Mole Remedies

Posted by Alex (Thessaloniki, Greece) on 07/30/2016

Why doesn't anyone have written about thuja oil for moles? I have put it on a mole (or better skin tag) about the size of a corn's kernel for months but failed. The reason was that the essential oil just vapours in the air if not covered. The day I put thuja with cotton and taped it for 12 hours the process started immediately. It' a cells destruction proces so the first two or three days it can become bigger from inflammation and secret a little pus. The following days it will wither drammaticaly. Some scar must be removed the first days. In about 10 days I got rid of this huge mole without pain. It didn't cut from the root just flattened completely while withering. The days following the first day I put cotton only for about 2,5 hours and not 12 hours in order not to burn too much surrounding tissue.

Smaller tags can vanish in one or two day of application.