Mole Remedies

Ted's Mole Theory

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Posted by Bob (USA) on 10/06/2007

Ted, I am intrigued by your theory that moles are fungi protected by melanin. It makes sense that they grow and shrink and puff out! I recently burned one off in less than a day of using garlic clove mixed with ACV. I also used black walnut tincture for 5 days prior with no noticeable results. After less than a day I pulled the round bandaid off and it was blistered so I stopped doing anything. I poked it with a pin and realized it wasn't attached. I squeezed pus out for a day and then it dried up and rubbed off quite easily in four days, and the remaining scab five days later. I had some success with castor oil and baking soda on different moles but they came back. I think it's different for everyone and every mole because possibly every mole is a different fungus protected by melanin so it makes sense that they can't be destroyed all the same way! Also, I am very lethargic and have swollen lymph nodes and tonsil cruddies as well as over 350 moles all over my body so it makes sense that I'm full of viruses or funguses!!! Any good foods to eat? Goji? Garlic? Onion? Potassium rich foods? I heard that warts and moles can be a sign of potassium deficiency, but some people think moles are just the hangy dark ones so I'm not sure if they meant flat ones as well. Have you heard anything on this? Once again I'm very intrigued by your ideas please update me on any helpful information.

Replied by Aria
(Port Huron, Mi, Us)

Try adding 1/2 tsp. baking soda to each litre of water that you drink. I started drinking 3-4 litres per day to help alkalize my PH to get rid of a 3 year battle with MRSA. Not only was the MRSA gone within a few days but it never came back and I noticed several other "side effects". One of these effects was that my moles started shrinking from within days. I added extra virgin coconut oil to my diet a couple of times a day and most of my skin blemishes were gone within a month with no sign of their previous existence.

On the tough moles, I am adding 5% lugol's iodine right now. It has been three days and they are hard and dry. A patch of scab from one fell off last night to expose pink skin so I think it's working. I'll keep you posted on how it turns out.

The String Method

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Posted by Lisa (In, USA) on 07/17/2015

I have removed three moles with the thread method. I used a sterilized piece of thread, you can only use this method with mushroom shaped moles (smaller base, with like a muffin top) and you have to tie the string (or hair) around the base pretty tight, but not tight enough to break the skin. Swab it with alcohol every day until it falls off (about 5 days.)

The String Method
Posted by Jennie (Fort Wayne, IN) on 04/05/2008

My friend (an RN) removed a large mole on my back by tying cotton thread around it and slowly cutting off it's blood flow. She'd tie a new thread, slightly tighter, every few days or so. After three weeks it came off. This was absolutely painless, the only thing that bothered me was my clothing rubbing on it so I kept a band-aid over it. It was quite large and got bigger and turned purple as it died. I'm sure a smaller mole would come off in less time.

Replied by Malte

re: mole removal (the string method)

I tried this on a medium sized-mole (maybe 5 mm in diameter). The mole was raised a little. What I did was apply HP until it turned white and raised some more, then I tied a thread around it tightly and covered it with a bandaid. It seemed to be okay after a while, but after day 2 I had to remove the string because the area was getting red and inflamed, and hurting so badly I had a headache and was beginning to get nauseous. A few days later the area is still very red, tender, and painful.

Maybe it was because I used HP first, but I think this method is probably far more painful that simply applying iodine (which I am trying on other moles with no pain so far). I would not reccomend this method.

Replied by Sally
(Warsaw, Poland)

I've actually used the string method succesfully on my arm, but in a slightly modified way.

My mole was a medium brown color, raised, and circular. It had been there unchanged for years, so I knew it was safe to remove. I cleaned the area well and I tied a string around it - no knots or anything, so I could tighten it at will. I tied it around tightly and watched tv, and I would tighten the string every few minutes. After about two hours the mole was very pale, and the string was pulled so tightly the mole had turned into a perfect spherish bubble above the string. I took a sharp knife that I sterilized earlier, and while pulling the string and mole upwards, I placed the blade under the string and I cut the mole off. I cleaned the wound and waited for it to stop bleeding, and covered it with a bandaid. For the next few days I cleaned the wound and put Neosporin on it. Now, half a year later, I have a tiny scar. It's a barely visible brown ring where the edges of the mole were (it turned out that I didn't grab enough of the mole with the string), with a very small brown dot in the center (the root). The mole so far isn't growing back and I'm really happy with the results.

This method is really risky and you can really harm yourself, so I advise choosing a more safer method to remove your moles.


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Posted by Alex (Thessaloniki, Greece) on 07/30/2016

Why doesn't anyone have written about thuja oil for moles? I have put it on a mole (or better skin tag) about the size of a corn's kernel for months but failed. The reason was that the essential oil just vapours in the air if not covered. The day I put thuja with cotton and taped it for 12 hours the process started immediately. It' a cells destruction proces so the first two or three days it can become bigger from inflammation and secret a little pus. The following days it will wither drammaticaly. Some scar must be removed the first days. In about 10 days I got rid of this huge mole without pain. It didn't cut from the root just flattened completely while withering. The days following the first day I put cotton only for about 2,5 hours and not 12 hours in order not to burn too much surrounding tissue.

Smaller tags can vanish in one or two day of application.

Vitamin E

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Posted by Bamagal74 (Centreville, Alabama) on 06/16/2014

Moles: I applied Vitamin E (I used the capsules, broke them and applied) and kept covered for a little over a week. The mole is gone!! I was hoping it would have been more healed by my trip, but it did that the day AFTER I returned home. Just my luck. lol After 2 weeks it is still healing but much better. With make up it's barely noticeable. I am now trying it on another mole, but I will do it less aggressively.

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