Apple Cider Vinegar for Mole Removal

| Modified on May 13, 2024
Apple Cider Vinegar for Moles

Removing a mole with apple cider vinegar requires a few household ingredients and some patience. It can take several days to more than a week for the mole to dry up and fall off.

What You Need to Remove a Mole with Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Raw apple cider vinegar
  • Cotton balls
  • Q tips
  • Barrier cream to protect healthy skin
  • Bandaids or medical tape
  • Emory board
  • Patience

Step by Step Directions to Remove Your Mole

  • Rough up the mole with the Emory board. This will allow the apple cider vinegar to penetrate more quickly.
  • Use a Q tip to apply some sort of protective barrier to the skin around the mole. You can use a natural healing balm or diaper rash cream. Castor oil is a nice thick oil. Coconut oil is a think oil and may not work so well for this.
  • Apply apple cider vinegar to a cotton ball or piece of cotton ball. 
  • Use a bandaid or medical tape to attach the cotton ball to the skin. Try to keep the apple cider vinegar from touching healthy skin. If it touches healthy skin, rinse it off.
  • Repeat the above steps morning and evening until you have achieved the desired results.

What Will Happen to the Mole with the Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment?

It can take 5-10 days for the mole to completely dry up and come off.

Every mole does not respond the same way to this treatment. The mole may change color or texture. It may dry out and look like a scab. It may turn black or another shade of color.

Here is where you need patience. Do not pick the mole or any scab that forms. Allow it to come off naturally. Removing your scab early will increase your risk of infection and scarring!

When the mole comes off, the skin underneath may be lighter in color or pinkish.  You can use some sort of moisturizer on this area for a week or two.

Be careful not to allow this new skin in the sun for a few weeks! This skin will be quite prone to sunburn.

Will This Treatment Hurt?

Some find this method to be nearly painless. Others experience discomfort. If this method bothers you, try another method or give it a break for a few days.

If you notice redness or infection, take a break from your treatment. Apply raw honey to the infection.

If the skin around the mole should get irritated from the apple cider vinegar, apply castor oil or coconut oil to the skin to promote healing.

Lastly, please send us your story! We would love to hear how apple cider vinegar treatment for moles worked for you! Continue reading to learn how Earth Clinic readers used ACV to remove their moles.

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Posted by Bethanny (Torrine) on 05/23/2023

I read all of the comments here about removing a mole with apple cider vinegar and I am here to report that it works.

I had a rather large, raised mole on my chin (been there since birth and steadily growing for 40 years). I applied apple cider vinegar to a small piece of cotton ball, secured with a bandaid and left on overnight -- I did this for a few days. The mole went red, then very dark black within a matter of days. I stopped doing the treatment overnight because my healthy skin around the mole became quite red and irritated. I can't quite remember the exact timing, but it was about a week when I was able to pick the mole off my chin. There was an open wound there for awhile. Then it healed over.

A piece of the mole was still there, I noticed, after some time, and it was starting to grow back, so I did the treatment again. This time, however, I gently roughened up the area with some sharp tweezers, to allow the vinegar to soak in better. I think this did help. And I only applied the apple cider vinegar with a Q-tip and/or a small piece of cotton ball, holding it in place for about an hour a night, rather than leaving the treatment on overnight. I did this for a few days and the remaining piece of mole withered up and died, too. Turned black, then into a scab, and then an open wound which healed up after a few days/a week.

Now I have smooth skin where the mole used to be, although there is still a bit of a discolouration / scar. However, I'd way rather have a bit of discolouration on my chin than the big unsightly mole. I think the discolouration may fade over time, but if it doesn't I don't care, as it's easily covered with a touch of makeup or just left alone, it looks fine.

For people doing this treatment, it does work, but I would NOT recommend leaving the apple cider vinegar on overnight with the bandaid, even if you do try to protect the skin around the mole -- the vinegar is very strong and it will burn your skin. It's not necessary to stay on that long -- Just spot-apply it with a Q-tip or small piece of cotton ball, and let it soak for an hour or two each day, for 2 - 3 days. If I ever do this treatment again that's what I'll do. Then the surrounding skin isn't irritated/burned, as that experience is quite painful and disconcerting.

This is a very cool treatment and I just wanted to let others know that it works, quite amazing!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jessica (Binghamton, NY) on 04/28/2023

I attempted to remove 3 moles on my face using the method described on the site. The only thing I did differently was skip using an emory board. There was a little bit of broken skin (head of pin size) near one of the moles. This happened sometime during the procedure. Maybe taking a bandaid off, but I don't know. The area surrounding the broken skin turned brown within a matter of a few hours of contact with the acv. It stung. I took the band aid and Apple Cider Vinegar soaked cotton off immediately and rinsed with water. I quit the procedure. A few days later, I still have a very dark spot, and it is sore to the touch. I cannot tell if it is a scab or just a dark spot. The dark spot was ringed with a yellowish outline and I'm wondering if the broken skin somehow got infected. I'm wondering if this will heal or if the spot is permanent. Another mole I treated got "burned" on and around the mole. It scabbed and most of the scab has fallen off. The skin underneath is pink and I cannot tell if the mole is gone, but I suspect not. The other mole does not appear to be healing the same way, and I am worried. At this point, I'd take having the moles over having a disfiguring dark spot on the tip of my nose. Trying to be patient and not freak out. Can anyone help??

Replied by Bart
(Columbus, MS)

Apply the ACV cotton ball each day for 30 minutes ( don't wash it off) for 4 days. The spot will turn black and within a week it will flake off and the spot will finish healing. Repeat procedure in 2 weeks if no completely gone.

(Binghamton, NY)

10 days after quitting the procedure, there is a crusty scab on the tip of my nose, and the skin around the edges appears red. This was not the mole, just skin nearby that was broken and got "burned". I'm still really worried because the other scab has healed and fallen off, leaving pink, new, normal looking skin. The mole is still there, but like I said before, I'm not even really concerned about the moles anymore. I'm just hoping I didn't give myself a scar right on the tip of my nose which would be far worse. I didn't like my moles, but I'd rather have a few moles than be disfigured. I've been putting aloe on it (from the real aloe leaf). Still trying to be patient because if it was indeed an infected scab, it may take longer to heal. Does anyone on this forum have any experience with an infected scab?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by shania (oregon) on 08/16/2022

I've been using the apple cider vinegar on a mole behind my hair on my neck for about I would say 4-6 days now its crusty and feels like its coming close to falling off I keep a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar with a band aid on for 8 hours a day and I'm hoping soon it falls off its completely painless.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by we5hoovers (Raleigh, NC) on 05/17/2022

I am admitting I am not so smart at times. I had this mole pop up on the side of my nose a few months ago. I started picking at it and have been picking at it...picking scab off since that time. Of course, it has just gotten more scabbed. So, I break out my trusty Earth Clinic information (A few months too late), and decide to do the ACV treatment (sort of). I have been roughing up and dabbing ACV with q-tip for a couple of days. I haven't kept a bandage or soaked cloth on. This morning, I did the same thing...not being gentle and rubbing and pressing this q-tip onto the mole....and when I got done with it, I noticed it had bled. Now, it had bled before as I was continually picking at it before I tried this treatment. Not much, but it did. Can someone please tell me if you think I am in trouble here? I don't notice any infection or soreness, but I certainly did a stupid thing. Should I continue on with my ACV treatment as I have been?

Replied by RB
(Somewhere in Europe)
84 posts

Hey we5hoovers,

One, it is not a good idea start picking at anything.

Two, you need to diagnose what it is that you have.

Three, is it really a mole? For example, sometimes we say it is a mole, when we should say it is an age spot..

Four, for a fairly good diagnosis, google it... find various pictures of what it is that you have.

Five, after you have diagnosed it, search EC for the best solution. Find out what it is that has worked the best so far. Peroxide? Iodine? ACV? Or something else?

Six, have a plan of action.

Seven, have courage, and just do it, and do it very-very slowly and carefully.

I hope this will help you!

Replied by CW

I am just getting started on the ACV for moles and read a lot of threads. I was wondering if all goes well and it starts to scab, would anti bacterial ointment be a good idea? Did anyone try that?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Patrick (NJ) on 03/03/2021

I used to have a raised brown mole in the middle of my face. First I went to a plastic surgeon who wouldn't touch it and was afraid of it scarring. Than I heard of ACV. Let me tell you I was at my wit's end with this mole. Imagine waking up every morning for 20 years and looking into a mirror and seeing a spot on your face that you can never just wipe off.

Anyway... I applied Apple Cider Vinegar to my face and did not really protect the surrounding skin other than just not trying to get Apple Cider Vinegar on it. After scratching up the mole a bit I applied Apple Cider Vinegar to it using a q-tip. I do not think I used a band-aid but rather just constantly dipped and applied it using a q-tip for a few hours with applied pressure. I may have used a band-aid for one night but I would bet on it that I didn't. Q-tip constant application with pressure will drastically speed up the process.

So the mole turned somewhat white, shrinked and than scabbed up. Over a week or so this scab fell off. I noticed a little spot that was still brown so I did the same process again and voila, no more mole.

The healing process takes time and it will be red->pink for a while. Probably will take 3-6 months to return to skin color. So here I am 5 years later and you can't even tell anything was ever on my face. Looks perfect. (It looked like it does now 4 years ago)

I feel as though ACV really targets the mole instead of the surrounding skin. Moles are really susceptible to ACV (I used Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother). You should still give an effort to protect the skin even though I didn't, just to be safe.

Replied by Lana

I had a mole on my belly for years, then it changed and raised up like a bubble. So having previous good results with ACV on the skin I soaked and squeezed out some cotton with ACV and covered it with a square bandage so it would stay moist and prevent air from drying it out. I did this for a week, possibly a bit longer. The entire thing fell out and left a clean and clearly defined crater in my belly, which healed over, completely smooth although the skin color is slightly whiter in that spot. Just absolutely amazing!! Good going on your success as well!

Replied by barry

Hey I basically had the same experience just wanted to know, did you keep bandaiding the area and keeping it covered in aquaphor for the 3-5 months? That's what I'm doing now 4 days in and it looks very good 🤞 seems like I quickly burned the mole off and it's already going to the red/pink phase

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Bart (MS/ USA) on 02/27/2019

The same procedure for removing warts with apple cider vinegar also works for removing moles. I had a mole right above one of my eyebrows. I lightly ruffed it up with a finger nail file, applied a cotton ball soaked in ACV and put a piece of tape over it before going to bed. Did this for about 5 nights and the mole was gone in 2 weeks. No scars.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Bart (MS/ USA) on 02/27/2019

The same procedure for removing warts with apple cider vinegar also works for removing moles. I had a mole right above one of my eyebrows. I lightly ruffed it up with a finger nail file, applied a cotton ball soaked in ACV and put a piece of tape over it before going to bed. Did this for about 5 nights and the mole was gone in 2 weeks. No scares

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sky (Florida) on 11/02/2018

On and off for years I have added ACV (with the Mother) to my water and drink it throughout the day. One of the first things I noticed when I started was that a flat mole I'd had forever raised up into a huge mushroom dome shape. Next, it turned crusty, and it finally flaked completely off. When it finished flaking off, there was no scar, or any hint that it had ever been there. The skin was so perfect with no difference in skin color from the rest of my skin. The process took a few weeks, and the first time it happened, I was freaked out. at first, I didn't relate it to the AVC, and thought OMG, I have cancer.

I have continued for about 10 years now and it's strange... it only targets one mole at a time. There have been about 5-6, maybe more, over the years. The process is always the same or similar. I don't freak out now, I count myself fortunate because I feel that these are/were the ones developing (or having) cancer. All matched the usual criteria for cancer - odd shaped, dark or partially black. I don't think the amount of ACV is as important as being consistent in drinking the ACV/water. I usually just toss a couple of big splashes into my large water bottle. I can tell you that if I stopped the ACV/water at any point in the process of it targeting a mole, the process also stopped.

A few times I was traveling and just found it too hard to continue during the trip. But when I returned and started the ACV again, then the process completed. I have been astounded. I wasn't taking the ACV for the moles. I had no idea it would solve this. I fell that our body can heal itself if we give it what it needs. I think the ACV used topically is probably similar in it's mechanism, but I do like the idea that my body is possibly taking the ACV tools I'm giving it to decide what needs to be addressed/healed. Maybe drinking it (as opposed to using topically) keeps other, more obscure, cancers in check, not just the ones I can see.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Shh (London) on 06/30/2018

I did the whole thing with ACV on a small but really pigmented mole that I've had since birth. It did scab up but came off slightly lighter but it didn't go away. I tried a second time but now nothing is happening even after two weeks of doing it. Do I need to scratch it with an emery board in order for it to work?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sophie (London ) on 04/05/2018

Hiya, I saw all the great reviews on using apple cider vinegar to remove moles and I have a large one on the shin of my leg which I really wanted to get rid of so I decided to give it a go. I used a bandage to secure the ACV and put it on every night for about a week, the mole turned into a black kind of scab and has a red kind of crater around it. It's been about 6 days after that and it's still the same, how long did it take for yours to fall off? Is this normal or should I see a doctor? Any opinions would be great, thanks.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mary (Sumner, Wa) on 03/21/2018

I used ACV for a mole on my face, after 3 nights of a cotton ball soaked in this and applied each night with a bandaid. I have developed about an inch wide patch of darkened skin, and it is warm to the touch and sore.

What can I do to reverse that darkening?

Replied by mia

Why not continue with the Apple Cider Vinegar on a tiny spot of the darkened patch? You may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Teleatha (Indiana) on 06/26/2017

I decided to remove my mole on my face using apple cider vinegar. It worked of course, but there is still a little bump where the mole use to be. Should I keep applying the ACV or will it fade away also?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Steph C. (Missouri) on 03/07/2017

ACV removes moles. Indeed it does. I tried this method on a mole I had between my eyes and that was 5 years ago. It is painful, leaves a gross, blackened scab, and takes a while to heal, but it rids you of moles.

I treated the scab with Lavender/Tea Tree essential oils throughout the day to aid in the healing process and to avoid scars, which worked well. I have since treated several moles with the same success.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Queen (Cabañas, El Salvador) on 02/07/2017

Hello Earth Clinic Community! I had a mole on the left side of stomach for a few years and it kept growing very slowly. I looked up remedies on this site and tried the castor oil and baking soda paste. I put the paste on the mole and covered it with a bandaid every night. I did this for about 6 weeks and most of it came off. I was lazy and didn't continue and in a few weeks the mole started to grow back so I decided to try organic apple cider vinegar with the mother.

Well, let me tell you....It only took two weeks for the mole to completely come off. I did same procedure, but this time soaking a small piece of cotton and putting a bandaid to cover the cotton and leaving it over night. It has been a year and the mole has not returned. Apple Cider Vinegar is amazing and so is this site. God bless whoever came up with the idea of creating this site and all the individuals who have shared their experiences. I am grateful for all of you!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jeff (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) on 01/28/2017

I've probably removed 30 moles and skin spots using ACV. Make sure you use natural apple cider vinegar with the mother which is what does the trick.

First rough up the mole so the ACV soaks in better. I've also used a sterile needle to scratch the surface. Then, use a Q-tip to lightly coat Vaseline over a quarter-sized area immediately around the mole but not on the mole. I know people reference using a cotton ball, but I think that's too big and messy. Instead, I cut round circles from a woman's sanitary napkin and soak them in the ACV. While it's soaking use another Q-tip to dap the mole with ACV, to give it a headstart.

I've found that band aids don't stick well and the juice runs out, so instead use white athletic tape. Rip a square, put the soaked ACV pad on it, then tape it to the skin pressing down all sides. Try not to squeeze the juice out of the pad. Repeat morning and night. After a day or two, it will turn color a little, because you're killing it. Use a sanitized needle to poke thru the mole so the ACV can get in and under it, since it starts to harden and scab up. I think the white tape helps smother it too and the ACV is more effective. The tape will probably irritate the surrounding skin a little, but that will go away when you're done. The key is to continue the assault uninterrupted. After about 5 days, you will be so proud of yourself when the thing just lets go and falls off like a scab. I've continued for another day or two if there's some that hasn't let go yet. As for scarring - I haven't noticed much. The skin will be new and pink and will take awhile, possibly months to fully blend with the rest of your skin, but who cares - you just got rid of something that's bothered you for so long. Doctors that say it doesn't work just don't know what they're talking about and Try it themselves.