Mole Remedies

Ted's Mole Theory
Posted by Bob (USA) on 10/06/2007

Ted, I am intrigued by your theory that moles are fungi protected by melanin. It makes sense that they grow and shrink and puff out! I recently burned one off in less than a day of using garlic clove mixed with ACV. I also used black walnut tincture for 5 days prior with no noticeable results. After less than a day I pulled the round bandaid off and it was blistered so I stopped doing anything. I poked it with a pin and realized it wasn't attached. I squeezed pus out for a day and then it dried up and rubbed off quite easily in four days, and the remaining scab five days later. I had some success with castor oil and baking soda on different moles but they came back. I think it's different for everyone and every mole because possibly every mole is a different fungus protected by melanin so it makes sense that they can't be destroyed all the same way! Also, I am very lethargic and have swollen lymph nodes and tonsil cruddies as well as over 350 moles all over my body so it makes sense that I'm full of viruses or funguses!!! Any good foods to eat? Goji? Garlic? Onion? Potassium rich foods? I heard that warts and moles can be a sign of potassium deficiency, but some people think moles are just the hangy dark ones so I'm not sure if they meant flat ones as well. Have you heard anything on this? Once again I'm very intrigued by your ideas please update me on any helpful information.