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Posted by Deborah (New Orleans, Louisiana) on 07/16/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I can't believe after all these years (58) I actually found a site where I can use information to get rid of this mole that has been on the tip of my nostril forever! You may understand how much I detested it, and the frustration I felt not having a way to remove it! I found this site yesterday, and last night began applying the vinegar and vaseline! It's a raised mole, about the size of a split pea.... But it feels huge! Lol

It immediately started turning white, and puffing up. The bottom half became black.... Which sounds like what it's supposed to be doing. I used a needle and emery board to roughen it up, and applied chap stick and vaseline to the surrounding skin. Because of it's location, I cannot bandage it... Nothing will stick, so I'll have to do it the hard way.... Applying ACV constantly with a q-tip. It seems to be working, and I feel like I have a new lease on life!

I have gotten really bad skin with wrinkles and jowl lines in the last few years, due to stress and lack of care. I am on a quest to regain my appearance as much as possible, and am using all avenues to secure it! I am applying wrinkle remover, moisturizing, and taking vitamins. I cannot afford a face lift... So started using a book and dvd called "Facial Fitness" to remove the wrinkes and tighten the skin. I even found a free hypnosis download called "Turning Back Time" to make myself look better! I will NOT go down without a fight! Time to get myself put back together in a presentable and pleasing way! Will keep you posted on the mole removal.... It was an added bonus to my new quest, and will be forever grateful for this site!

Replied by Joey
London, Uk

Hi can you give an updat if the mole has gone completely and the healing time?

Replied by Deborah
New Orleans, La.
5 out of 5 stars

YES! It officially breathed it's last breath 3 days ago! There is a very thin scab on it now, but the hole it left has already filled in nicely! I apply neosporin to it a few times a day. I think it would have gone much faster if I had kept it bandaged.... But being on the rim of my nostril it was almost impossible to keep it covered without looking like a zombie and I had to run the grandkids around. If I had only known how quickly and cheaply I could have removed this 50 years ago, it would have saved me a lot of anguish! I feel like I have a new lease on life! Lol Now I am tackeling a few others!!!! This is the best site I have ever run into, and I love that we can talk to each other about the "process"! It looked pretty ugly for a few days... But I just kept it up and now I am "moleless"!

Posted by Danny (Orlando, Florida) on 07/10/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Apple Cider Vinegar for Mole Removal

Oh man, I can't even begin to describe how happy I am right now! Im 17 and have had a flat mole on my cheek since I was born. Everyone called it a "beauty mark" but I didn't find it appealing at all. It was impossible to convince my parents to remove but I finally got them to give in about this apple cider vinegar idea. Here's what I did:

I started on a wednesday night by roughing up my mole with an emory board (no more than 1 minute ). I surrounding the area around the mole with vaseline for no scarring. Dunked a cotton ball in the Apple Cider Vinegar and taped it on the mole for the night. Thursday I applied the Apple Cider Vinegar 3 times during the day (only dabbing the mole with a Apple Cider Vinegar cover Q-tip) and then at night again(cotton ball and tape). Friday I applied the Apple Cider Vinegar 2 times during the day and then at night. Saturday was one time in the day and then at night. Sunday I woke up to take a shower in the morning and when I got out, IT WAS GONE.

I highly recommend this technique. It is very painless, and it doesn't effect your daily life. In my 4 days I went to my soccer practices, the gym, and out shopping. You may get a couple more stares during the process because it can get pretty ugly, but its worth it in the long run :)

Replied by Kk
Miami, Fl

How did you rough up a flat mole, just want to know the best way to do this! Trying to do same thing with flat mole on side of face. Thanks so much!

Posted by Helena (Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Usa) on 05/08/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I was so excited when I came across this info. I tried ACV on 5 facial moles and by the 3rd day they were decreasing in size and drying up, by day 4 they all were flaking off. By day 5 all were gone, at each site I have a small pink area, but the pink areas are healthy looking. I started putting Silverderm which is desigated for burn tissue, but I alternate it with pure coco butter which has the healing and returning complexion to it's original shades. I am very very pleased. I took great care during this process to coat the healthy skin around the moles with thick coats of vasaline. It is very IMPORTANT to use cotton ball only the size of the mole. I saoked Q tips and pulled the soaked cotton off the q tip to ensure only the moles were exposed to the ACV. I am so pleased and feel like not only are my moles gone but the "roots" were also destroyed therefore they will not grow back.

For now I can place a little make up when I am out and about til my natural color returns. I feel so much better, I wish I could post before-after pics. I had them removed before professionally and they came back. I think the lasered them. SO good look, try on one in a area before doing them all. My five were in my face... So I just went for it!!!!! Good luck to all..... Ms. J

Replied by Thanks
Goldy, Qld

Hi thanks for info on skin recovery. Did you find using silverderm and pure coco butter helped in reducing redness and scarring?

Replied by Lilo
El Paso, Tx

Hi everyone! it took me about a whole hour to really analyze every comment, process and results of using APC, and now im pretty convinced im gonna do it! The only problem is im sorta of a wimp, and my mole is in my upper right cheek the size of an eraser, and it's flat, NOT raised. Will this work for me? All of you who have success in this had a raised mole or flat brownish mole?
I can also take any advice on the precautions and proceedures on doing these. I would really appreciate it. THANK YOU ALL! :)

Replied by Emmy
Brooklyn, Usa

hey I'm hearing alot about everyone using acv, castor oil is good for mole removal. No burning, tsp of castor, tsp of baking soda mix well apply it makes a paste apply morning n nite can cover w/ bandaid but, don't have too. Or you can just use cold pressed castor oil about 6$ at vitamin store, I like the paste currently using for 3 days now so will let you know how well it works also castor oil is good for skin, dry eye, hair growth, age spots it has a number of uses, chk out castor oil uses on u tube for your hair, hope this helps .

Replied by Jenni
New Orleans, Louisiana

I have been doing this for about a week now and it still hasnt seemed to work? for the past 3 days I have been wearing a soaked cotton ball in ACV with tape over it and all it is doing is leaving nasty red stripes where the medical tape is. Am I doing something wrong? The days before I started wearing it at night I would do it for like 30 minutes 3 times a day. I am using 5% ACV, does that have a part in why it isnt working as well as everybody elses? My mole is on my neck and it is raised but no bigger than a pea.

Posted by Erin (Tuttle, Ok, Usa) on 04/17/2011
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Background info: A few years ago I was able to successfully remove a wart on my pinky finger with Raw Organic ACV. I've had a raised mole the size of a pencil eraser behind my ear my entire life. I decided to try to remove it using the same method I'd previously used on my wart. I've been applying ACV to a cotton ball and securing it over the mole with a bandaid overnight. Although the ACV is working on the mole (it's a lot smaller, black, and flat against the skin - I feel with a few more treatments it will be gone), the skin around the mole (an area about the size of a 50 cent piece) is very red and irritated. There are some areas within the red patch (very small in size) that are scabbed over and almost look like little ulcers. Also, the lymph node under my ear is a tad swollen and tender to the touch. I typically do not have sensitive skin and have never experienced a reaction like this to ACV. For now, I plan on treating the area with Aloe Vera gel and Vitamin E oil and only applying ACV to the mole with a cotton swab so the other areas do not get further irritated.

My questions:

1. Has anyone else experienced this sort of reaction to ACV?

2. Am I correct in thinking Aloe Vera gel and Vitamin E oil will soothe the area or are there better solutions?

3. Could it be that the ACV was eating away heathly skin while working on the mole?

Thanks in advance for your help earthclinic!

Replied by Repairmom
Chicago, Il,usa

Since the area behind your ear is swollen and appears to have changed color around the edge, as well as crusted, from my own experience, see your physician (or dermotologist) and get checked out for skin cancer. I had a tiny sore on my face that turned out to be skin cancer. I am totally fine years later after Mohs surgery. I hope it's nothing but you can't play around with cancer. I use natural treatments whenever possible - and always will; but if you need it I recommend Mohs surgery, as the most effective painless option if it is cancer. If not, keep trying the ACV, it's amazing. Good luck.

Replied by Leo
Boston, Ma

You could be allergic to apples.

Posted by Omar (Cairo, Egypt) on 03/17/2011
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

Alright, Im omar From Cairo Egypt.. Since I was 10 Ive been living with a mole on my chin the size of a pencil earaser. 1 year ago I tried applying ACV on it including saftey precautions, It made a light scab on the surface of it. I started picking at it and the scab came off, so did the mole but it kept bleeding. 2 days later I could see the mole growing back and it has actually grown bigger, not so big but slightly bigger from the original size. I was just curious. If I use the ACV again, will my Mole Grow back again? Please Email me or reply . Riva_alexei(at)hotmail(dot)com

Replied by Marla
Atlanta, Georgia, Usa
5 out of 5 stars

Try hydrogen peroxide at 17% for your mole instead. I've tried it on half a dozen moles of my own, and those 3 that appeared healthy and fine (regular edges, consistent color, smooth surface either flat or raised) didn't react at all but the other 3 all reacted by becoming coated with white, stinging a bit, and after repeated applications over several days, reduced in size and evened out in tone and elevation. Without laboratory validation I can't say, but my guess is I took 3 cancerous or pre-cancerous moles and restored them to healthy condition.

Posted by Anonymous (Melbourne, Australia) on 01/12/2011

Apple Cider Vinegar for Moles

I'm currently using ACV to get rid of a slightly raised mole. When I began this treatment, I had already been (unsuccessfully) trying to get rid of the mole with a sulfur-based mask, so a layer of skin had peeled away from the center of the mole to begin with due to the exfoliation I did alongside this. I've been using the ACV method for about one week now (applying it to a piece of folded paper towel and keeping that in place with a bandaid). The middle part (where a layer of it had already worn away from the previous treatment) is continuing to wear away even more and become deeper. The mole seems to be peeling off in layers and these areas are kind of... soft, and when moistened with the ACV they turn lighter in colour.

Does it sound like it's working? If so, how long could I expect this to take? I've just noticed that many other people have experienced effects such as the mole hardening into a black scab and simply falling off, whereas I've experienced only a bit of scabbing and a seemingly more gradual removal process.

Also, as the surface of the mole was damaged when I began this treatment, and continues to be like this as I am peeling at parts of it, the ACV stings a bit when I reapply it. This subsides after a few moments. Is that okay, or should I stop the treatment and let the skin heal before continuing? I know some have successfully removed a mole quickly by scouring its surface, but I'm just weary of overdoing this. I am aware that it may result in a scar... not too worried about that though, as I'd rather have a scar than this mole.

Any responses to my queries wold be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Posted by Jcrews (Orlando, Florida, United States) on 12/22/2010

Okay, so I have had a protruding mole since I was about 4-6 in/on my belly button. I have tried getting it frozen off before. The first time I got it frozen it took most of it off, I thought it was eventually going to go away because it was so small. Over the years it started to grow back but I was to scared to go back because of the pain. (I'm a big sissy about that stuff) Over the summer I had it frozen again. It still has not gone away and is starting to grow back. I'm wondering if the ACV remedy would work for me? What should I do?

Replied by Sandra
Los Angeles, California
1 out of 5 stars

Apple cider vinegar did not work for my moles. I have many moles, mostly flat ones that blend in with my freckles, but the three raised moles on my stomach and chest were prominent, gross, and had to go. I was very hopeful, too, as I want to spend this summer in a bikini instead of my usual tankini or one-piece (yes, I'm that self-conscious about my moles). Seeing all of the success that other people had with apple cider vinegar, I decided to try it myself. I bought organic, unfiltered ACV (5% diluted) and began the routine application of roughing up the surface and then applying ACV to the mole; I did this every twelve hours, leaving a band-aid with a bit of ACV on it to cover the mole.In the first few days, I didn't notice any difference, other than mild irritation.

On the third day, the moles began to swell, and I thought, Yes, some results! I may have celebrated too early. On the fourth day, the moles had swollen still, about twice their original sizes, and they were incredibly painful to the touch. Each application of ACV was a nightmare - it felt like I was dabbing on hot coals. But I was determined, maybe a little hard-headed. I was sure that, with so many others achieving success, that it was only a matter of time before my moles gave up the fight and fell off.

On the fifth day, my moles were swollen to three times (no exaggeration! ) their original sizes and blistered all over! I had to take OTC pain relievers all day, and couldn't sleep on my stomach at night.On the sixth day, the blisters burst with pus, the swelling pushed the skin to the limit, and the moles split open and bled. And if you've ever nicked a mole before, you'll know those suckers bleed so much, you'd think they had their own little hearts! I don't think I have to tell you that it didn't tickle. I called it quits.

After another few days of pain and at the first signs of infection, I went to the doctor. It turns out I gave myself second-degree chemical burns on my moles (thankfully, careful application of the ACV spared the surrounding skin). The moles had to be cut out, which is what I wanted to avoid in the first place, except I could have spared myself a week of torture! If ACV works for you, great (although I'm sending every bit of jealousy I have your way), but beware if you start to have a reaction like mine. I think I'll leave any future mole removals to a doctor from now on.

Replied by Brenda
Springfield, Il

I think it depends on the type of mole. The first mole I used ACV on was small and flat. It was gone in a couple of days. The second mole was larger and raised. I had the swelling, blistering, hurting too. I didn't continue because it scared me. It healed up and I haven't tried it again... I have tons of moles I'd love to be rid of though. I may get brave enough to try it again someday but not too soon.

Replied by Tinam
Brisbane, Australia, Qld

Technically, removing a mole with ACV is burning if off. If you go to a skin cancer clinic or a dermatologist, they will tell you that some moles are not able to be removed by burning. I have had 8 moles removed surgically as they were not appropriate for burning. I have started using ACV on 6 moles with various results. One has completely collapsed into a crater. It is extremely painful, with pain under the skin in one direction only. I assume this is the root that is deeper in the dermal layer. So far it is working on 3 of the moles, which are becoming flatter, but the other 3 just have darkening, but no reduction in size and it's only the top of them that are turning black. This is from a skin cancer clinic website, which may explain why some people are having their moles grow back. "Shaving A raised mole is sliced flush with the skin's surface. Because a shaved mole's "roots" are left in the skin, the mole may grow back. You can expect a faint, mole-shaped scar.

Excision A mole is cut out of the skin entirely, roots and all, never to return. A dermatologic or plastic surgeon will use special stitching techniques to minimize scarring. Expect to be left with a fine line that's slightly longer than your mole. The scar should fade after a year and can be further minimized with a laser treatment at that time."

I think you can expect scarring when burning a mole off with ACV as well. I would treat with Lucas Paw Paw ointment (or any other type of Papaya ointment), Vitamin E oil, and I have read several recommendations for Aloe Vera (raw).

Replied by Tinam
Brisbane, Qld
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

An update on my progress with removing my moles with ACV. I have had success with 2 moles, but it has taken about 2 weeks as opposed to 2 days. I'm still going on another 3, which are very slowly (and I mean very slowly) getting smaller. It is a pretty painful process and I'm not entirely sure that getting them sliced off isn't actually easier. Also, because I have been using plasters on them and I'm really not having a great reaction to the plasters. The skin is red raw from the plasters and yesterday when I removed one, it took a chunk of skin off too, which was very painful. ACV works, definitely better on some moles than others, but you need to be really committed to this, and like I said, I think it would have been easier to get them surgically sliced off.

Replied by Lilgreenie
Marietta, Ga, Usa
5 out of 5 stars

The apple cider vinegar remedy for moles WORKS!! I am a 26 year old female who has a lot of moles (as does everyone in my family). I had several of the more unsightly ones that annoyed me removed as a teenager. Nowadays, getting moles removed for cosmetic reasons is out of my budget. I had one raised, round, dark brown mole on my upper arm (about 3/4 the size of a pencil eraser) that I just hated. A couple of weeks ago, I read about the apple cider vinegar method for removing moles on this site. With so many "YEA" ratings, I was extremely curious and decided to try this method out before going to a dermatologist and shelling out my hard-earned money to get my mole cut off. On the first day, I gently scrubbed the mole with a nail file to "rough it up" as suggested on this site. This was a little uncomfortable, but I did it for less than one minute and stopped before the mole bled. I then surrounded the mole with a petroleum jelly-based salve to protect the skin, and then applied the inexpensive, grocery store brand ACV to the mole using pointed q-tips (the kind that are made for applying/removing make-up) for precision, holding it firmly in place for a few minutes (this stung quite a bit, but was still less painful than the dermatologist's work! ). It turned red. I repeated this process once a day for about five days. Each day, the mole would become dryer, flatter, and darker. Eventually, it dried out completely, the edges turned up, and it loosened from my skin (after approximately 6-7 days) and fell off. Now, all that is left is a crater in the shape of the mole. The skin around the area is rather red, as I didn't do the best job of applying the petroleum jelly each time I applied the ACV. Make sure you apply it carefully and thoroughly each time you apply the ACV in order to protect the skin. It looks like it is healing, though. I am now restarting the process on two moles on my next.

I highly recommend this remedy, as it really works!! If you have a suspicious mole, however, see your dermatologist to rule out melanoma. If a mole is simply bothering you for cosmetic reasons, ACV is the way to go!!

Posted by Manofaction (Kansas City, Mo) on 12/18/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Apple cider vinegar is pretty cool stuff. It works best on warts. I used it to cure my genital warts in just 2 days. And I tested it for mole removal on one mole that is hidden pretty well behind my jaw-line. Like testing the color-fastness of your closet carpet before you clean the stain in your living room. I scratched it with a sterile needle and applied the vinegar with a napkin for about an hour (I used regular white vinegar as I did with the warts) By the next morning it was blistered a bit and I applied the vinegar twice throughout the day... Just dabbing it on. And then again for about half an hour at night. I rescratched the surface at night worrying that I didn't get it thoroughly enough the first night which took the entire surface of the mole off! This was disturbing but I continued with the vinegar. I stopped applying it for such a long period of time and just dabbed the vinegar on the surface 4 or 5 times a day. This is the 4th day and the mole is totally scabbed over and I'm pretty sure it's ready to be left alone. I'm treating it with TeaTree Oil to aid in the healing process and as long as it doesn't scar too much I'm going to continue removing all these moles.

Replied by Joliefa
El Paso, Usa Texas

I have a mole right by my anus. Its been there for 20 years. Its not cancer or anything bad. Its just a regular brown mole. It looks ugly and even my gynocologist scared away.... :( Will ACV work on this mole?

Posted by Nicolas88 (New York, Usa) on 12/15/2010

Hello, I used the ACV method to remove a really small mole. I scratched it a bit and then applied ACV. The first day it looked scabbed and the second day it started peeling off. The third day it was gone, but left a big scar around the area. Thanksfully, most of the red is gone by now (1 month later) and the skin is normal, but there is still a reddish dot where the mole used to be (it has the size of the mole too). It is better than having the mole, but still very noticeable. What I'm wondering is whether it is the mole growing back (the scar hasn't changed for a long time and although I cannot really say if it has brown in it, it is dark) or it is just a scar. Could you help me please? Have you had similar experiences with this treatment?

Posted by Me (Fremont, Ca) on 11/13/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I had a small mole on my face that suddenly grew large as a pencil eraser and unsightly. I applied ACV with a q-tip to it for about 20 minutes per evening while I read a book. I also scratched the surface of the mole to make the ACV more accessible to it. Dried, crusty layers of the mole came off until eventually, with continued treatment, it was completely gone. The process of applying ACV lasted about eight days. Amazingly, when the last of the mole came off there was no scarring whatsoever. It looks like I never had a mole that had been on my face for as long as I could remember. Yea!

Replied by Pilar
Panama City, Panama
5 out of 5 stars

I read all the posts on this wonderful forum regarding getting rid of moles/skin cancers with ACV and I decided to try it a month ago. Since I couldn't find the organic ACV I went and bought the Heinz which worked VERY well. I started treatment on a suspicious mole I've had for over 20 years which I suspect I developed after over sunning myself during a summer holiday. The mole was about 3/4 cm in size (1/2") and a dark beige color. I am light skinned. It was located about 1 inch above my navel. The ACV started to work right away. Within 5 days, the mole had sloshed up like lather and I could rub it off. Ten days after I started it was scabbing up. A month later the scab came completely off and all that remains is a pinkish spot slightly indented. Looks like its GONE for good! I am very grateful for all you great people who have shared your experiences as you gave me encouragement to go and try the ACV. I was truly dreading having to go to one of these local dermatologists who would probably gouge my skin and my pocket and put the scare of my life into me. Thank you everybody!!!

Posted by Melissa (Frisco, Tx) on 11/07/2010
5 out of 5 stars

After reading all of the success stories about getting rid of a mole with ACV, I was convinced to try it. Just wanted to say that ACV really works. I got rid of a flat mole in just about 4 days. I used a cotton ball, tape, vaseline and ACV (Store Brand). Every night I put it on and removed in the morning. By the fourth day it had a scab. I peeled the scab off and the rest of the mole went with it. It made a sore and scar, but it's healing pretty fast, alot better than the mole. Thanks Everyone!!

Replied by Mrs M
5 out of 5 stars

I began using ACV on a flesh coloured mole six days ago. The mole was raised and lighter in colour than my skin tone; applying make-up didn't disguise it at all and I felt as though it had slowly become the most dominant feature of my face :( In certain lighting it almost disappeared, yet I still felt so self conscious because it was located on my chin, prone to hairs and now so visible in many photographs!

I visited a dermatologist who said that surgical removal would leave me with a more noticable scar. She basically told me to keep smiling (this flattened it out) and to learn to live with it as it was non-cancerous and benign. I was elated about that part, but still miserable about my appearance. I could see over a year that it was more raised and friends and colleagues would glance down during conversations :(

So.... out came the ACV, and thank heaven for this wonderful treatment! If you try this remedy, please do not be put off within the first two days of treatment. My mole became swollen, sore and red during this time - and I was only applying the ACV with a cottonbud for three ten minute applications daily. I didn't soak overnight, felt it was way too potent for that, nor did I scratch the area. But I did surround it with vaseline ;)

By day three my mole was flattening and scabbing. I felt it was time to stop applying ACV, so started taking one tablespoonful in water twice daily on appearance of the dark scab. On day three I also steamed my face with hot water and a little added ACV. I am definitely continuing with both of these, my skin is fresh and glowing and I have more energy! I applied some aloe vera and tea tree oil to the scab every morning and night. Now, six days later, my scab is way smaller and the skin around it is not red or raised! I can tell it is getting ready to drop off, no picking here to avoid scarring, will post when the scab fully heals! Very pleased so far.... It's working!!!!! :D

Posted by Lindsey-marie (Nottingham, Uk) on 10/04/2010

Hi there, just started using Apple Cider Vinegar today about 6 hours ago, scratched at the mole with a sterile needle and applied Apple Cider Vinegar using a cotton pad, then placed a plaster over the top and kept checkin every hour. It has gone black and I have now took the plaster and Apple Cider Vinegar off as am unsure how much I need to be doing this and what the next step is??? Can anyone advise me what to do now it is black and completely flat to the surface? thanks

Replied by Friend

You don't need to check it every hour... Just do what you did: after covering, forget about it. Leave it there until you shower or get up in the morning or something. If it is too irritated and hurting, skip a day or two until it is not. Otherwise repeat the treatment once a day and suddenly it will fall off (it will be a great "ha! " moment). Also, it helps if inside the bandage you leave a cotton ball soaked with ACV (overnight is best). Just get enough of cotton to cover the mole. Good luck!

Replied by Lindsey-marie
Nottingham, Uk

Hi, I did as you said and left the cotton wool soaked in ACV with a bandaid on for most of the 48 hours, changing regularly to avoid infection. I have stopped using ACV now as it is totally flat, black and around where my mole was in turning scabby but the scab seems to be sort of indented slighty, lower than the rest of my skin. Anything I can do to speed up the process of the scab coming off and avoid there being a 'crater' on my face?

Replied by Tracey
Columbus, Oh

You may want to check with a dermatologist. The way you are describing it sounds a bit like a minor skin cancer my grandmother had.

Replied by Ole Man Dan

The question was raised 'Did I repeat the treatment for four days? Generally yes. The smaller ones didn't need that much time, but the huge flat one on my neck has needed a couple of weeks. It was the size of a Dime, now it's about the size of the head of a 'Q'Tip. It's scabbed over and shrank down... I'm waiting for it to fall off.

Since my first post, I've taken a small wart off the back of my Right hand too. The scab came off of it yesterday. Not a single mole has left much of a scar. If I get a scar from the giant mole on my neck, it will still be an improvement. Take care of yourselves, and use common sense and AVC or Iodine will remove warts, and moles. If they are stubborn, we have to be stubborn too.

Replied by Autumn
Colorado Springs, Colorado

I tried the ACV on a mole right above my lip that I've always wanted gone. It's now day 2 (I did the first application last night by pressing a soaked q-tip to the slightly raised mole which is about the size of the 'O' on your keyboard) and within an hour, it flattened an turned dark. I know I shouldn't have been so impulsive, but I wanted it gone so badly, I was willing to risk negative possibilities. I'm still somewhat apprehensive of scarring and, worse, regrowth... But I applied Vaseline liberally and have been pretty sterile. All the best. - Autumn

p.s. - there's a small white ring around the mole. I'm wondering if this will turn into scar tissue when the mole falls off?

Posted by Shack (Miami, Fl) on 09/30/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I had a protruding mole midway between my right eye and my hairline. It was already the size of a small bullet point on a word document. I irrated it a couple of weeks ago and it started to grow exponentially. In fact it perhaps more than doubled in size to a small raisin. I was desperate. We (my family)is in the middle of switching our insurance plans, so I couldn't get to a doctor. I came across this website and intensely read every post. I analyzed the comments and weighed the pros and cons. Right now its Thursday morning. On Tuesday night I went to the store and purchased the Apple Cider Vinegar. When I got back home I took a Q-tip and dipped one end in vaseline. I put a light coat around the mole. I took a sterilized needle and poked holes in my mole. Mind you, my mole had that "clustered grape" look to it. Then I took the other end of of the Q-tip and dipped it into the ACV, and proceeded to dab it onto the mole. I did that for about 2 minutes, then put a band-aide over it. By morning time it had strunk some and started to darken. I put more ACV on it, and kept the band-aide off during the day. Later, Wednesday afternoon, I looked in the mirror and it had strunk to even lower than the original size. By bed-time around 11pm it looked like it was ready to fall off. This only 24 hours later. I repeated the needle/vaseline/ACV treatment and put the band-aide back on. Well, this morning when I took the band-aide off, the mole fell off it as well. I have no discoloration and the only thing you can see, if you look real closely, is a slight raising of the skin where the mole was. Hopefully, it will flatten. I will take any suggestions regarding post-treatment. I want to thank all those who shared their experiences. So far the results are 100% positive.

Replied by Julian
Vancouver, Canada

Worked for me. I had a slightly raised, smallish mole near the base of my neck on the side before I discovered this site. I applied ACV with gauzes and bandaids at night and when around the house. I'd just dab some on with my clean finger before I went out. The mole was filed down and turned into a scab and fell of in only three days.

The way it looked after than was worse than the mole itself. Quite bloody and scabby. About three or four days later, the skin was just a bit red. It still is (this is seven days after I first applied the ACV), but it's quickly fading to skin colour.

If you're willing to have the area look worse for a week, this is a miracle tip. Surprised it isn't more mainstream.

Posted by Rachel (Hartford, Connecticut, Usa) on 09/07/2010
5 out of 5 stars

ACV worked like a champ for killing the four moles on my face that I'd hated for years. I knew that my options at a dermatologist were to burn them off or cut them out, neither of which sounded appealing and both of which sounded like they had the potential to scar my face. When I read about ACV, I figured it probably wouldn't work, but when it did, I was pleasantly surprised. I followed the process suggested here (scratch mole with sterilized needle, apply ACV several times a day, use ACV-soaked Q-tip bud at night, wait until moles scab and slough off on their own), and I'd say it probably took about a week for the moles to fall off and another week for the underlying wounds to close up enough for me to be able to apply foundation over them. They're healing nicely; I apply vitamin E with a Q-tip and slap a scar-reducing bandage over the pinkish skin, and every day, they fill in better and appear less pink. I've been telling everyone who seems interested about this method. So glad I found this site and gave ACV a try before throwing money at a dermatologist!

Posted by Andrew (La, Ca, Us) on 08/23/2010
4 out of 5 stars

Hi, I have used the garlic & Apple Cider Vinegar method multiple times, but once the mole is removed, it always returns again! I dont want to say it's a mole but black raised skin always reappears to where I applied the acv(it's bigger than the original mole also). It seems like it's pretty loose skin, but it becomes soft and loses its hardness and scab like qualities as it heals. I have been applying vitamin E on it and my mole came off about 3 days ago, but should I keep applying vitamin e on this "mole" to see if it heals? Thanks!