Mole Remedies

The String Method
Posted by Malte (Usa) on 06/19/2011

re: mole removal (the string method)

I tried this on a medium sized-mole (maybe 5 mm in diameter). The mole was raised a little. What I did was apply HP until it turned white and raised some more, then I tied a thread around it tightly and covered it with a bandaid. It seemed to be okay after a while, but after day 2 I had to remove the string because the area was getting red and inflamed, and hurting so badly I had a headache and was beginning to get nauseous. A few days later the area is still very red, tender, and painful.

Maybe it was because I used HP first, but I think this method is probably far more painful that simply applying iodine (which I am trying on other moles with no pain so far). I would not reccomend this method.