Mole Remedies

Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide  

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Posted by KIM (MARINA DEL REY, CA) on 01/19/2008
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After successfully using this site to cure a sinus and cough problem that I cured with an ACV, garlic & oregano oil, tea in three days, I decided to take a crusty mole the size of my small finger nail off my upper back. I have had this mole for about twenty years and did not bother it much because I was told by my great grandmother when I was a small child that if you messed with a mole you could bleed to I scraped it and started alternating ACV, h202 throughout the day and a paste of ACV and crushed garlic that I applied at night. I was impatient and picked at it when it started to dry out. It has taken a week but it has slowly come off. leaving a pink spot where there was once a scary looking black & grey mass. There is still one speck left in the very center and that should be off in a day or two. I was planning to have it removed before the summer now there is no need. I did not tape or put a bandage on it so I had no redness. At night I applied the ACV & garlic paste and let it air dry on the mole. I slept on my stomach. In the morning I peeled of the dried acv & garlic and wiped it clean with h202.

My remedy: I applied ACV and H202 alternately with a cotton pad throughout the day.

paste of crushed garlic and ACV applied directly on the mole at night. Remove with cotton soaked with H202 in morning.

one week later fresh pink skin where there was once a big ugly mole!

Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil  

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Posted by Nature Boy (Illinois, US) on 03/12/2015
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Worked Temporarily

Hi, I used garlic on one of my facial moles, however I only had temporary relief. I left a piece of garlic overnight on my mole using a band aid, the skin peeled off after two days. Initially it seemed like the mole was gone because the skin around the mole was raw and pink, however the mole reappeared in a few days. I feel that the size of the mole has reduced but cannot be sure since the area around the mole is still red. I had used tea tree oil earlier and the same thing happened.

Has someone else faced similar situations, should I try using ACV or garlic again? I'm pretty skeptical because every time I try a remedy it leaves the skin around the mole red and attracts more attention than the mole itself. Thanks in advance.

Garlic, Castor Oil, Baking Soda  

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Posted by Lovelia (Malaysia) on 02/25/2016
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I have numerous flat moles on my face. Then I crush a garlic into paste, and applied them on my moles making sure they fit perfectly on my moles.(My moles are all flat moles by the way, with diameter about 0.3 cm ) . Then I put on bandages on them. I waited for 3 hours approximately and yes, I could feel a bit of pain at those moles(Well, at least I know it is working on my moles) . I took them off before going to bed at night , I applied baking soda and castor oil on the moles. The next morning when woke up , I took off my moles using a hair clip . It hurts a bit but it worked! . The moles were removed leaving a scar. After removing the moles , I applied coconut oil and turmeric , the scar is then removed a few days later. It actually depends how many times you applied them in a day. The more frequent you apply them, the faster the scar heals. :)

Garlic, Sea Salt  

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Posted by Lady L (Arlington, Texas) on 08/30/2007
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I'm so glad i came across this forum. I had a mole the size of about 1/8th of an inch in diameter. I cut a similar size slice of garlic, rubbed vaseline lightly around the mole, placed the garlic on the mole and covered with band aid. i alternated the second night with sea salt instead of the garlic coz sea salt has iodine (to minimize burning as some people had warned about). on the 3rd night, while cleaning it with a cotton ball dipped in warm water, the mole fell right out. left a tiny weenie hole that looked like someone had scooped it out with a micro spoon. i didnt apply anything else on it except for vitamin E from a caplet the next 2 days or so. The skin has since patched itself up and save for a tiny scab, it is healing well. I expect the scab to fall off in a day or two. Thanks to all who posted their experiences coz it saved me several hundred dollars for surgery when all it took was a bit of nature. I hope this helps someone.

General Feedback  

Posted by Alan (Falls Church, Virginia) on 04/23/2012

Hey guys, so I removed a pea sized mole around my face about a little over a month ago with garlic, and I was left with a red spot for a couple weeks, then it eventually faded a little and got darker. How can I speed up the healing process for it to dissappear completely? How long did it take for your redness to go away completly?

I went to a dermatologist to check out the hyperpigmentation, and he prescribed me a bleaching cream which is supposed to lighten up the mark. He said first it'll turn red, (which it has), then it will heal back to its normal pigment, so now it looks like how it was when I first removed the mole--bright red.

Much appreciated guys.

Posted by Littlestnoon`` (Mcgregor, South Africa) on 09/30/2011

I read the wonderful posts on getting rid of Moles - YAY! Funny enough, I remember as a kid my doctor used iodine to remove planters warts. I have decided to try ACV on my abundantant mole population. I do not know what I will do if it works. These moles have been a real source of angst to me my whole life. Never mind te danger of suntanning, etc. ANYWAY... I went to my chemist and was looking for vaseline, to reduce the chance of burning surrounding skin, when I thought about corn plasters! My moles are quite big but they fit perfectly into the hole of a corn plaster and the skin around it is safe. Also, it makes applying the ACV really easy. Although, I decided against covering with a plaster, you can and the corn plaster keeps the plaster off the mole so there is a bit of 'breathing space'! I'm only on my second morning, but I will def report any happy success. Thank you to everyone who contributes to this site. I'm five weeks since having a cancerous ovary removed and thanks to what I've read, am refusing a hysterectomy and will nurture remaining cancerous ovary and my body instead! THANKS EVERYONE!

Posted by Andree (Phoenix, AZ) on 02/01/2009

My regular physician didn't even charge me for a mole removal. She applied a little liquid nitrogen and froze it. In a week, it just fell off. Ask your doctor if they will do that for you because it doesn't have to cost hundreds of dollars.

Replied by Dampwire
Brooklyn, NY

Hi I had a mole frozen off with liquid nitrogen about 5 years ago and guess what, it grew back and I'm going to try the HP method. So far I started just today applying it only to the mole area and cleaning up any extra around the supporting skin. It is about the size of an eraser but more oval in shape. It is turning white after the HP is applied and it stings for several minutes.

Replied by Gigi815

I've used tea tree oil directly on moles. It takes awhile but the brown disappears and the mole does shrink.

Herbal Creams  

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Posted by Jj (London, Uk) on 09/06/2009
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Mole Removal with Herbal Creams:

Would just like to advise anybody using a herbal cream to remove moles, that whilst they work very effectively at removal, in my experience they eventually (a couple of months after removal) leave a white scar which will never re-pigment. If this is preferable to the mole, then great, but please bear this is mind and maybe experiment on a less visible mole before trying on your face etc.

PS if anyone knows of a way to repigment a white scar, please advise (long shot I know).

Horse Tail Hair  

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Posted by ANDREA (NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA) on 10/20/2007
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My husband had a mole in the center of his forehead. It bothered him that he looked like a unicorn. So I remembered when I was a little girl that I used to hear my Grandma speak of different remedies, for different ailments. The one that I never really believed was the one about the horse hair to remove a mole. So one day my husband and I was out and about and seen a man on a horse. I asked him could I have a piece of his horse's tail hair. He knew immediately what I wanted with it. My husband said he wouldn't believe it until he seen it. So once we arrived home I tied the hair around the mole. Every morning after, I would awake before he would to see the results. 3 days later I noticed the mole and the hair was gone! I told my husband to pay extra attention to his face when he went to wash up. When he realized the mole was gone he was so excited.

Replied by Tyler
Abingdon, Virginia, Usa

Did you just tie the horse hair around the mole, that's all?! How long did you leave it on? overnight? Thanks, your feedback is valued!!

Hydrogen Peroxide  

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Posted by M.s (Athens, Greece) on 05/10/2010
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Better But With Side Effects

Hydrogen peroxide - I used it on a mole and it left a scar. I will how it goes.

Posted by Kristie (Portland, Oregon) on 06/15/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I found this site a little over a week ago - and I'm glad I did! I cured my very first mole with Hydrogen Peroxide in a week.

Here's what you will need: Hydrogen Peroxide 3%, Q-Tips, Band-Aids, Bag Balm, Nail File

Day #1. I cleansed the area around the mole with soap and water, then I dried it off. Next, I gently used the coarse side of the nail file to roughen up the mole - again do it gently. After that, I applied a thin coat of ___ (antiseptic balm) around the base of the mole to about 1/2 inch in diameter out from the base to keep from burning my skin with the HP. Next, I soaked a Q-Tip in Hydrogen Peroxide and applied it directly on the mole and held it there until it started to whiten and bubble a bit. It will sting a little at first, I must admit. Repeat these steps 6 times throughout the day and leave the mole uncovered if all possible to speed up the healing process. At night before going to bed, do the entire set of steps again, this time applying a band-aid at the end.

Day #2. Same as Day #1

Days #3, #4, #5: Let the mole rest and keep the area clean. Do not do anything else to the mole.

Day #6: I noticed that the mole had formed a hard, crusty top cover to it (DO NOT PICK IT OFF), so I DID NOT use the nail file this time. Instead, I applied the ___ and then HP as I did in Days #1 & #2, repeating the process 6 times throughout the day and then once again at bedtime with the band-aid.

Day #7. During my morning shower, the hard & crusty mole fell off, leaving a dark pink spot with a small crater-like hole to it. I applied ___over the entire area now...and will keep doing so until it's completely healed.

As with any health advice, please keep in mind that your results may vary from mine. I only offer this a possible solution to your mole problems.

Good Luck!

Replied by Adam
Fairfield, California

how loong did it take you to see results when you apilied the hydrogen peroxide on the mole.. or do u need to scrape off the surface of the skin covering the mole..please reply back soon thank you

Replied by John

You apply it 6 times per day?!

Posted by Belixzza (Newark, NJ) on 10/16/2008
5 out of 5 stars

At first I tried the ACV remedy. I put ACV on a cottonball and applied it on the side of my face were the mole were. I then put a bandaid over to cover it overnight. I am guessing ACV was too strong for my skin because it burned that section of my face I waited a week until the scarring disappeared. Of course I felt dumb because I scarred my face on my own. I had four noticeable moles and a burn mark from the acid on ACV. After everything went back to normal I tried Peroxide volume 40 the one people used for hair. In 2 weeks GONE. no scar no problem. I would take a q tip and keep pressin on the mole. Yes it stings and yes it gets sore. What I noticed with the peroxide was that no scarring and no issues. The mole started to get dry it turned dark and fell off. I am going to try it on the moles that are close to my skin it will probably work the same. Wish me luck YEEEE!!

Replied by Matt
Chicago, Il

People use 40% hydrogen peroxide in their hair? I couldn't think of a better way to get dandruff. But hey. i'll give this a shot when I get the change to order, thanks for the info. My skin is sensitive too, but the HP is simple. Perhaps if I used 90% fuel grade.... hmmmm....

Replied by Mike
Santa Cruz, Ca

HP 40 Volume isn't 40% hydrogen peroxide, it's 12%. Not sure why they call it 40 Volume. And yes it's strong stuff. I'm experimenting with it on a mole and a couple cherry angioma and will post results later.

Posted by Joyce (Houston, Texas) on 06/03/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Hydrogen Peroxide for Moles: This is truly a miracle and it works in a matter of days..I had several large moles on my face for over 20 years and about a year ago I tried the baking soda and castor oil treatment.It worked on the two of the moles i had near my eyes but it took almost three weeks and it really burned my skin..I still have a small raised area that did not totaly go away that bothers me .I had another mole on the side of my nose that I wanted removed, but I did not want it to take 2-3 weeks for that to happen so i tried the Hydrogen Peroxide.

I make sure that the surface of the mole was smooth by filing it down with a nail file and i applied a layer of vaseline around the area then i applied the peroxide with a cotton ball several times untill it was saturated and white .This does burn quiet a bit, but so did the the other treatment I had tried.I applied the peroxide sevearl times during the day and after I let it dry I applied aloe vera from my plant to the area to help with the burning..the next morning I noticed that the mole was less than half the size and it had turned black so I knew it working..With-in two days of using this method it was completed gone on a small patch of dry red skin and I have treated that with aloe vera..I wish I would of known about this 20 years ago..I feel more confident now that I have removed those ugly moles from my face and the cost has nothing really things that I already had at home.I have a couple of small flatted areas that I will work on next..I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to remove stubborn moles in a hurry

Replied by Peter
Cedar Rapids

I have a mole on my back, should I pore some of the hydrogen peroxide in my bath tub and have it soak it and how many days should I do that so it can disappear for good?

Posted by Glenn (Rohnert Park, CA) on 03/31/2007
5 out of 5 stars

A nevus is little black pigmented spot on the skin, sometimes called a beauty spot. Mine was flat, about 6-7 mm in diameter and near my neck and slightly elevated. It's been there for probably 20 years.

I dipped a q-tip in 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide and applied it to the nevus only for a few seconds and then mopped the excess with the dry end of the q-tip. It burned a little, especially on later applications. I applied liquid vitamin A a few minutes afterwards to decrease the burning and promote healing. I did 3-4 applications over a period of a week. It fell off completely after a week and has not returned. My wife was very impressed. I'm not recommended this approach, but simply reporting my personal experiment. I've been experimenting with Bill Munro's inhaling approach for a little over a week. It appears to be working well. My energy has just about doubled and I'm breathing much better at night.

Posted by John (Birmingham, AL) on 03/03/2007
5 out of 5 stars

NOTE: I don't know what the laws are and I don't want to get sued. Use my information at your own risk. I'm just trying to help in any way I can, because NOONE should have to go through what I went through - numbing devastation and fear. If this helps you PLEASE spread the word!

3 skin cancer growths on my face cured in a WEEK of applying Hydrogen Peroxide on them - HOW YOU APPLY could mean the difference between EFFECTIVE, or NOT (read further for detailed explanation). (NOTE: I use a lot of repetition, to make sure you understand exactly what I'm referring to.)

I would definitely recommend trying this before you try bloodroot.

THANK GOD!! WOW! I'm still shocked it worked and it took only a WEEK!!! How is this possible that people don't know about this and a truth so simple is not known by everyone is beyond me.

My story and how I used Hydrogen Peroxide 3% to cure my skin cancers: Over the period of two years two cancerous growths appeared on my face (nose); one of them was growing very slow the other one faster. Then in less then a year another one appeared on my face as well - on the side of my nose very close to my eye. That one was growing at an alarming rate. All those growths hurt with unusual intensity when touched and had tiny veins but they were not moles. They were kind of the color of my skin except more red and at times really red. I applied just about every fruit on them I could think of with what seemed no effect. I was getting worried and felt helpless. I begged God to help me and I searched a lot. I found this great site and read that there have been reports that Hydrogen Peroxide cured melanoma. I was going to try the eggplant and white vinegar remedy, but was worried about the fumes from the vinegar being so close to my eye. So I decided to try the Hydrogen Peroxide first. At first it didn't seem to have any effect at all. I was getting so worried by that point because the spot close to my eye was growing even faster and by then it was about 5 millimeters in diameter and just few months ago it was a tiny spot. In my helplessness.


I took a cotton swab and soaked it in Hydrogen Peroxide and kept rubbing the cancerous growth with the Hydrogen Peroxide soaked cotton swab until the growth was soaked in the Hydrogen Peroxide and was white. It stung badly, but I didn't care, I just wanted these things gone. I was so desperate, my eyes watered every time I looked at the spots on my face. After the soaking of the growths I applied cotton soaked in Hydrogen Peroxide on them. NOTE: when soaking the skin with Hydrogen Peroxide make sure you don't do it to the healthy skin, because even though it is more resistant to getting white and soaked with the Hydrogen Peroxide, it will also get white after a while. If healthy tissue gets white like that, let it air out until it regains its normal color. So do the soaking to the unhealthy tissue only or as close as you can get. After soaking and making it white apply soaked in Hydrogen Peroxide cotton ball on the growth and when the cotton gets dry, wet it with more Hydrogen Peroxide. How it worked was: the soaked cancerous growth after a while formed as crust much like what happens with a normal sore. The strangest thing is I see no scars it flattened it out like it was never there..IN A WEEK!!! Even the fast growing one!! I'M STILL IN SHOCK. I tried SO many things. THANK GOD. THANK GOD!!!

Replied by Gabe
Los Angeles, California

how often do you apply it in a day?

Replied by John
Birmingham, AL

In my previous email to you, I forgot to mention:

1. I stopped drinking tap water and started drinking purified water when I was doing my Hydrogen Peroxide therapy.

2. I tried applying the Raspberry Skin Cream well known to cure skin cancer to the cancerous growths on my face for weeks, but it didn't work for me - I noticed no difference. I have heard the Raspberry Skin Cream worked well for many people after about two weeks.

3. Also I forgot to mention when I started my Hydrogen Peroxide I also started using air purifier that is running 24/7 in my bedroom.

Replied by Kristie
Portland, Oregon

Did you have to scratch/prick the mole before applying the hydrogen peroxide?

Replied by Tony
Fort Worth, Texas

Question: I've read and heard that Hydrogen Peroxide can cause scaring. Does anyone experience scaring that did not go away when using Hydrogen Peroxide to remove moles? Thanks