Apple Cider Vinegar for Mole Removal

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Posted by Natalie (Toronto, Ontario) on 05/17/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Yes! My facial mole is gone and has never returned (now writing this is 2013)!! ACV really does work and WILL permanently remove a mole if done properly. I hope you had/have the same success as I did.

Posted by Courtney (New Milford, Connecticut) on 05/04/2013

I'm trying this ACV on 2 moles. The first is on my neck and I've had this mole for maybe 15 years. It's slightly raised and the size of maybe a little larger than a pencil eraser. The second mole is on my shoulder and very raised and also about the size of a pencil eraser. I've had this mole my entire life. I've been used ACV for about a week on both. The first few days I did the cotton under a band aid saked in ACV at night. Then I decided this was really excessive and just soaked a Q-tip and heald it on the mole for a few minutes a couple times a day.

The mole on my neck swelled slightly at first, but then eventually turned black, flattened and scabbed out. I'm trying my darndest not to pick at it and to let it heal on it's own. After about a week, I'm deciding not to put any more ACV on it to let the scab dry out and heal normally like any scap.

My mole on my shoulder is a determined little bugger. It only forms the black scab on the top, but not the sides. What I started doing a couple days ago was after I put chap stick on the skin around the mole to prevent from blistering, I use the cap of the chap stick, fill it with ACV, bend over pressing the cap to my skin around my mole and the stand up letting the ACV soak around my entire mole. This mole swells alot after I do this. It's really gross, but intriguing. It doesn't burn that much or anything. More like a tingle at this point. I'm giving this mole 2 more weeks, then it's off to get the big slice!

Replied by Braveheart
Vancouver, Bc

I hear a paste of castor oil and baking soda also work really well.

Posted by Mo C. (Brookings, Sd) on 04/23/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Woohoo! I successfully removed a large (bit bigger than pencil eraser sized) raised mole in 5 days with ACV. Here's what I did:

Materials: ACV, Cotton balls, surgical tape (not a super sticky kind), hole punch, emery board

Night 1: I punched a hole in middle of a small strip of surgical tape and placed it around my mole so the mole fit through the hole. I used the emery board to rough the mole up just a tiny bit. Not to the point of bleeding or anything. Then I tore off a small bit of cotton and soaked it in ACV and placed it on the mole. I placed another piece of surgical tape over everything and left it there over night.

Night 2 and 3: repeated Night 1 except no roughing up with emery board.

After 3 nights of bandaging with the ACV and leaving the mole to air out during the day, the mole flattened out and turned black and hard. Because I covered the surrounding the mole with the surgical tape, I didn't experience any irritation. After a few days, I was thinking about doing more ACV but the mole just peeled itself off completely so I didn't need to do anything. There is a bit of pink new skin that I plan on using Vit E oil on to help with the healing.

Replied by Julie
Atlanta, Ga

Did the mole stay gone?

Posted by Monica (Merrillville, In, US) on 04/12/2013

started my Apple Cider Vinegar on mole treatment yesterday... So far moles are all darker!! Crusty if I dont put Apple Cider Vinegar on them.. But really red and sore around area, is that normal?

Posted by Smellyfart (Los Angeles, Ca, USA) on 04/11/2013

I have been putting ACV on a mole on my face for about 3 days. It isnt that big. Basically the mole is really harda and flat now and I think it is basically a scab. Do I continue to put the ACV on it? Should I pick the scab? Will it leave a scar?

Posted by Monica (Merrillville Indiana, United States) on 04/11/2013

today is day 1 of my attempt to remove these moles from my face with acv.. I have 11 , yes 11 i'm attempting to remove most of them are flat but I have a couple that our raised, and they are right smack dab in the middle of my face, forehead to nose! some brown some black. I sure hope this works.. Wish me luck.. I will try n keep you posted.

Replied by Monica
Merrillville, In, US

how is your treatment going on your moles if you dont mind me asking??

Replied by Monica
Merrillville, In, Us

Day 5 and all is going well!!! This really does work, I wish I had know about Apple Cider Vinegar as a mole removal before, most of the moles are gone, I had 3 that looked like there was some still in there so im continuing to use Apple Cider Vinegar and baking soda on them. The rest are healing nicely. I washed my face with antibacterial soap befor the treatment, where the mole were located it was impossible to get a band aid to stick so I after I roughed them up I dabbed them with Apple Cider Vinegar throught out the day and let air dry between apps. I am very pleased with the out come! The only thig is I wish I would have done it when I was out of work for a month, cuz it sure made me look awful with scabs all over the center of my face at work!!!!!! But I'm still glad they are gone now!

Trying castor oil on age spots now, today was first app on that hope it works as well as the Apple Cider Vinegar did on the moles!

Posted by Hellyeah (Delhi, India) on 04/01/2013

I have started treating my mole with acv. My mole is black, slightly raised and on my chest...

So here's my daily review-:

Day 1-: I treated my mole with Apple Cider Vinegar 3times today... First I rubbed my mole with pumice stone for about 2mins... Then applied petroleum jelly near mole(not on the mole).. I applied Apple Cider Vinegar on the mole with the help of cotton and ear bud... It pained a little(which I think should be good)... I did it 2 times more the day.. hope it goes well and mole withers off..

(Grammar errors are regretted)

Posted by Emily (Fairfield, Oh, Us) on 03/13/2013
5 out of 5 stars

9 days ago I started treatment to remove a mole the size of a pencil eraser on my inner thigh with apple cider vinegar. I placed a cotton ball in the Apple Cider Vinegar for the first 4 days and changed it every so often to make sure it was still moist. I placed a gauze pad over it and taped it on with some surgical tape. Day 3 I was terrified and thought what have I done?! ?! ?! My mole had swelled up twice the size and was a milky white color (not pinkish brown like before) and it was very tender to touch and to even walk because of the placement of my mole. I had seriously thought about quitting and try to heal my mole back to normal. I didn't quit!! On about day 4 to today (day 9) I let my mole have air time and also I still put Apple Cider Vinegar on it but not as often as before. Today is day 9 and my mole is not tender and twice the size but is now flat and scabbed over. I would recommend depending on where your mole is to put vaseline or chap stick or some sort of barrier around your mole so you don't burn your skin. I made the mistake of shaving my legs and not putting vaseline around my mole and my skin is very burned right now and I'm trying to heal that up as that does hurt lol. Also it does sting some with putting the Apple Cider Vinegar on the mole and make sure to squeeze the cotton ball so the Apple Cider Vinegar isn't dripping. So far I am very pleased with the results and I will update as soon as anything else happens! :)

Replied by Emily
Fairfield, Oh, Us

Ok guys I'm back with an update! After my mole was scabbed over on day 9 I decided to still put the Apple Cider Vinegar on it well I think this delayed the process of the scab falling of because my mole then turned back into a white milky color. So I stopped putting the Apple Cider Vinegar on it and my mole scabbed back over and on day 12 I removed the bandaid (even when I didn't apply the Apple Cider Vinegar I had to have a band aid over my mole because of the placement) and the scab came off with it!! I was happy to see that but it didn't remove my whole mole. I don't know if that because of the size of my mole or what. It's very flat with just a little bit of the mole left. So I am putting Apple Cider Vinegar of it and going to try to remove the rest. This time I will be sure to not burn the surronding skin. I am still very pleased with the results so far and I will update when something else happens! :)

Replied by Emily
Fairfield, Oh, Us

Okay guys back with another update :) Day 17 and the rest of the mole that was left scabbed over and today the scab fell off!! I don't have a crater as some people described but it's just white skin where the mole was. It's a little tender but not much so now I am going to heal that mark and heal the surronding area that is still burnt from the ACV. I am so happy and pleased with my results. I would highly recommend to do this, I would just say be patient and don't give up. I will update if my mole comes back!! :)

Replied by Jen

I am on day 4 and I'm noticing the same as your story. Its partially a dark but its tender to touch and under it is white around/under it. I'm not quite sure what I should do...keep putting the ACV on it, give it a break, or quit all together. Please let me know what you think I should do. How many hours a day/overnight/bandaid time, etc... Please HELP! its on my forehead, so I've been covering with my hair and a bandaid. I just want it gone!

Replied by C.
United States
5 out of 5 stars

Yeah it should turn white and then black. Once it is black, I would limit it to once a day. I think it depends really on how large the mole is and how long it was there in terms of scarring potential. If it popped up and is fairly new, it shouldn't scar and once it turns black don't pick at it, let it fall off by itself and there shouldn't be a scar. Works well on sunspots too.

Replied by Mal

Once it is Black (took mine 2 1/2 days I would def. stop the treatment) let it scab and fall off. It takes patience. I got a little scared to leave it on too long. Glad I only left it for 2 1/2 days. By day 4 it is off but chemical burn and dry skin. Going to take more time.

Replied by Kailee

I have the same placement but mine is completely flat but very large in size. I am now just trying this treatment and I'm really hoping it works. I hate having to wear bandaids over it for dance recitals and hate being asked about it.

Replied by Jason

Is it necesarry to have bandaid over the mole after putting on vinegar?

Replied by Mama To Many

I think it may work faster with the bandaid, but I would try it without if you like. Bandaids can cause damage to skin for some people.

Posted by Jen (Bk, Ny) on 03/12/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I have removed 2 warts and 2 moles using ACV. I dip a very small piece of toliet paper/paper towel in ACV, put it on the localized area and hold it in place with a band aid. I re-soak and apply 2-3 times a day for about 1 week. The wart/mole will become black, turn into a scab and can be picked off. Always amazed...

Replied by Laura
Fayetteville, Nc, Usa

Which form is the fastest, most effective way to take away a quarter sized raised mole off the back of my lil girl's leg? She is so embarrassed by it, she won't wear shorts or skirts at all!

Posted by Netsenseonline (South Florida, Fl) on 02/27/2013
5 out of 5 stars

YEA!!!! Absolutely Amazing! At first I couldn't even image ACV removing moles but I thought to myself: "What the heck! " So, on monday evening I bought the cheapest AVC ($1.25) and I did compare ingredients which were the same to Mothers. I didn't "scrape" as all the others. Instead, I took a nice hot shower (which opened it up) and made sure any "dry or flakyness" was "no more". THEN, I took my trusty lip protector (to protect the "non-mole" area) and applied the ACV in a soaked cottonball which only covered that nasty mole - overnight - with a bandage. The following morning it swelled up a little bit (which I thought was good) because the ACV was "getting inside". Again (during the day) I repeated the same process as I did the night before. I did this repeatedly for about 4 days. Then, on the 5th day I decided to "let it breath" and THAT's when it began to "scab" and get flatter. I continued with my "process" but also added "air time" in between for about a few hours while periodically applying ACV through out the day. At night, I would "bandage" it up as described above. I knew I needed to be patient and here it is - nine days later - and when I removed the bandage 97% of that nasty mole came off with the cotton and I flushed it away! By the way, my nasty mole was the size of a pencil eraser and from the looks of it - it seems that it will only be a matter of days until its gone completely and never to return. Some people ask "does it sting?" Ans: Yes but not in a painful way and it will dissipate over a short amount of time. (at least for me it did). Another thing I noticed was: as it shrivels (scabs over) it will pull the skin and become a little tender but again, not in a painful way. Thank you earth clinic for posting this. ;)

Replied by Netsenseonline
South Florida

UpDate! :) Success! 4 day's ago I reported that 97% of that nasty mole fell off. I continued to "dab" ACV on the remaining 3%, three times a day (with no bandage) and, here it is not even 13 days later and that nasty mole is gone! Gone! GONE! What ever you do (if tempted) do NOT pick! Let if fall off on it's own. I would also like to sincerely thank Earth Clinic (for their wonderful site) and earth clinic participants for their insight on their own personal experiences.

Posted by Smiley (Bhopal, Mp India) on 02/13/2013

Hey, I am using this Apple Cider Vinegar thing since two days. I am really scared as only the centre of my mole has shrunken. I am afraid if only that part of the mole falls off. I will look dreadful.. please help me. What should I do?

Replied by Vic

Hi, I'm experiencing the same problem here, when scan came off the mole has been removed from centre but there is a dark circle all away around it and I don't know how to proceed. Did yours fix? It's been a few weeks now and the circle is still there.

Posted by Rebecca (Franklin, Tennessee, USA) on 01/29/2013

Hello everyone. I have been doing some research about removing moles with ACV. I have always been very insecure about my moles and I personally find them very ugly. I have 3, flat, very small ones on my face. They are placed in a awkward position and I absolutely hate them. I want them gone. I have trying this method for about 3 days now but I thought I would give you some feedback. I started on a Saturday night and it's Tuesday morning. I started off with putting ACV on a Q-Tip and and leaving it on my mole for about 2-3 minutes. I was sure to put Vaseline around the mole (DO NOT PUT IT ON THE MOLE) so that way it didn't leave burn marks. I saw some people saying they rough it up with a needle but Im too scared to do that I don't want scars. I did that and then stopped. Before I went to sleep I decided to do it again but differently. I wanted to be able to get this process done by sleeping with it on. I took small pieces of a cotton ball and saturated it in ACV and put it exactly on the mole and put a band aid on it. I did not put Vaseline on it because the band aid wouldn't stay. I woke up the next morning took it off and it was red all around the mole. I didn't think it was a big deal I just thought it was burnt from the acid in the ACV. The mole wasnt black but it was a darker shade of brown. That day I dabbed more ACV with a Q-Tip and made sure I put the Vaseline around the mole. I did this about 2 times throughout the day. Around nighttime I repeated the band aid procedure. When I woke up I was terrorized. On the two moles by my nose it was dark brown around the mole and very irritated. It was kind of scanned but not really. On the mole above my upper lip it was very red around it and it had a white ring around the mole. It was also kind of swelled. It looked as if I got stung by a bee. I didn't know how to treat it so I just left it. I didn't put ANYTHING on it or around it. At around 3:00pm I decided to put the band aids on it again. At around 6:30 I took them off and checked it. Nothing has changed but I kind of played around with it. I took the cotton off the end of a Q-Tip and kind of poked at the dark brown skin around the mole to see if it would come off. I didn't want to completely take it off because I didn't want a scar. Some of it came off so I knew if I repeated the band aid process for a couple more days it will eventually fall off. On the mole by my lip the white ring and swelling has not changed. I started picking at that too but I noticed it didn't have the dark brown skin around it. Only redness and a white ring. So I picked at the mole and it started to come off. I left it alone like the other because I didn't want scaring! I let the moles kind of breathe and left them alone for about 5 hours. When I went to sleep I did the ACV and band aid process again. It is really early in the morning and I have not taken them off yet. Hopefully by the morning I will find a difference in the moles. If anyone could please give me more suggestions besides the ACV. I don't want to try the garlic or anti-dandruff shampoo. And I will not cut my moles. I heard it is very dangerous because the acid in the ACV is going into you're facial tissues and killing it. If anyone can point anything out that I might be doing wrong please do so! I will post a feedback on how it wound up in a couple days! Thank you :)

Replied by Courtney
Portland, Oregon

I believe the white ring is due to your body's process of rejecting the mole. Most skin tags and moles are actually skin viruses, instead of shrinking the mole, it may be trying to remove it's self. The white ring represents the barrier between the "healthy" skin and the mole. Keep the area moisterized to avoid scarring. Vitamine E.

Look into a miraculous product called "black salve" youll see some scary stuff about it, it is potent. I can attest to its efficacy, I have used it on myself as well as three other people.

Good luck!

Replied by Valerie

Adding baking soda to apple cider vinegar will neutralize the acidity of the vinegar. This is the likely reason why your skin did not burn.

Posted by Sasha (Dana Point, Ca) on 01/27/2013
5 out of 5 stars

ACV works best for removing moles. I'm not understanding the comments of 'burned skin around placement of ACV' I have successfully removed several moles without ANY burn marks surrounding removed moles. Each night I scratched mole surface with tip of scissors. It's not painful, & u don't have to draw blood to get results. U just need to 'rough up' mole so u feel ACV penetrate or slightly sting. I took very small pieces of a cotton ball and saturated in ACV. U then need to partially squeeze out ACV (so it's not dripping wet) then dip in baking soda. It will begin to fizz on cotton ball. U then immediately place on 'scratched mole' and tape in place. Leave on for 12 hrs each night and in 3-7 days it will be completely gone! I only applied this at night. I did not do anything during the day. I let the moles 'breathe' during the day without any solution or bandage. I did small moles, large moles, raised moles, dark moles, light moles. It WORKS! I did not experience any burned skin whatsoever. I did not use Vaseline on surrounding skin. I did not have scarring of any sort. I'm not sure if the baking soda prevented the burned skin, but I was not 'careful' when taping soaked cotton balls on skin. Some were much larger than mole in fact due to my laziness. Once the mole dries up, turns black and falls off NATURALLY (NO PICKING!!! ), I applied olive oil to each pink mark where mole used to be to speed healing process. Just regular olive oil in pantry will do. I've probably removed close to 60 moles using this method with absolutely no scarring! Good luck!

Replied by Tyler
Abingdon, Virginia, USA

I've been dipping the apple cider vinegar soaked cotton ball into the baking soda but it's not fizzing up like you said. How long does it take? your feedback is valued!!

Replied by Mary
Minneapolis, Mn

Does the mole get black and really ugly? Wondering if I need to cover it with a bandaid when I go to work so I don't gross people out. I would like to remove a raised mole on my face and it sounds like your method does not cause burns, which is great. I will wait for your response before I attempt this.

Posted by Kle (Minneapolis, Mn) on 01/19/2013
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I watched a video on YouTube about a woman who had removed a mole using ACV, based on information she got from this website.

I have had a small raised mole next to my nose for most of my life. I had asked a dermatologist about removing it a few years ago but was told it would scar and the cost was a little too high for me. So I left it alone, even though it has always bothered me.

So I decided to give this a shot. I read several pages of responses from people here and decided I wouldn't be bandaging it like some people did, but that I would apply the ACV several times a day instead.

Day 1. I carefully applied Vaseline around the mole to try to protect the skin. I soaked a q-tip in ACV and held it on the mole for about 5 minutes and then got a new one and repeated the process. I was nervous about roughing up the mole like I had read about here, so I just gently used the q-tip and used that instead. The mole was kind of small, about the size of the end of the q-tip.

Day 2. Part of the mole had definitely turned black, but part of it looked unaffected. I tried to be a little more aggressive with the q-tip to make sure I was getting the whole thing. I repeated the vaseline/ACV process about 4 times that day.

Day 3. Apparently I had been a little too aggressive the day before because the surrounding skin was looking definitely burnt. The mole had gotten flat but the surrounding skin was kind of a dark brown. It is really important to carefully get all of the surrounding skin covered in the vaseline! So now the formerly small area was about twice as big because of the burnt skin. Day 3 was tough. I was starting to feel some pain when I applied the ACV and by the end of Day 3 it was hurting even when I hadn't done it for a few hours. Plus it looked horrible. I was feeling a little discouraged.

Day 4. I didn't think I was making any progress because the surface of the mole was covered by black scabbing. I used a pumice stone to gently roughen up the surface and I think that helped a little. I had been nervous about roughening up the mole but it was necessary. It was not painful because I just did it gently over and over several times. The ACV was much more painful! Day 4 was really tough. It looked really, really bad and my face was definitely sore from just this one spot. Very frustrating! I almost wanted to give up. I did one small application of Tea Tree oil because I was afraid of infection. Be aware that TTO can cause burning too, and do not use TTO on your face unless you know how you react to it.

Day 5. Using the pumice stone didn't seem to be working enough. Part of the mole was changing in what I thought was for the better, but part was not. It was hard to tell because of the surrounding skin that had been burnt previously. Each time I applied the ACV on day 3-5 there would be a white-ish circle of skin surrounding the mole. After a couple hours this would get better but always came back when I did another ACV application.

I was feeling very impatient to be done with this process so I used a clean pin to carefully roughen up the surface of the mole. It didn't hurt as long as I was careful, and I never did enough to cause any bleeding. But I think doing this REALLY helped significantly. I was able to get through the black scabbing that had covered the mole. I also took a clean washcloth and would let it sit under very hot water for a minute or two, squeeze out the water and then hold the damp/warm cloth against the mole for several minutes, repeating the hot water when the cloth would cool down. This also helped loosen it up so that the ACV would penetrate.

Day 6: The surrounding skin that had been burnt started to show some signs of healing. It is hard to remember exactly but I was seeing progress. I only applied ACV once that day. I did the warm soak with the clean washcloth. I also applied a Vitamin E gelcap a few times that day, hoping it would help based on what I had read here. After using 1 capsule throughout the day I decided I should check to make sure I was doing the right thing to help a scab heal, because it looked to me like it was at the scabbing stage and I could not recognize anything that looked like the mole anymore.

Based on what I read, Vitamin E is not really the best choice to use for healing wounds. I did one more application of TTO that day and then that night I used a small amount of raw honey on the whole area.

Day 7: The surrounding skin where I had burnt it was scabbed but the scabs came off! Just lightly pink skin underneath! I was feeling very hopeful! That day I did only 1 ACV q-tip on a small area that looked like it might need it. I applied honey to it twice that day. Slowly the scabbing area started to come off. I tried not to mess with it but helped it a little when it seemed like it would come off easily. I did a little bit of soaking to try to get more of the scab off because honestly the scab was horrible looking. I used a little bit of raw honey on the wound that night at bedtime.

Day 8. The long, very frustrating, and at times painful week was showing signs of being over! I soaked the scab a little bit to help it along and finally the rest of it came off.

GUESS WHAT! NO MOLE!! The skin underneath is a little bit pink and is tender, but there is no sign that I ever had a mole there! I put honey on it again and will let it finish healing on its own. In about a week or so I plan to use some Mederma to help prevent any scarring, but I think (based on memory but I have to double check) that you have to wait until the skin has had some time to heal from the wound.

I am very, very happy to be done with this process. 8 days start to finish and I was shocked to see that it really worked. But do not think this was an easy fix! It was at times painful (like a 3 or 4 on a scale from 1-10), and it was UGLY for most of the week. Even now it is not exactly pretty skin but it is so much better and I am very happy it worked.

Lessons learned:
It is extremely important to get the vaseline right up next to the mole so that you don't burn skin but also don't accidentally cover any of the mole. Harder to do than it sounds!

Roughen up the mole (gently) because it really does make it more effective. Using a pumice stone helped somewhat but using a pin really did work the best. The warm/wet compress also helped make the area soft so the ACV could penetrate.

Expect this to take at least a week if you are doing daily applications. It might take longer for you. Be prepared for the black coloring and the scabbing. It is not pretty.

Rather than using Vitamin E at the end when you are just left with scabbing, I highly recommend using raw honey. If you are able to bandage the area over the honey that is the best way. Because of the location I was not able to cover mine but it still worked ok. I really think this helped the process at the end and helped the scab heal very quickly. Also I read that increasing your Vitamin C at this time can help, which I did by eating oranges, drinking juice high in Vitamin C and eating a few Tums on day 6-8.

Compared to other moles I have had removed in the past, this was physically the most difficult compared to burning or cutting. I think that is because doctors use numbing agents. Other methods also have the benefit of being done very quickly. The main benefit this way was the cost savings. I used maybe $4 total in supplies? It is too soon to tell if it will scar or not so I can't compare that to other methods yet.

So my answer to this is yes it works, but with side effects. I do not think I will do this on any other moles in the future. I don't think my pain tolerance and patience is high enough to do it again.

Posted by Bbouy (Nassau, Bahamas) on 01/09/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Ok everyone who is reading this listen up!

apple cider vinegar works 100% to remove moles/birthmarks! and yes, they do remove the flat ones!!!!

i have had a flat mole the size of a penny on the left side of my cheek since birth. i have lived with this disgusting, flat brown mark all my life and learned to deal with it by letting my beard grow and hide it as much as i could. but getting older ( now am 34) i was getting tired of always having to hide the left side of my face and when i shaved i hated seeing my mole so ugly, big and brown. it has made me very self conscious all my life and i could notice people's eyes glancing at it when speaking to them.

i stumbled across earthclinic a while back and this site has helped me on numerous occasions. this particular time, i don't know what got into me but i started feeling like getting rid of this thing once and for all, so i researched.

laser surgery? cryo? scalpel? so many choices... so little money... then eventually i stumbled across earthclinic again. here were all these stories about apple cider vinegar and i thought well it doesn't hurt to try. i read how to do it and many, many success stories, but my problem was most of them were about raised moles and mines was flat.

i decided to try it anyway, not knowing for sure how it would turn out. i can gladly say that this is day three, and my hideous, dark, brown, flat birthmark/mole that i thought i would die with...... is completely gone!!! yes you read that correctly, in three days!! my flat, brown mole is gone!!!

i have it saved in a piece of tape as a reminder of the old me. this is a new year 2013 and finally a brand new meeeeee! i am so happy i am going to celebrate today!!! this disgusting thing is dead and off of my face!! thank you god! and thank you earth clinic and thank you all the people that tried it and posted to give me hope! and thank you apple cider vinegar!! an amazing product!!!!!!

now the moment you have been waiting for.... dun dun dunnnnnnn.... here's what i did step by step. first get these items:

1. apple cider vinegar (of course) i used the cheap grocery store one, heinz
2. regualar rubbing alcohol (green one)
3. q-tips
4. needle (preferably the pin cushion ones. you know with the round ball at the bottom you can hold)
5. band-aids
6. anti-septic/anti-biotic cream/liquid. (i used both, bactine and topcare.
7. matches/lighter
8. chapstick

now you're ready. here are the steps:

1. take the alcohol and pour some in the cap. do the same with the apple cider vinegar. take the chapstick and go around the outher edges of the mole.

2. sterilze the needle! heat up the needle till it turns bright orange, then quickly dip it in the alcohol in the cap.

3. scrape all around the mole, up and down, left and right, around the edges, all in the center of it, completely. feel free to reheat the needle as much times as you like and repeat dipping in the alcohol. i also poked some holes in the flat mole and kept picking at it until skin broke and bled.

4. after it bleeds. use the q-tips to dip in the apple cider vinegar cap and go right ahead and soak the bloody thing with the acv. it might sting a bit, but that means its working. you can also use the alcohol to clean up the bloody mole and to help disenfect.

5. now i did not have any anti-bacterial stuff until the third day so you can use the alcohol only at first but make sure you get the anti bacterial stuff to prevent invention!

6. keep soaking the mole with the apple cider vinegar q-tips at least for 5 - 10 minutes at a time, until you feel satisfactory that it is penetrating.

7. clean up around the mole with the alcohol, and then place a bandaid over it.

i repeated this process 3-4 times a day, yes scraping it again until it bleeds, i wanted to make sure i was getting to the roots of this gross thing, yes it hurt sometimes but i was hoping for the best, not knowing if it was really going to work. i made sure i always used the alcohol to clean the wound and sterilize the needle and to clean up to properly place the bandaid on it. i slept with a bandaid with some acv soaked in a tiny piece of the qtip once, but usually slept with it uncovered so it could breath and scab faster.

but i kept the bandaid on it during the day because i had to work and my mole turned dark and looked bigger! i guess this was because i broke up the upper layer of the epidermis so the true nature of the beast was now showing!

on day 2 i continued this process and was wondering how long it would actually take. i read online some say 5 days, others said 2 weeks! i didn't care, i was going to keep it up intil this thing was gone! i even got to the point where i poke it so much the skin was tearing and i could literally pull of a piece of my skin with a tweezers! sterilized first of course but it did hurt!

so i instead just kept rubbing acv with the qtips and then cleaning up with the alcohol. i left it alone for a few hours so it could form a scab. then i would periodically soak it with the acv and alcohol. dont forget to use the chapstick to protect the surrounding skin.

also, it helps to use a hand held mirror to get a closer look and to hold the qtip upside down to keep the acv right on the tip.

day 3 - the best part!!!

i could notice a little white outline around the mole and was hoping this was a good sign. i started my regualr routine with the cider and alcohol and needle, but this time something different happened!

i started to scrape, poke and pull at the mole as usual, and a tiny piece of my skin tore again. it bled, oh it bled , so i cleaned up with alcohol again as usual, after the bleeding stopped a bit, sterilized needle again and continued to poke , prod, and pull alternating between acv, and alcohol soaks. i also dipped the needle in the acv and alcohol.

now here's the interesting part, i strated to try and pull that tiny little piece of flesh that was coming off, just to take a peek and see if thsi stuff was actually working, to see if i could see the pink flesh inderneath, it was only a tiny piece , wouldnt hurt that much i thought. ......................and then it happened.

when i pulled and tugged at this stubborn piece of flesh that would not come of, suddenly, looking in the mirror and tugging, i felt and saw the damn corner of the mole give in and tear off my face!!!! i was stunned! i was like whoah! i didn't mean or expect that to happen! i just wanted to take a peak at theat tiny hole i made and the whole mole nearly comes off with one tug!!!

so naturally, when i saw my beautiful pinkt skin underneath, and no ugly brown spot under there, i did the inevetible............ i scraped around the rest of the border of this mole to make sure the whole thing was loose enough, and i stuck that needle in there reallll gooood, and i pulled the whole damn thing off my face in one piece!!!!!! terrified i looked closely in the mirror, is it gone?? is my skin ok? then i looked at that brown disguting thing at the end of the needle that i had on my face my whole life and was holy cow!!! i can't believe it worked! and in 3 days no less!!!!

so the first thing i did was place it in some tape a s a reminder and cleaned up my wound with antibacterial stuff and a bandaid over it, and i said i am going to write to earth clinic my amazing removal af my flat, brown mole/birthmark with apple cider vinegar and all i can say is thank you all!

and those who are skeptical about your own blemishes, take it from me, you will never know until you try!!! i am ready to live my brand new life to the fullest!!!


;) smiley with no mole!!!!!!

i can't wait until it heals completely and everyone who knows me seeeees!!!

Replied by Debbiesmiller
Geneva, Illinois

You made me smile! I too have gotten rid of some really ugly moles the same way.... maybe not as intense, but it worked...

Replied by Kim
New York, New York, Usa

Bbouy, please I have a similar situation... I tested the ACV on my arm, it worked but will it scar? I want to use this on my face but I am terrified of a scar. Have you noticed any signs of it is going to scar? How is the healing process going please reply back thanks a thousand!

Replied by Carl James
New Orleans

Did u have a scar?