Moles - Editor's Choice

Over the years, Earth Clinic readers have sent us many reports about their treatments for Moles. The editors at Earth Clinic consider the below posts to be some of the most helpful and informative and have named them 'Editor's Choice'. We hope that you will find this useful.

Clove Oil

Posted by Lemure (New York) on 01/22/2019

I have face moles and I have tried all the mole remedies. They all seem to work, but it takes too long and I look like hell doing it. With the Iodine treatment, the mole shrunk, but it was so messy and ugly, ugh!

Then I tried Clove Essential Oil and it worked! I had a HUGE mole by my eye (bigger than a pencil eraser) which is almost gone after 1 week! SO FAST! All the other treatments seemed to take forever...

What I did was put 1 drop of undiluted Clove Essential oil on the mole, then mix 1 drop Clove with one drop of carrier oil and put that on a round band-aid and I kept that on the mole to keep it wet. (Keeping it wet keeps it from scabbing and makes it shrink more quickly.)

I remove the band-aid and do this same treatment daily - maybe 4-6 times per day with the clove oil straight, then half and half on the bandaid, and I slept with the band-aid, too. Only removed it for showers and then put it right back on.

Do not use more than 1 drop straight and always put the carrier oil on after! Otherwise it can burn you. I have been doing this same thing on tiny moles, without the band-aid - and those shrink too, but more slowly. The only trouble with this method is I got a scab where the band-aid touches my skin. Ive been applying lemon salve to the area before I put the band-aid on, so its not so bad, but I can see that discouraging others.

Get some salve before you start! All together, I bought: Clove Essential Oil, Lemon Butter Cuticle creme (I use as salve for everything, great stuff!), Maracuja oil as a carrier oil, and a box of round band-aids.

The moles that I have removed with this method shrink down to pore sized bump and the dark end just pops off like a black head; its very odd. I keep applying it to the raised bump that is left until there is nothing there.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Jeff (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) on 01/28/2017

I've probably removed 30 moles and skin spots using ACV. Make sure you use natural apple cider vinegar with the mother which is what does the trick.

First rough up the mole so the ACV soaks in better. I've also used a sterile needle to scratch the surface. Then, use a Q-tip to lightly coat Vaseline over a quarter-sized area immediately around the mole but not on the mole. I know people reference using a cotton ball, but I think that's too big and messy. Instead, I cut round circles from a woman's sanitary napkin and soak them in the ACV. While it's soaking use another Q-tip to dap the mole with ACV, to give it a headstart.

I've found that band aids don't stick well and the juice runs out, so instead use white athletic tape. Rip a square, put the soaked ACV pad on it, then tape it to the skin pressing down all sides. Try not to squeeze the juice out of the pad. Repeat morning and night. After a day or two, it will turn color a little, because you're killing it. Use a sanitized needle to poke thru the mole so the ACV can get in and under it, since it starts to harden and scab up. I think the white tape helps smother it too and the ACV is more effective. The tape will probably irritate the surrounding skin a little, but that will go away when you're done. The key is to continue the assault uninterrupted. After about 5 days, you will be so proud of yourself when the thing just lets go and falls off like a scab. I've continued for another day or two if there's some that hasn't let go yet. As for scarring - I haven't noticed much. The skin will be new and pink and will take awhile, possibly months to fully blend with the rest of your skin, but who cares - you just got rid of something that's bothered you for so long. Doctors that say it doesn't work just don't know what they're talking about and Try it themselves.


Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Leah (Ct) on 01/23/2017

I have had a mole on my chin that started off small and flat like a freckle from age 7 (I am 34 now) and it "grew" over the years to a black raised mole a little smaller than an eraser. I went to a plastic surgeon at the age of 16 who decided to tell me that he could remove this benign mole but it would leave a huge scar that would need stitches and that he could most definitely "fix" my nose...nice right? I finally went back to a different plastic surgeon/dermatologist a few years ago who agreed my mole was non cancerous but again told me that the location on my chin near a prominent fold could not be hidden and be unsightly. I recently went to a third doctor who told me that the times have changed and for a mere $400 she could remove it but it could grow back, be flat, or scar...the only difference would be there wouldn't be stitches.

I finally had enough and decided to try ACV. I take ACV daily in the morning for my immune system and thought .. why not? I made sure to "rough" up my mole (very important! ) and was amazed I could feel the "sting" from the ACV soaked cotton ball quickly! I slept with it overnight and used vaseline around the edges.

The second day the mole looked a little larger and paler than the usual black tone. This made me nervous but I continued to freshen up the cotton ball that I used to my chin and even used a q tip in between to press on it.

The third day the mole started to scab everywhere but the edges so I continued another day and night focusing on the edges. The fourth day I couldn't believe my eyes...the mole was now a shrunken scab! It was so hard to not pick at it but I made sure to keep my hands away. So so hard!

Finally the fifth day that poor sucker was hanging by a thread and I pulled it after my shower. The skin was pink and had a slight discoloration around where the mole was. I'm thinking the vaseline around the edge of the mole helped but not as much as a bandaid surrounding the area would have as other users stated. I would hate to think what it would look like if it didn't have any protection from the ACV, my skin was a little pink.

I am now on day 2 of healing, using those small round band aids and aquaphor to keep it moist. I have heard that "needing air" for wounds to heal is just an old wives tale and the important part of the healing process is NOT to let it scab since the scab will be the cause of a scar. I have told many people at work who think I'm super granola for what I did and they are in shock of how amazing it looks already. I would definitely recommend spending the money to have someone make sure the mole is not cancerous before doing this. It really is amazing how we can "take care" of our bodies with mother nature. This is truly amazing!

Garlic and Vitamin A Treatment

Posted by Tassi (Berkeley, Ca) on 09/09/2016

I just happened to notice this post and feel obliged to comment because of the use of Vitamin A.

Posted by Glenn (Rohnert Park,CA) on 03/31/2007

A nevus is little black pigmented spot on the skin, sometimes called a beauty spot. Mine was flat, about 6-7 mm in diameter and near my neck and slightly elevated. It's been there for probably 20 years.

I dipped a q-tip in 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide and applied it to the nevus only for a few seconds and then mopped the excess with the dry end of the q-tip. It burned a little, especially on later applications. I applied liquid vitamin A a few minutes afterwards to decrease the burning and promote healing. I did 3-4 applications over a period of a week. It fell off completely after a week and has not returned. My wife was very impressed. I'm not recommended this approach, but simply reporting my personal experiment. I've been experimenting with Bill Munro's inhaling approach for a little over a week. It appears to be working well. My energy has just about doubled and I'm breathing much better at night.

Since about 1990, my parents came up with the use of vitamin A to clear up all kinds of flat skin blemishes, from "age spots" to keratoses to moles and perhaps-skin-cancers, and it has worked pretty well. My dad said he heard or read that Vitamin A kills cancer, if you can "get the protein coating that is protecting it off", so he smashed up some fresh garlic and applied it to the spot, having first created a mask to shield the surrounding healthy skin by cutting up some fabric band-aid material (I say fabric band-aids because other band-aids can damage the skin of the face. You may need to experiment.) so as to leave a hole the size of the spot to be treated, and applying the material around the spot.

Then the procedure is:

Put a small heap of well-smashed garlic puree on top of the exposed area and then cover it all with a big enough piece of fabric-band-aid material to hold the garlic mound in place (you may have to practice a time or two to get all this right, at first, and you may have to get creative with how you cut the pieces of sticky stuff and apply it to make the mask).

You are going to leave this on for "overnight" or up to 24 hours -- although the garlic probably loses its effect after 8-10 hours, and that is the best time to take it off. It is good if you have hot enough garlic that you feel a burn, but often there is no sensation at all, and if you do feel a burn it is short-lived and no big deal. In fact, you should press on the mound of garlic when the burning stops and try to sustain the burn-time.

Now, the most important part, after removing the garlic: Have a capsule of vitamin A and a fresh band-aid ready before you remove the garlic and all the band-aid stuff from the skin. (You want vitamin A from fish oil.) Pierce the capsule and as soon as you remove the garlic etc, immediately drip vitamin A on the spot that you treated with the garlic, and then also put some vitamin A on the bandage part of your fresh band-aid and place that over the spot to cover it.

Leave it on for at least a day. After you remove it, you may get a blister. This is good. When the blister dries up and falls off, you will have cleared up the problem. --Sometimes it takes repeating the process a couple of times to completely clear it.

(PS -- I have no idea if this will work for skin tags, BTW. I would try iodine first.) This should go under moles or skin cancers. If I get time, I will add it.

EC: Thank you, Tassi! No need to re-post. We have put your feedback on the moles page (rather than the skin tags page).

Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by June (Ashburn, Va) on 12/14/2015

Apple Cider Vinegar for Mole (Weird Reaction But Worked!)

It worked! My experience was NOT straight-forward, but it did work.

First thing of note: the mole was checked by the doc prior to trying this and it was benign.It was on my right breast and was slightly raised but also deep in the skin. Dark-ish brown. I figured this wouldn't work in one shot because it's raised, deep, and I have pale white/sensitive skin. In all in took 9 days. Mine NEVER turned black, which freaked me out because that's what most people seem to experience. Mine turned green and brown and green-yellow and brown, which freaked me out even more. But remember, this isn't magic (even though this ugly mole was disappearing before my eyes). It's science. Be smart about your applications and responding to your unique situation and you should get rid of it.I have sensitive skin and it seems to me that leaving it on over night is not the best way to go because ACV is irritating. Even when I surrounded the mole with shea/coco butter, it still felt/looked irritated.

Day 1: I started on Saturday night. Light use of emory board. I did about 3 swishes, slow and light, back and forth, and up and down because I was scared I might feel it scrape. I didn't but I did see slight slight skin flakes. Bandaid and a piece of cotton dipped in ACV overnight.I woke up the next morning and part of it, the center/top, had turned almost a light green but I still saw the ring of the mole normal brown color around the green.

Day 2: Same thing as the first except that I didn't use the emory board. Resulted in no visible change to the mole or the green on the mole.

Day 3: Cleaned it and poked it with a needle twice (where it hadn't turned green). Bandaid and cotton-soaked ACV for 1 hour AM/PM.That night, the green turned brown and the brown covered -almost- the entire mole but the mole was still raised the way it was before I started treating it. Still saw a slight bit of mole around the edges.

Day 4: That morning, the brown was slightly darker and the edges were now covered to the skin line. Cleaned it, slight poking to penetrate the brown, and bandaid/cotton/ACV for an hour. My skin was slightly irritated around the edges of the mole but it looked possibly flatter. I showered again that night and did the same treatment for an hour.

Day 5: I woke up without any visible differences but the brown felt harder--closer to a scab--but still unsure if it was in fact a scab. Roughed it up a bit with a tooth pick to see if I could feel anything below the brown (I couldn't). Bandaid/cotton/ACV for 1 hour. Checked it. The brown had turned back to green and it was mushy. Like a very light green. It looked like how a scab looks when you let it soak. I washed it with anti-bacterial soap and let it breath all day. It dried to a light brown, had a white circle around the edge, AND IT WAS FLAT.

Day 6: Cleaned it with anti-bacterial soap again. Gently. It was gross! Again, green and mushy in the shower. This is where I started to get nervous. I felt like maybe it was infected or maybe it was really working- I couldn't tell! I decided to put a q-tip soaked in ACV on it for 5 minutes AM/PM. It was now 100% completely flat when the scab dried out. The scab was thick and dark brown, and the skin around it looked aggravated. But I couldn't tell if the scab was just a top layer and there was mole underneath or if the mole had been replaced by scab now.---That night I read that coconut oil is antimicrobial (helps eat away at moles) and antibacterial (helps eat away at infection). It also is soothing for the skin.

Day 7-9: Kept the mole-scab soaked in Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I never heated it. Just rubbed it into the skin, into the scab gently, and around the entire area. Then I put a chunk of the coconut oil under some gauze and soaked the mole-scab constantly. It felt amazing. I also read that the oil would help the scab heal more quickly and with less of a scar.

End of Day 9, the area is WITHOUT a mole, scab, or scar. It's just pinker than the surrounding skin, but not inflamed and red or anything.AMAZING! Life-changer. Can't wait to show the doc :D

Good luck!