaves a spot over moles.

Replied by Bonjit
India, Assam
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I used a garlic for a week to remove my flat face mole but it left a black burning mark. What should I used to remove it?

Posted by ***kp (San francisco, California) on 10/11/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I put a shred of garlic clove on my facial mole, it was really small but it was on the tip of my nose & I didnt like it. So yesterday is when I put the garlic and just now I removed the facial mole with a toothpick and I just picked it off. Yes it's kinda painful, but worth it! because it is now gone :)

Replied by Obeybunny
Santa Ana, California, United States Of America
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

The garlic definitely removed my mole, but there's a grayish discoloration around where the mole was where the garlic pulp spilled over. I was too much of a wuss to peel off the mole once it was shriveled and scabbed, so it took about 10 days to get rid of.

But I still have that gray pigmentation in a big ugly circle. How do I get rid of it?